• respect natural order

    If we would respect, (regard, esteem, honor, value, appreciate, accept, admire, revere) and value us, we would bring down world order, (civilization) and establish world peace and goodwill. Fat chance of that ever happening! All other species respect the natural order and live in harmony with the way it is.

    We so lack self esteem and respect that for us to even feel OK, we must have what we decide is inferior, wrong, bad, ugly, etc.  Charity requires a continuous source of wrong, bad, poor, sick, ugly, damaged, people, animals, plants, buildings, neighborhoods, societies, countries, etc. We then give generously so we can feel superior.

    We give this better, richer and holier than thou attitude nice names like sympathy, understanding, compassion, kindness, consideration, empathy and humanity, (now that’s a laugh). Charity is for our own aggrandizement. We get to be nice, considerate, kind, compassionate and maintain the disparity. 

    Our insatiable need for being loved, respected and safe, which we fail to make happen, keeps lustful fornication at a frenzy, creating more people than society can support, ergo poverty and charity, inferior and superior. We build our societies on unequal opportunity in order to cause this effect. Often children are disfigured, lamed or blinded because then they are more successful at getting coin from superior, wealthier, holier people than their parents could.

    So what do we take from this post, the same as every other post. Love, respect and cherish ourselves first. When our life is automatically joyous, we respect the perfection of everything the way it is. We are the new way of being, the new society based on love and respect. Everyone and everything gets to be they way they are and we respect their way. All those negative alternatives have disappeared from our point of view and everyone and everything is just perfect. The only way anything is going to change is if the change takes place inside of each and everyone of us. It is personal.

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    1. Trojan says:

      What I wonder is if truth be told why we do not realize the truth as you see and tell it. Even experts to not approach the truth as you do. You are actually very intelligent. Once you say it, it becomes so clear that I wonder why I never thought it before. There is a lot more to this topic of respect. I would love to have you expand it approaching it from numerous angles.

      Its like women and men do not respect each other and certainly not their children, coworkers, bosses, parents you name it and there is no respect. You mention the world and that is a whole other venue where we lack respect. People in one country do not respect others in other countries. More, please more. You always deal up the true picture.

      Thank you for the praise and comments. Obviously you expanded your thinking to include everything we experience. Respect must be given to us personally first otherwise it is impossible to respect anything else, including whatever god or goddess you believe in. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Chelsey says:

      I have been browsing online for weeks now and had not found any attention-grabbing site like yours. It's lovely with the pictures and sounds and your posts, every one of them a must to read. In my opinion, everyone who wishes to make a web site should see this one first. And all website owners and bloggers should make their content as important and wise as this one, the net can be a lot more useful than ever before.

      Thanks Chelsey for your great comment. I like good content as well. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. lab says:

      Some teachers talk so much the student gets an overload and stops learning. More time and space for free thoughts and ideas is good, especially if shared. I like what you do and say here. Not too much to read and many have shared their thoughts. It is a great read. I assume you get your information from many sources, including your personal life. I spent some time studying several of your posts and intend to come back and read more.

      This one Charity and Respect is also my mission. We help low income citizens have a home by volunteering our time and getting money from donations. The growth of people not having enough to live is overwhelming and is getting worse. Saving people falls on neighbors for the government and business are too busy making a profit. You suggest that this situation belongs to each individual to solve for themselves for they are the cause of their problems. This is hard to accept when very few people in the world have all the wealth and power and intend to keep it that way. How do you not help those in need?

      Simple. Ignore them for you do not know how to get them out of their desperate situation. Even if you give them a free home, they will remain as they are, helpless to get food, work and they will still keep creating more mouths to feed that will grow up needing free housing, food and clothing. Civilization all over the world is rigged this way and no one loves themselves even the very rich and powerful. The solution is personal and it is the only solution. Leave go somewhere where you have a life and love yourself. If you stay, you perpetuate the problem and we will all be overwhelmed. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Mew says:

      I actually have found that writing substantial comments to posts about topics that I know something about has been very beneficial. Your answers often either agree or shed new light on the subject. I really was able to find this information on charity and respect very useful. I had been having the same problems that most people have, thinking we are responsible for another's misfortune by being more fortunate. I was naive at first and approved of giving to the needy without realizing that I am also needy. I figured a number of people were doing nothing more than taking advantage of our kind hearts, but I was not sure and feared people thinking I was unsympathetic. Thank you for making this very clear.

      Thanks for commenting and adding to the conversation. I had a good friend ask me just the other day if he were to need some extra cash would I loan it to him. He knows me and has read my blogs so he knows my position. I said no and he would never need a hand out so I would never have to say no. I respect him and myself. You do the same. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Delilah says:

      Very nice post and pretty. I just love your blog and you write so well. I wish to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. I must say this post on charity and respect was an eye opener. I thought I was doing my duty because I am doing well enough that I can spare some change. But now I take another look at the whole process and why we have poor people, sick and lame ones that are all alone. This would never be in a small town that was in the country. We would all know each other and everyone would be cared for without begging or thinking we were superior to those who needed to share the wealth of the community. Sounds like communism. Oh dear. I hope you write again very soon!

      Thank you for the comment and you are right. The basis of communism is to share the wealth of the community equally. The first settlements in the US were based on such a philosophy. In fact I assume the first tribal communities were also based on such an idea. It is a good idea and I imagine Heaven is the same that everyone has what they need, without prejudice. Of course that is the rub. We do not want to share and share alike. We are taught that some of us should be superior to others, some work is superior and some is inferior. Ergo our despicable societies.

      Communism had to fail in a world of commercialism. However, commerce depends on growth and we must stop growing. Communism depends on small, self-sufficient communities which are no longer viable. We will have to develop a whole different attitude about life, which is what I suggest here, based on self love and cherishing the natural order of the universe which demands small communities. Of course, this assumes we make it into the next century with a changed attitude. Love, Oracle Jai 

    6. Unparninc says:

      This has to be the very best blog site on the internet. It is very interesting, funny, entertaining and straight arrow. You are an overly skilled blogger. I have joined your rss and my friends and I sit around discussing your gorgeous site. We all agree we significantly learn more along the lines of your magnificent subjects and wisdom. Additionally, I have shared your website all around the my very own social networks.

      It is very crucial for more information about your internet business administrators. How does one contribute besides making comments. I admire those who  comment and that you respond with the same wit and intensity as you do in your posts.  I guess a considerable amount of craft goes into making a site as great as this one. My congratulations. It certainly wins first prise in my book

      Thanks you for the comment and compliments. We greatly appreciate them and if you have any questions, just ask. I am here to help us change to living a joyous, positive, loving, caring, rich life. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. Mischel says:

      I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s educational and engaging, and you are both. The problem of inequality is often discussed without any intelligence as to why it continues to be dominant in our societies. Even India with their wonderful philosophers, gurus, gods, goddesses, avatars and born again Krishna,  have a social order that places people by birth as untouchables all the way up to gods. They have more beggars than anywhere in the world. Why?

      Even Buddha had servants. He did not plow up the land and grow his food, nor sweat in the kitchen, cooking it. Why? They sing a good song but no one gets that it is off key. I am very happy I came across your blog during my search for answers as to why we are such a disgusting species and what needs to be done before it is too late. And here you are with the correct answers, albeit a bit late. Well here's to success with love and respect.

      I am impressed. You must be a writer of note. I think I should make this conversation a blog. Yes the solution is personal. Each one must come to terms with the fact that what we have been doing for the past million years is against the very fabric of the universe. We left the natural order and the one we made up kills all life. Well, we need to step up the pace of change, if we are to survive as a specie.

      We must stop believing that children are a blessing from god, they are the result of sex. We must stop being fruitful and multiplying and base our relationships on unconditional love. Old habits die hard but they must die along with about seven billion people. The cities and their governments, banks and businesses will be the first to die. Only those who cherish themselves totally and unconditionally will leave, starting a whole new specie, based on love, otherwise those in power now, will continue until they are the last king of the mountain and become extinct. Until then have fun for it is the only way to live. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Dickins says:

      My friends and I were talking about charity and respect because we had just read your blog. We had a lengthy discussion and concluded that you were right. Poverty would disappear when we all become joyous, healthy and safe, desiring prosperity for every living thing. I decided we needed to express our respect to you for writing all those strategies. We are young men and ready to take your advice. We read up on marriage and overpopulation. We talk a lot about sex and being responsible.  We appreciate your direct approach to subjects adults avoid. We are eager to learn more.

      Thank you and thank your friends. Yes boys be responsible and avoid making babies. Thanks for the acknowledgment and respect. Pleas keep coming and commenting. Love it, Oracle Jai

    9. Carey says:

      Excellent points altogether, you simply gained a brand new reader. This post on Charity and Respect is nothing like I expected. It was like a slap in the face. A good slap to wake up. Why did I not see this before? I wonder what else I am asleep about that happens every day? What would you recommend me to read next. You have so many topics. I love the list in order of the alphabet but it does not tell us which are the newest ones. What are the newest posts? Carey

      Thanks for the comment and the reason there are no dates is because all the blogs are topics for right now. Other blogs are set up to have the older blogs disappear because they are no longer important or relevant, same as the comments. is able to give me a new program because he is a genius. Just pick any post you think does not apply to you and see if I am right. You would have to know how to think and that is a rare thing. However, you may be a rare bird. My next blog will be on how to think. Love, Oracle Jai 

    10. Nishi says:

      I go home sometimes and cry for young kids who have to live like that. I cant imagine my son living that way. even in mild forms of messes and grime. to bad huh.

      That is what comes from overpopulating our environment. It is the perfect result of what we cause. Let us get back to the basics of unconditional love and know everything is perfect, even if we really do become extinct by the end of this century. Have fun in life that is what life is for. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Wynell Forck says:

      I just want to tell you that I am shocked at you attitude about Charity and Respect but it makes so much sense. As long as we support the beggar, the poor and needy especially in other countries, we just keep the system going. I give at the church all the time. Tithing is just another name for begging.  The church is very wealthy and has many businesses and yet their pastors and priests must be supported by begging from their congregations. I just never saw it this way. I will need time to digest this. I love this site even though most of the blogs I have read are very unsettling. I still want to read everything you are teaching. We need to change. Cheers for sharing your knowledge and ideas.

      Thanks for looking at an ordinary and acceptable way of being that is truly detrimental to the entire species and the rest of the world. We are overpopulated due to this kind thinking and that has to stop. Please read all my blogs. Thanks for joining the Rebels who will save the world. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Oliver says:

      Thank you for writing your great posts on such a beautiful website. I'm inspired to do the same.  Actually blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. You are a perfect example of a wonderful blog. Oliver

      Thanks Oliver and have fun making a blog on what you fancy. Please come back and read and comment more. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Antwan says:

      I'm truly blown away by what you say here. We have been taught forever to give to the unfortunate. that is what United Way is all about. I do not agree that everyone who gives to the starving people are doing so because that makes then feel superior. There really is such a thing as compassion. Even though I disagree with this particular post, I do enjoy your blog, the colors, theme and design. It's a very easy on the eyes, which makes it much more pleasant to come here and visit often. Great work!

      You may not think this is true now but keep watching those that give. They are needy and do it, so at least they will look good. They did not look so good to their complaining parents and will continually try to find the reward in giving. Unfortunately there is no reward. All we can really do is teach people to love themselves. When they do unconditionally, a solution to their poverty will automatically come. It will for you too. Love, Oracle Jai 

    14. Google says:

      The information mentioned in this blog is unheard of and of course we have heard of it but never assigned it to us personally. This is one of the most effective pieces you have written. However they are all really effective and entertaining and still deliver a punch. Just keep writing. But here we must change our attitude about charity and look at the reasons we continue to keep people in poverty. Giving our hand-me-downs is not the answer, yet it is a good thing to keep good, usable items in circulation for no cost at all. Garage sails could be free. The few pennies earned mean nothing except that we too are poor in our thoughts. Very provocative.

      Thank you Google. I am very glad you have been provoked into thinking. This is my intent. People fail to learn how to think. They are like robots moving thru life like so much flak and flotsam. Love, Oracle Jai


      • Ven says:

        Hi, you have post here with very useful information for everyone who seeking to figure out what to do about bums and the homeless with their hands out, cluttering up our streets, bus stops and parks. We need more information on this topic. I read it with a sigh of relief and really enjoyed your solution that everyone can use and benefit from. Thank you for useful post. Seeking to read more from you.

        Thanks for the comment. Basically honor the poor bums because they wanted to be outside of civilization but depend on it. It will take time but when we stop the handouts, they will disappear. Our population must drop so we live in small communities where everyone knows everyone. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Alonzo says:

      I have examine several of your blogs. I usually do this and I enjoyed studying what you published that makes individuals think. I love reading their remarks as well. They seem genuine and even ask for more information. I like to make comments too, to let you know I greatly appreciate your writing skills. Alonzo

      Thank you Alonzo, I appreciate you coming to read and make comments. Please continue, the more the merrier. Poverty came with societies that were two large to take care of everyone. Once we drop the population and return to small societies poverty will disappear along with most of the social ills. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Vernon says:

      l love looking for really high-quality articles or blog posts that have a doable, real answer to our misery. They are nearly impossible to find. Everyone wants to sell their ideas which worked for them and they may be total crap. I am very happy I finally found this site. You tell it like it is and give us an opportunity to actually do something that will change our lives. It sounds easy when you write it but I wonder if it is really that easy to pull off. I will continue to come back for more.  Vernon

      Thanks for coming, reading and commenting. Smiling does sound too easy. Just how difficult is for you to smile? Look in the mirror and practice. Laugh. That is a little harder but work it. Our life improves with just a smile and laughter. Check out the video on D. Emotto on the side bar, enjoy and learn. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Forest says:

      I actually found this link through your Facebook page. I am going to now tweet it to all of my followers! Totally different take on charity and respect. I just never thought like this. How do you do it? I read thru your home page and you have an unusual perspective on most subjects including love, sex and religion. What issue have you left uncovered? I could not think of one.

      Thanks for finding my site thru Facebook. I never go there so I did not know it was still there. Once we love ourselves we can see how harmful our way of living is. Global warming will be uncomfortable but continuing the insane over production of babies will kill us all. I think it is mother's revenge against her being place at the bottom of every society that ever existed on earth. Time to end it all. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Here now says:

      Way cool! Extremely valid points! I just never saw bums like this. They do want to beat themselves up. as their parents did and they are the ones that either pick themselves up or continue to lie there. I appreciate you writing this article. Society sucks and that means people in societies suck. I am moving to the country. You website is really very good, beautiful, restful but exciting. I will read it all.

      Really cool and valid comment. Thanks so much. Needy people need to need. I wish we could help by giving them a different childhood. Until they want to have a joyous, healthy, prosperous life, we respect the way they desire to live. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Nathaniel says:

      It's truly very difficult in this active life to listen news on TV, besides, which it is just to give us the jitters. Everything is about someone getting hurt, war, starvation, sad stories, politics against the people. I had to stop watching it and I am a lot happier for the decision. I am reading thru all of your posts instead. This is the reality show. No pyrotechnics, torture, lies and charity. Loads of respect.

      I like the pictures and the ambience. I only use internet for entertainment and scientific facts about our real problems. Thanks for clear, true statements and your stories.

      Thanks for not watching the news. It is all show, glitter and no go, like science fiction. Love and care for yourself and paradise is yours. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Formisano says:

      I have read several of your blogs, which are very interesting and you are right about most people. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something they can repair if they weren't too busy searching for attention.

      Well, there you have it in a nutshell. Yes, that is the usual pattern of the human being, complaining and blaming, actually looking for love and acceptance but trained that whining is the only way momma paid any attention to us. For those of us who are sensitive to this constant annoying barrage, I suggest loving and enjoying our own company. We take responsibility for everything in our lives and that includes so called accidents, and being in the path of the tornado. Once we get it, those complainers vanish, looking for a sympathetic ear. Please come back, read and comment more. Love, Oracle Jai 

    21. Samuel says:

      This is a good tip particularly to those who give to charity or for charitable reasons. I am sure they do not know it shows a lack of respect toward themselves for helping to create such poor sots in the first place. Brief but very accurate information… Thank you for sharing this one. A must read post!

      Wish I had said that. It is true the haves created the have-nots, deliberately to elevate their position. No one is trained to think so no one is the wiser. Merrily, merrily we row along the same old way on the same river of life. A change is necessary before we all drown. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Bramki says:

      I quite like reading through a post that can make people think. I thought Charity and Respect would be a breeze but boy, was I surprised. I did not expect what you said. We keep beggars in our society so we can feel better off than the beggar, which disrespects everyone. It makes sense, I just never thought that they are doing exactly how they are trained to get thru life. Thanks for making it easy to comment as well. A lot of people have been inspired to really write something besides yea and nay!!!

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. We like them like that. There is a list of 7 things to avoid doing in your life on blog CORPORATE MONEY GAME. Take a look. Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Trish Mikolajczak says:

      I do not know much about site-building but this site is more beautiful than most. I really enjoyed your latest post. Rather hard hitting but honest. But do you mean that every time we are kind or compassionate we are only making ourselves feel superior? The church believes in charity. If we loved Jesus we would be kind, sympathetic and giving. When we are selfish we follow the Devil. We are told to love Jesus not ourselves. I would like to read your views about that. I will keep coming back. You have amazingly fabulous articles here. Thanks a bunch for writing them.

      Thanks for the compliment, Trish. To answer your first question, yes in our civilization. Everything we are trained to do is to get something we want. When we redesign our beliefs then kindness will be a natural way of being, requiring nothing and payment will be unthinkable. The total life experience will be one of joy. Words and ideas like superior and inferior, good and bad, compassion, sympathy and faith will have disappeared.

      I guess I am up to speaking about religion. Unless we are proponents of religion we usually keep mum on the subject. We were trained there were certain topics one never discussed in polite society. Religion was one, education was another. Well, shall we open Pandora's box and let it all out?… I have skirted the issue but now I am encouraged. All my articles are based on science and the way it is. Religion is solely in our imagination and stories, yet it is all pervasive, throughout our history as human beings. Our end is near and we take a look at our beliefs that have caused us to rape and pillage the earth and others, to our own demise. Hmmmm Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Klara says:

      I read this article completely about the comparison of charity and respect. It's remarkable article. No one has ever shown us what we accomplish when we give to beggars. It is to remove our guilt. You are right there should be no poverty and everyone should be respected for doing as they were trained to do. Wow.

      Thanks for your comment and I remind you to respect you first and then respecting others will be automatic. Love, compliments all must be experienced so we can help others to experience them. as well. for taking the time to alert all of us to respect ourselves first, then we know how it feels and we can pass it on. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. SBMike says:

      Mike you suggested we look at the population in Pakistan

      Google human overpopulation and read the article in Wikipedia. You will notice, however, that it fails to be concerned about what happens to the rest of life on the planet, while we fill it up with people. I would suggest also looking up the causes and effects of the sixth major extinction. We have killed off enough species of plants, animals, fish, birds and insects, etc. on the planet since the Great Dying 250 million years ago to rate being the Sixth in the history of the planet. If we keep it up, we may end up the worst great dying this planet will ever have. Of course, no other life form will ever know. So who are we trying to impress anyway? Where is the reward in this? Who gets the trophy? Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Florida says:

      Very nice style and design and fantastic content. The only thing missing are the people who will follow everything you say. I see you have quite a few but more is needed. I am a convert and will follow your seven laws and include respect! D.

      Thanks for the very nice comment. You are right we do need a lot more but for everyone, who has written a comment, there are at least 5 friends that will take a look and perhaps go for being positive. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. SBMike says:

      I appreciate your great column and have a good feeling about the world in the long run. If humans don't have land, food or water then we, like those in the animal Kingdom, might have regions of human calamity that might let the land, food and water return without our designs and ego driven procreation. If only we had less eggs a year like our animal counterparts?  Women have 12 ovulations a year and I often wonder why this aggressive design came to be, in light of other creatures?

      With this boom in population (notice Russia is projected downwards???) we must, in earnest, bring joy to ourselves and not look to things or others to bring that harmony or fill some immature void. Oracle Jai, your wisdom and care for us, the world and more importantly our individual unbridled joy, boosts my senses and my respect for the natural order and above all, my beautiful, vibrant self.

      Well Mike, that was quite an oracle you wrote. I am glad you think we will pull thru, keeping other living things alive as well. The question about the female ovulations is really about when she is ready to have sex, called estrus. Female animals will have estrus, go into heat, copulate perhaps several times with several males and then retire to have her brood. She will resist sexual interest until her children are weaned. Human women will copulate at any time and seem to have no resistance even when menstruating, pregnant or nursing her baby.

      Why and when she lost estrus, is open to speculation. I think it happened when the big ape's family became too large to feed, protect and dominate. She began to take or be taken by any Tom, Dick or Harry and children became useful in raiding the neighbors. Love disappeared. When we love our beautiful, vibrant self unconditionally, lose the negative alternatives, we will have world peace, love, goodwill and prosper. Thanks Mike for reading, thinking and commenting. Love you, Oracle Jai   

    28. Meridith says:

      Cheers. Charity and Respect is full of helpful information! I find your thinking provocative. Charity is a lack of respect for the whole process and everyone needing it. If we respected everyone, we would let them be, without judgment. So if they are starving they have made the decision to starve and we could congratulate them on being successful. Hahahaha.

      Hahahahaha. Love it and you are correct. It is their training and they are successful. We need to look at all things that way.

      A Story About That:

      I made a friend from Ecuador who played the reed flutes. I loved listening to his music in his shop and bought some CDs. I asked him to dinner and when he came he had four sangrias, two huge helpings of the goulash, picked out all the chicken for himself and cried how poor he was and how much he needed money. I told him to love and respect himself and he would find the joy he wanted. He just continued to whine.

      The next time I saw him, several weeks later, he was all smiles, until I loudly told him he ruined my delight in having him in my house because all he wanted was money, drinks and a free meal. He was shocked and everyone on the busy street stopped to listen. Needless to say, he ran away and he walks on the other side of the street when he sees me.

      He, like all other beggars, blame something for the problems they have and think someone else owes them a living. Did he learn anything from my respect for me. I doubt it but that really is not my responsibility. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Mcgreat says:

      Usually I do not learn anything new on blogs. If fact they are mostly stupid complaints, however I have to tell you that Charity and Respect really took me by surprise. I will see the world differently from now on and I can see by your titles that you have more surprising stuff ahead for me to read. What a really great find. Thank you so much.

      Thank you for your really great response. Most people think we need to be charitable but in fact that just shows the down and out miserable that it is right and proper for them to be like that. It is necessary. Imagine being born into the untouchable class in India. Whatever did babies due to deserve that? People are disgustingly amazing with what they think is the way of the universe when it just is totally absent from the universe and the natural earth. Those that believe there is a God think he is like us and leave food for him to eat!! That has got to change, if we are to make it thru this century as a specie. Thanks for finding my site and reading it. Love, Oracle Jai

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