• Just look at the meaning of the two words. Take your time. Look at each one. Feel and remember their meaning.

    Cooperation: working together for the common benefit, collaboration, support, active help, stability, assistance, support, teamwork, encouragement, comfort, soothes, console, enables life, relationship, rapport, bond) Theater, orchestras, restaurants and schools are examples of enterprises that depend on cooperation.


    Competition: rivalry, opposition, antagonism, war, struggle, challenge, jealousy, resistance, hostility, disagreement, conflict, unfriendliness, aggression, animosity, resentment, confrontation, resist, fight, distrust, suspicion, violence, anger, fear, hatred, struggle, brutality, cruelty, sadism) War, sports, politics and commerce supply and demand are examples,  

    Which to you think best describes the human world, even in your own country in the past, present and future? Is your perception of the natural world, eat and be eaten, competition, survival of the fittest  or perhaps none of the above. Which would you prefer to be the dominant way of the human species? We do have a choice and it is personal. We actually cause the future by what we do today. We avoid danger when we create love unconditionally for ourselves and the world. We can take control of what we believe, think and cause.

    Support clean energy, games for fun, move to a country that loves, respects and supports peace and good will for the entire earth and all life.  We can work in a cooperative environment and base our relationships on love and cooperation, instead of dominance and competition. Our friends will be joyous, loving, healthy, fun and prosperous, instead of complaining, whining, nere-do-well, poor, unhealthy, fat, miserable addicts.

    To do this we must cherish and love ourselves. I know I keep repeating myself, but if we do love us enough to smile and laugh, eat the right food, have fun in the workplace and home, we change our world. Negative, violent, competitive people will just not be in our life. Fear, hate and poverty just disappear. At first there will only be a few of us but as more people individually change to be positive, the world will gradually change.

    How do we change the competition into cooperation? That is easy. Eliminate the scores. Sandlot football was to have fun and improve skill, so a score was not kept and you just played on the team that had the least amount of players. Tennis without a score is still tennis, the players get a good workout and we will still want to watch. Golf is still golf without a score. All sports originally had one purpose; to develop the skills required in life, running, jumping, throwing a rock, shooting an arrow and hit what you aimed at. Take away war and your sports go from competition to cooperation.

    We can turn this negative world around, one by one. Try it for all our sakes. Smile, laugh, play life for fun and we all benefit. When loving everything unconditionally is the game we play, all crimes, including overpopulation, bullies, victims, teenage gangs, poverty and the super rich and powerful disappear. Great day in the morning!



    1. Cigar says:

      It's really a shockingly nice and useful piece of info. It is so clear what we do when we compete an everyone competes for something. No wonder we go to war, we are always trying to win. I'm glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. I intend to read everything you have written.

      Thanks for realizing how shocking we humans are and that winners always lose. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Dom says:

      You really have one of the very best blogs on the internet. I will recommend this internet site to everyone I know! Once I realized that I was seeing reality thru your posts, I became addicted. I must keep coming back. We have both competition and cooperation but you are right, most of our thinking is about how I can be better than so-in-so then I get the prize. Thanks

      You are welcome. We can change so life is about love instead of winning or losing. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Candice says:

      Generally I don't learn anything new on articles in blogs, however, I changed my mind when I read Cooperation. You have quite a way to capture an audience. Just the definitions alone was enough to blow the whistle and I had to read the rest. The whole site is amazing and so many articles to choose from. Your writing style is so natural it is like it must be to talk to you. Thank you, quite great article.

      I am so glad you stopped to read something we all know but a shocker since we never really thought about it. I am writing for those few who get interested enough to perhaps learn something different. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. somer says:

      Thanks for the ideas. I’m doing a popular culture and history blog. Figuring out how we got to be the way we are. After reading this entry, I realize I was missing something really obvious. Even our family operates on a competitive basis instead of cooperation. Who gets the most attention, the most love, money, most expensive stuff, has the most kids and power. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. It is very helpful. I also like the subtle differences with your design. We learn even more about the issue reading others comments and your replies. This is fantastic. Your explanation that your information is also for spammers is really great. It is for everyone.

      Thank you for your comment. I hope more people are looking for answers as to why we are the way we are and what we can do about it because we are in real danger of extinction. Keep writing and read the rest of my blogs. Check out the truth of what I say. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. key says:

      I was stunned to visit this article and I agree with you but, hey, we live in a competitive world. How can we change the world. I know, I read it is personal. But, hey, how can that really work? We have to be economically practical. I want to learn more about this. They tried Communism and that did not work. They had to get competitive in commerce. Look at China now. They are on top of the selling things people want to buy.

      People are going to want their king, guru, top of the class, best seller, teacher of the year. It is time to release that and put it down. Let the past pass, fighting is over as a solution and we will have a new tomorrow. It's really best to educate ourselves regarding the right choice, the right person, place and thing all around the world. Most of us will do nothing and still go for the king, the rich and powerful. If we let our nature take its course, you are right and we will become extinct.  In the event Obama starts the fighting once more, It could go nuclear and that'll be just fine!

      After spending literally a matter of hours reading your posts I and wondering about them, it seems so reasonable to go for joy and love. I wonder if having people be so self-centered to love themselves they will love each other and the earth. I was taught to be self-centered was bad and wrong and here you are saying it is the only solution.

      Yes, we were taught a lot of stupid, silly, things to keep society full of slaves supporting the rich and powerful king. Being self-centered is wrong, giving charity is right, war is great if you win, killing is sanctioned by God, etc. All one has to do is look at the world we have made to know we are insane. Your choice. King or you. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Goito says:

      I have never commented throughout all the posts I’ve read, digested and learned from. I read the comments and agreed with it all. However this one really caught me because the definitions were really an eye opener. This post is very crucial to learn more about. Our entire world psychology depends on competition and I read the definition and it sickens me. Hopefully it sickens everyone. I should spend more time to learn more about what is wrong with us and how to change it. I will read all your posts for I know the answer is everywhere in this blog. It must be done in a short length of time before time runs out.

      You got that right. Thanks for reading  all I have to say. It all boils down to cherish and love yourself, then all there is is love of everything, living a healthy, happy life in abundance. The planet Earth will thank you. Love, Jai

    7. Coura says:

      This article is every interesting and very attractive, which is important to catch our attention. It was definitely worth reading. I thought about what you said and laughed because this is the way it is and it is so horrific, we do not see it. Actually this article teaches a fundamental way of life that we are totally not aware of. All we need to do is read the definitions of each world and we react. Thanks for this it really helps to understand what we do and what we had better look at. I like the way you answer the statements of your readers. I look forward to reading what you say to me. Your message is very clear & easy to follow. It is OK to repeat the solution often for people need to follow your advice, instead of just nodding their heads in agreement and then do nothing. I certainly will smile and laugh much more often. A little more difficult to love myself totally without reservations but I will work on it.

      I do seem to be getting a more concerned cliental. I appreciate you commenting on your awareness for that is the first step in changing your way of being in the world to a more positive way. Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai

    8. chansi says:

      I have read a few of your blogs and this one came up. You are an extraordinary rebel. You insult us for not thinking what we are really doing and do it in such a way we thank you for it. You are one who speaks his mind and it is a good thing. It is a fact that you make our world much more interesting. I agree with what you say and would love to spend an evening discussing it. I’ve heard that posting comments facilitates one’s search engine rankings, whilst I have serious doubts about that, I would like to think I am advancing your popularity for these thoughts you express must be studied by everyone.  Lord knows, I could be wrong but I doubt it. I really enjoyed visiting your site; its great.

      Thanks and I am glad you commented. What a different world this would be if we spoke our mind instead of speaking from the automatic training we received when we were children. Start with what you want in life, joy, love, health, fun, abundance of the good life and the wealth to support it. Keep that in your mind and trust yourself to produce it. After all you produce your life as a result of your beliefs. Your life of ups and downs, doubts and fears will disappear and you will have the life you have always wanted when you believe you are worthy and you really do have it. Love, Oracle Jai.

    9. Hoity says:

      To understand more about me, I should take your advice and notice how I feel about being a really competitive guy. This is an inspirational article. The words hit my heart and I can see which direction I had better be going. I never thought about what competition meant in those words but I can look over my life and see how I hurt myself and others because of my attitude.

      It is certainly plausible that I can be strong and cooperate. I realize I and my family needs my unconditional love instead of my control. It is painful to realize what I have caused but I can change. I recommend everyone read this post, in fact all your posts so they too can love instead of compete for whatever they think will be the prize. Thank you,

      Thank you for finding this site and then reading the posts. Be loved instead of being someone's opponent. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Tribe says:

      At last an article about getting the real prize. You certainly know what a number of us want, more information on how to win and I wish I am the biggest and best winner. Everything is a competition, winning the jackpot, job, role, race, bet, free lunch, lottery or at least getting a deal or getting it for less. We get the homecoming queen or the football captain, marry and after few years and a few kids we divorce and look for another best, most popular, most wanted partner again. I look at my own personal married friends. Most of them agree the first year of marriage is sweet and happy. Then in the next year disagreement begins and it is downhill from there. I do want more information on how to win in this world instead of the paradise of wishful thinking.

      Hahahahahah. Well you are in luck for there are tons of websites out there telling you how to win any and every prize. Of course they want to be paid for their advice. I paid a company a few years ago $15,000.00 to tell me how to make a million dollars in any field of my choosing. Turns out they basically were making millions on telling people how to make their fortune in real estate.

      I studied, made work sheets, progress reports and finally in 2008, the troubled real estate market really took a dive, I was told to go to one of six cities and buy, buy and buy more houses or office buildings, for real estate had never been so low. I was to use the bank's money by borrowing, fix the dump up, sell the property in a few weeks, making a bundle and paying the loan off in one month, before any interest accumulated.

      Two of the targeted cities were Detroit, Mi. and Dallas Tx. I asked a simple question. How would I turn this around, if the market is so low that people cannot keep up with the payments and are foreclosed? Who would buy it? The answer was real speculators in the real estate market. Then what was I?

      I decided to study the stock market. instead to see how I might win there and my friend bought a dump in Dallas. It is now five years later, she still has the fixed up dump, renting it cheep because the market never really recovered. I realized this civilization works to have everyone lose but a few in every field, so I moved out and live in a rented cabin in paradise, somewhere far away from the maddening crowd. My advice, refuse to play the game of win and lose. Play to love and love yourself and the natural way of the planet and universe. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Pooni says:

      The reason most of us feel unhappy is that we are overwhelmed by  stressful tasks that have to be done right now, or have a time line. We are stressed at home because of our demanding, unfulfilled relationships.  We need to make money without stress.  I enjoy what you've written and adore what you're stating and the way you state it. You make the whole blog entertaining and it seems doable. I have studied your stuff and it is amazingly true and you have the answer but we live in this world and we have to go by its rules even if they are insane and stressful.

      Thank you for your statements and I will write more on the issues you present. The solution is to take our time doing our tasks without stress. That is our choice. Just tell the boss that we are doing a thorough job because he deserves the best. When we love ourselves, we love enough to take life easy in joy and health. You will then choose people and jobs that offer that life style. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Kassie says:

      Wonderful issues altogether, you simply received a new reader. What would you suggest that I read next? This new one was a real eye opener. Never thought of competition being so awful. And yet I know you can lose a best friend competing for something, like the attention of a guy, looking better, getting more a higher IQ score. Lots of stupid stuff. Really made me think. 

      Any one that strikes your fancy. They are all shocking because we dare not look at who we are, what we have done and what future we are causing right now. Have fun, Love, Oracle Jai 

    13. Anne says:

      Website visitors do not come easy these days. It’s hard and it usually takes a long time. In many cases, too much time… However people seem to flock to your blog. You probably cannot keep up with the responses and they are so interesting. I love reading the post as well as all the responses especially the long ones.

      Congratulations on your response and this wonderful post. Your posts are so challenging. We think competition, survival of the fittest and eat and be eaten is the norm. Of course if one just looks at nature and not thru the thrill techniques of nature on TV one realizes everything is in harmony and balance. Only we are way out of balance. Perhaps we really are aliens and are out to destroy the planet for some other alien higher power. Thanks, Anne

      Thanks Anne. What more can I say. You got it right. Thank Goodness, people are beginning to wake up and see how things really are in reality. We can do something about this. We can rejoin the natural way of the planet and universe. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Vickie says:

      This excellent website really has all of the information and facts I needed concerning how to be positive naturally instead of faking it. Most people in my country cover up their real feelings and this makes them cross and untrustworthy, even while being pleasant. This subject is difficult to find real answers for.

      Glad you came and got some useful, truthful information. Thanks for making a comment. Please read more. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Ocana says:

      Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. Nothing like a little bit of competition to turn against each other. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post.

      Thanks for the comment. You are correct; competition has that effect. Keep it simply cooperation. Laugh with everything. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Coe says:

      Hi I am happy I found your blog. We need peace around the world. and the best scenario is to understand more about every culture. We could exchange people to be educated in many different countries. That way we should be able to learn more about what would be the best solutions to the problems we have caused in the world. We need to broaden our vision with an open mind. Visiting our neighbors house can be a great benefit and we can learn from our mistakes.

      I am glad you took the time to comment. As I keep saying, we must love and accept ourselves first. It is persona. I think exchanging personal knowledge is great. Share the abundance. If we are critical of ourselves we will be critical of others and then an exchange will not serve to save the world we live in. Everyone in every different country, situation, family has been perfectly doing what they were trained to do. The training must change and that can only happen on an individual basis. When the law of cause and effect is understood and applied to ourselves, we can move forward and cooperate to find the answers. Love, Oracle Jai  


    17. The Elder says:

      Some truly fantastic information, Glad I found this site and read several posts. I especially liked cooperation vs. competition. Could have been titled Corruption of Competition. You have to be a long time opserver to see the truth of the human situation and what we have done to ourselves, all life and the planet. "The Diplomat sits in silence, watching the world with his ears." by Leon Samson.

      Truly a fantastic comment. Yes, to see the truth one must become an observer with an open, unprejudiced mind, without interference. Quite a trick but can be done. Well, just our presence has altered what is happening because we are present. If we emote joy, joy alters everything to become joyous, even rocks and the engines of cars. Have a joyous life and we all will. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Activist says:

      I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that addresses the truth with scientific evidence to back up the statements. Your site is delightful, engaging and without a doubt well written. It is also easy to find the topics dear to our heart. We are all in this together. We are all apart of the vast universe and follow its laws, whether we believe them or want to control them. We must cooperate and stop competing for the dwindling resources we consume by overpopulating the world.

      The issues are not being addressed by those in power or those controlling the power. We must stop being pons in this losing Chess game of life on earth. Too few of us are speaking intelligently about our future and how we are causing it now. I am very happy that I came across your blog in my search for concerned citizens of the planet.

      I am impressed with your comment and your understand of the future we face, given our progress in war tactics and wanting it all. I hope you read the reading, The Rebel. Rebellion just ignites war. the change is personal. Reject the negative way, embrace the positive way and we will change the world without nuclear war. We will stop procreating until we love and cherish ourselves and then sow the seeds of peace, love, joy, health, respect and safely live a life of fun. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. pizda says:

      The blogs which I rode are not too good as Your. Thank for exciting lecture. Your BLOGTITLE give me one idea on my next page.

      I can only think of one reason to respond to this comment. Perhaps it is your translator of English. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Cruz says:

      I just want to briefly tell you how much I appreciate your blog. Your posts are awesome and everyone important so we change our ways before it is too late. The facts you post are beginning to appear everywhere on the web, unfortunately not in the newspapers. They are run by the establishment. I am spreading your word and telling others to visit your blog. We are quite blessed to have you at this time to hopefully prevent the devastation that is looming in the near future. I wish you were at the first page of all your topics but alas the internet is also a part of the problem. Out for the money. Thanks again for making such a powerful and beautiful site.

      Thank you for appreciating my efforts. If people will think they already know what I have said. Since most people are trained to follow, we are set up to fail to live in peace and will kill everything. The Earth will recover in a few million years but we will not witness it. Love and cherish yourself, be happy and laugh a lot. Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Addrena says:

      This excellent website truly has all of the information I need but did not know I needed it. I'm a mother and have boys. It is amazing that so simple a topic could be so hidden in our society, as if it were not a concern. Now that I am aware of the negative problems that come from competition, I can encourage my boys to cooperate. Their father will also have to learn to cooperate!! This is no light matter. It is serious and the major problem of societies and people today. Thank you so much for covering this topic.

      Thank you for your excellent comment. Yes it is at the foundation of how people build a society with love and caring for ourselves and others. Unfortunately all our previous societies, back to the first, were based on competition which is based on a lack of love and caring for ourselves and all else. This is a primitive misunderstand of how nature really works. Nature supports all life in cooperation as does the universe. Survival of the fittest was like looking thru the wrong end of the telescope. No scope at all. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. laken says:

      Why spend some time researching abroad? Because foreign countries are different from ours.We wonder what they have and are doing. I’m going into my third month leaving a popular culture and history and figuring out the truth. Our media and books want us to pay attention to their lies and beliefs about things they have never thought about. Therefore finding the truth is always challenging, to say the least.

      After reading your entry about cooperation vs. cooperation I can tell you tell the truth as it is and you seem to know why we follow the  lies that run our civilizations and lives from the beginning.  This article gave people a way of seeing the truth so they can consider what they cause in their lives. You welcomed everyone for their thoughts and comments so more can benefit from such a conversation. We can begin to understand more about healthy eating and how to benefit our environment. The Food and Drug Administration should read this blog. Hope the experts can really make sure they manipulate our way of life.

      Thank you for taking your time to tell us what you think. Yes the food industry must start taking care of us instead of causing us to be sick from the poisonous foods they market for a profit. They fail to care about hour health for there are so many of us to feed. Ah, well, lower the population by seven billion and they will pay attention to those left. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Muff says:

      Little children have a soft heart and a sympathetic caring mind. They enjoy everything and everyone unless told differently. In schools and neighborhoods these wonderful loving, joyous, curious children turn in to meanies. They pick on smaller, nice children, who will fear them and run away. Even small children who call themselves friends, turn mean and take advantage. It seems the only way to be safe is go without friends who are people and have cats, dogs, horses, birds even. People continue to be untrustworthy. If they borrow money they will not pay it back. It is our way of life. We even put our money in banks and they use it to make more money and we never get a dime for lending it. How do you find good, trustworthy people?

      Another peeve I have is spam and how to determine the difference between a legitimate comment and spam. I notice if the grammar and position of words are atrocious in your comment, it’s probably spam. You have a lot of great comments. Do you ever get spammed?

      I am spammed all the time but I write for them as well. You are right about children. They are born joyous, curious, delight in everything and mother smothers that with her "I have too many things to do, too many kids to take care of, people are no damn good, I know I married one", attitude, "and on top of that your shit stinks!". Her kids are now dashed and take it out on kids smaller than themselves.

      When my daughter was in the first grade she told off a bunch of bullies picking on the kindergarten kids. They could not believe it and walked away. Only bullies pick on victims and victims pick bullies because they are in the same boat They know each other. The civilized world is made up of victims and bullies, competing in in a frenzy for what they are missing in life. Of course they could change this if they wanted but taking the joy out of life is more fun than living in joy. That is how it works. 

    24. American says:

      Great post. I keep coming back to read more and I am impressed with everything. I finally read cooperation vs. competition and it was such a shock. I love sports especially football. I watch it all the time. I read the definitions of those two words and realized that you are absolutely right. When I was a kid I loved to play and we did not keep score.

      I have changed along with everyone else and it was for the worst instead of the best. Now what do I do with my time instead of supporting sports? I am amazed at how much time I have freed up and I have no other interests. I filled my life by watching others play. I am really depressed and at a loss.  

      Well, start playing again. Grab a ball and run around with it. Throw it and chase after it. Perhaps you know someone who would like to do this too. Action is required, play catch, get a dog and play fetch. Play on grass, avoid pavement; it is bad for your joints. Have fun. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Jo says:

      This particular blog is definitely interesting, pleasing and also amusing. I have found many helpful tips out of just this amazing post. I intend to keep visiting so I can learn more. Cheers!

      Thanks for taking the time to tell us that you got a lot from cooperation vs. competition. Of course the idea is to get into the cooperative spirit and drop competition. If that we will change the order of priorities and safe love, joy, health and prosperity for everything will be our way of life. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Scar says:

      Just wish to say your article is astonishing. The whole world watches sports, especially football and you would have them play for fun. Those players make millions every year they play. This is big corporate business, only for the rich to get richer.  The clearness in your post is simply excellent and I can assume you are an expert on this subject. It is just not practical.  Fine.

      FINE! I am talking about having fun in love. Have you ever watched something with joy that did not cost anything? Kittens playing, dogs catching Frisbees, beach volleyball, hang gliders, leaping Marlins, clouds making pictures and my favorites, sunrise and sunset. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. Glynn says:

      Some people prefer their puppy more than their family and friends. That is no wonder for the puppy loves them and family and friends do not. Never despair, at least they experience unconditional love. My favorite comment is going to be that shouldn't exist but it does. In fact I suggest we all get puppies and kittens, or a horse or goat instead of having children. They all know how to love and we do not. We do not love our children. We think we need them but that is not true in fact they are killing us and all living things. 

      This blog is pure gold to educate us in what is necessary to change ourselves to be loving. Life is about continuous learning, so we can perform better by leaps and bounds every day! ! ! ! ! Society takes the energy out of us and the will to leave it behind as a thing corrupt. The social competition is a killer and would eliminate us and our families. As a consequence we must be fiercely dedicated to changing ourselves.

      Wow, that was great, even poetic. You have given a great idea to substitute animals for children. We get the affection we long for and lower the population of depressed, desperate, unhappy, unfulfilled people we are raising. We will save the planet, stop the massacre of all life, just by having a puppy or kitten. I really thank you for this idea. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. Glasper says:

      Magnificent goods from you. I have understand your stuff on previous occasions and you are just too magnificent. I really like what you have said here about cooperation vs. competition. It makes me wonder why I never saw this before. I was always taught competition made people try harder and get smarter. But the way you state it here is obviously the truth and competition is detrimental to peace and good will.  I liked the use of the definitions of each word. So one can see clearly what is going on and what we are trained to want. your writing is very entertaining and you still keep it real and smart. I cant wait to read more. This is a tremendous site.

      Thanks for the magnificent comment and glad you read the post. Yes, by all means, read the rest of my blogs. Your life will become positive because you will understand why and how to live happily ever after. Love Oracle Jai

    29. Johanna says:

      Hi! Someone in my MySpace group shared this site with us so I сame to chеck it out. I'm definitely enjoying the beautiful pictures and easy access to the information I want now. I read your most recent post Cooperation and I was shocked to see those two words defined. I checked to see if the definitions were correct and they were. I thought about competitive sports and they really are violent and we think this is entertainment. I just am blown away. I'm book-marking and will be suggesting this site to those who follow my Twitter. Terrific blog and wonderful design and style.

      Thanks for finding the blog, reading and being shocked. Please read more. There maybe more shocks down the road. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Teyler says:

      Cooperation vs. Competition was a shocker. We think competition is good for business, building muscles, staying slender, being better at anything. You think we would  be better off cooperating. Even it you are right, I do not see it happening. Competition is so much apart of out lives. Hell, when I get with friends we talk about our favorite sports and see who can drink more beer.  What would we do without competition?

      I am sure you are like most men and fail to know the first thing about cooperation but it is necessary even for sport teams. I just suggest removing the score. Then you can still talk about your favorite team and drink as much beer as the bar will allow. Try playing the game of life by cooperating with your friends and include the women and children. You will like the results when competition has been eliminated. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Charles says:

      We are overwhelmed by stressful tasks in our work as well as in our home. We complain but that does not help anything. We talk about events and not the real reason we are unhappy. We do not seem to know what really makes us unhappy so we do nothing that makes us happy, at ease and healthy. We ask why did this or that happen. Everything has its reasons but we never get it right. You seem to know why. Please tell me again. Why do we put up with our stress?

      Excellent question. We are trained to have stress and put up with it in our childhood. Our trainers, mother, father, grandmother, child care, foster parents, orphanage, whoever, made our lives stressful. They were never were loved, so they are unable to love themselves, life and us. For them life is shit and to survive in the shitty civilization,  we have to eat shit and suffer so the kings of commerce get richer. We long to be the king and never realize the kings eat shit as well.

      Everyone thinks this is normal and the way it has to be. We are trained not to think about why we eat shit and suffer. If we did we would eat real, nourishing food and move to paradise, take it easy,  love one another and the natural way of the universe. I hope this is clear. Read my blogs on Punishments and Rewards and Shakespeare Says. In fact all my blogs are the answer to your question. We can change but we have to really want to. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

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