• The Neanderthal lived peacefully in Africa for 170,000 years. They had only a few implements, being basically vegetarians. Cro-Magnum returned, after going around the world, with a club and wiped them out. We are descendants of Cro. We have only one defense against harm and disease, avoid them.

    This is automatic when we believe we are always safe and healthy. All our trillions of cells want to live in peace, joy and be healthy as long as possible knowing their universe, us, will continue forever.

    They know how to avoid harm by changing the timing, path and destination. We believe and trust ourselves to be safe, thank us for being safe and we will avoid anything that will actually harm us. Sometimes that means facing the danger and our subconscious knows what actions we must take to get the results we want.

    The movie “The Secret” was very exciting and true to a point. Concentrating on the car, job, money and person we think we want will still result in what we think we deserve from our childhood training. If we believe we lack what we want, our cells fulfill that belief. The car, person, job etc. we think we choose will be duds. Money will fail to appear.

    Therefore the first order of business is to make our automatic, instinctual core beliefs positive. Then everything we "choose" will keep us safe, joyous, healthy and prosperous, just what we want. Our love is total joy. We have fun doing what we love to do and money flows to us constantly and effortlessly. Then we let our automatic, retrained program choose the car, person, place or thing that benefits everyone, including us. We just watch what we do for it is great.

    32 Responses to OUT OF HARM’S WAY

    1. Tyrell says:

      Your writing skills are extremely impressive. The lay out is so easy and the pictures demonstrate just how beautiful this world we are destroying really is. We should become extinct, after I have had a full, happy, safe, prosperous life, Hahahaha. It is rare to see a great blog like this one today and you are selling only freedom!

      I want people to stay as long as they can and read how we can save the world and ourselves. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Harold says:

      I am so glad I came across this article! Every single bit was edifying, especially because everyone is driven by fear. I could try to be less afraid but having no fear at all seems too difficult. Besides fear is a motivator to be better, smarter, more clever so we can advance. It is a pleasure to read the titles of all your posts. I look forward to reading them all and I will leave comments for I find all the comments very interesting as well. It is as if you have hundreds of writers on this blog, even if some have to be moderated before being published.

      Admittedly, we think education from kindergarten through college will give us the information on how to keep us safe, healthy and rich but that is not the case. Most children become more concerned about the grade, as do their parents, and fail to really learn the lessons. Using grades to evaluate what a student has learned is as stupid as thinking they are all that is important. Students without much real intelligence or creativity can learn to memorize, which is no guarantee that they can use the information to think. The student who thinks now is under pressure to memorize, which is against learning and thinking. Our life is too short to waste in our current schools especially since we learn nothing that is useful. I only wish that this blog was the training tool for education.

      Thanks for that comment and compliment. I agree with all you have said and even though fear is a motivator, it is a negative one and will produce negative results. We only have to look at the current situation for the proof. It is the law of cause and effect. Negative thoughts and actions will produce perfect negative results and Positive thoughts and actions will produce perfect positive results, which is something not taught in our education anywhere, yet it is the universal law of the universe and everything in it.

      At one time, when just out of college, I did teach the eighth grade. I told the classes I would not grade their papers and at the end they would all receive an A. We would concentrate on learning, thinking and speed reading for content. However the parents wanted the grades and the principal capitulated, so I had to also. It always goes back to the parents. They have created the world we live in and they have designed our future. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Rith says:

      Hey There. You always have really neatly written articles. I can read and study one, bookmark it and return for more information on another really important topic. Learning to live without fear has got to be one of the most important topic to learn. We live in fear all the time. We are surrounded by treacherous ordinary people and officials.

      Something amazing must usually happen around you for your stories are exciting. I would like to read more of your personal stories. I delight in life. I delight in my own personal life and my best friend or family member's life. People's stories are so interesting, if they are doing something unheard of, such as you being a skipper of your own sloop. You must have loads of great stories. I could go anywhere, do anything if I was without fear. This submit actually made my day.

      Thanks for the comment and although I failed to think that thru, it is true. However I stopped sailing, for I could feel to continue meant disaster. Bush had just started the war in Iraq, as I was going to sail to the Red Sea and into the Mediterranean. I would be sailing still if I would have been safe. My subconscious knows what is best for me. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Dobby says:

      Congratulations! It is a fact that we are never too ancient to learn. I always was taught that getting into trouble was my fault but getting sick or hurt was someone else's fault. Now I find it is no one's fault including mine. It is the way my parents taught me to think about life and what it is all about and what I was responsible for. It is true they were disappointed in me. I did not turn out the way they wanted but you tell me I did turn out the way they expected me to. There is a lot to think about this. However I am going to put an end to what makes me feel inferior or a failure.

      Everyone has their own way to be but all people need to get that love is the only solution. We can't have too much love. It is certainly plausible that no one can know our intentions because we act out of our beliefs that are fixed. We intend to love and be good and suddenly we are in an argument or say something unkind. We talk about other's intentions all the time, as if we were right and knew something. Love would eliminate all gossip.

      You are not the first to expose that we need to love ourselves but others seem to believe we must love others and deny ourselves. That is why we never have peace and joy, health and wealth. I do not hear anything about stopping competition which destroys love. Nobody would dare to explore that idea, especially men. It makes them feel less fragile, beating the crap out of another human, even a child or woman. We are in such a mess, it boggles my mind how we will ever learn to love.

      You are right, the main source of love starts in the home. Harmony must be taught with parents that live harmoniously together. Children must be loved without conditions. The first five years of their lives should be just love and harmony. The training for society can come later. We would then love each other and the rain and get wet or a big umbrella. We could love even the hurricane and other normal, however violent, natural events. We would stop killing each other and the world. We have a lot to accomplish and love will accomplish it all effortlessly. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Tracy says:

      I found your blog website on Google and read a few of your posts. it is easy to find what I want to read for the titles are there in a list and the site is also beautiful. I settled on Out of Harm's Way because I always fear the worst. I listen to the news, lock my doors and fear my neighbor. I am a mess and constantly run into things, hurting me.

      Now I know I learned that behavior like I would learn math, how to write or play soccer. Now I know that is a skill that kills initiative, joy, health, love and wealth. That is a skill I can do without and will stop doubting myself and start thinking positive thoughts. I am mad to think I was trained this way and naturally I was joyous, curious, full of love of everything. Damn!!! I will continue to read your posts. I have a lot more to learn. Thanks for writing this and it is free. Amazing because everyone wants my money. Tracy

      Thanks every so much Tracy for expressing your discovery. Once you really start to think positively, you will find anger, disappointment and all negatives will disappear. Great to have you aboard. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Swander says:

      Hello. excellent job. I did not anticipate this. This is a excellent story, Out of Harms Way. We can be safe if we believe we are always safe. Amazing. I lock my doors, make sure I am in at night. I drive everywhere except in "bad" neighborhoods. I fear everything, especially strangers and everyone is strange! A little humor there. I notice you have loads of humor but that is rare in the comments. I guess it is rare in the world and you talk about the most serious challenge in the entire history of human beings. I was going to say mankind but that would be a no no. Besides if anything it would be womankind. Men do not even know if the child is his and there is no question if the baby belongs to the one who gives it birth. Thanks!

      Thank you for making a comment, the more the merrier. When you comment you become involved. We have thousands of visitors but only a few become involved enough in the most important challenge of their lives. Of course we will all have died except for the children born today before the specie kills itself off for good. Too bad and we could have been so great. I love the computer and I love love, joy, having fun exploring the earth and myself with it's help. Just think all our toys plus love in a small population, that allows and cherishes all life to flourish. I guess we had to come to this point to make the most important realization in the last million years. It is personal.

    7. Denitler says:

      Hello! This blog is wonderful I really like reading your articles. You make it sound so simple. Just believe we will be safe and we will. I love it but I have a hard time believing it. I know I need to constantly see the world as it is. Are you sure animals do not fear anything? Keep up the great work! You know what you are talking about. Civilization sucks the life out of us all. When I think of the way people suffered in the past and are suffering now, it is a wonder be keep bringing children into this terrible life as if there was something great about it besides wanting, wishing and hoping. A lot of people need to read this information. You need a promoter. Thanks for the information you have packed so neatly and prettily here. You can help all of us enormously.

      Thanks for the great write up. I do write the truth and most of the people I know, just pass it up. They live the way they have always lived and do not believe change is as simple as it sounds and as difficult to accomplish. Most are unwilling to even try. So it is up to you, individually. You will get little support from most but that is what to expect. However, everyone responds to someone who smiles, laughs and feels love all the time and that we can all do. It will keep us safe and we can depend on that. I left the country I grew up in because the government attacked its own people to get them to be afraid and follow the line of war as a solution to all our problems. It is personal and will require leaving the insane civilizations behind.

      As far as animals are concerned, they have instincts along with training that keep them safe. We attribute our way of being on an animal which is nonsense. If they feel fear they would become immobile and do something stupid, like humans. Fortunately they are not like us. Can you imagine all primates deciding to overpopulate the world and go to war for territory, oil and stuff, inventing weapons like bombs that kill without ever seeing those they kill? The planet would be better off with seven billion less of us. Be one of those who live in love, harmony, peace and goodwill. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Meri Creacy says:

      First time visit here and have your terrific report. May We have a copy of this short article on keeping us from harm? It is so well written and comes right to the point. I would like to pass this around.

      Sure if you would put my name as author and my website so others can read more. I want to reach as many people as I possibly can. All my blogs say basically the same thing. Want to be rich, happy, safe, love and joyously having fun for the rest of your life, then you have to change your automatic response program. We need to change and now. Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Roscorla says:

      Today, advances in technology have allowed coal to enhance living conditions having its current role in meeting man’s fuel needs. Controlling it is extremely challenging because seeds from neighboring lawns are often carried from the air. Allopathic drugs sometimes show negative effect or unwanted side effects but herbs are safer and straightforward to access. The safety of plant sterols has been confirmed by a substantial safety evaluation program and has a sound reputation safe use since 1999 in several European countries.

      Where are you getting your information from? Burning coal is detrimental to our health and the health of all life on this planet. It is or was a major air pollutant causing respiratory diseases and death. Then you go on about plants. Once in a while I get a comment asking if some of the people who write in comments are brain dead. Is it possible that you are one of those they are referring to? Being positive means living in the real world with the truth. Check your facts and the source. There are safe sources of energy and coal is not one of them. Love, Oracle Jai 

    10. Lorenia says:

      I always thought accidents happen just because you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You say we are always in the right place at the right time and we wanted the accident to happen to punish or hurt ourselves. Very interesting blog but hard to digest that I want to be hurt. I am sure i do not. Others may want to hurt me and they do. Still it is better to believe i can prevent harm than accept it. Cheers for that !

      If you get hurt you better believe you put yourself in harms way. Try cherishing yourself so completely that you would always be in the right place at the right time. You were trained to fear rather than to love. Love will conquer all. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Bethany says:

      Good write-up. I certainly appreciate this site. It is beautiful and peaceful. Good mood for waking us up to the real dangers we face and showing us how to save ourselves and the planet. Being out of harm's way in the coming breakdown of all governments, economies, sources of food, air and water should lower the population drastically. At least you have a solution and ir only requires our personal change. Keep it up!

      I am glad that at least those who find my blog are willing to give love a chance. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Pozo says:

      You address health and the food we should eat to be healthy, but I believe you need to address the best diet pills and supplements or strategies for being safe health-wise as well. We also need your opinion on how to gain top marks in education so students can go out in the world and help save our asses from oblivion. You covered love, money, living without fear and desease but all your solutions are to love and cherish ourselves and we will find the way. What way? How do we find the way? The internet is full of trash as well as good and the best stuff one has to pay for. How do we negotiate?

      You are right and when you drop the negative and accept the positive way of looking at you and life, you will see clearly. It takes commitment. You want easy answers and formulas, that is  training. The answer is easy, simple, personal and you said it. Now do it. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Bennett says:

      I am sure others have the same fervor that I do in relating to this post. Being safe is our primary concern. It is difficult to be healthy, happy, living in abundance if we are hurt or sick. We are always concerned but rarely ever talk about being safe. We talk a lot about being unsafe. I'm certain there are many more pleasurable times ahead for individuals who examine your website. Bennett

      Thanks Bennett, in fact few people look up being safe and if they do they only get life rafts, life jackets, fire doors, fire alarms, etc. All stuff to buy and will fail to keep us safe if we think we should be harmed or punished. Keep coming, I have a lot more to say. love, Oracle Jai

    14. Chat says:

      Useful Website…I read your site it absolutely was excellent.

      Excellent comment and I thank you very much. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Novella says:

      Hey there superb website! Staying out of harm's way is extremely important. I am glad to now know how to believe I am always safe. Something that sounds so simple and yet so difficult because we are taught to fear everything, including ourselves. I thought to start a blog of my own but now I cannot imagine what to say. This blog says it all and I am still reading it!

      Thanks for your superb comment. If you like to write just do it anyway. You might just surprise yourself at what wisdom you have tucked away thinking it worthless. I did. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Cheap says:

      YouTube contains not just funny and humorous video lessons but also it carries learning related video lessons. I think you would be great on YouTube. Your message is clear, striking, unusual and entertaining. Think about it. More people to find and read your message. Thanks.

      Thank you for coming back. Yes we have thought once this site is working perfectly, I will tackle something for YouTube. Thanks for caring. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Stan says:

      I'm extremely inspired with your writing talents and also with the layout to your blog. You are also quite the designer to have created such a pleasing effect with the pictures, space, colors and the simplicity of the layout. I love being able to pick the post I want to read next. Brilliant. You must have had an interesting life so far for you to know stuff that no one else seems to know. Of course your stories makes me want to get to know you better. It is easy to understand your point from your stories. Keep writing and telling us stories. it's rare to see a great blog like this one these days.

      Thanks for your inspiring comments. I do have a lot of stories because I see life as a compellation of stories and I have had an adventuresome life but then that is what I teach. Once you are free of fear, life is exciting. Love, Oracle Jai.

    18. Herman says:

      Thanks for a marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you are a great author. I Love your pictures, especially this one. The look on that cat is priceless as well as the baby's. Live could be such a wonderful experience and you are right. We must change the way we are and become who we want to be. We all want to be loved so it makes sense to love ourselves. I want to encourage continue your great writing, have a nice day!

      Thanks and the same to you. I love the priceless picture as well and we are also priceless so we need to stop weighing life in marks, yens, bucks, Euros, paseos  or pounds. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. tom says:

      That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied on how to be safe. In fact, this is the first time I have read that it is a matter of belief. That our cells know everything and can keep us safe by changing our course. Very creative, one of the nicer sites I have seen today. Keep up the great work.

      Thank you Tom and you are right that most people do not know their behavior is controlled by their beliefs, so they recreate the aspects of their childhood environment. Well the science is out about that, watch Bruce Lipton tell you how this works on a cellular level. It is not an opinion but a fact. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a really good comment. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. India says:

      Thank you for writing about how we can be fearless. There is so much fear in the world, especially because governments go against their own people. Our government is dropping aluminum bits on us as a poison. Japan's nuclear waist is washing up on California's shores. Our president threatens to snatch us and put in prison with no trial or lawyer, if we are a terrorist. What is that? Someone who criticizes the government. The solution offered is World Order. Who will run the world? The same kind of people who are running it now!!!

      STOP THE WORLD, I WANT TO GET OFF. You say we have caused the sixth major extinction. I looked those very words up and we have!! I read the comments and your replies. This site is packed with the truth. I look stuff up to make sure what I am being told and sold is correct. With all that civilization has and is doing it well kill us all and all life. I will leave this country and move to simple land that does not go to war, have oil, gold or diamonds or anything else the big corporations want. I know you have already found one of those places. Care to share it with us?

      Thank you for your fearless comment. You have the solution, it is personal. I am sure the Polynesians in the South Pacific, thought they lived in paradise until WWII used it as a battlefield. The peasants of Korea and Vietnam did not know they were in a war until they were invaded by US troops and killed because the solders could not tell who the enemy was. Why we were there is beyond my comprehension. It will always be thus because we believe the insanity of our parents and refuse to learn to think. We are responsible, each and every one of us. It is personal.

      It is time to leave and hide. When we live a positive life without fear, we will be joyous until the end. Do I think the species will train themselves to be positive? I have met some pretty incredible young people who will not marry and have children. They know the truth. The middle age and older will not. They fear the retribution and loss of the nice house, car, job, money, security the rich placate them with. The question is always is it enough in the time we have left? However, the answer is being formed right now. What will you do?

    21. Buck says:

      Spot on with this write-up. I did not know that if I say I am safe until I believe it, I will be safe. Seems so simple. I guess the trick is actually acting as if I believe it at the start. Nerves of steel. I have been reading your posts for some time now and know if you say it, it must be true. This website needs far more attention, although I am impressed with the quality of the readers who take time to comment. It is so unusual and inspiring. Usually it is thumbs up or down. I’ll return and read more. Thanks for the advice!

      Spot on remark. The trick is to stop believing the lies fed to you as a baby. Your parents/trainers did not think about the results of their actions/training, they just acted out of the same shit they got when they were babies. If you think drinking the juice of one lemon in a glass of water, first thing in the morning will keep you healthy, you will do it. If you think praying for ten minutes in the evening to Harry Krishna will save your life, you will do it. Same thing. We can all do it and it is easy when you care for your health. So care! Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Dexter says:

      I sincerely love this post, Out of Harm's Way. It is so simple. There is only one defense, avoid it. Hahahahaha. Now why didn't I think of that. But of course most people walk right into danger and harm themselves in order to be punished. Wow. So how do we really avoid it? I can trust myself to get hurt, emotionally as well as physically. I worry all the time. Lock my doors, avoid eye contact, suspicious people and yet I can walk into the glass patio door!

      You must start by loving yourself unconditionally. Be your good parent. Call yourself darling, pet, honey, terms of endearment. When we cherish ourselves that last thing we will do is hurt/punish ourselves, emotionally or physically. Be your darling baby. Bring yourself up with love and your cells will get it. They can avoid all danger because they know the future. We create it in the present. If you love in the present then there is no harm in the future. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Emeline Portrum says:

      Beneficial web site! I truly love how it really is straightforward, easy on my eyes, plus the data is effectively penned. I am wondering how I may very well be notified when a fresh post is put up. I've subscribed with your RSS feed which should do the trick! Have a very good day!

      Thanks, Emeline, we have just put up a place on the left bar where you can sign in and receive the update you request.We hope you keep coming back and you will be notified for the new posts. Love, Oracle J.

    24. Lanny Shavers says:

      Particularly interesting as to how we constantly fear everything and yet we can be safe if we believe we are. What else should we believe and it will  be true? Cheers, It is my belief your trusty visitors may well want considerably more fairytales we think we are trying to attain and sabotage. After all we are still living in a fantasy world, so we fail to realize what we are doing to it ourselves and our future. Thanks for your excellent effort.

      Thanks for your excellent comment. Sabotage is a good word for what we do to our desires, wishes and hopes for the future. Of course our acts of sabotage are subconscious because we do not want to face reality. No one wants us to face reality, to do so, one would stop supporting their masters and trainers: families, business, industry, governments, churches, beggars, all the money grubbing people in the world. Gee, if too many people went for the truth and reality, we just might have peace on earth and goodwill toward everything. Oh My. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. busy płock warszawa says:

      hello! I like your writing very much! I propose that we keep up a correspondence about your post on AOL? I require a specialist in this area to unravel my problem. Maybe that is you! I look forward to reading more.

      Keeping out of harms way is a belief that we are always safe. I have many stories about being safe because our little pink cells know exactly how to keep us safe. However that does require that we demand, know without a doubt that we are always safe. Wishes and hopes remain wishes and hopes. I encourage you to ask about what you perceive is your problem. Very likely most people share it. Love Oracle J.

    26. Costillo says:

      I'm commenting to let you know what a magnificent experience my cousin's girl encountered visiting your blog. She mastered many of the issues. She wants to be a life coach so people can have happy, productive lives. You actually exceeded all our own expectations. Thanks for imparting such useful, trustworthy, revealing and even unique tips on the topic to Janet. We can all mend ourselves.

      Great, we need teachers who tell the truth about us with love and joy so we can mend ourselves and the earth. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. Melina says:

      What a relief to uncover somebody that truly understands what they’re talking about on the web. You certainly know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More and more people really need to check this out and understand what you are telling us. I have read some of your posts and they are so simple and true, it’s surprising that we never saw it. You definitely have the gift of seeing what is real. 

      Thank you for stating your observation. Yes I find it amazing myself. Why do people not see, when what is happening is so clear and perfect. Read the rest and really get clear. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. gabinet says:

      Hi there, I found your website via Google while searching for a related topic, your web site came up, it looks good. I've had many accidents, some I caused, like falling out of a tree when I was young. This is the first I have heard that we cause all the harm to us and we can avoid it if we told ourselves we would always be safe. It is worth the try. I will return to try out your audio to help. Thanks so much.

      Thank you Google for sending me such a wonderful reader. You obviously get what I am saying. We are all responsible for being in or out of harm's way, all our lives. Keep coming back. Love, Oracle Jai.

    29. Google says:

      The information and facts talked about within the article are a few of the very best available. We come back everyday to get some more of your wisdom. Keep it up and maybe you will get to the first page of some of what you write.

      Thanks. It appears people are getting bolder in their thinking and their comments provoke more of a response than just a thank you. Out of Harm's Way is one of the most important because if you are harmed it is impossible to experience joy, love, respect, and perfect health. In fact most people would rather be dead but too afraid to face it, so they take mind benders to spend their awake hours in a fantastic fog. Unless we are willing to change, those drugs are what I recommend to get us thru life as painless as possible. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. max says:

      Fantastic blog. Everything is beautiful, like the planet and the sounds peaceful. Being out of harm's way is doable because we really can think ourselves safe and be safe. Really thank you! Great writing and I am coming back to read everything you have.

      Great comment and thanks for coming, reading and commenting. Be safe by knowing everything you do is safe. All your trillions of cells want to keep on living. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. kosiarki spalinowe z napêdem says:

      You can certainly see your skills by the paintings you write. We hope for even more passionate writers such as you, who aren't afraid to say what they believe. 

      I passionately love the compliment. I am looking forward to more visits and comments from you. Love, Oracle Jai.

    32. ルイヴィトン 激安 says:

      Fantastic site. Plenty of helpful information here. I'm sending it to several friends to share your delicious posts.. And obviously, thanks to your effort! ルイヴィトン 激安

      Thanks for the compliment and very happy to hear that you are sharing my concerns to your friends. Love, Oracle J.

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