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We are dedicated to doing our utmost to save what is left of life on this planet and this includes plants, animals, birds, fish, insects, snakes, plankton and a lot less of us. We want the earth to prosper, so all life prospers. To accomplish this, we, the human species all over the world, must decide to prosper in joy, perfect health, love and live in harmony with the perfect, universal forces of the earth, naturally lowering our population to say a few million worldwide.

We provide the method, based on science, of how to change our automatic programing, so we live in paradise with loving friends. If we fail to change our beliefs now, we will destroy what gives and sustains all life on the planet by the end of this century or possibly the next.

I have studied the scientific progress in understanding how we got to be the way we are and how we can change our core beliefs that instinctively, automatically make all our decisions and reactions. Those instincts were designed by us as babies, in order to survive and be accepted in our environment, even before we understood the verbal language. We continue to believe and act as if our childhood interpretation of who we are and what the world is like is the absolute truth and reality. Free Choice is a myth.

The universe has been doing its thing for over fourteen and a half billion years. Galaxies have come and gone in this amount of time and yet everything remains connected as a whole. It is the perfect, natural way of energy, stuff and space. Our planet has been in existence for four and a half billion of those years and before the human species, all life lived in harmony with the natural forces and laws of the universe on earth.

We offer a free audio to listen to that will replace the negative automatic beliefs with positive ones. It may take years to eliminate the negative but each day is a day which will be more positive, if you accept the challenge 100%. All our blogs have only one purpose, to expose the destructive beliefs that have caused this specie to destroy life and to illuminate the way to prosper in peace, joy, love, health and save life on the planet. If this is something you desire then Be Positive Now is a good place to start.  

This site is the work of many. My thanks for the site itself and what we can do, goes to BlueHost.com. We use WordPress.com for creating the site. The title, logo and some of the pictures came from PACR.com. The background which inspired the look of the site was created by DotCreek.com. Most of the photos came from www.Webshots.com, free or premium desktop wallpapers and screensavers. The developer of the site was ThunderThrasher.com. Jay at mundocr@gmail.com takes care of the site and is the one to contact for technical questions. I am the explorer, writer, designer and the money behind Be Positive Now.

Who am I? When I get too serious about life, I change my name and lighten up. Someday I will tell the story of my first name change. It is too long for this page. The important thing about this blog is what works and what you do with the information. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow is another day to love.

2 Responses to About B+

  1. Pawan says:

    Hi Jai, It's Pawan and Anamika. Your brief neighbors in Arenal.

    We are safely back in US. Thanks for all your help

    How are you?

  2. Terrance says:

    Right here is the perfect website for everyone who would like to find out about how to have the life they want. You understand a whole lot more than anyone else, even the professionals. It's impossible to find any flaws in your argument. This should be required reading for everyone in any learning institution, including religion. It should be required before getting a marriage license or having a baby!!! I personally keep reading and rereading. The comments are also informative. Keep it coming, please!!

    Please keep your perfect comments coming as well. We love compliments and remember to give yourself compliments all day long. I want to share this information with everyone. We must change. Love, Oracle Jai

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