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What are you doing about your diet? Have you read Ingredients for Health on my blog? Drop all foods that we should have never eaten in the first place. I tell people God never forgave Eve, not for eating the fruit of knowledge but for baking bread!!! How do we know this? I will tell you. It's in the Book!

Baby Lamb

God is the Father, right, according to Upanishads, Torah, Bible, Quran, Confucianism Buddhism and loads of others. They are all about the cause and effect of parenting. If the adult parent, in this case God the Father, makes life at home a paradise, completely safe and dependent on Him and refuses to encourage us, his children, to think, we stay home, ignorant, cute and playful.

So what to do to get the kids out of the house when they are all grown up and support themselves in the real world on their own? We all know what to do because Big Daddy is brilliant and he showed us by putting knowledge in a red, juicy fruit, with a delicious fragrance and then forbid us to eat the fruit because He said so.  

Of course the favorite child, the first boy, always obeys Daddy. However, the plaything made from Adam’s rib, not the clay of the earth by God’s hand, the girl, becomes interested in this forbidden fruit. She knows she hasn't a chance in hell (comes later) to be favored, loved, respected or even accepted by Dad or Adam, so what can she lose?

While contemplating this, Dad encourages her, in the guise of a Snake, to take a bite from knowledge. If she does she will know more than Adam ever dreamed of knowing. She takes a bite and OMG, she has knowledge of how to make babies, among other things. There was no sex in God's garden, no babies, no mother for these children, not even the birds and bees did it. God does not reveal himself nor punishes her, so she laughs and tells Adam she knows more than he does. Not to be outdone, he also takes a bite and immediately God appears in all his wrath and throws them out of His house/garden, cursing them as they flee.

God sighs a relief and now Adam and Eve are to survive on their own, cursed by their one and only parent for becoming knowledgeable adults. Adam and Eve settle down and have kids. Only boys are mentioned, however the boys take wives, so where did they come from? Anyway, Big Daddy finally decides to visit Adam and Eve and their brood in order to get them to honor, worship and serve him. He tells their first and second born boys to make an altar and bring him their finest produce.  

The boys work hard all year to produce their finest. Able raises the goats, lambs or pigs, whatever animal was popular and Cain, the first born, raised the fruit, vegetables, wheat, barley, oats, corn, rice, whatever, for making bread!!! OMG, Well, Big Daddy was having none of this bread shit. There was no bread in his garden, no ovens, no stoves, not even fire and that grass was for the antelopes, horses, cows and elephants! That damn woman, should never had made her! So he rejects Cain's gift to him and praises Able's cute little lamb, well wouldn't you?

The results of that act caused the second born, Able, to taunt and laugh at his brother, "God likes me better than you!" Cain, the first born boy, would inherit the farm, business, everything Dad had and not knowing he could kill his brother, back handed Able, who fell, hit his head on a rock and died. From then on murder was the way to power. Brother kills brother, tribes invade and kill other tribes, nations war against each other and women overproduce children to be the workers and murderers for their Father, head of the family, tribe, country, religion, corporations, sports and world order. It's in The Book!

We are cursed and think it is our fault, when it was a misunderstanding of the training all along. Get the picture!! Big Daddy designed and knows the cause and effect of everything. He showed us what happens if we desire to have power over others, including the natural, perfect universal forces, the weather, land, plants, animals etc.

Everything, including us, is a part of the whole universe and uniquely assists in the existence of everything, even its colliding galaxies, wayward red dwarfs, black holes and wandering stars. We are the cause of the results in our lives. Homo Erectus invented all the horror he caused and continues to cause and blames God for it.  

Believe and live in unconditional love. Cherish yourself and you will love and cherish the natural order and all that exists. Time to accept the female as the Yin and balance the Yang. From the primordial Tao

The Valley Spirit lives always

It is named the Mysterious Female.

And the doorway of the Mysterious Female

Is the base from which Heaven and Earth sprang.

It is there within us all the while;

Draw upon it as you will; it is always full.  

Comment by Barb :

Excellent post. I check this blog continuously and I'm inspired! Extremely helpful information, particularly this idea about bread. I am sure the writers of the stories in the Bible left some bits out to make their point. It happens in all books. Of course if we were trained to think, we might be able to put in the missing pieces, especially as to why. What was the motivation of God to do all the stuff the Bible claims he did? Why kill the first born in Egypt, for instance?

Why indeed. The why of any act shows up in the result. For every result there was a perfect cause. Push a glass across the table. It has to go the way it was pushed. Therefore what was the result of killing all the first born in Egypt? The Bible said fear of the Israelites' one God, which, is only part of the story. The Pharaoh Akenaten invented the one god over all other gods. After Akenaten died the new pharaoh and the priests of the temples for other gods went on a rampage, destroying all evidence of Akenaten's one god and returned Egypt to the way it was.

The Israelites were living in Egypt at the time of Akenaten and decided to worship this one god over all other gods. They had to leave and perhaps even chased out because they refused to give up their new belief in the one god.

So what was the intent of the writers to change the story a little and have God do all those terrible things to the children of Adam and Eve? God the Father could destroy whole towns like Sodom and Gomorra and he changed Lot's wife into a pillar of salt. God could have easily killed the Pharaoh and the next Pharaoh, until one let the Israelites leave peacefully. After all the Pharaoh made all the decisions. His household and subjects dared not go against his decisions.

So the Almighty God of Jews and Christians alike killed thousands of innocent grandparents, parents, children, babies, servants, farmers, sandal makers, etc. Why? What was the result? Fear of the Almighty One God, for he could and would kill at will, innocent and guilty alike, for no reason other than to scare the hell out of all future generations for thousands of years. Look at the "Flood".

There is another conclusion one could draw. If you serve a corrupt, ruler, king, president, father, mother, boss, mega corporations, drug industry, etc. you are also guilty of their crimes against the world and the Almighty One God and he will punish you for following the corrupt ruler.

Notice the Almighty God did not kill the pharaoh. Why, you ask? Well now you have the key of finding out, (what was the result) you take a crack at it. Check out the Israelites' kings and their crimes, like King David. Who does God love, you might well ask? Love, Oracle Jai  

Comment by Feldmann :

This blog is very original & fresh. The whole look is really pleasant. I especially like the natural sounds. It is obvious that you are genuinely a rare thinker and writer. I would love to meet you, for I would love to meet someone who actually loved themselves unconditionally. Every reader will find something new and interesting here. I would love to hear more Bible stories as teaching stories. This one is a ringer and funny.

What does hit me up is why workshops teach how to write and not how to be. We write as we are and the more we love us, the more that comes thru to the reader. 

Thanks for that original and fresh comment. You are right, of course. I do love myself unconditionally and I fear for the planet we are destroying by overpopulation. Petrol is not a problem if there are less that one million of us on the planet. Of course we need to go to a safe energy source, since oil and nuclear energy are so dangerous to all life. Perhaps workshops on how to love and cherish us, individually will pop up and change the world. Love, Oracle Jai

Comment by Reyes :

Nice post. I always check this weblog before I do anything else on the computer. I'm inspired! Very useful information specially your closing on each post. I used to be looking for the answer to peace and good will but nothing I read answered my question. Then I found your site. You not only answered how we get it but why no one has it and no one knows how to live in peace, love, joy, health and prosper safely. What could possibly be more important and no one has a workable answer but you? Thanks and best of luck in getting your wisdom out there. You need a bigger audience.

Thanks for your inspiring comment. You are right on all counts. It is personal, so smile, laugh and you change the world. Love, Oracle Jai

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    An animal defends its territory, by posturing, gnashing teeth, butting heads and growling. Push may come to shove but most animals will refrain from killing their kind. This is natural and good. The effect will have positive results. The healthier, stronger animal will take the place of the lesser, keeping the specie strong and healthy.

    Twin Rocky Mountain Goats Olympic

    Our territory is our body, our joy, love, health, prosperity and whatever small family tribe we have. Anyone who intrudes into our space with a complaint (all complaints are negative) posture or threat, we dissolve the negative with a positive action. Smile, give a hug and tell them it is OK or we could just smile, touch or pat them  lovingly, wave goodbye and leave.

    Comment by Costanzi :

    Hi partner, I just wanted to tell you that your blog post was really useful to me. I was able to take the information that you so generously offered and apply it. I have questioned the responses of people who offend me, looking for what I did to tick them off. In some cases I did find I said something negative. Other times I think the problem is theirs but as you pointed out, I chose them. Well, they are no longer chosen. Your website post genuinely aided me and I also want to inform your committed followers how fortunate they are to have someone who tells it as it is. Many thanks once more for this wonderful blog post. I have bookmarked this on my favorite online book-marking web-site and that I suggest everyone else do the same.

    Thank you for taking the time to tell me how it is with you. We do choose people who will react in a way that we get what we were trained to expect. When you change and become positive, the negative people will fall away for you are no longer supplying what they expect. Nice how it works like that. Did you read "Shakespeare Says"? Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Hope :

    I've been browsing online more than 3 hours today, looking for some advice to help me with my relationship that went sour. I did not find anything interesting until I found be positive now. Of course, be positive, yet we never think that. It is usually how to get back at them. It's also a very nice blog. If all blogs were as pretty and the advice as perfect, we would never leave the internet. Thanks for such a great experience and I am reading more.

    Thank you for finding my blog and commenting. Be positive is strong medicine, in fact no other medicine is required. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Barbara :

    I just wanted to thank you yet again for your amazing web-site. It really is full of useful tips for those who are definitely interested in having a more fulfilling, happier, healthier, richer life. You really are absolutely sweet as well as thoughtful of others. Reading the blog posts is a great delight for me. Ben and I discuss your points and use them with each other and at work or with our friends. We have fun telling each other what success we had, so you can see, we put your tips to a very good use.

    Thanks for taking the time to tell me that you are getting something beneficial from reading my blog. I am especially glad to hear that you are taking some of my suggestions and making them apart of your life. I used to sit on my little girl's bed just before turning out the light and ask what wonderful things she did that day. I remember being so impressed one evening when my first grader said she stopped two older boys pushing a younger boy around on the playground. She told them to pick on someone their own size. I wonder where she got that? Anyway the older boys left. What a brave little girl. We can all be as brave as that little six year old girl. Love, Oracle Jai

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    We learned to be what our childhood trainers (parents and/or others) needed us to be to prove their perception of their life was true and real. If they saw their life as great, we got to be great. If they saw themselves as victims, we got to be victims that bullied them.

    Playful Polar Bear

    We practiced all the time, so that we would automatically behave as adults expected. Please understand this has nothing to do with what anyone says they want, reality or the truth. It has only to do with proving adult perceptions are right and correct. Now to have that life of playful joy, perfect health, perpetual youth and prosperity, we need to accentuate our positive illusions. 

    Comment by BAMNT :

    Why don't we give this a try? I remember that song. Great song, great idea, been around a long time and people still do not get it. I got it so here is one for the count down. Perhaps I will be the one who starts us counting up. You are one up on most, keep it up and love life. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Addrena :

    Oh my goodness! Amazing article Oracle! Thank you so much, I love the title. It is from an old, good song, from a more positive era. I get it that it must be from our positive beliefs. We were taught to be positive as a show. How we felt or believed was to be suppressed. However, I guess you are suggesting we do that with the commitment to change our beliefs, not just a cover up to make nice-nice.  I am encountering troubles with your RSS. I don’t understand why I cannot subscribe to it. I want to follow you everywhere and read all you write.

    Thanks for that amazing comment. It is a good, old song and yes we must make our positive attitude real and true, instead of a cover up. As for the RSS I really have nothing to do with that. This blog is where you will find what I write. Those social networks may be the place to be found but I cannot fuss with it. Thanks for asking, Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Nate :

    The media has now become our justice system. They have reduced our constitution to mere comic book status, without avengers. No hero has come forward, no Sherlock to find the criminal, no Ultraman to destroy the evil, no one who gives a damn.

    You are right. Fortunately no super hero is required. This is an inside, personal job. Just remove the negative from your mind and think small and personal. Love yourself and leave the rest of the world to the criminally insane. If you make it a big, world-wide job, we will all fail. Keep it small and personal. Love, Oracle Jai

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    surf life for fun

    We can change almost anything about us, if we change our perceptions of who we are and decide to accept and love us as we are now. There are a lot of things we want changed, because others did not like us this way. But that was them and their problem. We actually are wonderful, smart and beautiful.  

    We  start with total acceptance, as if meeting ourselves for the first time, without a set of criteria we need to measure up to, such as intelligence, beauty, manners, color, morals, how many toes and heads we have.

    Comment by Raina :

    What a data of un-ambiguity and perseverance of valuable experience concerning unexpected feelings.

    Let me see if I can decipher your comment. What a lot of dedication to provide clear and precise information about your valuable experience of unexpected feelings. I would challenge the use of unexpected. We make our feelings. We learn what makes us happy, sad, angry, peaceful, fearful, comfortable, uneasy, loving, etc. as children from our parents and environment. It is all made up and dangerous to our health.

    I am saying control our feelings and make them joyous, happy and loving all the time. If we are consistent and dedicated to a joyous life, our cells get it and they will guide us to doing what gives pleasure all the time. We are happy when healthy, so our cells guide us to eat healthy food and exercise safely, so our joints last a lifetime without pain.

    Our timing is impeccable, so we are always safe. We find people who also like being joyous, love nature and play. We let go of all the training that there is anything negative or wrong in the universe and our life becomes a positive, exciting adventure until we call it quits. Thanks for the auspicious comment, Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Franklin :

    You are, in point of fact, an excellеnt webmaster. Тhe web sitе loaԁіng velοcitу is amazing. ӏt seеms that you аre ԁoіng some unique tricκ. Mогeoveг, the contents are a masterpiece. You hаvе done a fаntastic job on every post! One never thinks about accepting ourselves as we are. We all think we need improvement in many areas. You are saying, if we believe we are perfect now, our cells will guide us to do what is necessary to be perfect. Of course, if we believe we are perfect now, we are. That is kind of hard to figure. I believe so far, you are right about everything. And a lot of what you say is new, a new way of thinking. Franklin

    Thank you Franklin for commenting and thank you for the compliments. It is difficult to act, as if a fact is so, when it has not materialized yet. Your subconscious has been following the program you got as a child for a long time. Now you want to change that. I realize, in this day and age, we expect results fast, like fast food. Everything we want is within 20 minutes or less. Our mail is delivered in  a second.

    We have lost the ability to be patient. Your subconscious program needs to be trained the same way it was originally. It took years and you were receptive and did not have a program to override. Now you must know success is certain, correct all negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones. Once your subconscious gets the idea that you are serious, it will get easier. Stick with it; you are worth it. Love, Oracle Jai 

    Comment by Mireya :

    Don't let fat-free or perhaps gentle meals trick anyone; they usually use copious amounts of unhealthy elements. Surgical methods to combat obesity must be avoided at all costs. Having said that, a study has shown that just about anything that can maximize the metabolism, which will also cause weight reduction, even if the human being is just resting.

    Thanks Mireya, you are correct on both accounts. We start our weight loss with the attitude that we are perfect and love ourselves unconditionally. That sounds strange at best but it is essential. If you loved your baby unconditionally, you would want it to be healthy. Love yourself enough to eat the right foods, prepared in a healthy way, in the right amounts. You will attain your perfect weight without any upset, deprivation or self-loathing. Happy eating, Love Oracle Jai

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    Most people on the earth suffer from parental abuse, reinforced by society, which is everyone else. We long for paradise, being free to have that happily ever after life. We search everywhere, news, magazines, TV, movies, sports, schools, church, love, sex, work, garage sales, foreign places, shrinks, councilors, computer games and doctors to find the way to lose our addictions to pain and suffering and gain peace and love.


    All we find are drugs because crimes, punishment and rewards are everywhere, even in art galleries, playgrounds and parks. Every place warns that we could be wrong, bad, ugly, to stay off the grass and  not to touch anything.  A drug induced dream is all we have to protect us from the reality we caused.

    Comment by Aubrey Schaal :

    Its as if you read my thoughts! You seem to understand a lot about addictions. Are you a councilor? It is certainly easy to read your material and it is entertaining as well. I feel that you simply can write about anything and drive the message home. This is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back often to read them all.

    Thanks for your comment and for coming back to read them all. We need 10% of the population in agreement to love ourselves and the natural planet, leave civilization and its dedication to kill everything. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by armour :

    People are addicted to being rich and making sure we know it. The difference between a diamond and crystal, cut identically, is difficult to tell for most people. So why pay a hundred thousand dollars for a stone when you can have the same beauty for $20.00? If the painting is beautiful, why does it have to be famous, old and cost millions? Civilization is crazy and dangerous as you point out in all your posts. We must live in a paradise of our own joy. Thanks for this blog of enlightenment.

    Thank you for your enlightening comment. Paradise is feeling good, being healthy, happy, in love and prosperous, having life be a great, safe adventure. The only way for that to happen is to love yourself without conditions and live in nature with less people. Love, Oracle Jai



    Comment by Surge :

    One of the more impressive blogs I've seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. You've got style, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up because without you, the internet is definitely lacking in intelligence. I wish we were addicted to being intelligent, loving and having fun.

    Hahahahaha. Cute. Without you there would be little humor. I wish we were too. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Anchors keep a boat from drifting away, and that is good for a short while. However if a boat is left at anchor too long, say for a few years, it becomes a derelict. Most of us put down our anchor in our image of who we are, the kind of relationships we will have, work we will do, when we are very young. We become attached to the anchorage, get rusty, afraid to move or change and miss all the fun we could have had exploring the world and ourselves.

    Remember this is the perfect result of our childhood training. We will only be free when we scrape off the rust, fix up the broken, eroded parts and put on two coats of anti-fouling paint. Then we pull up the anchor and sail into unknown waters on the greatest adventure of our lives. 

    Comment by Cheap :

    Nobody can do a better job than you. I am a sailor and I understand completely what you are saying. Thanks so much for such a great blog. Thank you for taking the time to leave a response and compliment. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Judi :

    I've learn some excellent stuff here. Certainly value Anchors Aweigh. Moving constantly exploring and improving ourselves. I am surprise at the ingenuity and entertaining way you handle such important and sensitive topics. This is a such fantastic and informative web site.

    Thank you for your fantastic review. I am a sailor and know how exciting life as an adventure can be. May our lives always be an adventure. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Buster :

    Simply want to say yоur article is as amazing. Thе clarity in yοur blogs is simρly gгeat and I would think you're аn eхpert on thіs subjeсt. You say you are a sailor and you know how people are. I love the idea we smear ourselves with anti-fouling paint. Well, I will register so I can keep up with your writing.   Thank you a million and please keep uр the gratifying work.

    Actually that is what retraining our automatic, programmed, instinctual beliefs are all about: those two coats of anti-fouling paint. It is great to be free of negative feelings, thoughts and deeds without fouling up the mechanism for being safe in an insane world. Our subconscious knows how to keep us joyous, loving, healthy, safe, wealthy and having fun. It knows just the place to sail too. By the way, I love the nickname Buster. It was very popular when I was young. Love, Oracle Jai

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    positive activity in debths or our mind

    Children develop the lower brain waves states, Alpha, Theta and Beta first and around six years they develop the conscious state, Delta. Children easily absorb, copy and practice their trainer's behavior, so they consistently produce the same results their trainers cause.

    Our conscious state takes in very little of our awake experience but the lower brain waves take in everything. In fact the fastest way to learn from a lecture is to close our eyes and absorb the lesson in the trance, meditative state. 

    Comment by Tania :

    Your writing is very straightforward, easy to understand and on the most important topics to the human being and the earth. I have read countless books and they all seem to be missing the vital points. Watched countless programs on our problems and stay in the shallow end of the pool. I am thankful to finally find your blog that covers it all and correctly so we can do something about the problems we have caused, in our personal lives and the entire world. And the solution is so simple yet so difficult to accept.

    Thank you for a clear and straightforward comment. Actually all we need to do is say out loud to our image in a mirror, I love and cherish me unconditionally so I will keep myself healthy, joyous, safe and prosperous. Do it until you see that you really are. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Laduke :

    I have read really good stuff here. Certainly value what you say here so I am bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how you came by seeing life and us so differently and yet so correctly. This is a great informative site.

    Thanks and do return. We have a world to save and it has to be done one by one. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Ferroni :

    Very good blog post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

    Thank you News for your compliment. Love, Oracle Jai

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    We live in the moment

    We live in the moment. The past is past and the future has yet to come. We all know this but we live as if the past is present. The early training, impressed on us before the age of six, automatically runs us like instincts. We continually produce the same results that we trained to produce, regardless of where we are or what we are doing.    

    If we grow up in a safe environment, we walk with ease even in dangerous areas and we are safe. That is true but unbelievable for people who grew up in an unsafe and dangerous environment. We were trained rules, morals and BS from the past. Scientists have just now come around to studying us. The old ways of yesteryear were devoid of affection, love and being safe because there were too many children and there many more now. 

    Comment by Eloise :

    Awesome content you post here! You are right that few people are ever present now. They are either on the phone, playing games on their iPod or daydreaming, watching TV, drunk or drugged, anything but present!! You sure tell it like it is and in a urgent but nice way. Edmund

    Thanks Edmund for your awesome comment. We do need to pay attention to what is happening and use our brain to think instead of always being entertained. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by lissetete :

    I like this because it is easy to understand, even if we do live as if the past was present. If an interested reader takes the time to think about it, he can see that this is so. Oh yes, most people do not really inspect what someone says because it is too much trouble and takes too much time. We move thru life too fast. I also love the functional and subtle differences in your design. Your comment significantly needs to be different and the italics and color achieve this purpose very pleasantly. This is in fact a great article. I love the fact that each post has a different background, always appropriate to the article. Thanks,

    Thank you for commenting about what you are thinking. It certainly helps the readers to learn more. Perhaps now some people will take the time to think. Love, Oracle Jai 

    Comment by bee :

    My friend suggested I read Be Present to satisfy his argument. It was a good choice and I see much more to read. Your article reality made our day. It was a tremendous spiritual shock to think I have been living in the past carrying all that baggage around. I was depressed but now stimulated to get on with my life. It was as if I had never read it before but I had head it before many times. This time it actually penetrated my stubborn mind.

    Yes that is how it works. We sometimes need to hear it many times before we take action. Good on you. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Remember we are the Shakespeare of our drama. We cause everything. We hire the actors who will behave in such a way that we get the result we expect. Our play is called Blame.

    Complaining kitty It is a lot like the Victim and Bully Game. We practice finding fault with just about everything to get our blood pumping and then we get others to join in the fun. The object is to cause an upset. A good strategist plans ahead, doing little annoying things or creating doubt about our activities. Then suddenly our mark explodes blaming us for being irresponsible, faithless or disloyal, whatever.

    Comment by cheap :

    I'm grateful for the blog post. Really looking forward to read more. We all blame something else. How unusual for someone to take the responsibility for what they cause. Look at divorce and the kind of mud slinging that makes lawyers rich.

    Great comment, yes indeed. Everyone gets rich on that fact that everyone blames someone else for the problems they cause. Problems are non existent in the natural world because we made them up. Everything is the perfect result of what caused it and what caused it is perfect. If we think negatively we cause what we perceive to be negative. If we think everything is perfect, then our results are perfect. You do see how this works. Let us go for a perfect positive way of being and thinking and attain peace on earth and have the adventure of a lifetime. Wow what a concept! Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by TubsUnini :

    Aw, this was a seriously nice post, I thought. But I would like to put it in writing as well. A lot of time, thought and effort went into creating this incredibly fantastic article- but what can I say?- I procrastinate a lot and appear to get nothing done. Tubs

    Procrastination is a good thing. If you hesitate or do something else, you are following your inner guide. The only difficulty with that is what you believe your life is about. If it is about being great, happy, loving, prosperous, safe, having fun, then fine that is what you will create for yourself and avoid anything that would cause you stress, sickness or stress. If it is negative then your avoidance will definitely give you negative results. It is just a matter of causing the effect you desire. Love, Oracle J.

    Comment by Ricardo :

    I'd like to thank you for the lifetime you have spent to learn what you have put into writing this site. I am hoping to view all your posts and learn your wisdom, so I too can join in the group that is becoming positive just by the luck of running into your blog. I have come across a wise idea here and there but none seem to have it all across the board. I look forward to reading your new posts as well as repeating the ones I have read so far. Thanks for sharing.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We will together make a difference, eventhough we do it personally. Love, Oracle Jai.

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    What are you doing about your diet? Have you read Ingredients for Health on my blog? Drop all foods that we should have never eaten in the first place. I tell people God never forgave Eve, not for eating the fruit of knowledge but for baking bread!!! How do we know this? I will tell you. It's in the Book!

    Baby Lamb

    God is the Father, right, according to Upanishads, Torah, Bible, Quran, Confucianism Buddhism and loads of others. They are all about the cause and effect of parenting. If the adult parent, in this case God the Father, makes life at home a paradise, completely safe and dependent on Him and refuses to encourage us, his children, to think, we stay home, ignorant, cute and playful.

    So what to do to get the kids out of the house when they are all grown up and support themselves in the real world on their own? We all know what to do because Big Daddy is brilliant and he showed us by putting knowledge in a red, juicy fruit, with a delicious fragrance and then forbid us to eat the fruit because He said so.  

    Of course the favorite child, the first boy, always obeys Daddy. However, the plaything made from Adam’s rib, not the clay of the earth by God’s hand, the girl, becomes interested in this forbidden fruit. She knows she hasn't a chance in hell (comes later) to be favored, loved, respected or even accepted by Dad or Adam, so what can she lose?

    While contemplating this, Dad encourages her, in the guise of a Snake, to take a bite from knowledge. If she does she will know more than Adam ever dreamed of knowing. She takes a bite and OMG, she has knowledge of how to make babies, among other things. There was no sex in God's garden, no babies, no mother for these children, not even the birds and bees did it. God does not reveal himself nor punishes her, so she laughs and tells Adam she knows more than he does. Not to be outdone, he also takes a bite and immediately God appears in all his wrath and throws them out of His house/garden, cursing them as they flee.

    God sighs a relief and now Adam and Eve are to survive on their own, cursed by their one and only parent for becoming knowledgeable adults. Adam and Eve settle down and have kids. Only boys are mentioned, however the boys take wives, so where did they come from? Anyway, Big Daddy finally decides to visit Adam and Eve and their brood in order to get them to honor, worship and serve him. He tells their first and second born boys to make an altar and bring him their finest produce.  

    The boys work hard all year to produce their finest. Able raises the goats, lambs or pigs, whatever animal was popular and Cain, the first born, raised the fruit, vegetables, wheat, barley, oats, corn, rice, whatever, for making bread!!! OMG, Well, Big Daddy was having none of this bread shit. There was no bread in his garden, no ovens, no stoves, not even fire and that grass was for the antelopes, horses, cows and elephants! That damn woman, should never had made her! So he rejects Cain's gift to him and praises Able's cute little lamb, well wouldn't you?

    The results of that act caused the second born, Able, to taunt and laugh at his brother, "God likes me better than you!" Cain, the first born boy, would inherit the farm, business, everything Dad had and not knowing he could kill his brother, back handed Able, who fell, hit his head on a rock and died. From then on murder was the way to power. Brother kills brother, tribes invade and kill other tribes, nations war against each other and women overproduce children to be the workers and murderers for their Father, head of the family, tribe, country, religion, corporations, sports and world order. It's in The Book!

    We are cursed and think it is our fault, when it was a misunderstanding of the training all along. Get the picture!! Big Daddy designed and knows the cause and effect of everything. He showed us what happens if we desire to have power over others, including the natural, perfect universal forces, the weather, land, plants, animals etc.

    Everything, including us, is a part of the whole universe and uniquely assists in the existence of everything, even its colliding galaxies, wayward red dwarfs, black holes and wandering stars. We are the cause of the results in our lives. Homo Erectus invented all the horror he caused and continues to cause and blames God for it.  

    Believe and live in unconditional love. Cherish yourself and you will love and cherish the natural order and all that exists. Time to accept the female as the Yin and balance the Yang. From the primordial Tao

    The Valley Spirit lives always

    It is named the Mysterious Female.

    And the doorway of the Mysterious Female

    Is the base from which Heaven and Earth sprang.

    It is there within us all the while;

    Draw upon it as you will; it is always full.  

    Comment by Barb :

    Excellent post. I check this blog continuously and I'm inspired! Extremely helpful information, particularly this idea about bread. I am sure the writers of the stories in the Bible left some bits out to make their point. It happens in all books. Of course if we were trained to think, we might be able to put in the missing pieces, especially as to why. What was the motivation of God to do all the stuff the Bible claims he did? Why kill the first born in Egypt, for instance?

    Why indeed. The why of any act shows up in the result. For every result there was a perfect cause. Push a glass across the table. It has to go the way it was pushed. Therefore what was the result of killing all the first born in Egypt? The Bible said fear of the Israelites' one God, which, is only part of the story. The Pharaoh Akenaten invented the one god over all other gods. After Akenaten died the new pharaoh and the priests of the temples for other gods went on a rampage, destroying all evidence of Akenaten's one god and returned Egypt to the way it was.

    The Israelites were living in Egypt at the time of Akenaten and decided to worship this one god over all other gods. They had to leave and perhaps even chased out because they refused to give up their new belief in the one god.

    So what was the intent of the writers to change the story a little and have God do all those terrible things to the children of Adam and Eve? God the Father could destroy whole towns like Sodom and Gomorra and he changed Lot's wife into a pillar of salt. God could have easily killed the Pharaoh and the next Pharaoh, until one let the Israelites leave peacefully. After all the Pharaoh made all the decisions. His household and subjects dared not go against his decisions.

    So the Almighty God of Jews and Christians alike killed thousands of innocent grandparents, parents, children, babies, servants, farmers, sandal makers, etc. Why? What was the result? Fear of the Almighty One God, for he could and would kill at will, innocent and guilty alike, for no reason other than to scare the hell out of all future generations for thousands of years. Look at the "Flood".

    There is another conclusion one could draw. If you serve a corrupt, ruler, king, president, father, mother, boss, mega corporations, drug industry, etc. you are also guilty of their crimes against the world and the Almighty One God and he will punish you for following the corrupt ruler.

    Notice the Almighty God did not kill the pharaoh. Why, you ask? Well now you have the key of finding out, (what was the result) you take a crack at it. Check out the Israelites' kings and their crimes, like King David. Who does God love, you might well ask? Love, Oracle Jai  

    Comment by Feldmann :

    This blog is very original & fresh. The whole look is really pleasant. I especially like the natural sounds. It is obvious that you are genuinely a rare thinker and writer. I would love to meet you, for I would love to meet someone who actually loved themselves unconditionally. Every reader will find something new and interesting here. I would love to hear more Bible stories as teaching stories. This one is a ringer and funny.

    What does hit me up is why workshops teach how to write and not how to be. We write as we are and the more we love us, the more that comes thru to the reader. 

    Thanks for that original and fresh comment. You are right, of course. I do love myself unconditionally and I fear for the planet we are destroying by overpopulation. Petrol is not a problem if there are less that one million of us on the planet. Of course we need to go to a safe energy source, since oil and nuclear energy are so dangerous to all life. Perhaps workshops on how to love and cherish us, individually will pop up and change the world. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Reyes :

    Nice post. I always check this weblog before I do anything else on the computer. I'm inspired! Very useful information specially your closing on each post. I used to be looking for the answer to peace and good will but nothing I read answered my question. Then I found your site. You not only answered how we get it but why no one has it and no one knows how to live in peace, love, joy, health and prosper safely. What could possibly be more important and no one has a workable answer but you? Thanks and best of luck in getting your wisdom out there. You need a bigger audience.

    Thanks for your inspiring comment. You are right on all counts. It is personal, so smile, laugh and you change the world. Love, Oracle Jai

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    respect natural order

    If we would respect, (regard, esteem, honor, value, appreciate, accept, admire, revere) and value us, we would bring down world order, (civilization) and establish world peace and goodwill. Fat chance of that ever happening! All other species respect the natural order and live in harmony with the way it is.

    We so lack self esteem and respect that for us to even feel OK, we must have what we decide is inferior, wrong, bad, ugly, etc.  Charity requires a continuous source of wrong, bad, poor, sick, ugly, damaged, people, animals, plants, buildings, neighborhoods, societies, countries, etc. We then give generously so we can feel superior.

    Comment by Trojan :

    What I wonder is if truth be told why we do not realize the truth as you see and tell it. Even experts to not approach the truth as you do. You are actually very intelligent. Once you say it, it becomes so clear that I wonder why I never thought it before. There is a lot more to this topic of respect. I would love to have you expand it approaching it from numerous angles.

    Its like women and men do not respect each other and certainly not their children, coworkers, bosses, parents you name it and there is no respect. You mention the world and that is a whole other venue where we lack respect. People in one country do not respect others in other countries. More, please more. You always deal up the true picture.

    Thank you for the praise and comments. Obviously you expanded your thinking to include everything we experience. Respect must be given to us personally first otherwise it is impossible to respect anything else, including whatever god or goddess you believe in. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Chelsey :

    I have been browsing online for weeks now and had not found any attention-grabbing site like yours. It's lovely with the pictures and sounds and your posts, every one of them a must to read. In my opinion, everyone who wishes to make a web site should see this one first. And all website owners and bloggers should make their content as important and wise as this one, the net can be a lot more useful than ever before.

    Thanks Chelsey for your great comment. I like good content as well. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by lab :

    Some teachers talk so much the student gets an overload and stops learning. More time and space for free thoughts and ideas is good, especially if shared. I like what you do and say here. Not too much to read and many have shared their thoughts. It is a great read. I assume you get your information from many sources, including your personal life. I spent some time studying several of your posts and intend to come back and read more.

    This one Charity and Respect is also my mission. We help low income citizens have a home by volunteering our time and getting money from donations. The growth of people not having enough to live is overwhelming and is getting worse. Saving people falls on neighbors for the government and business are too busy making a profit. You suggest that this situation belongs to each individual to solve for themselves for they are the cause of their problems. This is hard to accept when very few people in the world have all the wealth and power and intend to keep it that way. How do you not help those in need?

    Simple. Ignore them for you do not know how to get them out of their desperate situation. Even if you give them a free home, they will remain as they are, helpless to get food, work and they will still keep creating more mouths to feed that will grow up needing free housing, food and clothing. Civilization all over the world is rigged this way and no one loves themselves even the very rich and powerful. The solution is personal and it is the only solution. Leave go somewhere where you have a life and love yourself. If you stay, you perpetuate the problem and we will all be overwhelmed. Love, Oracle Jai

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    The earth changes slowly over billions of years. This gives the species' genetics time to adapt, or go extinct. The animal becoming human traveled to all parts of the world, adapting to different climates, terrain and conditions and leaving behind pods of their offspring. Humans had to depend on their childhood training to automatically keep them safe, healthy and happy instead of an inborn set of instincts for a particular location and climate.

    commitment, dedication and determination

    Being confident that everything we do is perfect, correct, safe and healthy is a natural state of being for all living critters, plants, animals, birds, fish and insects. Every critter grows up and manages their own life, even in the protection of their herd. The adults know they are totally responsible for themselves and the health and safety of their tribe because they are one entity, like the universe. All, accept the human species that is.

    Comment by Aimee :

    I really like reading a post that will make people think. Most of us feel we lack confidence and certainly success. Now you tell us we are always successful having exactly what we were trained to have. Amazing and I intend to change that so I really am successful. Also, I really love the comments.

    Thanks and I really enjoy reading a comment that has given some thought to the post the comment refers to. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Des :

    When all your family members read this article, I'm sure they are proud of your extraordinary style, excellent writing and wisdom. Your life is very colorful like a super star in your part of the world. I intend to start right now being confident and successful. My favorite idea is that we shouldn't exist for all the damage we have done to the earth and other life. It will be interesting to find something that I will love and be successful at and avoid the corporate set up to keep us from having that kind of life.

    We can do this. Dedicate yourself to you, the most important person in the world. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Illiquids :

    Mankind is a social animal. We were never designed to be hermits in a big city. We become depressed and physically ill as we become more and more lonely, isolated, and disconnected. Even a deep connection to a source of spirituality higher than ourselves isn't going to heal our broken hearts. If anything, it just makes us long for heaven where angels and gods must love us. Mankind must learn to connect with each other on a deeper heart to heart level.

    Thank you for showing that you understand that we need to be in small communities where love must be the norm. Our ancestors lived in small communities that were kingdoms with slaves/warriors that raided and killed other villages. We need to obliterate that mentality. You are also right that preaching the love of god has failed to save the planet, she so lovingly created. Thank you so much for your understanding and compassionate comment. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Just look at the meaning of the two words. Take your time. Look at each one. Feel and remember their meaning.

    Cooperation: working together for the common benefit, collaboration, support, active help, stability, assistance, support, teamwork, encouragement, comfort, soothes, console, enables life, relationship, rapport, bond) Theater, orchestras, restaurants and schools are examples of enterprises that depend on cooperation.


    Competition: rivalry, opposition, antagonism, war, struggle, challenge, jealousy, resistance, hostility, disagreement, conflict, unfriendliness, aggression, animosity, resentment, confrontation, resist, fight, distrust, suspicion, violence, anger, fear, hatred, struggle, brutality, cruelty, sadism) War, sports, politics and commerce supply and demand are examples,  

    Which to you think best describes the human world, even in your own country in the past, present and future? Is your perception of the natural world, eat and be eaten, competition, survival of the fittest  or perhaps none of the above. Which would you prefer to be the dominant way of the human species? We do have a choice and it is personal. We actually cause the future by what we do today. We avoid danger when we create love unconditionally for ourselves and the world. We can take control of what we believe, think and cause.

    Comment by Cigar :

    It's really a shockingly nice and useful piece of info. It is so clear what we do when we compete an everyone competes for something. No wonder we go to war, we are always trying to win. I'm glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. I intend to read everything you have written.

    Thanks for realizing how shocking we humans are and that winners always lose. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Dom :

    You really have one of the very best blogs on the internet. I will recommend this internet site to everyone I know! Once I realized that I was seeing reality thru your posts, I became addicted. I must keep coming back. We have both competition and cooperation but you are right, most of our thinking is about how I can be better than so-in-so then I get the prize. Thanks

    You are welcome. We can change so life is about love instead of winning or losing. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Candice :

    Generally I don't learn anything new on articles in blogs, however, I changed my mind when I read Cooperation. You have quite a way to capture an audience. Just the definitions alone was enough to blow the whistle and I had to read the rest. The whole site is amazing and so many articles to choose from. Your writing style is so natural it is like it must be to talk to you. Thank you, quite great article.

    I am so glad you stopped to read something we all know but a shocker since we never really thought about it. I am writing for those few who get interested enough to perhaps learn something different. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Relax, in joy I looked destress up online and all that is offered are relaxing techniques to be used between stressful situations, like life. Stress starts in the home and expands out to the civilizations we live and work in. Well, here is the real scoop. We only have stress because we have negative opinions about us based on what we think our family, friends and society at large thinks.

    Comment by Tyson :

    First off I want to say great blog! I had a quick question which I'd like to ask if you don't mind. I was interested to know how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing. I have had a tough time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out there. I truly do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are lost simply just trying to figure out how to begin. Any suggestions or hints? Kudos!

    Well, you read the right post. If you drop all desires, wishes, goals, things to do, you have only life before you. If everything is perfect, everything you write, say or do will be too. At first let it flow and later you can edit or not. After all it is you. Love, Oracle Jai


    Comment by Hacker :

    Great website! It looks very expert! Sustain the great job! Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks. I actually have a stressful job and do the exercises you alluded to. I have already begun to just relax and remind me that I am perfect, just great and do what needs to be done expertly. I am more relaxed and pleasant to others. Thanks for this information. I will read more, there is a lot here and I know it will be great.

    Thanks for the comment and I am glad my suggestions work for you. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Sue :

    By accepting responsibility to manage anxiety and stress, we enter the realm of self-control. Couples can approach major conflict and change by allowing a conversation to explore the personal difficulties. Without the expressed personal information from another, we can only go for a divorce, remain unhappy, bound as a servant, commit adultery or continue to fight, all of which will end in a death of the union. Sometimes professional councilors can help but they too were raised as us, without knowing what is really going on and how to change fear and anger to joy and love. It is unlikely that an agreement will be reached.

    As you wrote, we get what we want by doing what we do. We are unable to change or even learn more or accomplish anything because our parents were unable to come to some kind of an agreement. You would think hard evidence pointing to everyone and every relationship would give it up, but we are trained not to see reality but to see only what we want to see. What you offer is the gift of freedom to be who we are and live in love, joy, health and prosperity. I am a disciple. Thanks for changing my life.

    Thanks for commenting. You said it all and I really appreciate your thoughts and hope you do continue to love and cherish yourself totally, without conditions. I want to mention self control to be a positive training in order to let go of control and let our newly trained subconscious to make the decisions for our life to be joyous, healthy, loving and prosperous. We will all benefit from your personal journey. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Steep Valley Zion National Park Utah

    All dis'eases, any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body and accidents, unforeseen, unplanned, unintended events have one thing in common and one cure. We cause them because we are trained to harm ourselves. We have been told other things cause our physical or mental disease from gods/devils to unseen bacteria/viruses and we are powerless to prevent them. That is a bold face lie. Everything does its thing and the results are perfect. This is the universal law of cause and effect.

    Comment by Pennell :

    Dear Oracle Jai:  Everything you say embodies what the Dali Llama says:  Happiness is the reason we are here.  Little children know this, until their parents take away all their joy, playfulness and freedom of thought.  They are reminded to be serious, work hard, don't make waves in order to achieve "success".  Too many people are miserable following this rigid way of life, and many turn to abuse, drugs and other ugly things people do to themselves and others as a way of "relief".  You are a breath of fresh air, and it should be required in all schools to love oneself which will stop the bullying,

    Thanks Penny and it should also be required in all religions. A lot of people agree but prefer to stay angry with parents/trainers, spouses, children and the rest of the world, who were also trained to be victims/bullies. It takes two to tango. Retraining ourselves to Love us, in our victim/bully perception, would somehow excuse or justify our parent's negative behavior. Ergo, a positive change must become a 100% effort.

    My mother taught me to be fearless, heal and trust myself to always be safe. She, however followed none of this because her self pity and anger toward her mother, was more important. My grandmother had my mother in the U.S., June 1916, after four illegal abortions. The doctor refused to abort the fifth pregnancy, saying it was a danger to her health. She divorced her husband and never had sex again. Even though my mother had the independence rare for a child and grew up brilliant, she eventually became a shrink because going over the perceived past causes distress and changes nothing.

    Freeing ourselves from our past negative training is very simple. Every time we look in the mirror, we say, "I love me unconditionally and trust that everything I do will cause joy, health, prosperity and keep the world and me safe. Then make it so. We are the only one who causes our life to be what it is. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Staris :

    This site has got a lot of really useful info on it. Thanks for informing me that I am in charge of my life and cause everything. It goes against everything I have ever learned about who we are and what we can do even at college. Yet I know it is true. I just have to look at my friends or even my family and know what they do to cause harm to their life. Amazing I did not put it into a proper perspective that I could learn how to run my life from their example. Thanks so much.

    Some of my readers have read enough of my blogs to know that reality is much, much sweeter than the life humans have been living since the stone age. Now impliment what you know and change your life. Love, Oracle jai

    Comment by Sabrina :

    You share interesting things here. I think that your blog should be required reading in every school, hospital, waiting room, church, everywhere anyone has to sit a wait a while. We must give people an initial and mandatory boost.  We know the governments will not for they are paid off by the 1% rich who want all the power in the world and know know how to get it. I am leaving the U.S. for in no time at all, all our liberties will be gone. I am taking my computer, so I can keep reading what you have to say. By the way where is it going to be safe to go, when we finally realize we get out or live in concentration camps?

    Take a look around and find someplace with lots of space and water where there are only a few people, although truthfully, I doubt that any place on Earth will be safe. Of course, we can smile, love unconditionally and trust us to keep us safe, joyous, healthy and prosperous. It is personal and requires dedication. Trust yourself to do the right thing in the right place and at the right time. It works. Love, Oracle Jai

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    When I lived in a marina on a tropical island in Indonesia, I offered my services as a landscape designer, a position I once held in the States, because I noticed something very peculiar. The gardeners would cut away the polyurethane bag from the four new plants, set them on the ground and shovel dirt from a nearby pile around them.

    The results of this type of planting were clear to see. The rain would wash away the dirt, leaving the roots vulnerable to the bugs and the plant would waste away. I asked the gardener in the nursery why the other gardeners planted this way.

    Comment by Marlys :

    So great to see amazing articles on this blog. Thank you for posting as well as sharing them. Discover Nature's Way was a real eye opener. How often do we ignore what is right in front of us.

    Thanks for the amazing comment. Yes we all fail to see what is natural and make it all up according to the way we were trained. We need to get out of God's imaginary Eden and look at the real word. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Randolph :

    This is an issue that not enough people are talking intelligently about. I'm amazed people do not see that this simple issue clearly causes the problems facing the world today. I did not see it either. We just accept what we do without questions without checking our thoughts against reality. Seldom do I come across a blog that's shocking, enlightening and entertaining, and let me tell you, you nailed it. I'm very happy that I found this blog. They say if it is suppose to happen it will and it did. Randolf

    Thanks for commenting Randolf for it helps the issue become a reality when we talk about it or in this case write about it. It is important. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Unis :

    Cool! I it has been a long time since I got excited about an idea and a reason to do my life better. I am thrilled to find somebody leaving examples of what to do with my personal situation. I really thank you as well, for making this website so beautiful and easy to move around in. We really need people to bring these ideas forward. I am consequently happy I was able to find your your web. The main plot seems to be that if we love ourselves we could save the world. It is up to each of us, me in particular.

    I liked the post about the head gardener. All the head guys failed to learn anything from a more advanced gardener or even just to observe nature. Everyone lost and that happens even in the most advanced nations. I do get it not to get involved with the problems of others or even tell them there is a better way. That is what you did and it did not work, just made it worse for now the other gardeners know what it could be like but it is hopeless to get there.

    Well, you got that right but it was beneficial anyway. Beneficial for me to realize the problem world wide and how do deal with it. I actually worked with the college graduate in the area where he prepared the plants for planting. He taught me a lot and I planted a garden that I later had to physically protect from the head gardener. I am sure after I left it was destroyed. I had sold two houses that had magnificent gardens with large trees only to come back and find al the plants and trees gone. Those head gardeners are everywhere. I know what to expect and so I love my life and accept what is. I always live in a beautiful garden and that is what counts. I gave up saving the world finally. We can save ourselves. Love, Jai

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    School of Fish and Corals FloridaAll living critters on land are brought up in love, held warm and safe when infants. They ingest what nourishes them, eliminate what is unusable, stay fit, healthy, strong and play. There are exceptions. Plants breathe in air, use the carbon dioxide during the day and exhale oxygen, which supplies the oxygen all living beings need to live. At night plants reverse the process and their children fly away on the wind.  Fish breathe in water and extract the oxygen by blowing the water out thru their gills. Their babies either sink or swim.

    Humans used to be one with the perfection and beauty of nature. After all, the most important occupation of all living critters is to look, find, prepare, ingest food, water and finally eliminate what is unusable. That used to require physical fitness and keeping the species within the limitations of their food source. It is a perfect system and there is plenty to go around if nature is left to take its natural course.

    Comment by Ignacio Mendola :

    Thanks for revealing your ideas. One thing that scholars have difficulty with is knowing the difference between the truth and the accepted position. If the truth fails to agree, people destroy the evidence, especially archeologists. Education is not necessarily the truth and certainly religions are constantly lying to cover their golden asses.

    Hahahahahaha. I have to agree. Religion is the best scheme to make tons of money from even the poor than any other business invented so far. The truth be told. We need to downsize really fast or we will soon be gone forever. Being fruitful and multiplying has got to stop. Love your bold comment, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Forest :

    Hello! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be okay. I'm absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.

    Hahahahaha. I only manage this blog, so if you want to follow me, come here. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Judson :

    Thanks for the auspicious writing. You speak the truth when everyone else either lies or is too self-centered to bother studying the truth or even live in reality. It is an enjoyable experience coming here and reading some incredible post. Funny enlightenment is something we all know about. Love is where it is at and people do not even bother to try it out. I love reading every post you write. Something new to think about. How could we contact each other?

    Thanks for the auspicious comment. I also enjoy having people comment. You can always contact me here in this site or by email or Skype. Love, Oracle Jai

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    A man finds a goose, brings it home and before he kills and eats it, she lays a golden egg. Wow! He and his family are rich and every day the goose lays a golden egg. Of course the couple get greedy and want more so, thinking the goose has lots of golden eggs inside her, they kill it. Now it is only good for one meal. Moral: people trained to think money/gold will bring happiness, kill love and joy to get it. They get what they deserve, misery.

    Canada Geese and Mallards at Sunrise

    Jack does better with his magic bean stalk. He climbs to the clouds, finds the castle of the Ogre, steals a bag of gold and the goose that lays golden eggs and goes home. He and his mother are rich but eventually Jack wants more, so he climbs the stalk again and steals a golden lyre that plays beautiful music, which awakens the ogre, who then chases Jack intent on murder. Jack cuts down the beanstalk, killing the ogre, whereupon his mother and he live happily, rich and listening to lovely music ever after. Moral: If the guy with the riches is big, bad and ugly, it is OK if you steal his gold and kill him or vice-versa. This moral is very popular. 

    Comment by Ian :

    Hello, I enjoy reading all of your posts. I loved fairytales and I never noticed what they were actually telling us. I would love to have you write a book about the fairytales and what they are telling us to do and be. I want to encourage you to write more. Lately you have hit a wall and I would like to support you.

    Thank you and yes I could write a lot more. I thought 60 was plenty but of course, each subject could be expanded. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Salle :

    You do you have a good sense of humor, a great way of stating the lessons necessary to turn this world around. Thanks for your comment and enjoying the stories. Let us turn this world around instead of stopping it and getting off. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Nathan :

    Incredible points. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing effort. I loved those stories when I was a tiny tot. I guess they made a big impression for as you say, we actually accept life as if it were a fairytale with fairies and monsters, lots of death and wondering why. I am a boy and I do expect to get the pretty but not as smart as me princess.

    Hahahahaha, at least you are honest. Yes that is the way we play the game of life. Virginia Slims, probably before your time showed a castle and started the fairy tale. He went managed the kingdom while she cooked, cleaned and managed the castle and kids. You've come a long way Baby." I guess we were grown up enough to start acting like a man and smoke and drink like a man. They forgot to tell us who would take our job- the upkeep of the castle. We are still wondering and if we are still smoking we have cancer. On that cheery note, Love, Oracle Jai

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    Kilchurn Castle and Loch Awe Highlands

    Once upon a time a princess lived with her mother, the queen, in a far, far out of the way, small kingdom without a king. Came time for the princess to wed and since there were no princes around, she had to go find one. The queen decided that the handmaiden would be enough escort, since she had no solders to spare. The two of them set out with several pack horses laden with a handsome dowry and the princess’s finery.

    By the time they came upon a castle, the handmaiden had usurped the position of princess and the frail princess was now her handmaiden. They road into town and the fake princess was joyously received. The king just happened to have a son ripe for marriage with no bride in sight. The king asked what the princess wanted to do with her handmaiden and she replied she is yours, do whatever you desire. The king sent her with the boy who tended the geese and she became known as the Goose Girl.

    Comment by Hershel :

    Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this article and also the rest of the site is really good. I hate to say it but you are right, the lord and master is male and the princess and witch/mother are the females. We have made a real mess of our lives and all life in general. Thanks for the story.

    I made the story short, there are more details but that is the way with everyone's life. We get lost in the details and forget what really matters. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Sherita :

    I really appreciate the dedication you put into your website and detailed information you provide. It's great to come across a blog that isn't the same unwanted rehashed material. Wonderful read! In fact you cover subjects that are rare to find and your lessons are often most unusual. I will return often, there is a lot here to get to know.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to make a positive comment, the more the merrier. Please do read everything. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Ced :

    I see you have a good deal more people commenting as part of your discussion. That is really good and invaluable. It means they are interested in what you say. More people are spending some time researching, so they can better take care of themselves. They get a very good education right here. This fairytale is probably several hundred years old and told children to want to be the prince and princess and how to live happily ever after. Well worded and thought out. This article brought huge smiles. It also teaches us about our way of life. Love the ruins of an ancient castle. The whole site is a pleasure and full of surprises. Thanks for posting this.  I’ll check back often for additional posts and recommend my very own friends and family about your website. You offer a lot of knowledge everyday.

    Thanks for commenting and complimenting. I hope to cause some chuckles as well as deep thinking that leads to change. All fairytales involve magic from strange sources, witches, cats, geese, dwarves, fairies, elves, trees, even ogres. I have to assume that those magic critters only help the good in us to overcome the negative in our childhood, achieve true love, happily ever after and the castle and kingdom that goes with them.

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    I was twelve when I stood in our huge kitchen in the split log cabin, where we lived in the mountains. My mother looked at my arm and there were the tell tale signs announcing the beginnings of a poison oak rash.

    She put her hands on her hips, frowned and said in a no nonsense tone. “If you get poison oak again, you will have to stay in the house forever. I am not putting up with this anymore.” For over a year now my brother and I spent our free time the woods which were covered with poison oak. I had had cortisone treatments and once ended up in the hospital.

    l believed my mother knew everything and if she made that ultimatum, she expected me to have control over the rash blistering.

    Comment by Bobby :

    Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? I am interested and publish diet plans for women to lose weight  My visitors would really benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you. Many thanks!

    Sure and be sure to include Automatic Positive Program, Ingredients for Perfect Health, Perfect Health, Dis'eases and Accidents and The Cure. They are all about why we think we are overweight and how to get our perfect body back by loving and cherishing ourselves as we are, eating healthy food, loving life all the time, being safe and prosper. Here's to having the healthy body we want and loving it. Love, Oracle Jai


    Comment by Christen :

    Simply desire to say your article is surprising. If healing is so easy, why don't doctors do it and teach us how. We do not need all those drugs, if we all can heal ourselves. Why in all these thousands of years has no one stumbled upon this before we made such a mess of the world? I am going to do it and see if it works. The clearness in your post is just cool and i assume you are an expert on all your subjects. Thanks a million and please keep up the rewarding work.

    Thank you for your confidence. You know it really does work if you believe it works. Same as being safe. Once all your cells know you want to be healthy, perfect health is what you get, unless your subconscious needs to alert you to something you are doing that is negative. All your cells have to give you what you expect. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Valentin :

    You have touched some pleasant factors in this post. It is a wonderful story and how belief can heal and prevent illness. I wonder if that works with everything. Valentin

    Well, I suppose we would have to earnestly try with every dis'ease to make sure but why bother? Assume it does and get rid of every negative, harmful thing, food, people, situations, even family and civilization. I do know that it works, my mother knew but how many others know, since the medical profession grows by leaps and bounds and they certainly are not teaching this. They would put themselves out of business. Remember if you believe you can only heal, say allergic reactions and not cancer for instance, guess what, that is what will happen. Might as well go for it all.  Love, Oracle Jai

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    We have a perfect body that will keep us safe, healthy and fit all our lives, way past 100 years. However, we must feed it proper food, move energetically the way our body is designed to move and rest so our cells can regenerate. Poor nutrition is cited as the number one cause of all diseases, including mental disorders.

    Our core beliefs, which cause our attitude, choices and actions are the underlying cause of everything we do, including how healthy we are. We start the training right now by loving and cherishing ourselves, as if we were the most important people in the world, because we are. If we really love ourselves, we would only eat and drink what is good for a healthy body, alert, great mind, fantastic strength, energy and a long, joyous life.

    Comment by Tory :

    My brother suggested I may like this web site. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not believe how much false information is everywhere about what we should and should not eat. We all eat bread of some kind or other. We eat fried foods, deep fried potatoes. Our salads have vegetable oils or mayonnaise on them made with GMO soy oil. A lot of people still eat some kind of fake butter. Our meat is stuck with hormones, antibiotics and who knows what else. The animals are sick. Chickens in cages all their lives under lights. What is the matter with us?  I spent years looking for this simple, straight forward information! Thanks, we need to work together on this, as a team, to set this human world right.

    Team work will do it or each individual looking to be healthy, happy, in love with the earth and all its critters to prosper in joy. Love, Oracle Jai.

    Comment by Drorce :

    Now we know significantly more about how important good health is. We need to advocate healthy eating what is ecologically friendly and safe. Unfortunately those who grow and process our foods do not agree and alter our food, so it keeps us sick. I really enjoyed reading this article and I too am applying additional details on my very own websites.  I always wish to learn  new information about what can help us be healthy and happy. I am, for that reason, happy that I found your blog. All of it is new and helpful. Super crucial article.

    Thank you for your comment and I hope enough of us will cherish ourselves enough to change the food industry. It is doable. Just stop eating what is bad for us and only eat what is good, even if that means finding seeds that are not GMO altered, growing and eating what is in season. We used to do that less than a lifetime ago. We can do it again. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Lillie :

    I have to thank you for the effort you've put in writing this blog. I am definitely changing my diet today. I want to live a long time without any diseases or problems. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. This is a really beautiful site and you write very well. I am motivated to do some writing myself, perhaps even create a blog of my own.

    Sounds great. I like writing and I have things to say. Have fun, Love, Oracle Jai

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    We are dedicated to provide the way, by listening to Be Positive Audio Training, so people live in the perfection of all that exists and prosper safely, in love, joy, peace, harmony, health and goodwill. All our blogs and tarot readings are written to explain the course we need to take individually to protect life on our planet. 

    Before we are six years old, the world over, we build our instinctual set of perceptions and responses that automatically cause us to manifest the life we have. Our perceptions of who we are and what the world is like comes from our trainers, usually parents, siblings and whatever else is in our early environment. Our trainers were trained by their trainers and so on; all the way back our Stone Age ancestor.

    To survive as a species we must retrain our automatic perceptions and responses before the end of this century. Be Positive Audio Training replaces our negative perceptions with the positive, natural ones we had at birth. Babies are naturally happy, loving, curious, friendly, playful, fit and adventurous. We laughed for sheer joy. As our positive training gets a foothold, we trust our subconscious to automatically make our positive response so we acquire positive results.

    To listen to Be Positive Audio Training and find out more, click here

    Comment by Asa :

    This is a very necessary and significant post. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and am amazed with the research you made to make this actual publish amazing. It isn't money, jobs, marriage, family, cars, fast foods at all. It is just joy, health and wealth. With the first two, joy and health, one is wealthy, more than the richest person in the world. Magnificent task! My gratitude.

    Thank you for commenting. I would add love yourself is the most important task for then the others come naturally. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Hildegarde :

    Hello, you have a beautiful blog here. It's my first visit of many visits to come on this site. You have some awesome posts and glancing over several articles, I can truly say your delivery is excellent and entertaining.

    Thanks for your excellent observation, we aim to please, educate and change the world of humans so that we survive in small numbers so the planet will survive also. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Grodi :

    You lost me, buddy. I mean, I assume I get what you're stating. I have an understanding of what you are saying, but you just appear to have overlooked that you can find some other persons within the world who view this issue for what it genuinely is and may perhaps not agree with you. You may be turning away a lot of folks who might have been fans of your blog.

    Thanks for your thoughts about being joyous, healthy and wealthy. I would like to understand your point better. What is there to disagree about? We do prefer the stress of everyday life, lack of joy and love for that is what we are trained to want. This is normal and everyone in the world agrees that stress, unhappiness, wrong, bad, disease, betrayal really exist and war, anger, fear. blowing up buildings and destroying the earth to use up the last of everything is the only way to release the tension and get rich.

    I know this and agree that is the way we have made it. But it could be different. We are smart enough but not aware enough to make the necessary changes. I personally live joyously in perfect health in paradise. This is the life I prefer. However, it is only available for those who are aware that they cause the life they have. We can choose to live anyway we want. I assume most people would like to live in a world of peace and goodwill. It is doable and easy but you have to want this kind of life. To each his own. Love, Oracle Jai 

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    Unlock the mystery

    The key to Having What We Want is to Know How We Got What We Have.

    Ever since we climbed out of the trees, stood upright, lost our tail and fur, developed an opposable thumb and big brain, life became difficult and scary. Food was harder to find and predators were bigger, faster and with sharper teeth and claws.

    Without fur, we fried in the summer and froze in the winter. We stopped living in harmony with what is and made up the concept something is wrong, bad and ugly here!

    Comment by Amerpesse :

    There is a minimum of what one article can accomplish and science shows us more about the world and universe we live in every day. However people do not want the truth they want nonsense. They prefer believing we are aliens and that is why we abuse each other and the earth. We want to control all  people, weather, food, crops, mountains, oceans, the air we breathe and make it do our bidding. We will waste our lives, like the ancient civilizations, building monuments to us, use up the earth and people for the peace that comes with death. Extinction is what we all want. Then life has no struggle and we lie peaceful at last in our graves.

    Poor child all your family only knows abuse to make you quiet. When I saw this blog, I thought there was an answer here to our insanity. I have a strong longing to be safe from the maddening crowds. I hoped you had the answer and cause a tremendous spiritual shock. But the answer is too simple. We hunger to be over stimulated and too depressed to consider smiling, laughing and love ourselves unconditionally. Jesus spoke 2,000 years ago and no one listened.

    It is indeed personal and paradise exists in the mind. It is so obvious, I overlooked it. I read thru the comments and some seem to get it. The future will be devastating for the living and we shall be resting quietly in the silence of forever.

    Sounds like you are pretty depressed, as are most people. I get like that sometimes and that is why I have cats. They remind me about what is good in my life. I left civilization and put it within walking distance. I live in nature and only hear the sounds of the river, wind, birds and insects. When I was a teen, my mother had a sickly green, coffee mug showing a cartoon of an angry man sitting in a box, frowning, arms folded. The caption read, "People are no damn good."  Hope is a four letter word to eliminate. Lose try as well. Now just think positive, love your self totally even when depressed. Only you need to change, no one and nothing else. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by MacLachlan :

    I Will have to visit again whenever my course load lets up - nevertheless I am getting your Feed so i could go through your blog offline. Thanks.

    Thanks for reading The Key because it is a good beginning for making a major change in your life. Thanks for commenting. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by maillot :

    Hello there I am so grateful I found your blog, I have really enjoyed The Key. I guess I never thought about why I was the way I was. I guess I thought I was born to be like this. Now you tell me I was trained and I can see that is right. I can change but I like my life, my friends and my work. I would like more money. I will read more of what you have to say. If this was a book I would never pick it up but having the information in separate blogs makes it more interesting. I guess the next one to read is about money! Please do keep up the excellent work.

    Yes the next one is about money. If we are happy with who we are and the life we have now, having everything we want is already there. The feeling or thought that we need more comes from our childhood training. It is necessary to keep governments and businesses making money for that training can never be satisfied. What more could we want than knowing we are always safe, in love, joyful, in perfect health, successful in whatever we do, prospering in the great adventure of life? Stuff is stuff and has no value. Once you realize this, you live in abundance. Does your wealth have to be counted in terms of money? Would you care if what you wanted came to you like an ever flowing river without costing you a dime?  Love, Oracle Jai

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    Gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily merrily, life is but a dream, This is so true.

    gently down the stream

    The entire dream, every color, object, time of day, person and action is a symbol of our life. Dreams make statements about our fears and joys, who we think we are and what is happening.

    Our awake life is also a dream, a reflection of who we think we are. We think every person and even animals “see, hear, feel and think” the same as us and have the same motives we were told we have, eventhough science and our own experiences proves this is not so.

    Comment by Brenda :

    Thanks for finally talking about living in a dream world, all illusions of symbolically what we think. We would not know the truth if it bit us, which it does all the time.  Life is but a dream sweetheart, very sweet. Loved the song too. Loved the whole site and will read all your posts.

    Thanks for writing a comment. We need all the praise we can get to encourage everyone to get positive. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by domex :

    Great write-up, I am regular visitor of another site. However if you maintain the excellent writing and ideas, I am going to be a regular visitor on your site for a long time.

    I intend to maintain the same caliber writing and thinking that I have done so far. We would love to have you come back. Love Oracle J.

    Comment by Ness :

    This really sucks because the proper way to display a comment is to attached it to the post it selects. Not only is this not the case but the comment has been changed to advance the post. I want my comment with my URL attached so when someone reads it, they come to my site to check it out. I have realized that it may be better to educate myself regarding places I can comment and still have my URL published. I do appreciate this site for the information is so beneficial. The design, pictures, sound is soothing and great. We all need to read this site so I make the comment to be one of praise and appreciation.

    Thank you for the comment. You do realize what you want is spam and that always comes in on one post only. Also a lot of it is unreadable because it is translated from a foreign script such as Chinese, Japanese Hebrew, Arabic and others.  Still I publish compliments, comments and questions that further the topic, even if I have to correct the language to English. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Playful KittensWhen my daughters were old enough to handle cards, I gave them a deck of “Old Maid” and showed them how to play it.  It was cold outside so they chose the place on the floor where the sun lit a square from the window in Lisa’s bright, yellow bedroom.

    I went about my job cleaning and washing. I could hear them laughing from every room. After an hour or more, they were still laughing.

    Comment by Spider-man :

    A large number of children are enthusiastic about learning to understand fighting techniques like Kung Fu. Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan introduced many different techniques. I suppose they want to be the champions on the school grounds, where guns are not allowed. It is a good way to keep in shape. Life is for Fun, presumably not for fighting. I am sure there are more movies and books about fighting than having fun. Can having fun be exciting?

    It can be whatever you want as long as it is positive. I get excited over sea shells. It is what you were trained to like and expect. I was excited in the hurricane that threatened our lives. Different strokes, but no points for hurting someone, including yourself. Love, Oracle Jai


    Comment by Tank :

    WOW! This was great. I haven't completed all of your suggestions for changing my unhappy, unsuccessful life but I am up and running! I read a post that catches my eye and then focus on how to implement it in my life. I love the effort and the site is a pleasure to visit.

    Love is the basic answer. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are perfect, beautiful, handsome, smart, a genius and have everything you desire. Then you must refuse to list any wants, wishes and complaints, for they are detrimental to your joy. If you see something, say a shirt in your closet that you dislike, then without a conversation about it, just throw it away. Instead of complaining about a friend, stop and think of a person you do like. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Landon :

    Pretty! This has been a really wonderful article. Many thanks for simply saying Life is for Fun. I supply vacation rental homes in Florida and I can see that I need to stress the fun in doing this. It is a whole new way of looking at not a vacation but a way of life.

    Be sure you are having fun doing this because that is where others will get it. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Guardian of the Sea

    I became a sailor having never set foot on a boat except for rowboats and canoes as a teenage counselor at summer camps. The first time out on the lake, I had to be rescued because I was rowing the wide part of the boat into the wind and being driven backwards, scaring my young charges and myself half to death.

    Now at 53, I was standing in a parking lot, just having been fired as a salesclerk after only eleven days, a good story for another time. I was riffling thru my purse, when I had one of those epiphanies. Suddenly everything became so clear, the suns glinting off the chrome bumpers and door handles, the slight breeze moving the hair on my arm, the blue, blue afternoon sky with white clouds floating by.

    Comment by Eusebia :

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this post about life without fear. Everyone is afraid of something, not having enough money is probably the biggest one. I cannot imagine a life without fear. I drive with fear. I walk down the city streets with fear. I am afraid to be alone. I love this blog. I am going to be positive, even though it scares me. You really seem to know what you are talking about!

    I sell Viagra for all those people who are afraid they will not perform well in sex. I also council them on how to relax and enjoy sex. I read your post on Sex is for making babies and I guess you are saying have sex as long as you cannot make a baby. Actually that is a good idea. It takes the pressure off of having sex and one does not have to make any preparations. I like it.

    Thanks a bunch for your comment. Yes performance is everything in civilization which is insane. Just have fun, play, and love yourself. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Bain :

    Good points all around on how to cope with replies to comments. I always was looking for thoughtful, kind comments and replies on my site. But I see another use of comments is to further the topic. I want to understand more about publicly and how to get my word out. I use Facebook to learn more about comments. I am aware that many of your friends, which you have been dealing with are spam because they have many words of flattery. This entire site is very important and moving especially for young adults that may be thinking about starting a family.  It is going to be very difficult to be parents especially for what the future holds for their children. We keep going from the heart of desire and the brain of reality and truth. Keep up with the advance work.

    Thank you for your doubts and words of flattery. I write for spammers as well as people of all ages and interests that come to my site. Living without fear is difficult but necessary and loving oneself is crucial. It is personal and will change the entire world. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Fedo :

    We actually live and do everything because of fear. Think about it. We live in houses, locked behind doors and windows, in a town with police, prisons and 911 emergency from phones inside our protected cave. Our car, a mobile extension of our house, behind locks and windows which is vandalized, stolen and we crash with delightful frequency. We pay insurance for what? It will not come to our rescue or save our lives. No it is to give money to the insurance companies to pay for the damage we cause or an act that God causes because he just does not like your looks. Life insurance has got to be the most stupid idea, yet people fall for it by the droves and who gets the money? Insurance companies, our spouse, children, dogs, the house, education and our grave?

    Insurance is a scam to get money out of us, including Health insurance. We live in an insane society bent on feeding us bad food so we will be unhealthy, smoke to look cool, take unhealthy drugs, drink alcohol, drive cars so we can crash them, work in dangerous situations, walk and jog on cement which brakes down our cartilage, with too many poor people, so most are criminals who want to take our money and our lives. It's your choice to pay or change your belief system. Here is a post that tells you how you live without fear. We think we are so smart, so how come we are so dumb?

    Are you asking me? We were trained to be stupid, unthinking dupes, patsies, trained dogs, you name it as long as it means stupid. Well, it will get us extinct or nearly so, with the all powerful, rich, dupes living in a cave under the crust of the earth, while the fires burn out, the plants grow again producing oxygen and the fresh water gathers without the poisons. C'est la Vie. Unless, enough of us make love internally for us, leave civilization to succumb from its own devices and start new in a place under the radar, the results will be perfect because of what we caused. Love, Oracle Jai

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    a society of friends of a different featherMarriage is for the birds. For humans it is a primitive passage of ownership and bondage. In early primitive tribes the chief or king owned everyone and since they were his property, he could do as he liked with them. Permission and payment were necessary to transfer ownership of a woman or child but men also. It was slavery and it is still practiced today. In fact most of the Africans dumped on the Caribbean Islands were bought or stolen from tribal kings.

    Comment by Pal :

    Enjoyed looking through this, very good stuff. Not getting married makes a lot of sense. More women work now and have a productive life without having babies. Thank you. "While thou livest, keep a good tongue in thy head." by William Shakespeare.

    I guess that means be positive all the time. I am all for that. He should have added, love thyself above all else, then thou shall love all others. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Shannon :

    I can definitely see your extraordinary writing skills in all the articles you write. The world needs more writers, like you, to tell us like it is in the world today. Your writing is clever, funny and unpopular. We must act now and just how hard is it to laugh and have fun? Apparently in marriages after the first two years, very hard. After a few more, the marriage is over and the children are the casualties. We should become extinct!! More writers like you, unafraid to tell it as it is, need to be heard. I am going to share your blog with my friends and family. Thanks so much.

    Thanks for your extraordinary comment. We must love our children without conditions and teach them how to love themselves unconditionally or most of life on the planet will be extinct by the end of this century. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Skye Rathbun :

    Wonderful work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the net. Shame on Google for not positioning this post higher! Thanks, Skye Rathbun

    Thanks Skye, we must learn to love ourselves without conditions. Sex is fine for a moment of ecstasy but not for producing loveless children, who cause climate change, foul air and loss of healthy food to eat. If we continue at the present rate, we will all be dead by the end of this century and good riddance. Love, Oracle Jai

    Back to top


    If what we sow in the world is unconditional love, appreciation and gratitude for the natural way, abundance of joy, health and wealth is what we reap. Funny thing about money, it buys nothing of value. Living in paradise of love, our wealth just keeps multiplying effortlessly and big, showy, expensive people, stuff and places are unnecessary.

    However, our civilization trains people to have not and only a few are allowed to have. This is part of the insanity created from our tribal ancestors and overpopulation.

    Comment by Merrill :

    I used to read several newspapers every day but as of a year ago, I have learned more of what is really happening on the internet. It is clear that the newspapers lie and make everyone look at what is incidental to our safety and reports nothing of real importance. It is basically entertainment. I find more truth on this web site, Be Positive than any other place to date. It is compact so I can cover a lot of ground, instead of wasting time looking everywhere for important stuff, like how are we going to make it thru this century. We need proper leaders, not the puppets of the very rich who want to control everything, You might write something on leadership. Thanks.

    Thank you for reading my blog and I agree with you totally. We must find leaders but when you look at the people, especially in the U.S. if there are any they will not make it for the money for the election is in the pockets of the 1%. I fear only disaster is coming for everything. Of course there is love and if everyone tried it, we would turn things around. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Alfred :

    We are like children and want a rather simple life, with a few toys and a loving family and friends. We really went crazy in the last century gathering tons of stuff and grew too large. Now we have to pay the price and cut back on everything, stuff, big cars, houses and too many kids and wives or husbands. We had better act fast. Judging from the crime figures, significantly more young people are unhappy. 

    Actually, buying anything requires scrutiny. Give and take. It is very difficult to even get into the middle class, let alone stay there. You have a solution to be live in abundance by being confident and successful, not rich and famous. Better choice to be safe and happy, without drawing much attention. Thanks.

    Yes it is easy and cheap living in paradise. Food grows on trees in abundance. Very few clothes are necessary, thongs are cheap. Love and beauty is everywhere. Where is the problem? Ah money. When you believe you prosper, you do and that has very little to do with gobs of money. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by But :

    The article educates us to always share what we have. We then harvest a sense of living in abundance.  We feel satisfaction in our lives and everyone benefits. I also have a backyard and I can grow vegetables and spices. It is consequently satisfying to learn more about sowing seeds and watch food grow and harvest it. This article gave us a multitude of beautiful enjoyment. Everyone can benefit and learn more about how to change and become naturally resourceful.

    Thanks for the comment. My grandmother had a small vegetable garden in her large back yard. Nothing tasted as good as a ripe tomato eaten right there with a leaf of lettuce still wet with the morning dew. She also grew rhubarb to make pies. There was always more food than could be eaten, so she canned the rest. We lived just around the corner from her in LA. She taught school full time and took care of her aged father. Our neighbor had chickens and sold eggs right from her house. The milk man had a horse drawn cart and he just lived on the next block. He would often take my little brother in his cart as he delivered the last of his route. We could be a community again but we need to leave the city to do it. Love, Oracle Jai

    Back to top



    By now most people in the world must know money is just paper and pieces of metal and most of it is merely numbers on a computer or ledger. In fact diamonds, gold, silver, copper, emeralds, rare old books, etc, like money, are just rocks, metal and paper. Their only worth comes from believing they are valuable.

    Their worth constantly changes depending on what we are told by the banking corporations, in collusion with governments. It is a game, like gamboling with plastic poker chips or lottery tickets. The rules of the game are weighted heavily against the players, including the governments and the corporations get richer. This game proves we are trained to lose, be abused and love it, till death do us part. 

    Comment by Tonia :

    This post and many other on your site are very interesting and quite different from what we usually find. You could show your content to wider audience. Just search in google for: Juuri13 viral effect and visitors will flood your site. This information and your ideas really must be known.

    Thanks Tonia, I will take a look. I would like everyone to read the clear message here, to love ourselves unconditionally. Cherish us so we eat healthy food, live joyously, stay safe and prosper. That way we will reduce the population to a trickle and save the planet from us. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Laura :

    Thanks for this marvelous posting! I actually enjoyed reading it, you're a great author.I will always keep coming back to read more. We should pay attention to this money game that society plays on us poor saps. The future looks grim if not disastrous. I want to encourage you to continue your great posts, have a nice day!

    Thank you for your marvelous comment. I love reading that people get what I say and then are encouraged to read more, presumably to get positive. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Nathan :

    Beautiful scenes of mountains, rivers, forests, jungles and oceans. I like the feelings I get very much. What better way to relax and pleasure the mind and body as I read about how to live in paradise and avoid the dangers of the corporate money game. I am so happy I stumbled upon this website a while ago and keep coming back for more.

    I liked your advice about having sexual pleasure without adding to the rising population. I called that a lucky accident until I read that we cause everything in our life including our so called accidents and diseases. Now, a great deal more people are exploring and advocating healthy eating, natural food and no unhealthy additives or GMO.

    Thank you for your great and relaxing comment. I really feel good when I read the comments. Most of the people say they learned something important. It is the most important thing we can do while we learn to love ourselves without conditions. Love, Oracle Jai

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    “A mark, a yen, a buck or a pound, money makes the world go around.” We think money buys everything. It will buy sex, pretend love, beautiful people, places and things and in this civilization necessities, but love is generated only in our body. We have to make it inside, with our chemistry and energy. We know we are in love when all meaning, purpose, goals, plans, conditions, sense and nonsense disappear. Can we have both? We can have it all.

    Comment by Cyril :

    Amazing ideas here. I am very glad to look your entire blog and this post is so appropriate.. Thank you a lot and I'm looking forward to reading all your posts, especially about how to deal with life with money. I am always worried I will lose my job or not have enough money and what about when I am old? I have read the comments and I know you will address my fears and issues. Looking forward to your comment. Ciryl

    Yes, I do answer questions. As I have stated. Money is unimportant in itself but Love is and once you love and cherish yourself, your galaxy of cells will direct you to gaining what is necessary to feed you correctly, be with people who are great, have fun all the time and be healthy and safe. If that requires money then money you shall have. doing what you love doing. Worry, fear and ownership are made up along with wrong, bad, guilt, anger, ugly and everything negative. Drop all that is negative, embrace all that is positive and whatever that requires will just be there for you. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Blake :

    Hi there, I discovered your web site by the use of Google while looking for a comparable matter, your website came up. It is great. I read the comments to money and you are right. Money is not evil, people are. There is a lot to read here so I've bookmarked it in my google bookmarks. I'll be grateful should you continue to proceed this venture in the future. Many people will benefit from your writing. Cheers!

    Thanks for the comment and I am glad you are coming again for I want everyone to keep it personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Agnes :

    Sweet blog! You are right about money. You know what they say, "Money is the root of all evil." I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News. Do you have any suggestions on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I've been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Cheers

    Yes, jump from a space station that orbits the planet and live when you touch down. Catch a real alien and prove it really is an alien. Even better catch one of their space ships and have them show the interior with a video camera and put it up on YouTube. Commit a major act of terrorism by flying a plane into the Empire State Building so it topples over instead of coming down straight because you did not detonate a bomb on every floor.

    I am sure there are many others, those were the first to come to my mind. Oh and by the way, money has nothing to do with evil, people do. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Love is considered a new concept in human development even though we descended from animals that show love with their young as well as members of their tribe. They develop deep, life long bonds, even with the same sex, which we discount because we think they are inferior to us. They live in harmony with nature, the way things are and we live in competition and opposition to what is natural. Hmmmm.

    Comment by Micah :

    This is an excellent article. Our relationships never seem to last. At least we could stay friends. Too much strife and hurt feelings. Keep writing this kind of info on your blog. I'm really impressed by the beauty, sound and potency of such important subjects. You have done a great job. Il definitely will tell my friends to check it out. I am sure they will love it.

    Thanks for your excellent comment. The more the merrier. We must become positive, loving ourselves unconditionally to save the rest of the planet. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Lynne :

    Awfully illuminating thank you, I do think your current visitors will be very excited with so many great posts. I will be back to be sure to read them all and any new ones that you come up with. Continue the wonderful effort.

    Thank you for your interest. We need to save the world. When you return you will see my new post and in it are seven changes we need to make to get out of our insane civilization and into paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Addi :

    I know all bloggers crave comments, and there are many places you can give and get flattery throughout the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  However this site is unique in that the comments are an extension of the post itself and come with an intelligent response from the author. I would love to have this response on my blog as well. Our relationships are everything, especially when it is with us. This was every informative and insightful.

    I have been reading your blog for some time now and have only covered a little more than half of your posts. I love your presentation, the natural, soothing sounds. I feel such peace even reading that if we are not urgent with our joy in life we will all become extinct. Here I know enough of us will turn our world around and share our environment with all God's creatures.

    This is the day for giving thanks for those willing to spend a little time communicating their considered opinions. We really appreciate yours. Love, Oracle Jai

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    We are unable to stuff a real car into our head so we make a symbol of it instead. Symbols are more than just pictures. They have feelings and experiences attached to them. Bright red means excitement, danger and sex, all the same thing, right? Color your car red and Peace Officers think you are dangerous. Color it pink and they know you are a sweetheart.

    We communicated symbolically thru our body language and actions when we still swung from trees. Put your hand hands up, palms facing out and that says, “Peace, see no weapons.” Our body language is so automatic we understand it completely without having to think about it. If we were aware of this communication between us and our environment, we would be able to control it and have joyous results.

    Comment by Luella :

    Does your website have a contact page? I'm having problems locating it but, I'd like to send you an e-mail. I am fascinated by your statement that everything is a symbol and we see our interpretation instead of reality. I would like to have a discussion about this. I also have some recommendations for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow. Thank you for your interest.

    The word Contact is on the left side of the page where everything else is listed. I welcome all discussions and you can post them and as you can see, I always answer them in full. Love hearing from you, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Ruth :

    Many thanks for making the effort to write and publish this, I'm passionately interested in our symbolic language and want a lot more. You mention that we could know what to do to eliminate all that seems wrong with our lives if we understood why we do what we do. Well, I did learn from you that it is our training but the symbolic language points to the particular problem. 

    That is so and I am writing much more on our symbolic actions and actions. Our subconscious that must follow our automatic programing also know what is detrimental to our joy, health, success, love, adventure, safety, wealth, the whole ball of wax and keeps telling us and we deliberately look the other way, put ear plugs in our ears so we cannot hear our internal warnings, go to doctors instead of paying attention to our trillions of cells. Thanks for asking, Love Oracle Jai 

    Comment by Mukhtar :

    Thanks a bunch for the interesting article, I really appreciate it, I had been recently considering what myths and stories symbolize. It is a huge topic and difficult to know where to begin. It's so convenient and fortuitous when you find some good information which I have been looking for without resorting to browsing the web all afternoon!

    I am glad you found this blog and I will be setting up a whole new section about our diseases and actions and what they refer to symbolically. I mention stubbing your toe but everything we do has a symbolic meaning. Very enlightening, once you know how to find it. Love Oracle Jai

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    Our ego is our conscious, as well as our subconscious image of who we are, our degree of self-esteem, confidence, abilities and limitations that automatically run us. They are different. Our conscious image of who we are is often surprised at the results we cause, because we did not intend them. However, our subconscious image does the causing and that is the one we trained in infancy to automatically give us the life we were trained to expect.   

    As a child, we must be safe, accepted and loved, so we copy our trainers and do what they expect and cause in life. What they say they want is like a fairytale, unattainable. How could it be otherwise? What we sew is what we reap. We are what we cause. If we war against what we perceive is our enemy, we become our enemy. 

    Comment by Daphine :

    Where ever you go, I'll abide by what you say...Congrats!!!!

    Great. Learn to communicate with your deep subconscious, look for the communication in dreams and when you are awake. If you have questions, you know where and how to reach me. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Kliskey :

    Its good as your other blog posts, new thinking correcting old, false thinking. You have an amazing brain, two egos both right and good. Why is that experts always have to make others wrong. You make everyone right. Regards for putting it up. "I catnap now and then, but I think while I nap, so it's not a waste of time." by Martha Stewart.

    When we rest, our brain and body continue to take care of us. If we want a solution and pay attention to our subconscious, it will supply a solution, while we rest or sleep. Keep coming back and thanks for the comment. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Taller :

    Hi, the articles are very good. thanks.

    Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai.

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    The Neanderthal lived peacefully in Africa for 170,000 years. They had only a few implements, being basically vegetarians. Cro-Magnum returned, after going around the world, with a club and wiped them out. We are descendants of Cro. We have only one defense against harm and disease, avoid them.

    This is automatic when we believe we are always safe and healthy. All our trillions of cells want to live in peace, joy and be healthy as long as possible knowing their universe, us, will continue forever.

    They know how to avoid harm by changing the timing, path and destination. We believe and trust ourselves to be safe, thank us for being safe and we will avoid anything that will actually harm us. Sometimes that means facing the danger and our subconscious knows what actions we must take to get the results we want.

    Comment by Tyrell :

    Your writing skills are extremely impressive. The lay out is so easy and the pictures demonstrate just how beautiful this world we are destroying really is. We should become extinct, after I have had a full, happy, safe, prosperous life, Hahahaha. It is rare to see a great blog like this one today and you are selling only freedom!

    I want people to stay as long as they can and read how we can save the world and ourselves. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Harold :

    I am so glad I came across this article! Every single bit was edifying, especially because everyone is driven by fear. I could try to be less afraid but having no fear at all seems too difficult. Besides fear is a motivator to be better, smarter, more clever so we can advance. It is a pleasure to read the titles of all your posts. I look forward to reading them all and I will leave comments for I find all the comments very interesting as well. It is as if you have hundreds of writers on this blog, even if some have to be moderated before being published.

    Admittedly, we think education from kindergarten through college will give us the information on how to keep us safe, healthy and rich but that is not the case. Most children become more concerned about the grade, as do their parents, and fail to really learn the lessons. Using grades to evaluate what a student has learned is as stupid as thinking they are all that is important. Students without much real intelligence or creativity can learn to memorize, which is no guarantee that they can use the information to think. The student who thinks now is under pressure to memorize, which is against learning and thinking. Our life is too short to waste in our current schools especially since we learn nothing that is useful. I only wish that this blog was the training tool for education.

    Thanks for that comment and compliment. I agree with all you have said and even though fear is a motivator, it is a negative one and will produce negative results. We only have to look at the current situation for the proof. It is the law of cause and effect. Negative thoughts and actions will produce perfect negative results and Positive thoughts and actions will produce perfect positive results, which is something not taught in our education anywhere, yet it is the universal law of the universe and everything in it.

    At one time, when just out of college, I did teach the eighth grade. I told the classes I would not grade their papers and at the end they would all receive an A. We would concentrate on learning, thinking and speed reading for content. However the parents wanted the grades and the principal capitulated, so I had to also. It always goes back to the parents. They have created the world we live in and they have designed our future. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Rith :

    Hey There. You always have really neatly written articles. I can read and study one, bookmark it and return for more information on another really important topic. Learning to live without fear has got to be one of the most important topic to learn. We live in fear all the time. We are surrounded by treacherous ordinary people and officials.

    Something amazing must usually happen around you for your stories are exciting. I would like to read more of your personal stories. I delight in life. I delight in my own personal life and my best friend or family member's life. People's stories are so interesting, if they are doing something unheard of, such as you being a skipper of your own sloop. You must have loads of great stories. I could go anywhere, do anything if I was without fear. This submit actually made my day.

    Thanks for the comment and although I failed to think that thru, it is true. However I stopped sailing, for I could feel to continue meant disaster. Bush had just started the war in Iraq, as I was going to sail to the Red Sea and into the Mediterranean. I would be sailing still if I would have been safe. My subconscious knows what is best for me. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Rain Shelter Red Eyed Tree Frog

    Peace is letting go of the  meaning of life. Just let life show up and love every minute of it. Nature is so bountiful, wonderful and beautiful. Any distress reminds us to smile and laugh because our  happiness, health, unconditional love, prosperity and safety is worth so much more. A leaf protects this little froggy. Be the leaf and protect this tiny frog. Be the frog and know we are safe. This life is the only one we get.

    Our ancient ancestors made up the idea of a better life after death because even the kings suffered being controlled and abused by their gods, other rulers,  leaders, priests, heads of families, even their mother. There just had to be more to life than this. After death was paradise.

    Comment by Gwen :

    It's the end of my day and I am reаding this fantastic post, Peace and Goodwill, not only tօ increasе my knowledɡe but bring joy and love into my life. I work hard all day and look forward to a quiet time reading this soothing blog with its pictures and sounds of nature. Thank you so much.

    Thank you Gwen for your fantastic comment. I am glad you like to rest and read and become positive. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Sheld :

    I like this web blog so much, saved to my bookmarks. "American soldiers must be turned into lambs and eating them is tolerated." by Muammar Qaddafi.

    Is that suppose to make us feel better? However, there is some merit here. War has always been for profit. His'story has supported negativism since we left the trees, lost our fur and tail and decided we were made in god's image, regardless of who's god that was. We may well end it all in a nuclear war and there will be no one left to give the trophy to, for the fastest major extinction ever on the planet earth.

    So what? We caused this by going along or rebelling. Time to wise up. The job is simple. Love us, our individual selves, totally and unconditionally. Then we will insist on the best health, joy, love and live safely on this beautiful, exciting earth. When we leave civilization to the destroyers and their slaves, a whole new positive world opens up. Our lives become a joyous adventure in a strange place where war is not a solution. It is a decision of love or death. Which do you choose? Love, Oracle Jai 

    Comment by POLSKA :

    I'm really glad I've found this information. Today bloggers publish just about gossips and web and this is really annoying. A good website with exciting content, this is what I need. Thank you for keeping this site, I'll be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can't find it.

    Actually it was on the list of things to do and now it is on the left side bar at the bottom under register. I would like to notify those interested when the next post is up. I have five posts ready but it takes quite a while to repair a website after it crashes. We are still doing repairs. I really appreciate a discerning eye and intellect. Please engage in a conversation on a topic that interests you or one you would like me to write about. Love, Oracle Jai.

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    The blue coral is called Blue Sea Squirts. I could not resist. They look so healthy and cute.

    Blue Sea Squirts or Tunicates and

    Here is the real scoop, the down and dirty and the nitty-gritty on squirts, ah… health. We were born with a perfect body. Our body is made up of trillions of living, individual cells that eat, eliminate their waste, sleep, work at their job, communicate with each other, our brain, the environment,  and, oh yes, stores every minute thing we ever experience in our lifetime, most of which we failed to even notice. 

    Our cells intimately know what is happening now, which creates the future. They keep our body in perfect health, avoiding, repelling and eliminating every person, place or thing that is detrimental to our natural joy, love, adventuresome spirit and ability to prosper.

    Comment by Edison :

    I’ve never found commenting interesting or helpful on other blogs. But comments on this blog is an effective strategy for furthering the conversation as well as gaining many new readers. However answering them all takes a lot of time and most of the answers will not be read, so I think you’re a lot better off spending that length of time developing your content pieces. They are actually awesome!

    Thank you for your opinion and I will comment. I love doing this and life is about doing what we love to do. I am free to write, read, answer whenever and whatever I desire. My life is joyous and I love myself unconditionally that is why my SEO is lame for I play for joy and not the game the egomaniac, self serving, money grabbing men  have set it up. I write my way and encourage others to play life their way.  Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Michael :

    The lack of clear communication can be a troublesome problem,as it can cause misunderstandings. Commenting is usually about learning and giving. You are very clear and direct. There is no misunderstanding what you say and what you mean. A number of my friends get together to talk about our work and personal lives. After coming to your site several times I have told them about it and we discuss your solution for all our problems.

    We are respectable with each other and so far we heartily agree with what you say about everything. It's about adding value and thinking about the world and what to do with our own lives. Our family members are looking for justification, that work is all exclusive and we are only in the way. Their work and effort is all for us and we should appreciate it.

    You are correct. Families say that all over the world and it is a lie. Everything we do is to produce the life we were trained to have. It has nothing to do with our children. They are in the way and we had hoped they would love us. Children are blamed for parents inability to get ahead in this society. Good that you are realizing this. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by dentist :

    I precisely wanted to appreciate you again. I'm not certain the things that I would've tried in the absence of the actual aspects discussed by you regarding my situation. It became an alarming dilemma in my position, however, discovering the very expert manner you handled the issue made me to cry over fulfillment. I listened to your tape and I'm happier for your help and thus hope that you are aware of an amazing job you're doing instructing men and women who look for help in the internet. I'm certain you have never come across any of us but you are right on about healing by eating the right, nutritious foods, relaxing and loving ourselves and life.

    I certainly appreciate you telling me this and glad you found what you were looking for. I think and write to save the world of humans worth saving who will save the planet from the humans who will destroy all life. Big job but personal. Love, Oracle Jai

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    MosIMG_0247t of us know dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep and any other animal we have been around have feelings and love us or at least pretend to, so they get petted and fed. But did you know plants also know us and everything in their environment?

    A study was done years ago to see what plants might know, besides growing better when their keeper talked to them. We already knew they prefer classical music to rock and roll. The researchers arranged a large laboratory built like a big L and filled it with all kinds of plants.

    They hooked the pants up to something like an EKG which would register their emotions.The plants were fed all the good nutrients by loving attendants that talked to them. They played music that the plants enjoyed. The machine continually displayed the readings that told the researchers the plants were happy, relaxed and all was right with the world.


    Comment by Snort :

    I do accept as true with all the ideas you have presented on this post. You're very convincing and although I never thought about plants as knowing me, having feelings, likes and dislikes and knew what was going on in their space, I am sure they do. I will have a different relationship with plants from now on. Still, the posts are too quick for us beginners. Perhaps you could expand on them in the near future. Thank you for the post.

    Thank you for the comment and I am so glad I awakened you to the nature of plants. Remember they give us oxygen, especially the trees and should be preserved instead of cut down for paper, looking for oil, decks, houses and farms. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by SBMike :

    Had a stiff walk this morning which coincided with my soon to be 58 years of age realization. There is a causation from my travels to and from schools that were not conducive to my curiosities. 40 years of punching the clock, coming home, losing and gaining healing.

    There are two high tides and two low tides, roughly, each day. Daily they come about 55 minutes later the next day so the shore keeps its grooming and sand keeps it's circular deposits from sediment and rock of the past. My stiff walk today was perfect. And as I sit here and type the other pains come up and then get forgotten. Awaiting this new time, of stretching and then resting. In and out. In and out.

    Is this what they call the sands of time? Read my blog on How to Heal. It sounds like you still need to heal that time you allowed that pain to build. Are you still holding on to something that needs letting go? If you have SKYPE we could do a reading. They are my cards, I see no use in the others. My SKYPE name is Halle.jai. Love hearing from you. Oracle J.

    Comment by Kasey :

    hmm.. I just subscribed on Wednesday. I wonder if i made the mailing cut-off? When will the next letters be sent out. I just love your posts. The whole blog is beautiful, love the natural sounds, very soothing in my hectic schedule. Plants do know us and we never give them a thought as being an individual, like a friend. This is so important. It is like having pet loves. I want to read them all and looking through the list, I see many topics that are necessary to having a great, satisfying life. Kasey

    Thanks Kasey for your comment. I only send out announcements when I have a new blog. It seems this time it failed but we are fixing this. I think it only fair for too many sites send mail every day and I find that annoying. My aim is to offer peace and goodwill, not annoying material shouting to get your attention. Those who want a peaceful, satisfying life will find this site, read and follow or not as we are trained to either accept a change or believe change is dangerous and to be avoided. I am grateful that you will see plants as friends to confide in and love. They will respond. Love, Oracle Jai

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       Only a few children in the whole world are trained with joyous, unconditional love, which results in joyous, loving, healthy and prosperous adults. We prefer to train our children using punishments and rewards, so they will fit in our overpopulated, insane, killing societies.

    We punish by isolating them from our love, protection and what they enjoy, in order to make them miserable and frightened, so they will submit to our demands. We reward our children with sweets, treats and toys, usually to get them to shut up and leave us alone instead of giving the love they so need. After we grow up, we still continue to reward and punish ourselves and others, which is detrimental to the peace, joy, health, love and prosperity for everyone, every living creature, the entire planet and us.

    Comment by Shayna :

    It's difficult to find experienced people about this subject, however, you tell it like it is.

    Everyone experiences punishment and rewards they just think it is normal. No one seems to notice that animals train their babies with love and acceptance. Life, having fun, loving each other and being safe and healthy are what we need to focus on. Of course, that means leaving civilization, accepting that men and women are equal, having only one child, if any, until the population is reduced to around a million world wide or less. That'll be the day. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Curt :

    Hi, just wanted to mention, I liked this blog post. It was helpful. Keep on posting! I live in a country where the norm is to marry, have a few children and leave for another husband or wife, have a few more kids and leave again. No one is ever satisfied and the children are confused at best. Our parents stayed together and had 9 kids, heavy on the punishments, not many rewards. Not a happy solution either. Here you are talking about not getting married or having kids. I like that solution the best.

    So do I. thanks for commenting, most people would not agree for commercial reasons. A smaller population makes for a smaller market, still we must do it or become extinct. Women are only used for sex, cleaning, cooking and minding the kids. The boys will be trained to compete and used for war or the manufacture of more goods. Even though the amount of babies each woman has is less, more women are having them. Extinction will be the case because society still places men in charge. We could have been so great. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by John :

    I often believe that I have been such a disappointment. But, know that when God sees me he sees Jesus. But, here is what I often think about. If God sees Jesus who died for all of our sins, what does Jesus see when he looks down on earth. I try so very hard to be a good person and when I try really hard, I fail. But, when I run to Jesus to say I am sorry, he holds out his arms takes me into a tight hug and tells me it is okay. Go try again but, let me help you. Each day is better than the day before.

    Honey get to the real Jesus. You are hanging onto lies handed down by people who saw and still see religion as a business. Jesus understood we were trained to be solders and slaves. He believed in a just god and had the power to heal the sick. He was gentle, loving and wise so he acquired a large following. He actually died because the Romans feared an uprising of his followers and put him on the cross. We were told he died for our sins, which means we can keep on sinning for we are already forgiven. A few Hail Mary's and we can sin again.

    We hurt our babies, animals, plants, houses, rocks everything on the planet, in order to feel powerful because we were rendered helpless when punished by the very ones that should have loved and protected us. We have been doing this for thousands of years. It is old primitive human behavior and we remain helpless slaves and never grow up to take responsibility for what we cause.

    We continue to destroy everything good and natural like love, respect, friendship, peace and goodwill. Sweet Jesus. This has got to stop. Do you think Jesus wants you to worship him like some god, begging him to have mercy on your transgressions or be like him, a gentle healer that loved himself and everyone unconditionally?

    If Jesus stands for unconditional love then love yourself, otherwise he is nothing more than an apparition, something conjured up to remember we are a big disappointment to our parents, god the father, the son and the holy ghost, ah men. Notice mother is not mentioned. Did you ever wonder why? Mothers have been refused entrance to all religions since their conception. The church murdered over a million women because they used herbs to heal. Apparently only Jesus could heal. Women were taught they were not fit to rule or be a master in all religions and yet she is one who gives us our life and raises us to be slaves, masters or monsters. She trains all men to despise her, to keep her as a slave and rule the world.

    Women stop being mothers. You are terrible at it and no one appreciates you. It isn't worth it and you are deliberately getting your revenge by raising boys who continue to kill everything, including themselves. The universe, our earth and we are perfect. We already have everything to live a joyous, healthy, prosperous life. We need to recognize this and stop beating up our babies, killing our neighbors, destroying the forests, polluting our water, land, air and oceans. What a horrible animal we turned out to be with our big brain and opposable thumb. Money and the cell phone will not save our asses in the end, which is coming up sooner than we think. 

    Thanks so much for opening this topic. Very brave or desperate of you. Either one will do. Love, Oracle Jai  

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    Peace, happiness, prosperity, love and living safely in Paradise happens in our mind. It is our perception of what is. It is true that we can go to an island in the Pacific, on an empty beach with swaying palms and if we are still automatically controlled by our negative childhood beliefs, we will somehow lose that joyous, expansive feeling because it is a childish illusion. The real world is dangerous. 

    Comment by Brigitte :

    Your means of explaining everything in this post is really great. I am ready, well, almost but I understand what I need to do and we are all  capable of living there. It will tale a little effort to relieve myself of my negative thoughts but I am sure I can do it.

    Thanks so much for the entire, beautiful blog. I support SEO and here you do not need it. Thanks for your great response. Yes you can eliminate that negative training. Just start and your life just keeps getting better. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Jaitty :

    That’s a great question and I really like your answer. It is up to us and I totally agree with you. It is a belief and once we live in paradise wherever we are, we can move to one. It is never too late to bring this off. Believing there is a lot more to life than work, worry, trying to make ends meet and hope that it will somehow get better, will free us. I come to educate myself at your site. The news is nothing but lies. The government even made us believe by doctoring a few videos, that airplanes flew into the towers and that brought the buildings down. What utter nonsense. The top floors may have fallen but the whole steel structure!!!. Why are we so stupid and believe every lie presented to us?

    We are trained to be stupid and not to think. Our parents do not think and the schools will expel you if you raise questions about what the teachers teach. Religions have killed those that think differently than they do. Everyone thinks they know the truth but all they really know is the lies they were given. If you read the posts and question you own life and what you believe, you will be ready to enter a live of paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Mate :

    I have been checking out many of your articles and I must say clever stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog. I need to love myself more to be ready for paradise but I know I will make it.

    Thanks for the comment and I am sure you will. All it takes is a 100% commitment. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Microscopic View of a Snowflake Manitoba It hardly matters which way you go with God vs. Science as long as love is the basis of your understanding and acceptance of yourself. Did we evolve from monkeys, aliens or did God make a man from clay and a woman from his rib? Is the earth four and a half billion years old or just over 5,000 years old? Are those lights in the night sky heaven, UFOs or a whole bunch of galaxies? Just how big is your God? Could your God have created the universe, everything in it and whatever came before the Big Bang?

    Look at the earth and its myriad of creatures, trees, flowers, birds, mountains, oceans, rivers, snow, rainbows, storms and volcanoes. All that exists is magnificently and intricately crafted, made up of a universe of life too small to see with our eyes. We stay on the earth as friends for a while, experiencing the whole universe. Could your God have conceived this wonderful, mysterious beauty?

    Comment by Jordan :

    Personally I'm impressed by the quality of this whole blog. Usually when I find stuff like this I find they usually screw it up and make statements that I cannot digest. Your comments are all positive. I wonder if you filter out the negative. This article probably wont do well with with the seriously religious crowd or big business and most governments. Ill look around and find another article that may work but my guess is that what you are about will and must change the way people are to being totally different.

    Please read them all and if I have a world crowd pleaser, I have failed in my mission. Hahahahahah. Thanks for your comment and yes, we must change radically and each and everyone of us must love ourselves totally without conditions. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Teresa :

    Hi my name is Teresa and I just wanted to drop you a quick message here instead of calling you. I read your post Religion and you said men invented it, not God. I agree and I was impressed by how many comments you have on all your posts. Still we need to get your message out, and have people listen to your voice helping us along our path to joy. I pay a company to get me over 300 targeted visitors a day to my website. You could do the same.

    Thank you so much for caring and offering help. I like being a recluse and know that the people who search for what I have to offer, will find it. Many people pay thousands of dollars to some Guru just to say they did. The Guru is happy and they are happy and nothing happens. We need to change and change right now. Love yourself totally, unconditionally and do not have children. Our problems are out of control because the population growth is out of control. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Bettye :

    Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting and I would love to read more on religion. I do a bit of designing of web sites and really admire yours. I have taken a few good ideas from you.

    Thanks for the inspiring comment. Yes I love the pictures, colors and I was able to find ones that fit what I was writing about from my Webshots. Love, Jai

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    I was sitting on my father’s lap when he gave me his two rules for life. “Always drink your coffee black. That way you can put cream and sugar in it if it does not taste good. (My dad used to let us dip our spoon with ice cream into his coffee for that great flavor.)

    "Always drive a little too fast, then you will be very alert. People, who drive slowly or at the speed limit, tend to let their attention wander and end up having an accident.” I was just four.

    My mother had several more rules to add. When it was time to learn to cross the street, Mother walked me to the corner of the sidewalk and said,

    Comment by Uta :

    Your Dad's rules for a little girl are darling. Another rule for life is to only eat 100% natural ingredients as God intended. Almost everyone dreams about a fabulous body in a swimsuit, but not enough people are trained to avoid eating adulterated, contaminated and poisoned food and drinks. We also need to exercise.

    Hear, Hear and we hope people like you are also avoiding having children until we lower the birth rate to one live birth to two deaths. Now it is three live births to one death. At that rate we will be extinct by the end of this century, if not before. In fact the rules for life have changed considerably since I was a child. It is serous and few people realize just how serious it is.

    Actually since we have killed more species than any other extinction since the "The Great Dying", 250 million years ago, we probably should kick up the birth rate and extinct us much sooner. Eat, drink natural food and be merry for tomorrow is the end. It was fun for none, especially the kings and "winners", while it lasted. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Jordan :

    I'm impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that's equally educative, entertaining and easy. You have got it. The issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. After all you say we may be extinct in the next forty some odd years!!! That is so important, especially decreasing the population. I am very happy I came across this in my hunt for something regarding what rules of conduct to follow. We have made this so complicated and you have made it so simple. Love the story form.

    Thanks and of course I too am amazed that everyone still talks about every silly thing instead of the important issues. That way they will be able to get to extinction quicker. Faster is better. More is better. We could learn, if we slowed down, needed and did less. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Open :

    very nice analysis- it is a life racing from childhood to death. Unknowingly every parent prepares their children for the race, because they feel insecure if they are not preparing their child for this way of life, for school, for college, for earning and so on), and people forgot to live each moment and they are satisfied with other things at the expense of their own beautiful life.

    You got the race thru life without living it in joy, health, love and prosperity right. Children are copy cats. They copy their parents relationship with themselves, each other, the child, plants, animals. etc. and the world at large. Parents prepare us to fit into our insane societies, like they did, victims and bullies. Thanks for thinking about this. That is the purpose of this blog, think and get a life!!  Love, Oracle Jai

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    People, who believeuniverse god created everything, the universe, trillions of galaxies, black holes, energy, space and infinity, believe that a day will come when god will judge each and every one of us, who has ever lived on this earth. They believe they will be judged good and go to heaven and have everlasting life or go to hell.

    Now say you are god for a moment and you are going to judge every human from our beginning to this very day. You look around at your perfect work and notice that most of your critters are extinct due to human beings carelessly wiping them out.

    Comment by Darryl :

    Excellent blog you have got here.. It's difficult to find good quality writing like yours nowadays and I am so glad I do not have to listen to you talk about all those you have helped and watch you draw on a board. AND YOU ARE NOT CHARGING ME TO MAKE A BETTER LIFE. I honestly appreciate people like you who pull no punches AND CARE ENOUGH TO SAVE OUR ASSES WITHOUT CHARGING! Have fun. 

    Excellent comment and I agree. there is a cure for diabetes and a bunch of other stuff and you have to pay for it. Everything you have you got because of who you believe you are. The reason your body accepted the disease or problem is because you believe you should have it and only you can cure it. Read more posts. Love, oracle Jai

    Comment by photography :

    Oracle Jai, you really help us with the essential knowledge necessary to help us make a better world to live in, allowing all other life to live and prosper as well. This is the first time I frequented your website page and amazed with the analysis you made out of a world that operates in illusions instead of reality. This actual submit is extraordinary. Great process!

    I thank you for your extraordinary comment for it is vital that everyone on the planet change their way of being and actually love themselves so they save the earth. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Steets :

    This is a very interesting thought. What if I were God. You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your site and registered because of your magnificent remarks and ideas. I have also shared your website with my very own social networks. Thanks this is a very good domain name. So many others have no meaning and we do not know what it is about. At the earliest opportunity we are capable of knowing if this site has something of interest for us. It is immediately obvious that you are not selling anything, which is a real plus these days.

    God was never like they say in the Bible, Koran or any other religious tome. If he were, he would have made us extinct before Jesus was ever born. In fact the religion that grew up around his teachings destroyed God's work and us. Our religions fail to teach us to love us. Love only God and look where that got us!!! The God in the Bible and Koran killed people who did not accept him as their god. That certainly is not love thy neighbor. How did they get it so wrong?

    You ask me to judge people and I did and I am clear about what must be done. I set out to test the entire Bible, as if I were God, but I gave up in Genesis. I would not kill innocent people for not knowing and therefore not accepting me. I would not even kill Lot's wife for being curious. I am a loving creature, not a killing one. There is an excuse for primitive people to come up with such stupid drivel but to still preach it and believe it 5,000 years later, when humans are obviously out of control, well that is shockingly and morally unacceptable.   

    Some of us are going to want more information about what to do if we no longer have a civilization. Will we be primitive, naked, living in caves and eating grass? We want a better life but how do we get it with only a few people? Where do our cell phones come from? We need a guide, wisdom, a plan of sorts. We depend on you, no one else is tackling the result of what we have done with any sense.

    Global warming, my ass!! Global sex, murder, poison, greed, killing and consuming all that is to feed an increasing population!! How stupid people are. At least the world will recover without humans.

    Well that settles it. Let us all write our Utopia and see what we keep and what we discard. What teachings will keep us and the natural earth safe, joyous, having fun, loving and prosperous. I will do the same. It is time for a solution for the time after we have reduced the population by seven billion and allow the earth to repair the damage we have caused. Thanks for the direction. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Father and Son Masai Mara National

    Animals love unconditionally. We did at one time, when we still had fur, tails and swung from trees. Sex was for procreation only. Love, joy, feeling good, touching, grooming, taking care of one another was natural and everyone participated.  The dominant male impregnated as many females as the coming season was likely to support. If food would be in short supply, only the alpha female would be impregnated.

    Monkey mothers were great, held their offspring close until their child was ready to swing alone. She taught them how to find and eat what was nutritious and avoid the snake. The tribe accepted every offspring, even the peculiar ones.

    Comment by Agnes :

    Nice post. I am in the dating business and always checking our thoughts on how to find love. There is a lot about love here and I am inspired! Extremely helpful info especially about loving ourselves. If sex is not love and just physical attraction and we should not be making babies any more, then what happens when dinner and dancing are over on a date?

    Excellent question and it is the first time I have been asked. Hahahahaa. Certainly, I do not suggest sex unless one or both partners have been fixed, so they are unable to make babies. A game of Parcheesi comes to mind. Hahahahaha. A walk in the park, along the beach, whatever bit of nature is near and then a hug and kiss and say goodnight? All we ever think of is sex. Talk and think about something else. May seem very ordinary but love is its own reward and if we have it for ourselves, sex is unnecessary for a joyous time by ourselves or with someone else. Try it, you will like it. Love, Oracle Jai. 

    Comment by Cortney :

    Hello it's me, I visit this site often and have read all your posts. You have not written any new ones is a long time but I am rereading some that I have issues with. Like sex. By the way, this web site is really special for your fans truly share fastidious thoughts.

    Yes they do but I only answer the interesting ones, most never get published. Sex is killing us all because people do not love one another and have sex as a substitute. The kids come along and no one loves them. Mother is too busy and father is absent. We should get fixed and stop having children. Solve all our problems, save the planet and have sex till we drop!! Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by :

    Hello there, I found your blog by the use of Google while searching for a comparable subject, your site came up, it appears great. I've bookmarked it in my Google bookmarks. Sex is only for having babies and I thought it was for love.CS

    It was so good of you to leave a comment. I hope you benefit from this site. It has only one purpose, to awaken you to the fact that you can have perfect health, unconditional love, joy, fun and prosper doing what you love to do. Bone up on love, it is not sex. Sex is for the high we do not know how to make any other way except with drugs. Please register so you know when the next post goes up. Love, Oracle Jai.

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    Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and all the men merely players.” He saw himself as the playwright and in his day all the actors were men. However, we are all playwrights, producers, directors and heroes of our own play, design the sets, contrive the circumstances and choose the actors, who fulfill their part perfectly, so the desired results actually happen. We are the genius behind our life’s drama.

    Comment by Patrice :

    It's remarkable for me to read a web page, which is beneficial in in so many ways. I want to know everything you have said here. I am an actor and I love the idea that I can change my roll any time I want to make a better, happier, safer and healthier life. Thanks admin.

    Thanks for your beneficial comment. Please read all the posts for they are all to aid us in being positive. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by 激安 偽物 :

    Being strong sense of crisis now. The soul is at home fibrillating endlessly. Since the soul fear. Irresistible attack on the heart.

    So true and poetically said. Love is the only solution. We are the writers and directors of our life. Write a loving script where everyone has fun in love. Be the hero of all who know you and love yourself unconditionally. That will free your heart and soul to get out of the cities and love others and the natural world. If enough of us made the change, we would reduce the world population to less than a million, just by not having babies, until we can teach our children to love themselves unconditionally. Then they will love all life and the entire planet will survive in love. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Roxy :

    Hello there I am so delighted I found your website, I really found you while I was looking for a quote I thought was from Shakespeare and I got the best quote right here. Congratulations on a superb post and all round exciting blog (I also love the theme/design. I just never thought of us being our own Shakespeare and responsible for everything that happens in our lives, including disease, sorrow and hate. Makes a big difference once we realize this. Please do keep up the fantastic job.

    Our subconscious leads us where we need to go, when we let it. You must be ready to hear this and make a change in your life. Others have been reading those lines for 500 years and never got it. Science has helped us a lot to understand more of our capabilities and how we got to be the way we are and what we might be capable of.

    Still most people of today would rather complain and blame someone or circumstances instead of accepting responsibility for what they cause. As T.S. Eliot said, "...the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.” Love, Oracle Jai

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    Life is fun, whatever makes us smile, laugh and feel all is right with the world is how to live. Love is fun. Watch kittens chase, tumble, bite and wash each other, shake leaves, bat little stones, leap in the air after a small moth, scurry up a tree. All for fun and keeps them fit for the fun of catching dinner.

    I saw a film of land otters sliding down a frozen waterfall. There were several of them and they would splash into the hole in the stream they made, swim to the edge and bound up the packed snow to slide down again. A hungry puma came upon them and must have thought easy pickings, since the otters were having too much fun to pay any attention to him.

    Comment by Rory :

    There are lots of strategies to fix a broken relationship online and in magazines and none informed you that this is silly and painful and unnecessary.  Perhaps you are growing up, beginning to love yourself and leaving the negative people behind in your past. I love this Smile, Laugh and Have Fun. It doesn't just inform you what to carry out; it holds your hand and assists you to get through it. That could sound crazy for the reason that after all this is certainly only a guide - but it is the truth. There is no other program on the web and even in bookstores that assist you in breaking with the negative and creating a positive, joyous life. Fix your romantic relationship with your ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) by loving and cherishing yourself. This is the greatest blog in the world and you do not charge for it!!!

    Thank you so much. I could not have said it any better. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Son Tugman :

    I'm not sure if my subscription info came as a result of you nor am I clear how to pay the $5.00. Thanks this is  a fantastic idea if I'm able to connect! Judy

    If you got a subscription, I sent it. That it means you will get a notice as to when I put up a new post. The $5.00 is a mystery since it is all free, the tarot readings are free, the Be Positive Audio, Pathway to Joy, Health and Wealth is free. Just burn it on a CD. If you want a hard copy you contact Ellen. It will cost a little more than $5.00 plus shipping. I hope this covers your concern. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Stuart :

    I'd like to find out more? I'd like to find out some additional information on how to smile, laugh and have fun. We are taught to be quiet and not move around much. How do I let go? I never smile. Life is all about doing the right thing according to others.  I do not even know how to have fun. We do not play any games for fun. We do play seriously to win.

    What a dreadful story. That is why the entire human species is going to commit suicided, just by increasing the unhappy, population so there is no more oxygen, water and food left. However, in the meantime, move, get away from such a repressive society. They will not understand a smile or fun and not support you in your effort to have a great life. Then look in the mirror and continually compliment what you see, you. Make smiles. clowns do it all the time, happy or not. It is unimportant to be happy, just work on looking like you are happy. Eventually that will make you feel happy and now you are on your way to happily ever after. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Forget everything you have ever been told or believed about dis’ease, including heredity disease. Dis’ease is a manifestation of negative childhood training. It is true there are microbes and bacteria that can make us sick, if we believe we should get sick.

    If we believe we are always well, we are. Our body is designed to keep us healthy and safe. Of course we have to nurture it, so it is healthy. Anything that we feel unhappy about is a dis’ease. happiness, joy, health and prosperity are also governed by our beliefs. When we hurt ourselves, our body is telling us there is something amiss in our daily life. Everything from headaches to heart disease and depression has a specific symbolic message.

    Comment by Derrick :

    I love this site, your posts are so useful and have helped me out loads. I will pass the word to help other people like its helped me. Good job. Derrick

    Thank you Derrick for coming back and getting some help from the posts. I do hope your friends come as well, Love, Oracle J. 

    Comment by Rara :

    Thanks for telling us how to cure ourselves. It is the case that we also make ourselves sick. I will test this on me. Does it work that I use this positive talk to nurse and cure others? I’ve been exploring about health just recently because a friend of mine got, what we thought was a cold, but it just would not go away. None of the high-quality articles or even weblog posts said that we had the power all along. Reading this info has changed my life, for I am satisfied that I understand how healing works. In fact how we work.

    I had the most important uncanny feeling that I discovered exactly what I needed. The majority of folks doubt the truth but some of us always find what we need. This information needs to be studied in our grammar school education. I am telling everyone to check out your site, if anybody dares to educate themselves, instead of thinking correct information comes from parents, schools, church, governments or anywhere else. Our way of life sucks and is based on stupid, ages old superstitions. Right here is a good deal more wisdom and experience than is in any other book ever written and that includes the Koran, Bible and all those Hindu and Zen stories. Good luck

    Wow! Thanks for the compliment and heads up! I did read those books and other books of wisdom as well as science. People knew they were powerful but, like money, they wanted it all for themselves. Everyone has to believe they have the power as they experiment with it, just like I did when I got Poison Oak. Power to us all. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by lifelock :

    I find it hard to believe I cause all my problems and when I am sick, I caused that too but I believe you. I have heard about placebos, so it must be true. I certainly love this website and I intend to learn to eat the right food. Please keep adding to our knowledge and understanding. lifelock

    Thanks, I will and please do as you say and learn to eat nourishing food prepared correctly. Lots of people eat the right kinds of food and ruin the nutrition in the way they prepare it. Love, Oracle Jai

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    We have already caused the sixth major extinction on our planet since its conception, which is the perfect result of what we do. We are oblivious to this because we are still covering the earth with our species, to the extinction of all others. 

    Bread Symbolizing Earth and Candi the Population

    We have taken over 90% of the fish in the sea and are rapidly killing all life in the ocean with our poisonous fresh water runoff. Ocean plants make 70% of the oxygen we breathe. The forests make most of the rest of the oxygen, which we are rapidly cutting down in search for oil, farm lands, roads, houses, cities and paper for the rising population.

    Comment by Eva Carlson :

    This is a memo to the admin. I came to your The Only Solution: birth rate lower than the death rate. | Be Positive Now page by searching on Google but it was hard to find as you were not on the first page of search results. I know you could have more visitors to your website. I have found a website which offers to dramatically improve your website rankings and traffic to your site. I managed to get close to 500 visitors/day using their service, you could also get a lot more targeted traffic from search engines than you have now. Their service brought significantly more traffic to my website. I hope this helps!

    Thank you so much for a solution to having more people gain the knowledge as to how to live happily, safely, in love, health and prosper. Tell all your friends as well to come here and change that detrimental early childhood training to survive in our negative civilization. As they change so will civilization. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Jodi :

    Simply desire to say your article is as surprising as your pictures and sound. The precise clearness to your post is simply spectacular so I know you're knowledgeable on this subject of how we can survive as a species and allow the earth and all its inhabitants as well. I will keep coming to read all of your posts. Thanks 1,000,000 and please carry on the rewarding work. Thanks for your sound, precise comment.

    Please keep coming and read it all for it is all pertinent to your joy, health and prosperity in the coming years. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Jerrod :

    I have read so many blogs, looking for some interesting and important content concerning us, especially me and have continually been disappointed until I came across this blog about being positive now in the moment, every moment. Now that is important and a good piece of advice. Actually all the posts I have read so far are insightful and correct. In fact this blog is really a good piece of writing, keep it up. Jerrod

    Thanks for the interesting and important comment. We all need to become aware that we are solely responsible for the outcome of our actions and they depend on our belief system. Change your beliefs to knowing all is perfect and love yourself without conditions and you will automatically have the life you desire. Love, Oracle Jai

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    This is such an important message for all of us, Jessica, I wanted to share your reading.

    The Issue: The Rebel (insurgent, mutineer, revolutionary, radical, dissenter, innovative, avant-garde, activist, ground-breaking, world-shattering, drastic, maverick, fundamental, nonconformist, pioneering, protester, extreme, essential for change, )

    Praying Mantis on an Asiatic Lily

    The Rebel, as an issue, either means we need to break out of our way of being and go for a positive change or we have done so and are still fighting the battle. If we remain a rebel, we resolve nothing and only invite war, abuse or prison, whether we are really incarcerated or a prisoner of our own abusive way of being, sabotaging our desires for a safe, loving, happily ever after.

    Comment by Yukiko :

    That is a great tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Short but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one. A must read post!

    We like to think of ourselves as rebels but that is just not the case. We follow our parents way of being which is the norm in our insane societies. Glad you read it. Love yourself completely. All your feelings and what you do are all about you and only you. Your reactions cause you to have the life you have. When you learn to react in joy, love, choose what is healthy and safe, that is wealth beyond measure. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Melissa :

    Ahaa, its a nice dialog on on being a Rebel, one that goes against the status quo. We admire the Rebel but fear being one. We want to be part of the crowd, unseen, unheard, unnoticed. You write such interesting posts all about us and our negative way of being. We had better get positive quickly or it is the end. I have read several of your pieces and loved them all, although I did have to do some adjustments in my thinking. I loved the comments. I notice few disagree. The change must be in the wind.

    Let's believe it is and we are being blown toward a positive life of love, health, wealth and having fun. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Sheba Hendon :

    Keep up the good work , I read few posts on this internet site and I conceive that your web blog is rattling interesting and contains circles of superb info. I am a bit of a Rebel and like it. I guess that means I am not ready to give up the battle. Thanks for the advise.

    Keep up the good work rebelling. When you are ready you can move to peace and do as you like. Rebelling is an automatic control trained when just an infant. While it is fun, do it. After all life is about having fun. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Monkey-Go-RoundIf life is fun, work is fun. We fear having fun because when we were having fun as small children our trainers punished us. They thought they were doing right because we were too noisy.

    We had to learn there were too many big people around who wanted it quiet because they were too busy being noisy, talking or listening to others or the TV.

    We of course treat our children the same way because now we are the big noisy, busy people. Around and around the Merry-goes-around, going nowhere and the brass ring remains just out of reach.

    We can get the brass ring and the life we want by telling our cells that all of life is fun, cleaning the bathroom is fun, even work is fun. Every moment spent in fun aligns our cells to make sure we “choose” what is easily fun to do.

    Comment by plup :

    All bloggers crave kind comments and you have really great comments. It takes a lot of time to go through them but they too follow your ideas. Most of the comments left on Facebook, news articles, photos, videos and significantly more are just basic like or dislike. Boring. Your comments are always about learning and giving.  I appreciate readers giving additional value to learn more about your issues.

    I even read a few that disagree with you and they were allowed to speak, so to speak. Thank you also sharing many of these, including your life experiences. Your stories are so on target and show what you are saying clearly. I don't think that I have the guts to explore or get involved with changing myself in order to change the world. Some will consider your proposal nothing more than a sport and a lot less dangerous. Please take care yourself.

    You are so right and if too few people go for love, peace and goodwill, we will fail to save the specie and all life on the planet. It is OK to fail, the law of cause and effect is universal and perfect. To do nothing is to allow others to have their will for we believe they are our masters, even though we have only one master, ourselves. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Jeremiah :

    This post is invaluable. How can I find out more? We all have a workplace. How does one handle the boss? How do I protect the team? We complain all the time and rat on everyone. It is such a mess, I do not know where to begin. I like what I do. It is just the people I have to do it with. I never feel safe, I am either doing too much or too little and someone does not like it. Jeremy.

    Your comment is truly invaluable. I run across this all the time and eventhough I council people how to be positive, the very next day they will have crucified Jesus in the workplace. Why? Well either they did not listen, which is probably the case, or they still play the power game they learned from their parents and siblings. The point is having the power to cause someone unhappiness and misery.

    A story of how the game is played.

    When my oldest daughter, around 15 or 16, was a bit late being ready for school, so she called out to her best friends she had known for years, "Just a minuet." However they went on. A few days later, my daughter came to me in tears and told me her best friends would not speak to her and laughed at her. They shared several classes in High School and lunchtime was especially unbearable. She did not understand what had happened and they would not talk to her.

    I knew very well, having seen much younger children play this same game on their friends, while practicing to be adults. At the time, I was reading the book Born Free and my daughter and I worked on the chapters where the  author tells us how to become a winner. He said let go of the ones who have harmed you and make new friends. For a while she ate lunch in the library for this was just too difficult.

    As months went by my daughter did make new friends and paid no attention to the girls who wanted her to feel miserable. Once that happened they wanted her to come back to them. She asked me what should she do. I said she was in charge of her life and a winner, so she could do whatever she chose.

    She went back but they all found the great comradeship they had once felt was gone. Now there was only shame and distrust. Same thing that happens to adults when they play this game. There is so much more, how to be with the boss, for instance. If you have any questions please continue the conversation. Love, Oracle Jai


    Comment by Atropolo :

    This is a great post. I am one of many of your fans and want to learn more about how to have fun in large corporations. I am uncertain why I have not thought of looking for fun in the workplace before. Your website is in fact that awesome, with such straight information and stories to make the point easy to digest. Great if you love office politics and I want to learn more about how to handle people, so I can get a better position.

    It is more about people than doing the job well! I know I must avoid gossip, arguments and offending others. I am a trustworthy person but even that has failed to get me the promotion I desire. I notice that your readers leave lengthy, flattering comments and you answer them. This is rare on the internet. Please tell me what else I need to do to get a better position in the corporate world.

    My advise is always the same. Lose the goal, it was conceived in lack. Lose the strategies, they were made to be the slave of the 1% rich and powerful. Love and cherish yourself unconditionally, If you make money, position and things the point of life, you lose everything.

    Make your life about having fun, play in love, have perfect health and live in joy and abundance in every moment, exploring the wonder of the world with the monkey people who also like to play in love. If the corporate world is full of sharks, devoid of fun and out to eat you alive, then your workplace is somewhere else. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Supercell Thunderstorm Kansas

    Thinking= being capable of using thoughts to explain, reason or make sense of phenomena.

    From the time I was in kindergarten, I was fascinated with religion so I went to church with my friends. I actually went to several including Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic. By the time I was nine, I went by myself to the only church in town, which was Methodist. When I would come home, my mother would ask me what the preacher said. One Sunday it went like this:

    Comment by Kristopher :

    Superb, what a blog it is! This website provides useful information to us, keep it up.

    You picked up on a very important point since almost all the people in the world have never been taught to think and the powerful parents of all of us just want us to mind them, not think for ourselves. Unless we do think right now, we and a lot of animals, plants, birds, fish etc. will be extinct by the end of this century. Those of us who still read about health on the internet know what we have done and better stop doing. You are one of those, it is up to you to love and care for yourself. Love, Oracle Jai


    Comment by Levi :

    Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am actually aware that most people do not think, even the top rich and powerful in the world. What makes them think they are immune to poisoned food, lack of oxygen and water? Billions more people every ten years to fill their pockets, taking more and more of our natural resources. They will start the nuclear war and where will they live, in underground bunkers for the next hundred thousand years?

    I'll be grateful if you continue this conversation in future. Numerous people will benefit from your wisdom and understanding of the issues. You make us think. Cheers!

    Clearly their judgment is impaired by thinking money is important and has no limits. Why does anyone need that much? They fear the unknown and cannot satisfy their need for being loved and held safe. Perhaps if they read my blog, they would understand and try loving and cherishing themselves. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Kegeimmerly :

    I think there is too much pressure on not only adults but the children as well. For one thing there is too much homework. Homework!! What are they doing in school? Children need to play, have fun, let off that cramped jail time called school. Do they learn anything of value at all? I have children that go to school and I fail to see anything relevant to life on this planet. Nowadays the children's childhood is not happy. I do not think school is ever happy and that is on purpose. Just look at the unhappy teachers. 

    They have always been underpaid and there is no top to aspire to. They are not acknowledged as being the most influential professional people shaping our future. Society still doesn't get it. They should be the back up for lousy parents, doing a much better job of training.  Children should be able to take pleasure in the beautiful starry sky. I would like your opinion on schools and education. Your writing and thinking skills are formidable.

    I was wondering what topic I would choose for my next blog and you gave it to me. Thanks and I do have opinions since I was a teacher of English and Social Studies for three years and an art teacher for one. I realize I was wasting my time, nobody wanted a good teacher teaching something valuable for the world as it is now and the future to come. Thanks again, Love, Oracle Jai

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    To Touch is to be touched

    On the road, early one morning, my daughter and I were listening to interesting music from the University of California at Berkeley radio station. After the music, the Psychology Department explained a study they set up at the University Library about the effects of being touched.

    The librarian, in the University’s Library, agreed to put the library cards into the student’s hand without touching their hand or smiling. However, some students she made sure there was the smallest touch between her fingers and the student’s fingers. This was a random choice and the student was noted by someone from the psychology class conducting the experiment.

    Comment by health care :

    Wow! Thank you! I constantly needed to write on my website something like that. Can I implement a portion of your post to my site? Of course you can. Get the word out. We have caused the sixth major extinction and are going for our extinction as well. We must begin to be real and get out of the fantasy civilization has taught us. Starting with love, a loving touch, smile and know our memories are based on lies. Look out at nature and know there only is, good and bad, right and wrong are made up. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Bula Donatien :

    This genuinely great and helpful information about touching people and our memory will aid me in my profession as a restaurant manager. Your style and manner delights me besides I believe you cover everything important. Make this into a book that I can have on my counter to have others refer to it. Thanks.

    Thank you for your helpful comment. I agree it should be a book but that is a process and I just fail to take the time. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Katina Hoistion :

    I love your writing style truly enjoying this web site. Thank you so much and please enjoy it all. Love, Oracle Jai

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    We have definite opinions about who we are, what we look like, what we like and dislike, what we want and if we will get it or not. We have readymade excuses or reasons for failing at something or succeeding. Our attitude, what we do and accomplish is predetermined by our early training and we depend on the results. In other words we trust us to produce the same results, regardless of the circumstances. We feel safe because we know how to handle the results. The opinions of others are irrelevant.

    Comment by Rufus :

    Wow, that's what I was seeking for, right here at this webpage, thanks Oracle Jai for this information about trusting us. I never thought about it that way. I always have doubts about what I should be doing and you are right. I always get into the same lousy situation with people who are selfish and mean. I am going to read more about how I can change. There is hope for me yet!

    Thanks for finding what you were looking for. I tell people to lose the word hope and instead commit to the change you desire and that will happen. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Flossie :

    Do you have a spam problem on this blog; I also am a blogger, and I was curious about your situation; many of us have created some nice procedures and we are looking to swap solutions with others, please shoot me an e-mail if interested.

    I am too busy to email commentators and I have spam but it is welcome. I want to teach everyone to love us without conditions, including spamers. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by gagner :

    I do accept that we need to trust ourselves. I can certainly trust me to put my foot in it. Now I have to trust me to keep my feet on the ground. Your posts are really convincing and can definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very short for most of us. Perhaps you could write more. Thank you for the post.

    Thank you for the comment. You will notice more is written about the post on the comments. They are like a continuous learning conversation. You have trusted yourself to put your foot where it does not belong, making a mess of things and now you can trust yourself to keep your feet with you. All it takes is a desire and commitment. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Stalking Insects

    I took Landmark Education years ago and I recommend their forum for everyone. One of the great things they taught us, if you want great people around you, you have to treat them as if they are great. This goes for interviews, strangers on a train, the IRS, police, bosses, spouses, family, everyone and every encounter. How do you treat everyone as being great?

    I know I repeat myself but it is important. First we see ourselves as being great. This means complimenting ourselves all the time. Gee we look great, we feel great, that was a great thing we just did. We are fearless, how great. I use the pronoun we, because we are made up of trillions of cells. Once we do this automatically for ourselves, we automatically do it for others.

    Comment by Virgilio :

    What's up? I come here often and you have not written anything for months now. Your writing style is witty, intelligent and right on. Please keep up the good work! I do have some favorites and re-read them but they need to be expanded. These posts are teasers and we want more.

    Thanks and you are right all the posts are teasers and could be expanded. I am thinking of doing some videos where I would expand the subjects further. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Ivan :

    I seldom comment, however I browsed a few of the comments on We are Great, perfect, just the way we are and always have been. I actually love the story and am looking forward to more stories. I think real life occurrences tell it better than a lecture. You have the knack. Are you posting on other online social sites, I would like to keep up with you? Would you make a list of all of all your social community pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or LinkedIn profile? Thanks.

    Thanks for your comment. I only publish here on my site. I do not have the inclination or time to put my comments everywhere. Come here, it is pretty, pleasant and the sounds of the river and birds are really lovely. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Juliet :

    Appreciate this post. Will try it out. I have a lot of assholes, jerks and bitches in my life. Sounds like fun to change them all into friends. Thanks for the heads up.

    Thanks for commenting. Our definitions are all based on our opinions. Once our opinions change and become positive, all the negative people and things also become positive. After all everyone wants to be considered great. Wish our parents thought we were great kids. Love, Oracle Jai

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    Earth and Moon

    We are perfect just the way we are and always have been. We are a part of a perfect universe in which everything operates within the dictates of the perfect universal laws.

    Think about it for a moment. We look up into the night sky and we think how beautiful. Would we criticize it, deciding Orion should be to the right of the Big Dipper? Do we think it is flawed because it has dark matter?

    The universe has been in existence since the big bang for over 14 ½ billion years. I think that makes it perfect, since we have been in existence for only 200,000 years, give or take and we had a setback 70,000 years ago which reduced our population to only around 1500 on the entire planet.

    Comment by Rebekah :

    I absolutely believe that we are perfect after I read this post. Your argument is irrefutable. I am going to tell myself this all the time. Down with doubts and self-flagging. We spend our lives beating ourselves up for failing to do what someone else thinks we should have done. Enough!! I was told I was bad as a child and now I am perfect. I like it. I am tired to listening to my friends tell me how bad they feel, or worried or sorry. I now will defined your wisdom and change my friends. We do need to change. I intend to be wowed by reading your other posts.

    I am wowed by your comment. We need so many people to know they live in a perfect world and start raising us in unconditional love. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Edgardo :

    I recommend that everyone read this blog and all the posts. It will take a while to absorb it but If someone wants an expert view concerning how to be happy, healthy and prosperous, this is the place. Keep up the good job. I wish you loads of success, we all need it.

    Thanks for recommending this site. Each post supports all the others so we are reinforced in our positive thinking and being. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by click :

    I enjoy looking through a post that can make people think. Thinking we are one with the universe is so vivid here with your pictures. I love the comments too. Shows some people are really thinking and getting it. Me too.

    Well, Click, I am glad you are getting it and I see you are reading many posts and commenting and we love it. You are perfect. Love, Oracle Jai

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    In previous posts, I mentioned we become like our parents. We are their seed and grow up following their beliefs. One common belief is that we must fail to follow our heart’s desire. It goes like this. My grandmother wanted to be a popular singer, married, had a child and had to settle for being a teacher of music. My mother excelled in art and wanted to become a great artist. She had two children. Along came a war, my father was drafted, so she had to became a teacher.


    I was trained in art and achieved a level that one could assume I would be great. There was money and schooling available. I got married, taught school for three years and had two children. I too failed to be prosperous doing my heart's desire. Even when all the obstacles have disappeared, we still follow the pattern established in our childhood. Justifying, understanding, making excuses, forgiving, complaining and blaming is the process of a failure to be and have what we want.

    Comment by Penelope :

    Chubby cheeks, dark under eye circles and double chins can be the results of lack of exercise rather than eating an unbalanced diet of fatty foods. We reap what we sew is so true. If we eat healthy food, we are healthy. If we exercise or, as you put it, move energetically, we have a healthy body. If we work using our muscles we are strong. It all makes perfect sense.

    Thanks for your balanced comment. Everything we do causes the perfect consequence. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Quincy :

    I read this article twice, We Reap What We Sow. It is so good. Now we know what that statement means but never really, fully understood it. We can say what goes around comes around, like a merry-go-round or a ferrous wheel, living but going nowhere. If we follow what our parents taught us and society demands, we sow those seeds in our children, just spinning wheels in the air.

    Science, psychology and medicine have yet to catch up on this analysis of the true behavior of the human species. They all missed the boat. We regurgitate our past and fail to change the future. Love, sweet love, as you so apply quote, is what we need now, desperately. Your topics are so topical and the truth lies on them like thick chocolate without sugar. Bitter, but great medicine. Amazing little treasure on the infinite internet.

    Wow, I am speechless and appreciate a really succinct comment. May your wheels touch the natural, unpolluted ground and roll you to paradise. Love yourself unconditionally and you stay safe, healthy,  joyous, fit and prosperous, happily playing in life's great adventure. Love, Oracle Jai

    Comment by Richard :

    Great – I am very impressed with your web site. I like the posts in alphabetical order. I was so intrigued by so many of your titles; it was difficult to choose. I found information that I did not know I needed desperately, until I read it. This new post really hits a home run. We do reap what we sow and think it is someone's fault, instead of ours. I look forward to this excellent task, most evenings.

    I am also impressed with your comment. We are preoccupied with unimportant stuff all day long. We rarely stop and ask ourselves what we want, let alone why we are doing whatever it is that we are doing. As long as we are smiling, laughing, then everything is OK. Love, Oracle Jai

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