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    All dis'eases, any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body and accidents, unforeseen, unplanned, unintended events have one thing in common and one cure. We cause them because we are trained to harm ourselves. We have been told other things cause our physical or mental disease from gods/devils to unseen bacteria/viruses and we are powerless to prevent them. That is a bold face lie. Everything does its thing and the results are perfect. This is the universal law of cause and effect.

    We are born with a perfect functioning body and immune system. Mother’s milk provided all the antibodies we needed to ward of any dangerous bacteria and virus. She breast fed us for at least two years, had very few children, so it was easy to be supportive and loving all the time. With our incredible brain we are able to become who we are trained to be instead of following a complete pattern of instincts. We could have been taught we are wonderful, perfect, healthy, love and cherish ourselves as our trainers (parents) do. We are always healthy, safe, live in small, loving, peaceful, harmonious communities that respect, love and value all life, including plants, animals, fish, birds, insects and the natural order of the universe.

    Unfortunately when we became human, our trainers believed something was wrong with the world and decided to change it. Worse, they failed to understand why it was so important to love themselves and what is, like all other living creatures. An animal can kill only for food or protection. So the human animal had to kill love that all live has naturally. They invented unseen forces to love, cajole and worship instead of themselves. When they were successful, they became able to kill everything, including their own families in order to dominate the world. They became victims of their own abhorrent illusions. 

    We still believe the fantasy men invented hundreds of thousands of years ago by primitive brains. Men were particularly vulnerable because they were supposed to protect the tribe and that became impossible because they were so vulnerable without claws, fangs, fur and super strength, speed on the ground or swinging from vines in the tree. They developed a superior brain and the dominant male decided his job was more than protecting the tribe, it was to own the tribe for his pleasure. Other males began to take females as well and the population grew beyond the food supply.

    Instead of having less children, he had more and raised armies to raid other villages, killing those who resisted and taking what they had. Weaker men, women and children became his property. Of course we know this because of his'story. Her'story was never told, it was unimportant. We are still taught these same beliefs. War, killing and stealing still rages in most cultures. We have scientists studying his'tory, us, the natural order of the earth and universe and we still believe we are victims and must bully everything.

    We are trained by punishments and rewards for our behavior in our family and our society, ergo we routinely punish ourselves by getting stressed, hurt, sick, violated, abused and murdered. Men still want ownership and power over everyone and everything, including the elements, the universal laws, the world and especially us, because we are taught that we have no power over our own lives.

    For every action there is a perfect re-action or result. We cause our lives to be the way they are. We have complete power. The difficulty is that our actions depend on our training when an infant. We believe that training to be true and it automatically makes us act in a way to prove we are right to be helpless. We are bad and will be punished if not now then after we die.

    Our entire body, all our trillions of cells aim to please and will automatically follow a new program of peace, goodwill, love, being safe, healthy and having fun doing what we love to do, if we love and cherish us unconditionally. To that end we offer this blog and three recordings that train our subconscious automatic beliefs to cause the positive life we desire. So what will it be? Do we take responsibility for being who we are and take charge of our lives or become extinct? It is personal.

    31 Responses to DIS’EASES AND ACCIDENTS

    1. Staris says:

      This site has got a lot of really useful info on it. Thanks for informing me that I am in charge of my life and cause everything. It goes against everything I have ever learned about who we are and what we can do even at college. Yet I know it is true. I just have to look at my friends or even my family and know what they do to cause harm to their life. Amazing I did not put it into a proper perspective that I could learn how to run my life from their example. Thanks so much.

      Some of my readers have read enough of my blogs to know that reality is much, much sweeter than the life humans have been living since the stone age. Now impliment what you know and change your life. Love, Oracle jai

      • Pennell says:

        Dear Oracle Jai:  Everything you say embodies what the Dali Llama says:  Happiness is the reason we are here.  Little children know this, until their parents take away all their joy, playfulness and freedom of thought.  They are reminded to be serious, work hard, don't make waves in order to achieve "success".  Too many people are miserable following this rigid way of life, and many turn to abuse, drugs and other ugly things people do to themselves and others as a way of "relief".  You are a breath of fresh air, and it should be required in all schools to love oneself which will stop the bullying,

        Thanks Penny and it should also be required in all religions. A lot of people agree but prefer to stay angry with parents/trainers, spouses, children and the rest of the world, who were also trained to be victims/bullies. It takes two to tango. Retraining ourselves to Love us, in our victim/bully perception, would somehow excuse or justify our parent's negative behavior. Ergo, a positive change must become a 100% effort.

        My mother taught me to be fearless, heal and trust myself to always be safe. She, however followed none of this because her self pity and anger toward her mother, was more important. My grandmother had my mother in the U.S., June 1916, after four illegal abortions. The doctor refused to abort the fifth pregnancy, saying it was a danger to her health. She divorced her husband and never had sex again. Even though my mother had the independence rare for a child and grew up brilliant, she eventually became a shrink because going over the perceived past causes distress and changes nothing.

        Freeing ourselves from our past negative training is very simple. Every time we look in the mirror, we say, "I love me unconditionally and trust that everything I do will cause joy, health, prosperity and keep the world and me safe. Then make it so. We are the only one who causes our life to be what it is. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Sabrina says:

      You share interesting things here. I think that your blog should be required reading in every school, hospital, waiting room, church, everywhere anyone has to sit a wait a while. We must give people an initial and mandatory boost.  We know the governments will not for they are paid off by the 1% rich who want all the power in the world and know know how to get it. I am leaving the U.S. for in no time at all, all our liberties will be gone. I am taking my computer, so I can keep reading what you have to say. By the way where is it going to be safe to go, when we finally realize we get out or live in concentration camps?

      Take a look around and find someplace with lots of space and water where there are only a few people, although truthfully, I doubt that any place on Earth will be safe. Of course, we can smile, love unconditionally and trust us to keep us safe, joyous, healthy and prosperous. It is personal and requires dedication. Trust yourself to do the right thing in the right place and at the right time. It works. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Rolan says:

      I suppose when we get it that we cause our own accidents and diseases we will have no need for hospitals, medicine, doctors, nurses, secretaries, drugs, insurance and the list goes on. What will all those people do? But doctors do not cure us they just deal with the symptoms not the cause, which is usually our diet. It is important to understand more about why we got sick or hurt ourselves. Reading this blog will really benefit us. You say we have a detrimental diet to health because we want to get sick to punish ourselves for being bad, wrong and/or ugly. Do I have this right?

      What wonderful words; magical, charming, enchanting, delightful and stylish. So inspiring, thank you for giving us the opportunity to read something as real and truthful.

      Thank you for those glowing words of approval and yes you have the process down perfectly. We have to cause our lives, there is no other way so by eating unhealthy foods, we get sick. By going to doctors we never get to the root cause of the disease. Going to shrinks will get us to the abuse but not the cure. We have set up our societies to keep us the way we believe it should be. God fearing means no salvation. If he is our guide, our father, we are doomed. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Randall says:

      If someone wishes expert view regarding blogging then I advise him/her to pay a visit this weblog. It is beautiful, pleasing and has relaxing sounds. The content is superb. I learned that I am responsible for my so called accidents and diseases.  I caused them on purpose to be punished, get attention, feel sorry for myself and more. Well, I'll be damned. I intend to change this habit right away. I can learn to cherish myself and stop hurting my feelings by choosing people who like to use me as a punching bag. Keep up the pleasant work.

      Thanks for the compliment and comments. Yes we can all change, love and respect ourselves. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Dog says:

      Hello! We find your blog on the internet to be tremendously choice goods. Pictures of mountain and rivers with their sounds and such good writing about being joyous, in love with the natural order of the earth and universe. We cause our harm and we can stop that. What an awesome lesson. I get a feeling of such joy and hope for a much better future. I understand you council to make it happen in our mind and I hope you are right. 'what better way to get the message while looking at the wonderful pictures and listening you your hypnotic voice telling us to relax and feel great.

      Please set time aside every day for one recording, less than a half an hour and your life will become more they way you want it to be. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Dad says:

      I agree with all I have read on this site. It is so interesting and sometimes shocking. I was surprised that marriage was a bad thing, having children was a no no and we cause our accidents and diseases. Most of the world would disagree even though your reasons are valid. Still you have a lot of readers and their comments show that they got it. The world is stressed and we need to change the rules we live by. You are on top of it, my friend. Thank you for this site.

      Thank you for your comment. Yes we need to change and change now. we must take control of our lives, eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive and don't mess with anyone else. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. SBMike says:

      It all comes down to me and the way the invisible yet tangible truth sometimes gets lost. I will keep an eye out for it's virtues. Buddhists claim that all truth is in the middle. Thank you Oracle Jai for the insights JOY!

      Thanks, Mike for commenting, stay in joy. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Owen says:

      I really like it when folks come together and share opinions. Great blog, continue the good work! I would have disagreed with you about accidents and diseases, except I have read a few of your posts and I do believe you. We have an incredible body, if we care for it and we can avoid hurting ourselves. I read Punishments and Rewards. The picture caught me. Cigarette and a beer. That is me, except I am a man. Both are punishments that we think are rewards. Still I just read it with a yeah, right, attitude until I read this one. It was just another whack with the hammer that drove in the nail. I was a carpenter. Now I sell money. Thanks for the whack. Change is in the air. Owen Gattison

      How wonderful that you wrote that comment. I love to hear that I drove it home. I too was a carpenter and I did learn how to drive the nail. The first stroke sets the nail and the second drives it in. I was putting on a roof, learning to be a carpenter. Please keep coming back for more. Love, Oracle Jai


    9. awesome says:

      Wow, great blog article. Really thank you! Cool. So we cause our diseases and accidents by what we think. First I ever heard this and you are probably right. It follows that we were trained to have accidents. I would like to know someone who wasn't. We also were trained to get sick and I can attest to that. Mother always announced the next disease, chicken pox, measles, colds. We were always warned we would fall and hurt ourselves and don't come crying to me, I told you so.

      Wow now you have me thinking, I can see where all that sounded like prophesies or commandments. I wonder if the prophesies in the bible are the same, coming out of their upbringing and not real. Would change the fate of the world if what you say is correct. Zillions believe that crap. Can they cause the world to end? OMG.

      Oh Ho, so now your are writing my blogs. Go ahead, your thinking is great. Even I had not thought about people causing those ancient prophecies to come true, just by believing they would. They will act in such a way to make their beliefs come true, that is what we do and it does not matter where those ideas came from as long as they believe them. Oh this is worst than I thought, OMG Oh well eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow….Love Oracle Jai

    10. Jessica says:

      I was searching for ideas for my weblog and observed your own post, “Accidents and Diseases fail to exist in the real world | Be Positive Now”, do you care if I really work with a bit of of your points? I am grateful ,Jessica

      Thanks Jessica, I want the world to read this, so the more the merrier. I really know that animals can be infected with bacteria and viruses but that is natural because those bugs are bugs and life eats living tissue. The solders that survived on the battlefield during the civil war were the ones that had flies and larva in their open wounds. The bugs kept the infection from getting started. Bugs eat bugs. We know how to prevent all diseases, harm and even war. We obviously want them. Time to want love, joy, health, peace and goodwill and get it. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. rent says:

      Have you considered adding some differing opinions to the article? I think it will really enhance my understanding.

      Did you have some differing opinions to make? It is done here on the comments. Ask any questions you have. Of course it is difficult to argue against the truth but you may, like 99% of all people on earth, prefer the lie. At least that is familiar, even if it is detramental to your health, joy, love and all around fun in life. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Anonymous says:

      This really is a clever method of getting your point across.Thanks, I'm seriously happy you shared your ideas and techniques to get us to agree with your findings. I definitely appreciate your really clear writing on subjects we rarely even think about. We take accidents and diseases as a matter of course, natural and unavoidable. Now you tell us something no doctor has ever said, we cause both or not according to the way we were brought up. You say we can change all that and be always happy and safe. Amazing idea. All animals get sick and hurt, why are we so different? Of course it is our brain. I really appreciate the effort and cost to get this information to us and you do not charge. You write on an awesome variety of many topics. Thanks for your excellent writing skills and what is the next subject? I am so lucky to find this site and excited to read your new blog.

      How much fun. You are the second comment this morning to be looking forward to my next blog which will be on our inability or refusal to think and how to learn to think. Really important if we are going to make it as a specie. Thank you for getting involved and becoming the person you want to be. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Favor says:

      Cool post . Thank you for, posting on this blog page dude! I did not know that. In fact it just turns our lives upside down. All we believe is true and real is a lie and false. Well I am all for living in health and joy, just playing thru life. I do need this info to settle. Ill message you again!

      Thanks for your comment and yes it is a major adjustment and there is a rush on it. Still, I can tell you from experience it is doable and life just keeps getting better. Love, Oracle jai

    14. TM says:

      This is an insightful and interesting blog post. Our training puts us in jeopardy. We think we are pushed around by others and circumstances when all along we are in the right place to get harmed, taken advantaged of, robbed or worse. There is a lot here to think about and check other sources. I am sure you are right, it just goes against everything I have ever heard or learned. Thank you for posting.

      Now think about what you said. I know someone has blamed you for something they actually caused to happen and others have pointed their finger at you claiming it was your fault they were hurt or even saved. It was their choice to be with you, so they could blame or credit you instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. This is what people are trained to do. If we should take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, the human world would have a small human population, without wars, full of peace and good will for everything including the entire planet. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. YvesBrill says:

      This site has got some very helpful information on it. So people die of diseases they make up themselves and doctors do not cure them they either cure themselves or do not. It seems so simple but is it really that simple? Thank you for sharing it with me.

      Actually it is. The disease or accident points to what is causing it. Punishment is a given but punishment of what? Look at the disease or part you injured in your so called accident. Head, heart, lungs, arms, neck, eyes, pancreas, stomach, sexual organs, liver, bladder etc. It will tell where you are harming yourself in life. It is all symbolic. However all you really need to do is cherish yourself and all your self inflicted harm will come to a halt. Love Oracle Jai

    16. rbusaok says:

      With all the doggone snow we have gotten lately I am stuck indoors, fortunately there is the internet, thanks for giving me something to do. I certainly did not expect to be so shaken as to think all this time I have caused everything in my life. I have to take responsibility and to tell the truth I like having someone else to blame but my guess is now that this is out in the open and I have put your words and thoughts into my brain, I will have to get happier and healthier and richer. Well that has to be good right?

      Absolutely! An adjustment will happen even without effort. One good thing leads to another and pretty soon you are living in paradise. Join the movement. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Ebony says:

      Wow, this post is an eye-opener and a wonder to read. We cause our accidents and diseases. Hard to believe since even doctors place the blame on genetics or catching it from someone else. Well there is eating the wrong kind of food and not exercising which we do control. My younger sister is analyzing these diseases and their cause, I am going to tell her to read your blog. I am going to read more as well. We can discuss your information and look it up. Of course I am sure you are right.

      Yes I am which is the best news we all can get. We are in charge of where we go, where we live, what we eat, what we do and cause to happen in our lives. When I was very young polio was rampant. We used to go to the beaches in Los Angeles which were so full of people you could not see the sand. We were told to stay away from the beaches. And of course our parents took the chance we would be lucky. My little brother's leg stopped growing and the doctors thought it was due to a mild case of polio. 

      When there are too many people and some are diseased, the rest are likely to catch it. Schools, theaters, streets, sidewalks, subways, you name it and there are too many of us. We must lower the population naturally, by not having children until seven billion of us have died. If we love and cherish us, we will change the world. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Glossy says:

      Excellent blog you have here. I really appreciate good quality writing like yours, especially on the topics you choose. I have read a few, the last one Accidents and Dis'eases. I thought that was a typing error but since you continually used it I got it. Dis ease, anything that upsets our ease of living. Wow. That is practically everything. I really hate the weed eaters and leaf blowers, trucks and motorcycles these days. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

      Thanks for your quality comment. I do take care of myself by following all my posts. I hope you do the same. I also moved to the country and avoid corporate food. Unfortunately weed eaters and leaf blowers have found their way to the country. I moved further from the road to avoid noisy vehicles. We do our best. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. louis says:

      I have a child that has ADD and ADHD (Impulsive hyper activity without apparent attention or intention that interferes with the task at hand). This post, The Cure would suggest that the remedy to be on drugs all their life and may at times be physically restrained is totally incorrect. I will never permit any individual to restrain my child or the alternative to provide my child with stimulants. But then what can I do?

      After the medications have destroyed the health of the child or adult, the medical profession suggests removing the stressful situation, eat a nutritious diet and exercise. Let us just start with this treatment and add unconditional love and respect. That sounds sane to me.

      Our society is insane and demands too much stress at home, work, play and especially in the schools and churches. Our schools demand children to spend hours just sitting and a few minutes of running around in a playground. Insane and unnatural.

      What do I suggest? I suggest leaving the mega cities and opt for a small town, where the people are relaxed. Keep children out of schools and organized sports. Adult supervision should be kept at a minimum, just for love and safety. I do recommend children having others to play with. They will learn loving social skills if the parents love them unconditionally. They will learn to read, type and communicate on the computer and there is plenty of time to do that when their mind and abilities mature.

      Joyously exploring their world with encouragement, love, respect is essential. This is monkey mother's complete responsibility, while the child is young and why I recommend not having children at all in our present society given our present training. We do not know how to build a safe society and certainly should not bring more children into ours. Thanks for asking. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Susan says:

      This is one awesome article post. I know it is true but still hard to believe I can be free of harm. You keep saying so in all your articles. I must get it and improve my health and joy in life. Keep writing.

      It is encouraging that my readers are getting into reality. There is only joy and wonder in reality. Time to leave the lie behind and move into reality. Love. Oracle Jai

    21. Salina says:

      Hi there friends, fastidious article and fastidious urging for us to get a LIFE!!! I love the whole site, what you say and how you say it. And I love the comments and your replies. I am genuinely enjoying myself here and I intend to continue reading everything. 

      Thanks for your fastidious comment. Great for the world needs more enthusiastic people who are going to love and cherish themselves. It is contagious, you know. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. oakley says:

      I recently happened upon your new article Accidents and Diseases and wish to express my best admiration to your writing competency and capacity to make your point very clear. I love reading your current posts and share my best thoughts with you.

      Thank you and read and comment all you desire and we can have a dialogue as you can see from other comments. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Twyla says:

      This site is amazing. Its beautiful, peaceful, entertaining, even just to read part of each post on the home page. Most sparked my interest and the comments are so helpful. I had to read DIS'EASES AND ACCIDENTS. Interesting way to write disease. I got the meaning of the word. Anything that causes distress. It has only to do with the way we experience our lives. Amazing concept and we think it has to do with bugs which is what doctors think. You are saying we can cure ourselves because we cause the problem in the first place. Amazing. I am now going to read, HOW TO HEAL.

      Thanks for your amazing comment. Yes, I do play around with spelling. Definitely keep reading. It is free and it will change your life. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. christian says:

      Very efficiently written information. It will be beneficial to everyone who usess it, as well as yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – I have already seen inprovement in my relationships and even what I say to myself. This last blog is a real blast of fresh air. Imagine changing the course of the human race just by each person getting happier, healthier and richer. What a blast!

      Yes it should be a real turn on, it certainly was for me. Thanks for commenting, Love Oracle Jai

    25. Tamas says:

      I'm still learning from you, as I'm trying to reach my goals. I definitely love reading everything that is written on your blog. I am amazed that we are trained to be helpless and of course it is true because as a baby we are. In fact we are helpless until we become adults so being helpless is what we believe. Keep the tips coming. I liked it!

      I am glad to hear it because I council to let all goals of the past go. If we are becoming positive, as we hope you are, then our new goals are merely to live joyously, lovingly, healthy, safely in love doing what we love to do. Then we watch to see what we do. Everything you are now came from your negative core beliefs so replace them with positive ones. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Collton says:

      Can you message me with some hints & tips about how you made your website look this cool, Id be appreciative!

      Thunderthrasher.com gives me everything I want, different colors, wider margins, lighter font, the alphabetical list. I am an artist and writer, what I say is in what you see. I use a lot of webshots. I hope this answers your question. Love Oracle Jai

    27. cheap says:

      My partner and I really enjoyed reading this article, it is so profound and life changing or I could say threatening. Everything we believe is out the window, just lies, pain and suffering for nothing. For a game we will lose? I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? Im always in search of someone to make trades with and simply thought I might ask.

      I thank you for the comment and yes we need to throw our cherished bullshit out the  window and pick up a new, rich, fun life. I really do not know what you are talking about sharing or trading featured posts. You will need to contact thunderthrasher.com for that information. I am just the artist and writer. Thanks, Love, Oracle jai

    28. Roosevelt says:

      F*ckin’ remarkable issues here. I’m very glad to experience your blog with its colors, pictures and sound. Your issues are of utmost importance for all of us and you see the real world not the illusion that we see. Thank you so much and I am returning many times to read more, you have so much more and all of it, I am sure, is of great value.

      Today I have learned that I cause all my accidents and diseases. Incredible. No one teaches this, even doctors. They only heal symptoms. Now I must read about the symptoms. You touch on it but I would like more help on the symbolic language we use to identify a problem.

      Yes, I keep meaning to give more hints to help us realize what our cells want to communicate since they know everything. We receive excellent confirmations when we do something that brings joy, love, peace, health and prosperity. When we "accidently" find the very web site that has the information that we so desire. That is no accident.

      When you are ready for the experience, information, insight, it happens because you do what is necessary to get it. Your cells know everything. They are just waiting for your decision to have what you really want. It is not stuff for what stuff you want comes from your opinion of yourself. If your opinion is anything less than perfect, you will get what is less than perfect. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Buddy says:

      Hey Thanks For Making This Very Interesting Weblog Post. I had no idea that we caused our own problems, diseases and hurts. I do believe you that we do. It makes sense. Keep Up The Great Work. Enjoy!

      Thank you and I am glad that you see that everyone has the ultimate power over their lives. Look at what you cause and you know you did it because your automatic behavior was trained that you wanted it. If it is not what you want now, you can always change your beliefs. Love Oracle Jai

    30. Alex says:

      I'm grateful for the whole blog and especially this post Accidents and Disease. What an eye opener and I am sure you are right. We are in charge of our health. Why don't doctors know this? They only treat symptoms. We cause the disease or hurt ourselves. Really thank you! I will keep reading. There is so much more to learn here.

      I am grateful for your comment. You notice the post continues in the comments, making it more interesting. Thanks for your addition. Love, Oracle Jai

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