• A man finds a goose, brings it home and before he kills and eats it, she lays a golden egg. Wow! He and his family are rich and every day the goose lays a golden egg. Of course the couple get greedy and want more so, thinking the goose has lots of golden eggs inside her, they kill it. Now it is only good for one meal. Moral: people trained to think money/gold will bring happiness, kill love and joy to get it. They get what they deserve, misery.

    Canada Geese and Mallards at Sunrise

    Jack does better with his magic bean stalk. He climbs to the clouds, finds the castle of the Ogre, steals a bag of gold and the goose that lays golden eggs and goes home. He and his mother are rich but eventually Jack wants more, so he climbs the stalk again and steals a golden lyre that plays beautiful music, which awakens the ogre, who then chases Jack intent on murder. Jack cuts down the beanstalk, killing the ogre, whereupon his mother and he live happily, rich and listening to lovely music ever after. Moral: If the guy with the riches is big, bad and ugly, it is OK if you steal his gold and kill him or vice-versa. This moral is very popular. 

    There is also the third story about the third son of a woodcutter who is called Dummy. After his two older, strong, smart brothers meet with axed accidents cursed on them by a grumpy, hungry beggar, Dummy goes into the woods to cut wood. He meets the old beggar, shares his food with him and as a reward the beggar gives him a golden goose. Instead of going home to his mean, unloving family, he goes to town and takes a room in the inn for a golden feather.

    At night the innkeeper’s oldest daughter sneaks into the bedroom to take a feather or three but when she touches the golden goose she becomes stuck fast. Each of the other two sisters also sneak into the bedroom to steal a golden feather or three and get stuck as well. The boy gets up in the morning, apparently accepting that three girls are stuck fast to the goose, gives a golden feather to the innkeeper and goes off to town with the girls trailing after him. By noon the town’s entire moral establishment, including the mayor and preacher are stuck fast to the long line of people trying to get a golden feather or the thieves loose, or both. 

    As it happens they pass the gates of the palace where the sad princess is gazing upon this bizarre sight and she breaks into peals of laughter. The king immediately sends for the boy and all who are stuck to him. The king, so happy his daughter has finally laughed, marries her to Dummy, whereupon all the towns people fall off and at least Dummy and the princess live happily and rich ever after. Moral: stupid and humble wins the prize. That's right girls, bone up on being the prize and you too can have a stupid, humble husband.

    Now why is it that most humans lose the fortune, love and kindness, that comes their way by killing what inspires love, joy and having fun in paradise? The stories pointed to greed because moralists need to feel superior in being poor but nice, humble, modest, hard working, right, good, hate sex, others, animals, land, plants, birds, fish and obviously over grown ogres. One can only feel that way by labeling some things bad, greedy, lustful, lazy, envious and fat, in other words, rotten to the core, godless and proud of it.

    Does that mean it is morally OK to kill? Apparently so, according to the Bible, the Koran and a bunch of other religious, morality books and plays. When our parents punished us for being naturally joyous, loving and inquisitive, we believed we were bad and undeserving of love and the kingdom of happily ever-after. We took it personally. So we kill whatever gives us too much love, fun and pleasure and we covet stuff that others (read parents) think is valuable, such as gold, silver, diamonds and paper money. We become desperate and worship the rich. 

    Even though we had no choice in who we were trained to be, we are old enough to retrain us to be who we want to be. We do it all the time. We train how to speak and write our language, do math, do our job, fix a faucet, use a washing machine, cook, drive a car, swim, and work a computer, whatever. It is time to spend some time training ourselves to be positive, happy and healthy by loving and cherishing us and the natural earth, so we live in peace and good will forever after, even if thar be ogres.    

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    1. Ian says:

      Hello, I enjoy reading all of your posts. I loved fairytales and I never noticed what they were actually telling us. I would love to have you write a book about the fairytales and what they are telling us to do and be. I want to encourage you to write more. Lately you have hit a wall and I would like to support you.

      Thank you and yes I could write a lot more. I thought 60 was plenty but of course, each subject could be expanded. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Salle says:

      You do you have a good sense of humor, a great way of stating the lessons necessary to turn this world around. Thanks for your comment and enjoying the stories. Let us turn this world around instead of stopping it and getting off. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Nathan says:

      Incredible points. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing effort. I loved those stories when I was a tiny tot. I guess they made a big impression for as you say, we actually accept life as if it were a fairytale with fairies and monsters, lots of death and wondering why. I am a boy and I do expect to get the pretty but not as smart as me princess.

      Hahahahaha, at least you are honest. Yes that is the way we play the game of life. Virginia Slims, probably before your time showed a castle and started the fairy tale. He went managed the kingdom while she cooked, cleaned and managed the castle and kids. You've come a long way Baby." I guess we were grown up enough to start acting like a man and smoke and drink like a man. They forgot to tell us who would take our job- the upkeep of the castle. We are still wondering and if we are still smoking we have cancer. On that cheery note, Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Jeoff says:

      It is as if you read my very own mind! You appear for more information regarding what we are unaware of and did not know what we needed. Your pictures tell the story as well. We are lulled into wanting more with the sounds of the forest. This is a great read, enlightening us by our childhood bedtime stories. I really want additional details on how we are so preoccupied with the disaster we have made for ourselves with such a brilliant mind. We really do need to change our environment back to its original, natural operation and stop messing with it. We are sick and tired of our noisy, ugly, dangerous, overpopulated societies and as a result, we just hobble along like a prison chain gang, until we all die. I just can not see anyone changing to being positive in this negative world of industry we have caused.

      You are trained to be depressed which is expected and admired because that hopelessness you feel, feeds industry. They depend on it, so you will do as they desire and they will not have to put money into your pockets, like they do with presidents, kings and churches. So do as the rich and powerful bankers and leaders of corporations want or do your own thing and spend your life happy, loving yourself and the natural earth. When your subconscious works for your love and joy, you always live in perfect health and abundance of all you desire. Try it, you'll like it. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Zac says:

      That's a nice post. My heart is with you. I have actually read some of those fairy tales and I thought at the time that they had to be false teachings. I am so glad you agree. And they were told to small children as if they were the correct moral guide.  

      Of course those stories came from over a hundred years ago and you are right they taught killing for moral reasons was good. The Crusades and the Inquisition conducted by the Catholic Church were considered righteous and that was to spread the word of God thru the love of Jesus Christ. They killed millions of people. Go figure that one! Jesus would have been turning in his grave if he had one. The Church took a hear no, speak no and see no evil posture during Hitler's massacre. He was considered the second coming of the Messiah. 

      Those were the same reasons we were given for fighting in Laos, Korea and Cambodia. We felt justified in killing Communists!!! Where the hell were those places? They did not attack us! Did you ever read the principles behind communism? It is a non-government where the people are all equal, contribute and share according to their ability and need. That is good, right? Democracy says that everyone should have an equal say in their government. That is also good. What about a combination?

      We all have an equal say in our government and share our goods equally. That would mean a book, pair of shoes, food, furniture and entertainment, anything produced would belong to everyone and you would get what you needed in return for your labor. Humans could not embrace that idea, even today, because of their childhood conditioning: there are kings and slaves. All women are less than men. Animals, birds, plants and other life do not matter at all. That is why all governments and societies fail in the end and we will fail BIG this time. This should be a blog. Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai    

    6. Meme says:

      Thank you for publishing this post. I searched many sites and came up empty handed until I finally came upon your site. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. You could have kept it to yourself and we would have gone to our graves without ever having the opportunity to change our lives. Your posts are very clear & easy to read and understand. I have spent a long time studying this afternoon and I am really happy I discovered your website. Glad you have worked this issue out. Hello dear community please read this post as well as the rest of the site. You will be so glad you did.

      Thank you for your comment and asking others to read it. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. pro says:

      Wow, awesome article.Really looking forward to reading more about fairytales. I read your Goose Girl as well. Fascinating. My mother read a lot of stories to me and my brothers when we were growing up. I can see similar themes in a lot of the stories. What about little Red Riding Hood. That one is different, grandmother being eaten by a wolf. The hunter helps in Snow White as well. What does the hunter stand for? Is that good, he kills animals to eat. Please do more. Thanks for the articles.

      Thanks Pro, I see you have commented on several posts. Thanks for this. I always put up the comments that are on specific posts and have something to say first. You notice that the women in fairytales are usually witch/mothers to be feared and sweet and helpless when a child. Little red riding hood is the same theme. Little helpless female needs rescuing by big strong or rich male or she will be eaten by a wolf. Look what happened to grandmother!!! Poor wolves get a bad wrap and we have been trying to exterminate them since these stories began. Keep coming, reading and leaving a question or compliment or both. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Gertelman says:

      I just read Taro Readings With Oracle J. Be Positive Now, but I'm not sure where to go next.

      I have over fifty blogs, surely one will grab you. I like the one on the Golden Goose Stories. It relates to our childhood and our morals. But then I like all my blogs otherwise I would refrain from publishing them. I have gone back and changed a few to be more positive. I sometimes get so frustrated with the human species wasting their incredible brain on such stupid, negative shit, I tend to let that frustration out in my writing. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Francis Pasch says:

      Just want to say your article is as amazing as it is funny. The clarity in your post is simply excellent and I can assume you're an expert on all your subjects. I see where to subscribe and will so I can be updated with forthcoming posts. Thanks a million and please carry on the rewarding work. Francis Pasch

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and compliment the post. It is time for people to pay attention to what is actually going on around them and on the planet. The news is not only full of untruths but they want you to be silent and obedient or yelling in the streets. The last thing the establishment wants is for us to think. The problem and solution to all the problems of the world boils down to one person, us. If we teach ourselves to smile, laugh and love all the time, our life gets better and richer and so does the world. We are all in this together.

      The only way to help starving children is not to have them. They were born because they are in a society that fosters starvation by overpopulating their food source. We all do this. Get smart, get out of the fairytale mentality and get really happy, living a life of fun, without bringing in a baby to acerbate the problems we need to prevent. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Jarrett Shinnick says:

      You're truly a good webmaster. The site loading velocity is amazing. The pictures are awesome. Furthermore, the contents are masterpieces. You have done a excellent job researching your points and your thinking is flawless. I love your reference to the fairytales we grew up listening to. You could take into consideration the books, news and TV sitcoms that also influenced our lives. They are as bad as the tales of how and why we were born and what we have to do in life with all the rules we must follow. I fail to see how we will ever pull ourselves out of the mess we have made in time to prevent our total extinction. Keep hammering away, some will pay attention and change. I know I will. Jarrett

      Thanks for making a comment and for growing up. Of course you are right and the scary thing about TV is that it is used as a babysitter and parents think those cartoons are good for the children. The only thing good for children is to be cherished and loved by parents who cherish and love themselves and we know that is not likely because they grew up in unloving homes watching TV. I will keep hammering away, however. Thanks for the encouragement. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Stephaine says:

      You rеаlly mаκe it ѕeem so easy with your prеѕentation but I read the story and just get a story. I never thought these stories were actually morals for us to learn. I just do not understand this kind of thinking. I can see what is happening but never analyze it. I think  I ωould never understаnd this. It seems too сomρlex and eхtгеmely broad for me. ӏ do love reading your blogs. You have a very different and entertaining style. I look forωаrd to уour next post, Ӏ will try tо get the hаng of іt!

      Well your wish was my command for I just published a blog on Think and Make Sense. Be sure to read it. Once you learn how to think, it becomes easy and happens without effort. Most people read those stories, including the stories taught in higher education, without realizing they are just stories because they do not know how to think.

      When I went to college, ages ago, all of anthropology taught that men developed everything, including, weaving, sewing, making clay utensils, chewing leather and making it into clothes and shoes, farming, husbandry, art, everything. Women's work was not mentioned because men assumed she just gave birth, watched the babies and cleaned up after them. That is not only illogical but stupid because we watched primitive tribes share in the inventive process. Women invented many of the things attributed to men because men were writing their story and it was all about how fine he was. Learn to think so you can be in charge of your story. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. buy says:

      I love fairy tales and this blog explains what everyone missed. It is OK to rob and kill if someone is like an orgre and does bad things. Yet you say we are perfect and bad was made up so the ogre is doing what orgres do and are trained to do. Obviously Jack should neither steal nor kill. And yet religious documents also condone killing and robbing as long as it serves the church and god. Nice blog and I love the way you write. It is short, clear and funny, yet hard hitting. Makes one think, gives the light in which I can observe the reality.

      Nicely said, gives the light…you must be a writer. Thanks for the comment and that you are thinking. Hurrah for our side. Love, Oracle Jai 

    13. michael kors says:

      Totally, it took me close to 40 minutes to discover this awesome post. Thanks a ton. I read your latest. Makes me wonder how much more I have swallowed that is detrimental to my health and peace of mind. I also read your replies to the comments. It is the story continuing. I am coming back every day. I have a lot to catch up on. Thanks

      Thank you Michael, you keep coming and I will be grateful that you have begun to find reality peeking thru our childhood training. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Welln says:

      Thank you for your blog post. You sure have a way with words. Funny with a devastating topic. Makes it easy to see your point of view. Please go over some more of our beloved fairy tales. What are the morals behind Cinderella and Snow White for instance.  Awesome writing, entertaining and makes us think.

      Thank you for your comments and compliments. They will get you anything you want. Both Cinderella and Snow White have evil stepmothers. But the stories are really about mother. Since we train our children that if they are bad, mother rejects them by withholding her love and physically hurting them. She becomes the Evil Stepmother. Of course the child is innocent and goes right on trying to be the child mother will always love. She is the sweet Snow White and Cinderella. Unfortunately she can only become her mother because that is who she must copy in order to survive. The stories end at the marriage of Prince Charming. If they were to continue they would show our little princesses being just like their evil stepmothers when they raise their own children.

      The story is more a symbolic, psychological explanation, like the Greek myths than a moral statement. If mother leaves or dies when her child is young, it is understood as a rejection by the child and any substitute is no substitute at all. The only solution is kill off mothers who fail to love themselves and everything else, including their children without conditions. I am definitely an advocate for doing just that. Stop  having children unless you have trained yourself to love unconditionally. Children can only copy you, no matter who you are being. Give them a loving person that puts no conditions on your love for everything and those stories will fade into the past, like a forgotten dream. Darn there I go again writing another blog. So be it. Thanks for asking, Love, Oracle Jai 

    15. maillot says:

      Whoa this blog is fantastic I like reading your articles. Keep up the good paintings! You understand, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could aid them greatly. What golden goose do we kill? maillot chelsea hazard

      Thank you Maillot, for coming often and makeing such good comments. To answer your question, when we have a good job we like, we do something, behave in such a way we lose it. We either get fired, move to another place, find a job that pays more etc. When we get married and we really like the person or even love them, we have two children and divorce in five years. We fail to commit to happily ever after and bail when a storm comes along.

      We are looking for something out there instead of inside us. Just putting up with a relationship, job, town or country because it is easier than making a move is obviously out. We cause everything that happens in our life. Be sure we start loving ourselves and enjoy our company. Then we expect the happy, joyous, healthy, fun people, place and work in our life and give it 100%. When it is over, there is only joy and we know everything we do and did benefited everyone. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Lupe says:

      * Great delivery. Great arguments. It has always been a mystery as to why people kill the goose, so to speak, that lays the golden eggs. I would think a golden egg every day would keep me living in luxury forever. Do you know where I could find such a goose?  Keep up the great effort. Lupe

      When we love and cherish ourselves without any reservations, standards or conditions, that goose just keeps those golden eggs coming in the form of granting our love, joy, health, wealth and having fun in everything we do. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Asa says:

      Thanks for a marvelous posting! I enjoyed reading it, you are a great author. I have never looked at marriage the way you do. If we love each other, a contract is not necessary. Contracts used to be just a handshake and a verbal agreement. I also never thought about the morals of the fairy tales and you are right. Killing and war are sanction in the Bible, Koran and every where else, except Buddhism and a few others. Martial arts are about ways to kill people also. Write about that. I will keep returning to read more. I want to encourage you to continue your great posts, have a nice holiday weekend!. Dalia Enslen

      Thank you Dalia for your comment and for your willingness to view our everyday traditions in a new light. I shall take on martial arts for the purpose of killing. I studied Tai Chi and eventhough it did originate from killing movements it evolved into a peaceful contemplative health exercise. We need to evolve and quickly. Love, Oracle jai

    18. Clyde says:

      I see a lot of interesting posts on your page. I liked the stories and this is the first time I read any analysis of them. You are right on and too many of us do kill love and what is fun. You have to spend a lot of time writing and I know how to save you a lot of work. Please contact me by email. 

      Thanks for your comment and suggestion. I write because I love to write and I have something valuable to say, that is why I can spell words differently, use some $10.00 words and swear. People are trained to be dissatisfied with nature the way it is, people the way they are and themselves. I know we can always be safe, happy, loving and prosper doing what we love to do but people do not buy this because they have been trained to believe only a few hit the jackpot and the rest toil their lives away. If you got the message in the post, then you are one who can have the life you want. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Latisha says:

      I am sure this post will help everyone. We all seem to know how to do what will squash the relationship, job, party whatever. Its really a good article on why we kill what gives us success and joy in life. I do it all the time. I do something stupid and lose my good job, or girlfriend or whatever. It is a relief that I am doing what I learned in my childhood. Hell, I can change that and grow up. I was about to say don't know how but you keep telling us how. We need to love us totally, compliment us always and we will have all the golden eggs we want!!

      That you will and thanks for your great comment. We want that paradise and it is there waiting for us to rid ourselves of negative feelings and beliefs .Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Kian says:

      I like what you said in Golden Goose stories, including the Goose Girl. Such clever thinking and reporting! We never analyze stories and here you are telling us what is sinking deep into our subconscious without our awareness. You are right on. We do kill the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs. We are trained to do that. Life cannot be that good. We cannot be that rich. We ruin our marriages, relationships with our children and friends and think it is their fault. What a bunch of dummies we are. Keep up the awesome works guys. 

      Thanks for reading the posts. We let all reality slip by without a glance and hang on to the fantasy, glitter and fame which is not for us. Be awesome. Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Deals says:

      After looking over a handful of the articles on your web page, I seriously like your way of writing a blog. I just had to read Golden Goose Stories because my big sister read tales to me. We never stop to think about what the story means. Now I am looking into what these stories were telling us about how to live. I see how nasty they are. Shame on Walt Disney for not realizing what the stories were telling us. Bambi, Dumbo, Tom and Jerry, the Roadrunner, in fact they are all about our detrimental way of being in the world. Tell us about Snow White and Cinderella. Thanks for opening my eyes.

      Thanks for your comments. I agree but I think Walt was only interested in what would make money. I do not think he saw himself as anyone who would right the wrongs of others. They made the stories and paid no attention to their influence. Why should he? Well now we have the Ogre, Shrek and a lovable dragon. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Super says:

      It's truly an amazing piece of work. I always think of Disney when I think of fairytales. This is a really good analysis of what is behind the cartoons. They are all about the big guy trying to kill the little one who outsmarts the big one. We certainly do try to outdo each other for the prize, pile of gold the power to get the palace, coach, princess and more and more. The goose that lays the golden egg is never enough. The richest men in the world still strive to get more stuff and power. Good to to have it so exposed and it was in front of us all the time. Call it like it is. Please keep up the great work. All your posts are worth reading more than once.

      The truth of how we operate and the results, we reap what we sow, is always right there in plain sight. We just learned to avoid seeing it. We have so many rules, traditions, morals and lies, it is impossible to see the tree in the forest. The golden egg is not wealth in terms of stuff and power. It is wealth of love, joy, health, being safe and prospering. You will be exposed to the truth, because you have already started looking at the truth. Love, Oracle jai

    23. link says:

      I appreciate you sharing this post. Keep writing stories like this. They really make us think. If we accepted these stories as good teaching stories, what else are we thinking is good that really has dire consequences?

      Good point. Most of our teachings need to be revised or dropped. Check it out. After all they support the civilizations we have created and the world order that is yet to come before our specie becomes extinct. Suspect the psychologists and their attempt to get us to fit in; the doctors that prescribe drugs; governments that fake videos and lie to cover killing their own people; churches that teach a morality that condones killing opposition in the form of evil. The list just goes on and I already wrote two blogs today answering two other wonderful, provocative comments. I will address this issue in another blog for another day. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Google says:

      Your site is certainly really worth going over. I come back every day and am amazed at how you keep adding something. This new blog is outstanding. We believe in chance and circumstances beyond our control operate our lives. You put it right where it is and we have been letting our power erode and slip away. Thanks for this reminder.

      Thank you for saying this. Yes, we have been taught we are powerless and we seem to be, as tiny tykes, and our parents, family, neighbors, teachers etc. are big over-grown ogres!!  Perhaps that is why humans do so much killing. They feel helpless. Hmmmm That is all going to change when adults get it and decide to change this picture. It has to start with us and when we have achieved love of ourselves we can love those tiny tykes. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. house says:

      Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Many thanks for supplying these details. Now I will look into other fairytales that mother used to read to us. Young unassuming, gullible boy gets the princess after much to do about nothing. Girl is asleep while growing up, so she is still a child, easily manipulated by the prince.

      When she finally does grow up, her childhood persona dies and she becomes the wicked step mother. Rather complicated but recognizable. Guy gets child/girl. She becomes an adult and all hell breaks loose. Do I have that right?

      And he leaves to find another. Yes that is the never, ending story. Women grow up and men do not hang in there. Is that a fairytale?… It is in Cinderella. Any others? This is a fun topic. I should do more. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Zak says:

      Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing spirit. There is so much to get here that is so important. To think our fairy tales were so wicked. I loved the way you put the Golden Goose Stories together and their moral statement. Wow. Keep it up.

      Thanks for your great comment. We need to wake up, that is what I am doing if people will read and listen. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. vas says:

      When somebody genuinelly doesn't know the difference between reality and fantasy, we need to assist them. This is the spot to find out what is truly going on. Thank you and I really like your latest blog. The comments and your replies are getting more interesting as well. 

      I thank you for reading the blog as well as the comments. I have a tendency to write blogs lately in the reply. thank you for commenting. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. rugak says:

      It seems strange to influence the next generation based on the previous generation, when the technology is outrunning both. The last generation only committed mayhem and murder and the generation before that and the one before..I thought the human animal was suppose to have this great brain. Well, that was a huge lie. We are more stupid than our cousins, the apes and monkeys. It is only fitting that we should become extinct. We even know what we do and we keep doing it anyway. The idiots will kill us all, even the few who do love and care for this planet and all life. Shame and we could have been so great.

      This seems to be the day for a few to realize what we have done, are doing and the result is shameful, stupid and we could have been so great. Thanks for being so blunt. Time to be honest and blunt. We have so little time left. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Rayford says:

      I could not believe my luck. I was going to give a little speech on fairytales to read to children and here were two blogs on fairytales. I am embarrassed to say I had given little thought as to why these stories were so popular and what they were really telling little children. I have incorporated your insights into my little speech and will tell the audience to check out your site. I am hooked and will eventually read it all. I would love it if you would do more fairytales. You should write a book. Thanks for writing such an interesting and beautiful blog. Rayford

      Thanks for having such great luck. When one is ready, the answer is recognized. There are tons of fairytales, which ones would you like me to write about? I love the subject. I could do one on horror stories but, of course, nothing is more frightening than a mother that does not love and punishes her child because she was punished by an unloving mother, when she was an infant. That story we live over and over again and again, in every household, hut and cave for the last 100,000 years at least. We must change. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Gail says:

      Good information. Lucky me I came across your site by accident. I read your latest blog and it is wonderful. We think we believe in morals until we find someone like you that has us really take a look. Your comments are also an eye-opener. I read it all. Thank you 

      Thank you for coming and reading my latest blog. Yes there is a whole lot about our life that is negative, unreal and unnecessary. We constantly kill the goose that lays the golden egg because we have been taught that there is no happily ever after. That is just a fairytale. Well guess what, that is untrue, a lie so we will constantly yearn for a happier, healthier, richer life and never behave in such a way to get it. Well the lid is off, you can change. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Beauti says:

      This is a severely great blogsite. This post, Golden Goose Stories is so amazing and says it like it is, not how we thought it was. This is the very first time I frequented your website page and thus far I am surprised at the content and the research you made to make this site incredible. Fantastic task! I will read it all and that is a lot. Even the comments are intelligent. Amazing.

      This is a severely great comment and we love it. We need all the accolades we can get and so do you, so keep complimenting yourself. Love, Oracle Jai

    32. SBMike says:

      Another welcome insight. Thank you Oracle Jai. When I find my mind crowded with unnecessary thought patterns I come back to be awakened by what should be right in front of me. You really help and I am appreciative of that! I have the Golden egg. I have not killed to get it, at least not mankind. But I have injured other important people with my essence. Let my day smile like an curious child. Practice the openness to let the natural joy that I have flood away insecure or other negative passages. These patterns are not welcome today. Thank you for the gift of this blog and have a good day!

      Thank you sweetheart. You have harmed none. We are all children of our ancestors who left the natural world of harmony and acceptance, living with what is. What could we do but be who we were trained to be? Be in peace and if you can let those negative passages go, rejoice. Thank you for coming again to read my latest effort. I really had fun with this one. Of course I have fun with all of them. All the posts have backgrounds now. Loved putting them up. Love, Oracle Jai  

    33. Rosalie says:

      That is a great tip especially for parents who read those stories to their children and people who watch Disney. Short but very accurate info… Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. A must read post for everyone of all ages!

      Thanks for your vote of confidence. We need to change our way of thinking and quickly. Love, Oracle Jai

    34. Sasse says:

      Thanks for your happy, dynamite blog. However, I get hung up on the comments and answers. Too many are not furthering the purpose of the post. They are just a lot of words of flattery, which we all like but do not thrill me. Constructive criticism is also valuable. I have a blog and when I get these kinds of comments, I just trash them.

      However, you also have the problem of plagiarism on your website which is not at all unusual. Protection of your great ideas and the way you say them cannot be guaranteed by the copyright laws. For another, your content includes many unhealthy things. They are revolutionary and the corporate government does not like revolutionaries. In fact anyone who follows your advice may be silently taken away and shot. We need to pay a lot more pay attention for additional details about the quantity instead of the quality of life and be happy with that.

      Hahahahaha. I hope you are joking. If you are serious, then I recommend changing your name. When I get too serious, I change my name. We think our name is the most important thing about us. We name our wives, children, businesses and tomb stones after us as if anyone else is or would be interested. Do you have any idea of how many people lived on this earth up to this minute. How many of them do you know? Did they make a difference in your life?

      It is true that you are the most important living being on the planet at this very moment and the next and so on until you die and that goes to every living individual on the face of this earth. You affect the others you come in contact with and if you are joyous, you create a joyous world. If you are critical, there is no such thing as constructive criticism, there is only negative, "I know and am better, smarter, stronger, prettier than you and I will pound you down with my superior being."

      Do you think that because one person speaks an idea, it is theirs alone and no one else can also think and use it, unless they pay for the right to use it? We have stupid, detrimental laws in the name of protection. We go to war and kill others in the name of protection. Hmmmmm. Lighten up. Change your name to Lighten, or Uppy or Spot or Rover, something that makes you smile and laugh. Love, Oracle Jai

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