• Our ego is our conscious, as well as our subconscious image of who we are, our degree of self-esteem, confidence, abilities and limitations that automatically run us. They are different. Our conscious image of who we are is often surprised at the results we cause, because we did not intend them. However, our subconscious image does the causing and that is the one we trained in infancy to automatically give us the life we were trained to expect.   

    As a child, we must be safe, accepted and loved, so we copy our trainers and do what they expect and cause in life. What they say they want is like a fairytale, unattainable. How could it be otherwise? What we sew is what we reap. We are what we cause. If we war against what we perceive is our enemy, we become our enemy. 

    Walt Kelly  the cartoonist was also the author of these words, “We are all of us responsible for our myriad pollutants, public, private and political.” This realization seems new, for only a few of us acknowledge it. The rest of the human community thinks problems are caused by someone else.

    Our conscious ego perceives what is right or wrong, good or bad, pretty or ugly and who or what to blame, as if this were true and real. Our subconscious knows everything and I mean everything. It is without judgments and knows just how we have to think, feel and what to do to have the life we trained to believe is real and true. It chooses our friends, job, cars, likes and dislikes, what we eat, where we live, when we die and what kills us. Everything. 

    If we want to have a happy, healthy, loving, prosperous, awesome life, we must train the conscious ego to constantly say and do positive things so our subconscious ego gives us the positive life we long for. When we feel sickly, we say, "My perfectly healthy body is getting rid of the cause of this right now."

    If we feel sad, angry or fearful, we say, "I am always joyous, everything benefits me." When we are buying cheap, we tell ourselves, "I am rich and buy what I want." When we make a judgment, we stop and say, "This is the perfect result of what caused it." When we feel unsafe, we say, "I am always safe. My cells keep me out of harm's way."

    This constant positive shift alerts our subconscious to notice we are making a change in our behavior. We speed this change by listening to a positive hypnotic CD often, especially when we fall asleep.  


    31 Responses to OUR TWO EGOS

    1. Daphine says:

      Where ever you go, I'll abide by what you say…Congrats!!!!

      Great. Learn to communicate with your deep subconscious, look for the communication in dreams and when you are awake. If you have questions, you know where and how to reach me. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Kliskey says:

      Its good as your other blog posts, new thinking correcting old, false thinking. You have an amazing brain, two egos both right and good. Why is that experts always have to make others wrong. You make everyone right. Regards for putting it up. "I catnap now and then, but I think while I nap, so it's not a waste of time." by Martha Stewart.

      When we rest, our brain and body continue to take care of us. If we want a solution and pay attention to our subconscious, it will supply a solution, while we rest or sleep. Keep coming back and thanks for the comment. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Taller says:

      Hi, the articles are very good. thanks.

      Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai.

    4. Aoya says:

      Our two egos, what a concept. It sure explains my arguing with myself all the time and my indecision. Go do this, no that. Should I take this job or that one? Which TV show, fast food, jacket, who, where, what and when? Enough to drive one crazy. Let go of the past, fight for the new tomorrow. Should I advance or retreat? And here you come along and say we already do the perfect thing to have the perfect life we have, although we do not know it. Obviously it is perfect for me to always be in doubt. Well I have had enough. Better to either to accept who I am now or train myself to let my nature take the best course for love, health and prosperity. I really like this site. So much here for us, especially someone like me.

      You are funny and like most people. Accept, love and cherish yourself right now, indecision, age, height, weight, whatever. When you laugh in the mirror and love your image, then you can decide to really cherish yourself. Eat only healthy food and drink, move energetically, exercise or keep physical, play life in fun, live in abundance and paradise. Love, Oracle jai

    5. Singer says:

      Before reading that we have two egos, I heard that our ego was bad, selfish and I should never do what I wanted to do. I should always take care of others first. I read some psychology and discovered it was my image of me and terribly self-centered. I was suppose to become selfless. Now I read about having two egos and being self less, no self, is impossible, as well as being ridiculous. That is plausible and my brain went bungee jumping. I am unsure if that was for joy or confusion.

      Nowadays, people's anxiety and stress tends to be really heavy so more and more people are going for drugs and really dangerous sports. Personally I always think it's considerably better for people to become more informed. A walk in the park relaxes the fear and tension. This article gives a sound reason why we are so screwed up and how to change the screw up and have a beautiful way of life. Thank you and I am sending this blog to everyone I know.

      Bungee Jumping Brain, I like that image. Drop the word and concept, should. It is based on our insane society's designs. It is of utmost importance to love ourselves unconditionally. Contrary to opinion, that allows us to love all "God's Children, including the plants and animals, birds and fish, mountains and valleys, troughs and crests, day and night. By the way there is no such thing as hate, sorrow, bad, wrong, ugly or sin. They, like should are made up to further the disaster we have become. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. dobry says:

      Fantastic site. Lots of useful info here. I had no idea we had two egos. But you are right. I am often amazed at what I just said or did. I am always defending myself by saying I did not intend to do that or I am sorry and then I blame someone or something else. Jeez! Even if I accept that I did it, why did I break that glass or step in the dog do? I did it and you seem to know I did it on purpose but for the life of me I am unable to figure it out. I keep coming back to read more and reread what I think I read and understood. I must have missed something. I’m sending it to a few friends who I know will love it. And naturally, thanks for your sweat!

      Thanks for commenting and persevering. Everything we do is on purpose. We are run by our subconscious so we can constantly recreate the dynamics of our childhood. When you break something it indicates that you continually break your life, love and even your physical being. What you do break is a symbol of what in your life you break. Could be love, fun, adventure, acceptance, health etc.

      If you step in dog shit, that is what you do in your relationships. People are shitting on you and to demonstrate what they think of all of us, let their dogs shit on your sidewalk and lawns all the time and we smell of it. Everything we do is symbolic. Dogs are animals that should be free but we chain them. Cats are locked up in houses, birds in cages. We are bound, chained, live in cages and step in shit. That sounds gross but most people's lives are gross. If you trusted yourself to be joyous and cherish yourself, then sorry would be a word that would never occur to you. Everything you do would be to benefit you and everyone else. That is where I am leading you. Get on the path. Love, Oracle Jai


    7. air says:

       I like the precious information you provide in your articles.I’ll bookmark your weblog and take a look often. I’m guaranteed to learn new things here! Great luck to the you.

      Thank you for your precious comment. Love, Oracle Jai.


    8. Milne says:

      A motivating discussion is definitely worth comment. I do think that you should write more about this issue. We have been told our ego is bad because it is all about us and we should think about others before us. I think our image of ourselves is bad. There are so many things I wish I was better at, better looking, better golfer, father, husband, son, smarter, made more money, the list just goes on and on. This is the first time I ever heard of having two egos. But it sure makes sense. We are always saying, "I didn't mean to do that." or "I can't imagine why I did that. How clumsy of me." Of course generally folks don’t talk about why they made a mistake or took a misstep. To the next! All the best!!

      Thanks for your comment. It shows that you understand that your ego is absolutely necessary for it is a word we made up to be able to talk about your image of yourself. Putting other's concern before our own is only for those who wish to dominate us. Besides if we hate us we will hate our neighbor as well. It all starts with loving us first without conditions, something the church of all religions of all times failed to understand, probably because they all wanted and still want to control everything. If those priests, preachers, nuns, deacons pastors, whatever, actually loved themselves first, we would be playing a whole different ball game. May as well wish for the kingdom of god here on earth. Oh right, we did have it but we killed it. There is only a little paradise left and it will all be gone soon and then it is over. Trust only yourself and drop all the ludicrous, insane teachings you have gotten so far. Time to get positive and love yourself. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Wynn says:

      Very efficiently written story. It will be helpful to everyone who utilizes it, as well as yours truly :). It makes a lot of sense as to why we sabotage our work, marriages, our health and happiness. We have a detrimental image of who we are that we got from our parents and they are big time losers and we believe we are right all the time. Knowing how this works allows me to get free of the underlying negative thinking that runs me. Keep doing what you are doing – looking forward to more posts.

      Thanks, we need to retrain us, that is for sure. Glad you are joining the group that may lead us to a new way of being. We need to reach critical mass by the end of this century. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Natalie says:

      Τhаnκ yоu for shaгing your ideas with us about our Two Egos and that goes for the rest of your blogs as well. I have never heard of having two egos but what you say makes sense. I often am surprised that I did something I did not intend. Having an automatic controlling belief system has to be so, otherwise we would be thinking all the time about taking the nest step, breath, word, where we look, everything.This website genuinely ѕtandѕ οut and everyone needs to read it. I am going to suggest it to my friends. Thanks again. 

      I am glad you see how perfect we are. We just need to change our programing to have the life we desire instead of the one we were trained to have. Listen to our audio programing, record it and listen when you can during the day, everyday. Your life will improve immeasurably. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Isaiah says:

      I just hit this post accidently, I thought, and this post is great. This is the first time I ever heard we had two egos, let alone that they were necessary and good. It makes sense, much more sense than my ego is no good and I should get rid of it, if I could. I guess I was suppose to stop thinking about what I wanted and give others what they wanted. Now you tell me that is impossible. It is all about who I am.  I do not know who you are but you're going to be famous. People will find you and know what you say. Cheers! Isaiah

      Wow, Isaiah, you said it in a nutshell. Cheers for getting it. Once you understand how and why you seemingly made the choices you made, you need to change the mechanism to keep from making the same results all your life. Please return and make more comments. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Patricia Garon says:

      Thanks, I was taught that our ego was bad and we needed to get rid of it. Now you tell me I have not one but two. Which is bad? I believe a lot of people need to read this and will want more. Please address this question. Thanks and carry on the fantastic work.

      We all were taught that others were to come before us, meaning taking care of other's needs before ours. That is the conscious ego talking. The subconscious ego of our trainers resented their parents because they did not walk their talk. Instead of putting the child's needs for love, joy, health, excitement and joy for life ahead of theirs, they punished the child for wanting their needs taken care of immediately, instead of quietly waiting until mother's needs were taken care of or fathers or everyone else. The subconscious ego dictates what we will cause, so the trainers continue to cause resentment instead of having their needs met. Are you following this?

      A Story About This 

      I was in the outdoor walkway in the center of a mall and witnessed this child pulling on her mommy's skirt, saying she had to go to the bathroom. Mother was in a lively conversation with two other women and told her daughter to hold it, she would only be a minuet longer. I was walking slowly and I wanted to see how long a moment was for this mother. The child, probably around three, waited maybe a half a minuet and pulled mommy's skirt again. Without looking at her daughter, mother said, "in a minute." Less than a minuet went by and the little girl became viably uncomfortable. No one noticed but me. She was bending over, pulling on her mother's skirt again and her mother, growled "Hold it." but it was too late and the little girl was crying as pee ran down her legs. Mother just yanked her child's arm, excused herself from her friends and dragged her daughter off, presumable to a bathroom somewhere.

      I know you got the message from the story but this happens all over the world to everyone who has moral convictions that others should come first. We are all resentful servants and it is causing our extinction. If you want your children to love you then you must love them unconditionally. They will learn to be you, whoever you are being. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Lynette says:

      With having so much content and articles do you ever run into any problems of plagiarism or copyright infringement? My website has a lot of completely unique content I've either authored myself or outsourced but it seems a lot of it is popping it up all over the web without my authorization. Do you know any techniques to help reduce content from being ripped off? I'd truly appreciate it. Lynette

      I looked your site over and I gathered that you are a tax accountant dealing with tax laws. I would have thought you wanted your expertise available to everyone to be shared in order to improve the system. If this were the case you would be glad your ideas are getting into the community rapidly and who originated the idea would be unimportant.

      However, If you wish to maintain control, then I would have a site where someone who wanted to read what you had to say, sign a waver that they will not divulge what they learn from you. If they break their word and you found out and could prove the material came solely from you, you could sue them. However, I will warn you that if you thought of it, so did many others and though they may be in other countries and speak a different language, the material is in open domain and you will lose your case. What do you hope to accomplish by writing on your site? Are you looking for fame and fortune?

      I want people to spread the words I use. The words and ideas are to shake people up, so they begin to run their lives on love, goodwill, health, joy, having fun doing what they do, so wealth flows to them like a river. People must drop the negative and accept the positive if the species is going to survive this century. You did me a great favor because I have several posts sill to write and I had difficulty making a choice.

      I will write on Fame and Fortune. I remind you that what you do is about having fun, the more people having fun, the merrier. Thanks so much for the question. I may even think I am an Oracle. Oh My!!!, Love you, dear Lynette, Oracle Jai

    14. Google says:

      You always posts some pretty intriguing stuff like this. Just keep it up and I will keep coming back.

      Thank you, we appreciate your comment and I definitely have more to say. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. biuro says:

      I and my friends were found to be digesting the good recommendations on your web page and then developed an awful suspicion I never expressed respect to you for them. Most of the guys happened to be so stimulated to read through all of them and already have unquestionably been enjoying these things. Appreciation for simply being indeed thoughtful and then for picking some high-quality tips most people are really desperate to learn about. Our own sincere apologies for not saying thanks to earlier. biuro rachunkowe Szczecin

      This response is so eloquent that I left it as it was written. I am so grateful for you and your friends finding much useful information and if, put into practice, your lives will blossom. Please listen to the recordings, make copies if you like, because they speak to your subconscious and help your joy, love, health and prosperity improve daily. Love, Oracle Jai.

    16. Henrietta says:

      You write with such such clarity. I understand having two egos and that they are important. I can now understand why I do certain things I think are mistakes. They are the real me causing my life to be what I expect. I am blown away by the possibility of change. Everything is so very clear now and very useful. Many thanks for sharing!

      Many thanks for commenting and I am glad you can now decide what you want to have in your life for you now know what to change to get it. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Anonymous says:

      I very much like the precious information you provide. I need to love more of the time. I will learn a lot of new things here! Great luck to the next post! maillot

      Luck usually denotes a someone or force outside our skill. We all make our lives to be just the way they are. Just choose to be happy, healthy and rich and you will have all the "luck" you want. Love, Oracle Jai.

    18. Krystyna says:

      I read this post fully regarding the difference of our two egos and compared it to the latest and previous technologies. Your article is awesome and makes more sense than having only one ego that does not know what it is going to accomplish or that it is bad and needs to be removed or squashed. As if we could go around not having a clew as to what we are up to, who we are, a trained monkey. Hahahahaha.

      You are so right. We are trained monkeys, monkey see, monkey do. Time to think and re train ourselves to Monkey love self, world loves monkey. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Joselyn says:

      I've been very concerned about being too self-centered. My mother criticizes me all the time about only thinking about myself. I get that message from everyone but when I came across your site and stayed because it was soothing, I read what you keep saying. I must love myself unconditionally first. My preacher disagrees. I do not understand because everyone puts themselves first. As you point out even charity is for the one giving to elevate them in the eyes of society. I am now confused but I really value your opinion. I am so happy I found this website.

      Yes it is confusing because we must love and cherish ourselves first. AND THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Ok? No more confusion. Now think about that. If you really loved yourself, you would find out how to keep yourself healthy, safe and happy. Just because those around you eat, say, white rice, does not mean you have to. In fact you can tell them that food has been bleached, which removes all it's nutriments. It is a filler only, without any redeeming qualities. Of course brown rice is not good for us either.

      If you loved yourself, you would only work at what you loved doing and in a happy environment. Your friends would be positive instead of critical complainers. Actually this is easy when you are inspired by love instead of money, position and what other ignorant, unhappy people think. ETC.

      Take a look around. The idea that others, including God must come first has created the mess we are in now, extinction by the end of this century. No woman in her right mind would have a baby, let alone ten!!! Who do you think she is putting first?! That is the only job allowed for women in this miserable civilization. I hope this helps clear the issue up for you. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. monster says:

      I think, to be a good affiliate marketer is the hardest thing to do as a blogger, you must have huge traffic to get the possible buyer and also you have to build your own audience, because honestly i've never made a single sale with my first blog.

      Well, civilization and its rules have already sabotaged us and we continue to help our lack of success, rewards, money, love, joy, health and having fun at what we do along. It is how we have been trained and everyone goes along. The very idea that we have to have huge traffic is unnatural and stressful. My entire site is about dropping out. Get out of the rat race. Stop the clock and and the world and get off the treadmill. Enjoy life while you still have one. Love, Oracle Jai

    21. London says:

      I’m extremely impressed to read that we have Two Egos. That explains a lot about how we operate and do what we do and yet get what appears not to be what we want. Psychologists should read this. Makes a lot more sense than what they teach. I am so pleased to find this blog. I have looked over your posts and found many that I want to read. I read several already and all the comments which were great.

      I guess there are a lot of people who want to find the truth about us, so we can stop sabotaging ourselves and really live happily every after.  I want to thank you for offering your wisdom for free. Seems nowadays we have to pay for everything. This is a wonderful read!! I definitely like the entire blog, the pictures, sounds and the way it is organized. I am a frequent visitor and fan.

      I am extremely impressed with your comment. I hope you read all my posts. When people read, they quiet their mind and slip into a lower brain wave state. The information sinks in, as it were, so it stays with you. The more subconscious positive repetition, the sooner and easier it is to become the person we want to be, living a life of love, joy, health, being safe and prosperous. Life then becomes an exciting adventure. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. michael kors says:

      Wonderful post! You've made some very astute observations and I am thankful for the the effort you have put into your writing. I have only heard of one ego. Having two images of us seems right. Perhaps it is one ego with a split in personality. Its clear that you know what you are talking about. I am looking forward to reading more of your sites content. Michael

      Hahahahahaha. Wish I had said that. I could described us as having a split ego. The surface one is involved with judgment and the main ego is like the genie in the bottle, able to give its split all it wishes, which it does. Now I also have the genie. I think this is better. In fact I can see it in cartoon form. Thanks so much for this idea. Perhaps we should collaborate on a children's book, with the underlying idea of avoid parents they are the wicked wizard . Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Shelli says:

      ӏ seriously thank you for your unique idea of having two egos instead of one and that they are necessary instead of bad and we must get rid of it. I am really interested. It makes perfect sense. Now I must study my behavior to see what I cause and if I like it or not. My life has suddenly become very interesting and exciting.  I definitely will keep coming back. I know the rest must be equally challenging.

      Thanks for your unique comment. It is time for the human species to learn to think. So far that has not been a part of our evolution. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Claire says:

      Remarkable! Its actually amazing article, I have a much clearer idea about me and why I do what I do and cause. Psychology professors should read this blog. They know so very little about us.

      Funny thing about the truth. It is there all the time. It is just that we are trained to see the real landscape from a point of view, instead of actually seeing it. After reading your comment I decided to recheck what people are saying about our symbolic communication awake and in dreams. It is the same stupid stuff of 50 years ago.

      There is no need to discover the truth, regurgitate our childhood to a shrink or even look for answers.  Our memory has been altered as it was happening. All we really need to do is to smile, get positive, stay positive, move away from our detrimental societies and this whole blog is about doing just that. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Chrest says:

      I examine quite a few of the weblog articles in your site and I really like your way of blogging and site-building. I  will check back regularly. I have read about having an ego and that it is bad. Now you say we have two and they are both good. However the conscious one is the illusion we live in and the other is the one that controls our behavior. Very interesting idea and seems to be true. Thanks.

      Thank you for stopping and reading and yes we do in fact have two because egos are our image of who we are. Love yourself, let go of the illusion and live joyously in reality. Love Oracle Jai

    26. Lola says:

      Everything is very open with a very clear explanation of the issues. It was truly informative and different. Having two Egos that are essential to our life is very different indeed but makes perfect sense. It is very useful to know we control both of them. It is also rare to think that we must concentrate on ourselves, love ourselves and that will change the world, when we are taught just the opposite. Your website is very useful. Thanks for sharing!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and understand the concept of the two parts that control what kind of life we have. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. Santos says:

      I am curious to find out more about having two egos and why that is so great. Everyone I know think having an ego is wrong, bad, and should be done away with. You are just the opposite. I get your point, however, and actually I think I agree. What about that me, me, me being the only point of interest. You say that is correct and should be. I'm having some minor  issues with my friends and family who think this is crazy. Would you have something to add or some other writers who support your theory?

      The deal is simple. When you love yourself, congratulate yourself all the time, look in the mirror and tell yourself you are great, you are the best friend, mother, father, brother, sister, teacher, boss, etc. you could possibly have or need. Then when what others say or think is negative, is of no consequence and comes from their own disappointment in themselves, because their parents/trainers were disappointed in them.

      People who are me, me, me, look at me, are so desperate for approval and the only one who can give them approval is themselves because others are faking it. It is up to each and everyone of us to love, respect and approve of ourselves. Then it is easy to give center stage to those who suffer from lack of love and admiration, or not for they are pathetic and easily avoided. Love yourself, Love, Oracle Jai

    28. ニューバランス 993 レディース says:

      You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I'm looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

      You are so cute and right. No need to understand about egos. They are made up and do not exist. There that was easy. Our civilizations are built on lies and illusions. All we need to know is love unconditional for ourselves and we learn that from parents that unconditionally love us and each other. We need to live in a natural safe environment, away from the city, with mommies and daddies that hold us all the time.

      When we are old enough to explore the world, we are allowed to because we have loving parents excited for us to learn the natural way and are right beside us to keep us from harm. We have the tribe to play with, for population is kept at a minimum. With that monkey upbringing we prosper safely in joy, health and good fortune. Since that is totally lacking in the human world, we need to retrain ourselves. Do that and you will live happily ever after and that's the truth. Love, Oracle Jai 

    29. nike says:

      Excellent goods from you, man. I understood your previous stuff too and you are just too excellent. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care to keep it sensible. I cannot wait to read a lot more from you. This is really a tremendous website.

      What a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much to tell me what you think. Please read more and comment on the blog you especially like. Love, Oracle Jai.

    30. Desi says:

      In this great scheme of things you'll secure a B+ with regard to effort and hard work. Where you confused me was first in the details. As as the maxim goes, details make or break the argument.. And it couldn't be more true right here. Your writing is definitely pretty persuasive which is probably the reason why I am making an effort to state my opinion. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. While I can see your leaps in reasoning, I think you need to connect the dots much better. For the moment I will yield to your point and I will keep coming back to read more. You have a lot here.

      This is a blog, no more than 700 words and I do make certain assumptions. One is that the reader is educated beyond the eight grade. Reasoning and logic needs to be trained otherwise we only understand rhetoric. If I made you stop and think, then I achieved my goal. Thinking and making sense is your responsibility. I am merely here to fuel your abilities to get out of this insane civilization and create one of love, joy, health, living safely in abundance. I really only expect a few can do this but the more the merrier.

      As far as two egos are concerned, the whole concept was made up in the first place and got a bad rep. They do not exist, however, we do have a set of opinions as to who we are and what we are like and likely to do and accomplish. One set is the deep-seated image that most of us are unaware of and that image is what makes us do and accomplish what we cause in our lives. The other image is fake, so we can be shocked, blame and apologize for what we create. Both images must change to reach paradise. Keep at it, you may still make it and we need you. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Women says:

      This is *~pure joy~* Like, seriously better than Nutella and strawberries. That might be blasphemy. Of course the idea of having two egos instead of one, and that they are both necessary, and good is also blasphemy. All the leaders of our society think we should care for others, especially our leaders, owners and masters before we care about us. Another blasphemy of yours. This site should be in red for DANGER, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!! 

      Hahahahaha. You are seriously correct. I had failed to see how dangerous it could be if people really did follow their retrained subconscious to leave civilization and start to love themselves and the natural order of the universe and earth. Well I knew we need to change our way of being and if we did it in the usual revolting manner we would be put down, squashed and murdered by our own government that serves the corporations. But if we changed individually and stopped having children, we would find peace, love and live in Paradise safely. Love, Oracle Jai 

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