• The earth changes slowly over billions of years. This gives the species' genetics time to adapt, or go extinct. The animal becoming human traveled to all parts of the world, adapting to different climates, terrain and conditions and leaving behind pods of their offspring. Humans had to depend on their childhood training to automatically keep them safe, healthy and happy instead of an inborn set of instincts for a particular location and climate.

    commitment, dedication and determination

    Being confident that everything we do is perfect, correct, safe and healthy is a natural state of being for all living critters, plants, animals, birds, fish and insects. Every critter grows up and manages their own life, even in the protection of their herd. The adults know they are totally responsible for themselves and the health and safety of their tribe because they are one entity, like the universe. All, accept the human species that is.

    The human monkey invented the Blame Game to shift all responsibility onto others. They invented the idea of being solitary, alone, torn and buffeted by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Our society took on the invention of chiefs and slaves and the kings rarely, if ever, took any responsibility for anything, especially the condition of their slaves. The chiefs of today still blame conditions on their slaves or their god. We have very few responsible adults, which is why our extinction looms before us. 

    Still it is baffling why anyone would feel they need confidence and success. Everyone successfully produces the results learned in childhood repeatedly all their life. We gossip and give advice about it, especially without being asked. She always picks the bad guy. He can’t keep a job. We are totally successful in every moment, for we cause the effect. We just are trained to blame even if it is good. She has the looks, he has the money, so they can have the great life. If only I had…I would be rich and famous.

    Our subconscious makes sure we always, successfully achieve our real goals. We may intend to make lots and pots of money but if we fear we will fail, we will. That just means we succeeded to prove our parents were right. We are punished because we did not do what they told us to do, we did what we were expected to do.

    If love was missing in our childhood, it will be missing in our adult life. What we sew is what we reap. Desires, wishes, wannas and hope are bogus, to keep us in Itwillnevereverhappen Land. If we want different results we have to do some serious retraining to get into Alwayssafehappyhealthywealthy Land. We have the solution, the training and our success is guaranteed but are we willing to give it that 100% commitment?  


    31 Responses to CONFIDENCE AND SUCCESS

    1. Aimee says:

      I really like reading a post that will make people think. Most of us feel we lack confidence and certainly success. Now you tell us we are always successful having exactly what we were trained to have. Amazing and I intend to change that so I really am successful. Also, I really love the comments.

      Thanks and I really enjoy reading a comment that has given some thought to the post the comment refers to. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Des says:

      When all your family members read this article, I'm sure they are proud of your extraordinary style, excellent writing and wisdom. Your life is very colorful like a super star in your part of the world. I intend to start right now being confident and successful. My favorite idea is that we shouldn't exist for all the damage we have done to the earth and other life. It will be interesting to find something that I will love and be successful at and avoid the corporate set up to keep us from having that kind of life.

      We can do this. Dedicate yourself to you, the most important person in the world. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Illiquids says:

      Mankind is a social animal. We were never designed to be hermits in a big city. We become depressed and physically ill as we become more and more lonely, isolated, and disconnected. Even a deep connection to a source of spirituality higher than ourselves isn't going to heal our broken hearts. If anything, it just makes us long for heaven where angels and gods must love us. Mankind must learn to connect with each other on a deeper heart to heart level.

      Thank you for showing that you understand that we need to be in small communities where love must be the norm. Our ancestors lived in small communities that were kingdoms with slaves/warriors that raided and killed other villages. We need to obliterate that mentality. You are also right that preaching the love of god has failed to save the planet, she so lovingly created. Thank you so much for your understanding and compassionate comment. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Bub says:

      There is always something I definitely want to learn more about on this site. You are one of a kind for I have found no other site that teaches what you teach. Becoming much more loving has taken precedence over becoming richer and that is a great deal more valuable in the long run. I assume from what you say, I do not need to worry about making money, it will come because I believe it.

      Making comments is one great way to educate myself and boost my confidence. This is a great post, being confident and successful doing what we love to do. I will certainly be back. This article brought joy and possibilities to think about. I feel a great deal more confident about my future.

      Thanks for commenting and you are right. The more you talk with confidence about loving yourself and living in abundance what you think and say becomes reality. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. isabel says:

      After a day of work I am so exhausted, I wonder what it is all for? Money, so I can go to work tomorrow and come home exhausted. I will keep doing this all my life?  I look around me and everyone is doing this, more or less. Who is having fun in life? How do I get to have fun in my life? Getting married and having kids is not the answer for I remember my childhood and watch others with their families everywhere. None are having fun, including the kids. The kids are demanding and obnoxious but cute. If they were not cute, no one in their right mind would have them. I like coming here and reading what you offer as a solution. Do I care enough about my life to change. Aye that is the question. Isabel

      Keep reading and listen to the audio while you read. It will help making the change easy. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. tom says:

      Its a pleasure to read your new post. The above article is extraordinary, and I extremely enjoyed reading the part about always being successful. I did not receive a notice that you had put it up. I want to be kept informed. Please keep writing!!! Tom

      Thank you Tom, as usual you give very nice compliments. I just put the post up yesterday and will send the notice out today. If you know you are successful at having the life you have now, you will be successful with all upgrades. Love, Oracle Jai.

    7. Marlon says:

      I am really impressed with your writing skills and with the structure on your weblog. It is beautifully put together. You are an artist as well as a writer. You must have both confidence and success because you give away such wisdom for free and yet it is the most valuable commodity I have ever come across. You are right we blame everything and everyone for our problems. After all we are the government, we made the laws by what we believe is correct. In fact in the US we would have done away with nearly all our freedoms, Bill of Rights, in order to punish another for our sins. Please keep up the excellent high quality writing, it's rare to see a nice blog like this one today. Marlon

      Thanks Marlon for making a comment with such high compliments. Now that you are aware of the fact that you cause everything in your life, you can change your life by causing something different. Smile and laughing are the beginnings of a loving relationship with yourself. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Seattle says:

      Great write-up. I’m a regular visitor of your site and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the excellent site. Confidence and Success are easily the most sought after issues and the most frequently failed. Your take on why we fail is intriguing and correct. We have to love ourselves enough to express our talents in a world that wants servants instead of success stories, unless that success if for another. I'll be a frequent visitor for a long time.

      Thanks for coming often and commenting. We all fail like Jesus. He just wanted people to have a loving, healthy, joyous, prosperous life and the establishment saw that as a threat. They still do and the killing will only stop when mother cherishes herself enough to cherish her child. Then there will be no tyrants bent on killing to preserve their power. They will be powerful because they love themselves. That is the only way, otherwise it ends this century. Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow…Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Lula Waligora says:

      Hi there very nice website!! Guy .. Excellent .. Wonderful .. I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds additionally…I'm glad to seek out a lot of helpful info right here within the post Confidence and Success. We really need to develop extra techniques with so many people trying to get a job and stay in it. Thank you for sharing your ideas. Lula

      You have that right and as we pour more people on the planet, it will just get worse. We really have to know how to think, love us unconditionally so we will survive this glut of human beings. Thanks for the comment. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Bohanan says:

      Excellent post. I checked this blog thoroughly and I'm impressed! Pretty useful info specially the the post, Confidence and Success. We all need this and lack it. You tell us why and what we can do about it. I have found a lot written on the subject but from a different point of view. It is always about do this and do that all within the structure of our societies. That information may work for some but most people are blocked and becoming successful my another's method rarely works. I have been looking for the solution for everyone for a very ling time and found it right here in your blogs. As you say it is personal. Thank you for your excellent information.

      Thank you for coming, reading and taking the time to comment. Since your are always successful you can throw away the doubts as you move into a joyous, loving, abundant life of total success. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Google says:

      We like to recommend unusually good posts that have some extremely intriguing stuff in it like this one. Everyone needs to know how to be safe and it seems the first thing they have to do is love themselves enough to let their subconscious give them the confidence and success they desire. Thank you.

      Thank you for recommending this site to others. Yes it is important for the safety of the planet to get loving now, unconditionally. Love, Oracle Jai 

    12. Rawhide says:

      You have so many comments and many are really interesting. They definitely add to the conversation. I am impressed since you are not on one of the first three pages of Google on being positive. I looked but when I was looking for on how to be a more successful salesperson. I accidently did find you. Of course you have not addressed selling in particular but I got here anyway. I would like to see your ideas on how to be a better salesperson. I need to make more money and there must be a trick to it. Thanks.

      Money comes to those who believe they are already rich. That is difficult to believe but it is true, real and the way our genetics work. Just keep reading my blogs. It is all there. Since the only reason and purpose we are here, alive is that we were born. We get just this one life. Make the most of it. Have fun, be in love all the time with what is, be healthy, have safe adventures. To live in peace and goodwill, one has to be at peace and live in abundance. To live like that we need to change our automatic, instinctual program. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Pam says:

      Great information and for free. How much does a mental health counselor make? And then there is the cost of insurance. We are being had. Pam

      You are right and we have been had forever. We are trained to be afraid and that somehow insurance is going to help. Psychology needs to be upgraded to include the scientific information as to how we remove the painful memories instead of regurgitating them over and over again and again. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Good says:

      I think this is among the most significant information I have come across in a long time. The way you put it, I can see I have been successful at creating the life I have and why I fail to be doing something I enjoy and make money at it. Also the website style is perfect, the articles is really excellent : D. Good job, cheers

      Thank you so much. It is funny how we lack self confidence when we actually are. It all goes back to the training. Wrong, bad, ugly, inferior are things we believe are real and true but they are all made up, unreal, illusions to drive us crazy and miserable. Hmmm. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. christian says:

      Wonderful ideas. You just gained a brand new friend. What would you suggest in regards to your new post? You say I have the success and confidence but I fail to feel it. Christian

      If you believe, Christian, all is real and works to perfection.Your subconscious, all your cells, know the truth, so it is impossible to fake it. How do you change your beliefs? Accept the ones that will give you the life you long for, joy, health, love, safety, wealth, adventure, etc. Then remind yourself of these all the time. If you doubt, say, I always do the right thing in the right place with impeccable timing. Then relax for the doubt is gone and you are confident that you are successfully becoming the person you would most admire. Use the audio page, make a copy and listen to it at least once a day. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Kathie says:

      Your telling us to not waste time trying to get our ex back because we wanted the aggravation all along. We will spend our lives picking annoying people and dumping them, whimpering all the time that we cannot choose a good mate. That is an eye opener. So it is our fault after all because of our parents. We need to change and can. I sure hope you are right because I am tired of all the failures. Kathie

      Thanks, Kathie for your great comment. It is in the training and not your fault or your parents, mate, friends, anyone's fault. The fault lies thousands upon thousands of years in the past that we fail to find out who to blame. Love and cherish yourself without conditions and all this aggravation disappears like magic. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Vito says:

      WONDERFUL Post.thanks for sharing your thoughts on how we are successful but I still worry about everything. Vito

      Yes, like growing up, it takes time. When you worry you destroy any chance at achieving your desire. So when you hear your doubts remind yourself that you are great, joyous, rich, healthy and have everything you desire. You have to work it 100% of the time. It will begin to take hold immediately and you will see the difference. Just keep at it. You are worth it. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Renato says:

      Hello there, You've done an excellent job. I certainly dig your pictures and stories. It is amazing that we always have trusted us to do the right thing every when we thought we were wrong or afraid we would be wrong. All part of the training. Wow. What an eye opener. I am recommending this site to my family and friends. I am curious what my mother will say when she reads that she trained us because of how her parents trained her. I am sure my parents will benefit from this site.

      You are right. It will benefit but I have been told by my daughter that her sister did not appreciate all the responsibility on how her kids turned out would be on her and how her life turned out would be on me. Of course all is too much.

      There are a lot of influences in the environment even when we are children. We watch what happens in relationships between our parents and their parents, friends, stuff, chores etc. There is a lot that goes into making us up but the biggest influence is still up to those who trained us. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Jung says:

      Fabulous, what a blog it is! This webpage provides valuable data to us, especially with Confidence and Success. keep it up. I do know people who swear that they will succeed and then do not. Why is that?

      Because they are trained to say the lie over and over and still fail, just as their parents or other trainers did. Coaches are notorious for being failures and training others to be successful. Most of the time this cannot happen but is forgiven because there can only be one winner in our insane society. There are millions of excuses and reasons for the failure.  

      Besides winning the award, lottery, prize or Olympic gold medal fails to compare to having a life of love, joy, health and prosper, being safe while exploring the beautiful world and natural events. Our society is insane putting up false and detrimental rewards for public acclaim. Get your priorities straight. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Arnold says:

      We are a team animal. We play together, love each other, help and support the entire earth. Lets join a new project of people cooperating for peace and goodwill, instead of starting another war on poverty, communism, people of different backgrounds, religions, etc. Your blog provides us the valuable information we need to make this work. You have done a wonderful job! I am here to do mine.

      Thanks for that positive comment. Remember even when we work together it is a personal effort and achievement to love and cherish us before we attempt to love and cherish others and the world itself. Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Earle says:

      Thank you for what you've just written. This really is the most effective post I have read. Earle 

      Thank you, Earle, as usual. We have the confidence and success built in so all we have to do now is change our belief system. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. greg says:

      Great post. Well written, says it all. We do know others follow the same MO all the time and we think we do not. We think next time will be different and we are better than our friends. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. You are right to call our society and us insane. Time to wise up. Thanks.

      Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read the blog and make a comment. Thanks for adding that definition of insanity. I hope you take the time to read and comment again. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. London says:

      Excellent article. I’m going through some of these issues as well.. I am constantly  in doubt if I am doing or saying the right thing. I want to be successful, making a good living, supporting a family, having what we need. There are so many choices and too few opportunities. I do not even know what I like to do. I have a job and I am nervous all the time. How do I find out what I like to do and follow that?

      Excellent comment and question. Most of us go thru that unless our parents decided to design us with a line of work to follow all our lives, like a company business, talent or a goal our parents could not follow. We are trained to fulfill their desire perhaps to be an artist, musician, doctor, great scientist, writer etc. When left up to ourselves to find our way, the possibilities are limitless. However, if we experiment with whatever opportunities come our way 100%, as if this is the way, we will find the ones that are unsuitable and the one that thrills us. That is what youth is all about. Discovery. 

      I have a story about that:

      When my husband and I were first married and still in college, my husband was approached by some investors. They knew my husband was a very bright lad and chemistry was his field. They took us to a railroad terminal where there were several boxcars full of empty plastic bottles. This was in the '50's and asked if my husband would go into business they would fund and discover how to recycle this plastic to make more plastic stuff. I said sure, hell we were in our early 20's and this was a great opportunity to give it our all and it did not matter if after a year we had failed to come up with something. But my husband turned them down. He asked for a three year guarantee to experiment, instead of the one they offered and then evaluate if they wanted to pursue it. Someone else got the opportunity and you know the history of that little experiment!!!  The opportunity of a lifetime rejected by my husband. Why? Why indeed?

    24. Laina says:

      Wow, this was a really good post. Taking the time and effort to create a good article on having confidence and success. I hesitate a whole lot trying to make up my mind and don’t seem to get anything done. I am inspired to be positive to myself,f so lets cross that negative out and finished the sentence with- and now if I just let go of trying to figure out what to do, I will watch what I do and it will be perfect. I am going to trust myself to give me my new life, full of what I desire. Thanks so much.

      Great comment and keep at it. We are taught to doubt ourselves because we never seemed able to please our parents/guardians. They were just following their training. Break the circle, stop the Merry-Go-Round and get off. Start your positive life right now. Hallelujah, Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Hack says:

      I'm glad you made these videos available so we can have them immediately. I especially loved the one about wolves, it is new. Its is very useful to those wanting a joyous, successful life and putting down their information on a blog.

      Yes we all want to have a loving, safe, healthy, joyous and prosperous life. That is what I write about. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Eliyahu says:

      Please tell me how you made this blog site look this awesome. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,

      I am just the artist, designer and writer. I have geniuses who know how to make it happen. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. Mouse says:

      I'm still learning from you, as I'm trying to reach my goals. I certainly love reading all that is posted on your website. I keep coming and reading for there is much wisdom here and I enjoy being here in the beauty and sounds of the natural world.

      Thank you for coming, learning and becoming more positive. Your goals come from your past, allow yourself to emerge into a positive life without goals. Smile, laugh and change all negative thoughts and feelings to positive ones. That is not a goal that is a way of being. You are training your automatic response to cause love, joy, health and prosperity safely having fun in life. More power to you. Love Oracle Jai

    28. Tricia says:

      Hmm it appears like your website lost my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I'll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog. I am an aspiring blog writer but I'm still new to everything. Do you have any points for rookie blog writers? I'd really appreciate it. Tricia

      Well, you started with a good blog, Confidence and Success. It has nothing to do with us and has everything to do with trusting yourself. Write what you want to write. Let your subconscious ego direct you. This is for us. My blog is all about me but I also know it is also all about you, everyone and everything. When you have the confidence, trust, love, freedom from your training, you are assured of success. My points are here in my blogs. Just read them. And by the way, all comments go to spam and I go thru them every morning. If the comment is on a page I put it on a post. So it is here, just scroll down and look for your name. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Magaret says:

      Greetings! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading through your posts. I have a few people in mind that need to read this blog on Confidence and Success. It sure did me a lot of good. Thanks for your time!

      And thanks for your time writing a comment. We love a compliment, give them all the time. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Elodia says:

      You definitely have incredible writings here and the whole site is wonderful, full of nature and love the sound. Confidence and Success is what most of us think we lack and you say we have had it all along. Interesting way of looking at the issue. We have it but are trained to think we do not or should not. Thank you for sharing.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We learn how to be fearful, wrong, bad and to do better but not how to make us love who we are and that we can have the positive, loving, joyous, healthy, prosperous life we want, doing what we love to do. Now you can for awareness is the first step. You know the second step. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Curtis says:

      I’ve been exploring the internet for high-quality articles about how to be successful. There are a ton of articles which sell the the way to make millions by selling their way of making millions!!! They lie when they say they started with nothing and mention a market like real, estate, selling supplements online, etc. I eventually stumbled upon this site and the post Confidence and Success naturally caught my eye. Finally a ray of light.

      You are selling nothing, so if you are successful, it is because of what you know and apparently cheap if we want to live in Paradise. Of course, it does meaning changing the way I think and believe. It also means changing my goal from having more money to live in this insane civilization to laying in ha hammock on a tropical island, eating the fruit off the trees. I think that is better than the failures others offer under the illusion of paying for success.

      I live in paradise, hear only the birds and the river. When I need food I walk to town. I get a small sum of money every month. I am no fool and in this day and age we must have money until we grow our own food from natures original seeds, not GMO, designed to bang around in a truck for hours and keep its color and shape but has no nutrients. If I can do this at my age, you can do it at yours. Define success as being safe in love, joy, health and prosper. And you will have it. Love, Oracle Jai


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