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    I became a sailor having never set foot on a boat except for rowboats and canoes as a teenage counselor at summer camps. The first time out on the lake, I had to be rescued because I was rowing the wide part of the boat into the wind and being driven backwards, scaring my young charges and myself half to death.

    Now at 53, I was standing in a parking lot, just having been fired as a salesclerk after only eleven days, a good story for another time. I was riffling thru my purse, when I had one of those epiphanies. Suddenly everything became so clear, the suns glinting off the chrome bumpers and door handles, the slight breeze moving the hair on my arm, the blue, blue afternoon sky with white clouds floating by.

    I heard my daughter’s voice say, “Mother, don’t you get it? Choose anything, not some goal or desire from the past. Choose something without meaning or reason, just choose.” I slowly came back and looked at my hand. In it was the yacht broker’s card given me the day before. I stared at the card and slowly said, “Well, then, I am a sailor.” I knew that saying those words I had made the 100% commitment I had learned in Landmark Education’s courses.

    I posted a request in a few boating stores offering to varnish for an opportunity to learn to sail. In a few days, I arrived at the boat and had to step off the solid, unmoving deck onto the sloop which was moving. Only my commitment made me gather the will power to do it. Once on the boat I felt a little better. The skipper was a fine looking fella and taught sailing, lucky me. He said we would varnish tomorrow. Today we would sail. I nearly fainted. 

    I tried to be nonchalant. The skipper showed me around the boat, untied the lines, backed the boat out, headed down the lane and told me to take the wheel. It was like driving a car very, very slowly. Pretty good. We got near the end of the brick wall protecting the marina and I noticed the color of the water became a lite frothy green. Then we heeled over.

    I went stiff as a board, really. That meant the horizon line looked correct with the boat. The skipper had to get up, pry my foot off the floor, I am not exaggerating, place it on the bench, whereupon my body straighten up and the horizon line went up and off at a rakish angle. The Captain told me to pick a point on land and sail towards it. I stared at the point, the sails and sailed a boat for the first time in my life. The wind was so fierce in San Francisco’s Bay that day, all the boats were in a marina. The big Coast Guard cutter came out to see why we were sailing in such weather. They warned the Captain that they would not save us if we continued to sail. The fearless Captain, with unnerving confidence, agreed. 

    That 100% commitment got me thru many blows and by the time I went thru a hurricane fear had evaporated. My subconscious, my trillions of cells, were as a lighthouse for me, illuminating my safe course. My image of me, who I was and what I could do, kept expanding and I looked forward to every moment. 

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    1. Eusebia says:

      Thanks a bunch for sharing this post about life without fear. Everyone is afraid of something, not having enough money is probably the biggest one. I cannot imagine a life without fear. I drive with fear. I walk down the city streets with fear. I am afraid to be alone. I love this blog. I am going to be positive, even though it scares me. You really seem to know what you are talking about!

      I sell Viagra for all those people who are afraid they will not perform well in sex. I also council them on how to relax and enjoy sex. I read your post on Sex is for making babies and I guess you are saying have sex as long as you cannot make a baby. Actually that is a good idea. It takes the pressure off of having sex and one does not have to make any preparations. I like it.

      Thanks a bunch for your comment. Yes performance is everything in civilization which is insane. Just have fun, play, and love yourself. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Bain says:

      Good points all around on how to cope with replies to comments. I always was looking for thoughtful, kind comments and replies on my site. But I see another use of comments is to further the topic. I want to understand more about publicly and how to get my word out. I use Facebook to learn more about comments. I am aware that many of your friends, which you have been dealing with are spam because they have many words of flattery. This entire site is very important and moving especially for young adults that may be thinking about starting a family.  It is going to be very difficult to be parents especially for what the future holds for their children. We keep going from the heart of desire and the brain of reality and truth. Keep up with the advance work.

      Thank you for your doubts and words of flattery. I write for spammers as well as people of all ages and interests that come to my site. Living without fear is difficult but necessary and loving oneself is crucial. It is personal and will change the entire world. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Fedo says:

      We actually live and do everything because of fear. Think about it. We live in houses, locked behind doors and windows, in a town with police, prisons and 911 emergency from phones inside our protected cave. Our car, a mobile extension of our house, behind locks and windows which is vandalized, stolen and we crash with delightful frequency. We pay insurance for what? It will not come to our rescue or save our lives. No it is to give money to the insurance companies to pay for the damage we cause or an act that God causes because he just does not like your looks. Life insurance has got to be the most stupid idea, yet people fall for it by the droves and who gets the money? Insurance companies, our spouse, children, dogs, the house, education and our grave?

      Insurance is a scam to get money out of us, including Health insurance. We live in an insane society bent on feeding us bad food so we will be unhealthy, smoke to look cool, take unhealthy drugs, drink alcohol, drive cars so we can crash them, work in dangerous situations, walk and jog on cement which brakes down our cartilage, with too many poor people, so most are criminals who want to take our money and our lives. It's your choice to pay or change your belief system. Here is a post that tells you how you live without fear. We think we are so smart, so how come we are so dumb?

      Are you asking me? We were trained to be stupid, unthinking dupes, patsies, trained dogs, you name it as long as it means stupid. Well, it will get us extinct or nearly so, with the all powerful, rich, dupes living in a cave under the crust of the earth, while the fires burn out, the plants grow again producing oxygen and the fresh water gathers without the poisons. C'est la Vie. Unless, enough of us make love internally for us, leave civilization to succumb from its own devices and start new in a place under the radar, the results will be perfect because of what we caused. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Flager says:

      Hey very cool web site!! Man it's Beautiful .. Wonderful ..Exceptional. We live in fear all the time, that is why we buy health, auto, house, business, death and college insurance. Fear is big business and we take drugs to elevate fear of sickliness, locks to protect our houses. The list is endless. Do you really fear nothing, not even death? I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds additionally…I'm happy to seek out a lot of helpful info here within the post, we'd like develop more strategies in preventing fear from running and ruining our lives. Thanks for sharing.

      And thank you for reading, thinking and commenting. I really fear nothing. I know I will die when I choose to, where and when. I know that everything I do is symbolic so I am alert, excited and yet at ease and peace. Sometimes I get annoyed, it fails to last for a solution comes on swift wings. Sometimes I get impatient and I take a deep breath and walk outside until it passes. I really live exactly the way I choose, in paradise. Everyone can if the wanted to. The path was easy and fun. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Kale says:

      Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, especially the stories you told in the comments. Regards . "A man may learn wisdom even from a foe." by Aristophanes.

      To live behind high walls. But is that any way to live? Better to have no enemies than to wall oneself up as if in a tomb. How do you live without making enemies? Think about it! How do you live making friends? We have made an insane civilizations and now it is time to retreat, get joyous, have fun, eat well and survive the coming holocaust, somewhere the powers are unlikely to go. Of course the powers ripped up paradise in the second world war, who had nothing to do with the insanity. Your guess is as good as mine. Lots of luck, Love Oracle Jai

    6. pro says:

      Really great article. I too can not image living without fear. I thought fear was what kept us safe. You say it is the 100% commitment to get thru the fear. But what keeps us safe? Really thank you! Will read on…

      Thank you for your comment. I need to tell a story to answer your question, because the commitment is necessary also for believing you are always safe. The long version of the hurricane story is really suspenseful but too long for a blog, so I will cut to the chase.

      We were bobbing along the Caribbean Islands in the trade winds, at night, without a forward sail because its line was tightly wrapped around the propeller of the engine, all because the captain feared to sail the 38" sloop in the "Trades" and in his fear he failed to locate the line. In addition to this, we left Fort Lauderdale without a usable main sail, so the only sail we could use was a reefed sail, tied to the mast and attached to a second forward line going to the top of the mast to be used only in an emergency.

      On the second nite, I awoke around one and saw the lights on Cat Island which was, at most, two miles away. I woke the captain and we went to raise emergency sail. That is when I found the Captain had thrown both anchors over the side in order to slow the boat down which was being pushed sideways at about 4 knots. You can bicycle faster than that. Of course the coral had cut them loose and now they were at the bottom of the sea.  

      I was hauling the sail up when the line hooked onto something which stopped the sail. The captain became hysterical and ordered me to wench the sail up, which I did lifting the heavy end of the spinnaker pole six feet off the deck. Needless to say our course became fixed until I could free the line. I took the wheel and  the captain went below to chart a course. At that moment the hurricane force winds smashed into the side of the boat, water was everywhere. It was impossible to see and nearly impossible to breathe but it was exciting.

      The captain came flying up into the cockpit in a panic and I could  just make out that he was going to drop the sail. Now for you non-sailors, if that sail came down, we had no control over the boat and no anchors to hold the boat so we would have ended up dead in a matter of minutes on the rocks of Cat Island. I had to stop him and did what any sensible woman would do, screamed, "help me, I'll drop the sail", which did the trick, he took the wheel. Once he was secured, I ignored him and went forward to unwrap the sail from the pole.

      This blog is about losing the whole made up concept of fear. Animals do not fear, they have a safety program that has them do what is necessary to stay alive. We removed that safety program, so we could fear everything especially kings and gods or is it the other way around?  Fear is the killer. Boys and girls, there is nothing to fear if you train yourselves to always be safe. I was trained that way, so I behaved sensibly in the above story and throughout my life. Your subconscious knows. Reprogram it to keep you safe. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. HFG says:

      Article is very good. I really can not imagine life without fear. We lock our doors, do you? There are neighborhoods we stay away from, certain clubs, even some parks. People are dangerous and so are their dogs. I am afraid to even start not being afraid. How do I know what you are saying really works?

      There is nothing we can trust in the illusions humans have made up. We fail to live in reality, in the natural world in harmony with the universal forces that act upon our planet. We have been lied to, frightened, hurt and worse all our lives. We are out of control and heading for extinction. You have trusted all this to be true all your life and it is an illusion. So the ball is in your court. You can stop the world and get off or continue to spin until it is over. Keep reading, it will help. Love Oracle Jai

    8. rugak says:

      Look at all we have done and are doing to one another. It's sick! Everyone in the world has strayed from the origins of religion, whether Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhism or whatever. Most instructions from religious texts are all very similar in that we all should better humanity, improve ourselves, promote family/friendship, and preserve the world. But in fact we are doing the opposite in all facets. We bear false witness, wrong our fellow man, personal vanity, destroy our environments, and worst of all pursue the almighty dollar. The root of all evil!

      Well done. I would eliminate personal vanity because that is where all goodness must begin, within our love for ourselves. Women need to cherish themselves so they can cherish their babies. When babies are held and cared for their needs are met and controlling nature and others disappears. The old saying, Love conquers all is correct. Love, Oracle Jai 

    9. ug says:

      Living without fear really caught my eye. I live in a big city, in a borderline neighborhood. How can I live without fear. Reality is that it is dangerous here. You will tell me I should move to a better neighborhood but they are in danger as well. If I move to the country there will be no customers and I only know how to sell stuff. I am afraid to just wing it and yet I am afraid to stay here. How do I get to be without fear? You say believe but how can I when reality is that three people in four blocks have been robbed and one at gun point. I have a gun in my house and am afraid to use it. What do I do?

      It is all in our mind. Robbers are attracted to victim's fear. In fact all bullies go after victims for they are victims themselves. They understand their prey. We continually victimize ourselves, so of course it is only a matter of time before we get hurt, which is what we expect. It comes from our childhood training. We have to change that pattern of thinking and using others experiences as evidence that it will happen to us. Read more of my blogs. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Lara says:

      QanbBq Muchos Gracias for your blog post.Thanks Again. Cool.

      Yes, muchos gracias for making a comment. I have a lifetime of living without fear because I was trained that I would always be safe. It is a belief that we make come true. I hope you begin to believe that whatever you do benefits you and everyone else. This will be a safe world to live in, Love Oracle Jai

    11. Affy says:

      I really like and appreciate your blog. I would love to be a sailor and be fearless. It is difficult to live in a big city and be without fear. Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

      Thank you for your comment. Actually I have lived in big cities without locking my doors and windows knowing I would be safe. My mother told me I would always be safe and if anything threatened me, I would alert myself and take care of the situation safely. I believed her and it was true.

      I was awaken in the night in a duplex. I heard heard a soft rattling noise and steam was coming up out of the toilet. I woke my husband and he immediately knew the valve on the hot water heater failed to shut off the heat. He fixed the problem. Our cells hear everything, know everything and will do as trained to do.

      The biggest danger at sea is the captain. If he believes he could die at sea, guess what. I trained myself to be safe so I avoid all danger even at sea. You can do this as well. Read on. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Marty says:

      Fastidious answer for the difficulties we meet with every day. Arguments and genuine grief, the world is a sad and scary place but I have heart after reading Live without Fear. It is hard to imagine how I will do it but it is worth a try.

      Trying will not cut thru the fear. It is necessary to be committed 100% and stay with the program until you succeed and you will succeed. Now that does not mean stepping in front of a moving car on the road. It means following the simple rules of being safe, look in all directions and if nothing is dangerous is coming like cars, snakes, lions, tigers and bears, then go. Read the rest of my posts for more positivity. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Albumy cyfrowe says:

      I do agree with all the ideas you have introduced in your post. They're very convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for starters. Could you please lengthen them a bit? Thank you for the post. Albumy

      Thank you for the compliment. I was told to keep the posts short, around 300 words. Most are around 400 words. I agree the subjects are extensive and I have only scratched the surface. I will write more. Love Oracle J.

    14. Ngan says:

      With this the climate of the debt and all the wealth in the hands of a few, you suggest we be cheerful, loving and positive when we are about to lose everything. The value of money will collapse at any moment the puppeteers decide it is time. To live without fear is not only impossible but ridiculous. How do we eat, feel our kids, keep our house and get paid for the work we do in the event of monetary crisis that is sure to happen? It has happened before which will be minor compared to what is coming. What is the solution? Ignoring the facts and be happy?

      Sorry but there are too many people on the planet and most have to die. Starvation, affixation and suicide are ways to accomplish this. I recommended getting fixed to stop the pile up of people. Those who have the money, have the power and got it from all the people playing their game. The rich and powerful fail to need most of us anymore, we are expendable.

      We brought it on ourselves by overpopulating the planet, failing to love and cherish ourselves. At least you see the consequences of what we have done. Now it is up to you to save your ass. It is personal. Be positive, Leave society; go to a safe place in the country, away from the maddening crowd. Farm organic food, its back to square one and no Breaking Bread!!! Love, Oracle Jai

    15. kliknij tu says:

      Thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us. You really know what you're talking about! Bookmarked. We could have a link exchange contract between us! kliknij tu

      Thanks for sharing. What is a link exchange contact? If you want a conversation about something I have written, register and make a comment on the post you wish to share ideas on. I will answer you. Love Oracle Jai.

    16. Nik says:

      I couldn’t go away your website before stating that I loved the answers you give to your visitor's comments. I will be back frequently to check up on new posts and read some of the others I missed. Living without fear is a big challenge. Does that mean we are wide open to being harmed now?

      Living without fear means trust yourself to be safe. To be safe you have to know you are always safe. Right now you live in fear because you were trained that you could be harmed and not see it coming. You have always trusted yourself and others to hurt you. Your cells complied, your subconscious complied and you did not see it coming.

      To retrain your automatic response, you tell yourself you are always safe when you feel fear. When your cells are sure this is what you really want, you will be alerted, if you are about to do something that will bring you harm. Trust that you will do the right thing to save your ass. Change demands trust and that you already have. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Dillon says:

      Thanks for your marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading Live Without Fear but I loved all that I have read so far. You're a great author and your thoughts are right on. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back very soon. I want to encourage you to continue your great job, I intend to return often and gain your wisdom. Have a nice evening!

      Thanks for your marvelous comment. Living without fear is actually easy once you drop all the shit you learned from your parents, teachers and everyone else. It is all based on a lie that does not and never did exist. The lie that there is something wrong, bad or ugly here. Everything is just perfect. Put on that true statement and see how wonderful life can be. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Sosby says:

      You have mentioned very interesting points here! I cannot imagine living without fear but I do understand what you suggest. It takes a leap of faith. "He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea." by Thomas Fuller.

      ps nice website, love the pictures, colors, sound. Very unique and a nice place to visit and read. 

      Thanks for a very interesting comment. Love Thomas Fuller. Danger keeps us alert, fear drowns us. I usually tell people faith is a five letter word that one should remove from their vocabulary and beliefs. When you love yourself, you find what you choose to do is safe. It has to be because you care and cherish yourself, like a good parent that watches out for you, even when you are unaware.

      We are set up like this and our training tells lies that we are not safe and then our parents prove that we are unsafe under their guardianship. This has to change otherwise we are doomed to become extinct before the end of this century. We are adults and we can retrain ourselves with love and cherish us. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. classy says:

      I guess everyone would like to live without fear but that would be impossible. Still it poses an interesting discussion and definitely worth comment. I thought all animals have an instinct for fear so they will survive. It is an eat and be eaten world, except for us, that is. That is why we have civilization. Unfortunately we created our own predators who will rob, kill and suck our blood.

      I think you should publish more about this subject. After all religion says if we walk with God, we will be safe. Is that true? Generally folks don’t talk about these topics. I excitedly wait for you to continue our conversation. This too is unique on the internet. Thanks for being unique. 

      You are right and we continue the conversation on every post because all the posts are about the same thing, The Key to Having What We Want. We really can live without fear for we choose when, where and how we shall die. We are totally in charge of our lives, even if we deny it or believe we are victims. We had better be God if we want to be safe because only we can program ourselves to be safe. Only we can make the feeling of love internally. Others are unnecessary.

      The catch is that we have to believe we are capable, which is true. We believe the lies handed down from primitive humans, we got from our childhood trainers. Now we must become our Olympic trainers. Love, Oracle Jai 

    20. Kelly says:

      Tons of thanks for making the effort to cгeate this post to discuss this issue. I fеel strongly about thіs аnd would love to leaгn a great dеal more on the subject. Ιt’s aсtually useful for mе. Kelly

      Thank you for commenting and in fact, all the blogs are about the same thing. How we got to be the way we are and what we can do about it. We are here to save the world and give people the knowledge they need to have happy, healthy, prosperous lives. Love, Oracle J.

    21. Friend says:

      I value the blog. Want more.

      I desire to give you what you want, so you shall have more. We now have a place to register at the bottom of the side bar so you will know when I put up a new post. Love, Oracle J.

    22. Yak says:

      This post is just what I was looking for and I appreciate you writing it. We are taught to fear and then we fulfill that prophecy. Harry Truman dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan to stop a war, then a few days later he dropped another. That is his'tory but he said, “Study men, not historians.” We are taught men were created in God's image. Men became as God and bent his life to destroy the paradise God gave him. His concubines continually produce his begats, who become his slaves, armies and whores. There is only one conclusion to this his'story. Men will soon become extinct.

      My sentiments exactly and at the rate we are destroying everything, we will be extinct by the end of this century. I am just suggesting we enjoy our stay here as long as possible. We are automatically run by our early training so we need to retrain ourselves to go after a positive, joyous, loving life. Hear, Hear. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Brigida says:

      Awesome! Its actually an amazing post, I have a really clear idea on fear and how to live without being afraid. I have been to shrinks, spent a lot of money and still did not get how to get rid of the fear. Everyone's fear comes from the same place, the environment in their home, when they were too little to know this was not the way to be. I did have rotten parents and should never have been born. The church actually tells me to honor those bastards and it is my fault!!!

      Karma says I was made to suffer from a past life. Great Balls of Fire!! What kind of teaching is that?  Then I had to go thru all the horror again telling it to the shrink and I am still afraid of everything. Shit. Well finally some sense, some light in this dark place. I will smile, laugh even if it kills me. I just want to kill. I will take my revenge out on the negative thoughts and turn them around. That will do the trick. Wish me luck!

      Luck, my sweetheart, has nothing to do with it. If you are angry enough, you will succeed. Depression takes away all the tools. We are going here for loving ourselves unconditionally. You are right. If anyone had the right answer, we would not be in the state we are in. Karma, aliens, religion, shrinks, gurus, teachers all go for what they learned as a child. Humans left the natural order just after they left the trees, stood up, lost their tail, and developed an abbynormal brain. Got it wrong, right from the git-go. Read the rest of my blog. It is about you. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Shona says:

      May I simply say what a relief to find someone who really knows what they are discussing over the internet. You definitely know how to make something so important as living without fear, so entertaining. We fear everything from mom and pop as a child to old age ready to die. What was it all for? I am old and ready to go but I did not live. I look back and fail to find a time when I was happy, unworried and free. Even as a child it was do this, do that and shut up. More people need to read this. I am going to be free with the life I have left. Do stuff I want to do.  You should be on TV. That is where everyone is today.

      Thank you for your comment. I am old too but free and fear nothing. Of course that was an early training, there is always time to live in Paradise. Change your attitude and diet, the rest will follow. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Jacke says:

      Hi there, I read your blog named "Live Without Fear. I knew I had made the 100% commitment. I am going to be Positive Now" on a regular basis.Thanks, for a new life without fear.

      You are welcome and please read the rest. It is all about how to get the life you really want. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Collings says:

      Really enjoyed this blog article and really thank you! Great. Collings

      And I really thank you, Collings for your comment and live your life without fear. Love, Oracle J.

    27. John says:

      Fear is a big subject and you really seem to understand it. Your story explains how we keep going thru the fear, trusting we will be safe and then when we actually believe our trust is accurate, we just go on having the adventure of a lifetime. I think I got it. Now to use it. 

      You summed up fear better than me, thank you for this comment. You are right now do it. When you feel fear tell yourself you are always safe. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. Freeberg says:

      You should be a part of a contest for one of the finest websites on the net. I am going to highly recommend this blog!

      Thank you. I am unaware of contests for the finest websites. Where is that? I am glad you read Live Without Fear. That is very important and will set you free. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Anonymous says:

      I really enjoyed this article. Thank you, it is really great.

      Thank you for the compliment. Fear is made up. Animals are educated to smell danger and react correctly. We go thru life fearing everything. I hope the article helps you realize that we have nothing to fear. We have eliminated adventure. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Anonymous says:

      Thank you ever so much for your blog. I Really thank you! It is Great.

      Thank you for coming and sharing. Love Oracle Jai

    31. Ruth says:

      Having read this I know how important it is. Without fear there is only joy. We are afraid of everything and all our teaching and preaching is about how terrible and dangerous life is. Bush depended on this when he brought those twin towers down. Really!! and people believed knocking out a floor near the top would bring the whole building down. We are not only always afraid we are stupid to boot. Your blogs are  really informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this short article together. I once again find myself personally spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worth it! I have a lot more posts to read and looking forward to every minute.

      Thanks for your critique and you are right. We are stupid. IQ has nothing to do with intelligence. The ability to think and make sense does, however. Living in reality does. We need to do both. Love, Oracle Jai

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