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    The key to Having What We Want is to Know How We Got What We Have.

    Ever since we climbed out of the trees, stood upright, lost our tail and fur, developed an opposable thumb and big brain, life became difficult and scary. Food was harder to find and predators were bigger, faster and with sharper teeth and claws.

    Without fur, we fried in the summer and froze in the winter. We stopped living in harmony with what is and made up the concept something is wrong, bad and ugly here!

    Our leaders smoked weed, chewed mushrooms and starved themselves to have hallucinations. They believed the strange images were real, powerful and only they could reach them. These spiritual leaders invented ways to cajole the strange invisible illusions into controlling nature and giving them what they wanted. They drew on cave walls, put on costumes, shook rattles, wore teeth, shrunken heads and charms around their necks and danced up an orgy around the fire.

    For some reason, still unknown, our ancestors thought to offer human food to invisible beings, who lived in their imagination. They even began to slaughter their own kind to appease the imaginary gods. Virgin girls were popular until masses of slaves and later nonbelievers could be butchered. However nothing seemed to work. Rain still refused to fall, no matter how many were sacrificed.

    The surprising thing is that we still think the way to happiness, health and prosperity is thru appeasing and harnessing the power of illusive gods and bending the natural laws. True, our illusions, dreams and inspirations have created incredible things. We have a gadget that fits in our hand that can access anyone and anything in the world. We can even fly.

    The only thing we have been unable to do is live in lasting peace, beauty, love, joy, health and prosperity in harmony with the rest of the world. If we make each thought and action positive in every moment, we will achieve our own personal paradise. For us to do this, we must retrain our beliefs. Down with conflict, up with loving what is.

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    1. Amerpesse says:

      There is a minimum of what one article can accomplish and science shows us more about the world and universe we live in every day. However people do not want the truth they want nonsense. They prefer believing we are aliens and that is why we abuse each other and the earth. We want to control all  people, weather, food, crops, mountains, oceans, the air we breathe and make it do our bidding. We will waste our lives, like the ancient civilizations, building monuments to us, use up the earth and people for the peace that comes with death. Extinction is what we all want. Then life has no struggle and we lie peaceful at last in our graves.

      Poor child all your family only knows abuse to make you quiet. When I saw this blog, I thought there was an answer here to our insanity. I have a strong longing to be safe from the maddening crowds. I hoped you had the answer and cause a tremendous spiritual shock. But the answer is too simple. We hunger to be over stimulated and too depressed to consider smiling, laughing and love ourselves unconditionally. Jesus spoke 2,000 years ago and no one listened.

      It is indeed personal and paradise exists in the mind. It is so obvious, I overlooked it. I read thru the comments and some seem to get it. The future will be devastating for the living and we shall be resting quietly in the silence of forever.

      Sounds like you are pretty depressed, as are most people. I get like that sometimes and that is why I have cats. They remind me about what is good in my life. I left civilization and put it within walking distance. I live in nature and only hear the sounds of the river, wind, birds and insects. When I was a teen, my mother had a sickly green, coffee mug showing a cartoon of an angry man sitting in a box, frowning, arms folded. The caption read, "People are no damn good."  Hope is a four letter word to eliminate. Lose try as well. Now just think positive, love your self totally even when depressed. Only you need to change, no one and nothing else. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. MacLachlan says:

      I Will have to visit again whenever my course load lets up – nevertheless I am getting your Feed so i could go through your blog offline. Thanks.

      Thanks for reading The Key because it is a good beginning for making a major change in your life. Thanks for commenting. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. maillot says:

      Hello there I am so grateful I found your blog, I have really enjoyed The Key. I guess I never thought about why I was the way I was. I guess I thought I was born to be like this. Now you tell me I was trained and I can see that is right. I can change but I like my life, my friends and my work. I would like more money. I will read more of what you have to say. If this was a book I would never pick it up but having the information in separate blogs makes it more interesting. I guess the next one to read is about money! Please do keep up the excellent work.

      Yes the next one is about money. If we are happy with who we are and the life we have now, having everything we want is already there. The feeling or thought that we need more comes from our childhood training. It is necessary to keep governments and businesses making money for that training can never be satisfied. What more could we want than knowing we are always safe, in love, joyful, in perfect health, successful in whatever we do, prospering in the great adventure of life? Stuff is stuff and has no value. Once you realize this, you live in abundance. Does your wealth have to be counted in terms of money? Would you care if what you wanted came to you like an ever flowing river without costing you a dime?  Love, Oracle Jai

    4. red blued says:

      I feel technologies just makes it even worse for us to have the life we want. There are too many of us to make a difference. You have really good wisdom here and who will hear you? You have to pay a lot of money to be heard by anyone. If you just write, no one will read, unless you follow the rules of Google and other search engines. No one seems to care about our future anyway. Certainly not the ones that follow the rules, those on the news, TV, first pages on the internet. Only the rich get heard and their views are just to get richer, hardly concerned about our fate. Look at the oil companies. Instead of developing a better source of power, they cut down forests to find more oil. Squeeze out the last drop before we all die. Sorry but I am a pessimist. We have just gotten bigger doing the same horrible things we always did and now we will kill us all.

      You are just being truthful and real, which has always been frowned upon even to the point of being locked up. Of course we do not do that anymore. Our jails and insane institutions are overcrowded to the point of breaking down the walls and anyway you are right. No one is trained to love and think about what is and how come we are unnatural. In fact I think they see extinction as a relief or the solution to all our problems. Hang in there. Realists can be numbered on the fingers of one hand but the children of today are facing reality and may just change things around, at least the ones who love themselves without using drugs that cause fantastic illusions. Love, Oracle Jai 

    5. spapwaync says:

      I would like you to tackle the subject of violence and aggression in sports. Newspapers devote an entire section of their daily editions to the coverage of sports such as golf, football, soccer, hockey, basket ball, boxing, and more. Newsprint about sport surpasses even that given to economy, politics, or any other single topic of interest. Television brings into contemporary households over 1, 200 hours of live and taped sporting events every year.

      That is a good topic for a post. There are a lot of peaceful, athletic sports that are non violent: Golf, handball, racket ball, tennis, cricket, volleyball and bowling to name a few. Although there are a few cases where the golfer broke his club in a fit of anger; it was not on someone's head. Combative sports, businesses, ideas, families and other countries, train children to cause the inevitable conflict and war. The athlete is trained to hate and want to kill, even if their brother or best friend is on the other team. The concept of win and lose is made up, unnatural and fails to exist in the real world. Winning means destroying the imaginary opponent. War is trained in childhood; unfortunately love and let live is not. Thank you for asking for a very important topic you would like to discuss. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. więcej says:

      Hi there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this site with us so I came to check it out. I'm definitely loving the information. I'm book-marking it and will be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog and brilliant design and style. więcej

      Thank you so much, Wiecej, for coming here and sharing the posts with others. Yes, I love the design and, of course, what I write and real comments.  Love, Oracle J.

    7. Luca says:

      Wow, that's what I was looking for, how to get what I want. What a wealth of information existing here at this webpage. It seems that all your posts are about how we got what we have and what we can do about it. I am reading Live Without Fear next. In fact I can hardly wait to read them all. Thanks again and again for this blog. It is wonderful just being here amongst the beautiful pictures of nature and listening to the sounds of the forest and rivers. Kool.

      Thanks for that priceless comment. Read on and as you do your cells will remember and when you hear a negative thought in you, change it to a positive one. Instead of "You dirty rat!", you could say, "You perfect rat!" They are, because everything in the Universe is perfect, including you and me. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Ronald says:

      Great information and every informative. I’m wondering why the other specialists such as doctors, psychologists, personal trainers and life coaches do not understand that we have been trained by those who brought us up and are the reason we are the way we are. Now that I read it here, it seems so obvious. Of course!!! It has to be this way. Every post I have read of yours is the same. Once you speak it, it is obvious. I slap my head wondering why I did not think this.

      You must keep on writing. You are unique and must be heard. I am confident that everyone who reads this, thinks the same way. I’ve discovered It absolutely useful and has really helped me in my relationships, especially with me. You are just amazing. I finally had to comment because I so appreciate what you are doing. This Key article especially awakened me. Great post!!!

      Great comment!!! We all love compliments so be sure to say all these good things to you and look in the mirror when you do it. You are wonderful and you love yourself and all your trillions of cells unconditionally. Release your thoughts, decisions and actions in the past for they are not you but those of your trainers. Now you are your trainer and train to safe, joyous, loving, healthy and prosperous having the greatest adventure of life, every day. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Emile says:

      Nice blog here! Love the pictures and sounds. I read the Key and it is so true. We never think we are trained by our parents because they are always disappointed in us. Now I know why. They are disappointed in themselves. Wow. Such a realization. I feel free now, knowing this. I can be me because I can never satisfy anyone who is not satisfied in themselves and that includes spouses, friends, children, everyone. Double Wow!!! Also your website loads up very fast! It is such a pleasure, all the pictures of nature and the natural sounds. What a wonderful experience and wisdom.

      Thanks for your realization and for telling us about it. We really love to know that when one gets it they will do something about it. Being free of our conditioning opens up all possibilities. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Luigi says:

      I just want to mention I am amazed at what you write. The Key is just what I needed to know so I could make valuable changes in my life. Now I can look at all the criminals and idiots I know and know how they got that way. The solution is simple. The difficulty is smiling and laughing when I feel like punching someone in the face. Thanks a lot for revealing your wisdom. I am a changed man.

      Thank you for becoming a changed man. We need more men like you. Perhaps when your friends see how much fun you have knowing you are safe, healthy, loving and prosperous, they will want to change as well. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Peter says:

      I know this web site provides quality articles especially The Key, so we can understand how we got the way we are and what we can do about it. It is the best and most important information in the entire world and for some odd reason no one has sussed it out.  There is no other site that I have found, which offers this kind of quality information and so easy to read and understand, even if there are a few words I had to look up.

      That is what is so great about the English language. It takes words from all other languages, incorporates them and makes up new ones to handle a new situation. I love this language, even if other, older ones are prettier. Thanks for you review, it was great. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Christian says:

      Thanks for your marvelous posting! I really enjoyed reading it, and now I know how to get what I want. I get a lot from your posts and you are a great author. Very entertaining and right to the point. I will remember to bookmark your blog and definitely come back very soon. I want to encourage you to continue your great job, have a nice weekend!

      Thanks for the comment and encouragement. I hope you do continue to return, read and comment more. Love Oracle Jai

    13. Skinny says:

      Change ourselves and change the environment. I agree. Just changing the environment causes no changes for we are the same person over and over again and again, until we know why we are the way we are. Excellent text. We need to get out of this noisy society because we are sick and tired of being us. We need more time to relax, lose the stress, be joyous, loving and have fun. Paradise, yes, that's it. 

      Yeah, right on, that is it, come on in the water is perfect. Now that you know why you are the way you are and why you put up with the noise and stress, you can change and live in paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Sydney says:

      I thought this post was extremely interesting. You discuss the most important issues for living and in such a different way. Who talks about our automatic programing being our problem and we can change it? Nobody I know. The news does not talk about overpopulation, politicians only want trouble and to terrorize everyone. I appreciate you spending time and energy to put this content together. I always spend a significant amount of time both reading your post, the comments and then commenting myself. I appreciate that you reply to everyone's comment. We learn more that way. It really is worth my time coming here and learning how to improve my life. 

      Thanks for all that time you spend here. I do want to get people interested in themselves, completely, totally and loving it. Each one of us is a universe worthy of all our attention. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Bag says:

      Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, appreciate it. First time I really thought about why I am the way I am. Just took it for granted, like I was born this way. Now I know it is up to me to keep what I want and change what I do not want. But giving up smoking is hard, I have tried it several times. and there are other habits that are bad for me. It all sounds like too much work. "What the United States does best is to understand itself. What it does worst is understand others." by Carlos Fuentes.

      Just remember to love yourself unconditionally, including smoking and other unhealthy habits. It all starts with love and cherishing oneself. When your subconscious cells get it that you cherish yourself and want to nurture and protect you, as if you were your own child, they change your automatic trained program from a negative one to a positive one. Then it will become easy to quit smoking and undo other things that keep you unhealthy. You have to commit 100% to loving yourself, doing only what gives you pleasure, have fun with people who make you feel good about you.

      Remember the US is just made up of people who do not love themselves nor do they understand why. Once enough people get it that they are run by a negative program put there by their unloving parents, the US will start to love others and the world at large. It starts with you. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Buford Heeralall says:

      Thank you, I've recently been looking for information about this subject for all my life and yours is the greatest I have found. But, what about the conclusion? Are you certain in regards to the source?

      I am certain. You have been trained to have what you have and want what you want. You can wish, hope and follow others advice on how to get what you were trained to want but that will fail to bring you peace and goodwill. There are only a few things we really want and it goes like this: I am always safe, joyous, loving, healthy, prosperous, having great, fun adventures in the beautiful, magical, natural world. Trust this way of being right now, act as if it were so, stick to it constantly, loosing, removing and replacing all doubts and negative thinking. Thanks for asking, Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Shanae says:

      I love this site. Obviously I wanted the secret of having what I want. Your way of describing how we get what we have and want is truly clear and true. Why has it taken hundreds of thousands of years to realize the simple truth of this? We are not as smart as we think we are. Now that it is clear, I will read all the rest of the posts and get the life I want!!

      Thanks for your clear message. We are trained not to think. Kings and the richest men in the world want stupid workers that just do their job for a bit of food and a place to lie down. Religion never taught love thyself and that is where we must start. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Erwin says:

      Hey, buddy, I've not figured out the best way to subscribe Erwin

      Hi, Erwin, just look at the bottom of the side bar. Click on where it says Register. Thanks for wanting to be notified when I put the next post up. By the way do you have a topic you would like me to discuss. I have an opinion on just about everything. Hahahahah. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Ghyas says:

      Woa! I'm really digging the template/theme of this site. It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's very difficult to get that perfect balance between user friendliness and visual appeal. I must say that you've done a awesome job with this. Additionally, the blog loads very quick for me on Firefox. Exceptional Blog!

      Exceptional comment, thanks for the appreciation. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Bipy says:

      Lovely essay, very satisfied

      Thanks for the lovely comment. Love, Oracle J.

    21. airtn says:

      I am not sure where you are getting your information, but great topic. I need to spend some time learning much more or understanding more. Thanks for wonderful information I was looking for this information for my mission.

      I have been studying how we get to be the way we are and how we change all my life. I am a keen observer on this topic and check the latest scientific discoveries on how we operate. Now a lot of the valuable information is on the internet, perhaps all. Please be sure to register on the side bar so you know when I put up a new post.  Love, Oracle Jai.

      • Vladimir says:

        Thank you for this well researched post, I had been just thinking of that very same topic. It is so convenient and fortuitous when one finds a post which we have been looking for without needing to search all over the internet all afternoon, lol!

        You found the key, opened the door and walked right in. Congratulations. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. バーバリー says:

      Stumbled into this site by chance but I’m sure glad I clicked on that link. You without doubt answered all the questions I have been dying to answer for some time now. Will positively come back for more of this. Thank you so much バーバリー

      This is the most important question and answer in the whole blog. If you get it, you can now begin your transformation. Thanks for commenting, Love Oracle Jai

    23. Williams says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about our opposable thumb, big brain, naked skin. losing our tail and standing upright. We forget how nice that life must have been before we became the biggest killer of all time. When we think of the mighty lion or the armored horned rhinoceros or the great, white shark, we wonder at how this puny animal, human, could have conquered them all.

      Yes and we kill what we conquer. There are only a few rhinoceros alive today and the Siberian white tiger is extinct except for a few in zoos. It is time to stop this population rush to extinction. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love, Oracle Jai 

    24. Livingston says:

      I know this request is really odd but I am looking for a treatment for hemorrhoids. I don't desire to go to the doctors. I feel extremely embarrassed.…I will be happy if you address my issue.

      I am certain the internet is full of all kinds of help for your situation. Your body, trillions of cells in your universe is trying to get you to wake up and face some facts and truth about the beliefs you have and what you are doing to yourself. First you are eating foods to make you sick, in pain and embarrassed about it. I have several posts on the kinds of food to eat and what to never eat.

      Second you need to love and cherish yourself enough to take care of all your problems which are communications that you need to change your life. The symbolic statement might be, "You are a sick, painful asshole, behave like one and so are your family, friends and co-workers etc." Time to change that negative belief into a positive one and have the life you desire. Are you embarrassed? You are not to blame. We are all trained that way by asshole trainers. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Winona says:

      Thanks  for sharing such a perfect thought. It is amazing that I have never heard this before. Of course it makes sense and it should change the world. I am going to read them all. that was a perfect first. Sets the stage, so to speak. The whole site is pleasant especially with the sounds of a river and birds.

      Thanks for sharing your comment. We all love a compliment so be sure to compliment yourself often and others as well. Yes that was a good first choice. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Ana says:

      Whoa! I'm really enjoying the template/theme of this blog. It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's challenging to get that "perfect balance" between user friendliness and appearance. I must say you have done a superb job with this. In addition, the blog loads very quick for me on Safari. Outstanding Blog!

      Thanks for the simple but effective comment. We get it that you like it. You know the key to your joy, health and wealth, open the door and go in to paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. Temeka says:

      Good Post. I am going thru these issues as well, especially how to have what I want. Now I find that I have what I want even if I do not. I am in charge, what a charge! Now you tell us that we have to love and cherish ourselves first and then we will get the best life ever, love, health, wealth, joy having fun. How bad could that hurt. How long does it take?

      If you are committed 100% every minute, the the changes begin immediately. Soon you will find the right people, offers, experiences happen without looking for them or even knowing that you need them. Life becomes a glorious adventure and you have fun all the time. Love, Oracle Jai  

    28. Fernando says:

      Our lives are very complex in this busy world. I read your Key to Having What We Want and was fascinated. We do need to simplify. It is only necessary to pay attention to our small environment. I have decided to stop listening to the news. Most of it is bent or lies to entertain or inflame. The whole 911 thing was a hoax. I could go on and on but I can find enough entertainment in my home and work. Thanks for waking us up.

      Thanks for telling us that you are making a change. The news is negative entertainment and they only print what will upset you. Lots of stuff happens that is really nice and we rarely ever hear about it. Love Oracle Jai

    29. Erica says:

      I've learn a lot from this post. Everything you said made sense but I never thought of my childhood being the blueprint of life ever after until death do we part! I will not go thru all the details with me but a few obvious ones that you touch upon, like punishments and rewards. Really excellent stuff on this blog. I am reading it like a novel. Definitely worth bookmarking and revisiting often. I am surprised at how much you know and checked out before you began to write all your wisdom down. You created an excellent informative website. I will tell all the people I know to check it out.

      Thanks for everything you said in your comment. Of course, unless someone points out what is actually there, we only see what we believe is there. Thanks for coming aboard. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. tiny says:

      I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I am quite certain I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

      Thanks for commenting. Please be sure to register at the bottom of the left side bar so I can tell you when I have put up a new post. Love, Oracle Jai.

    31. Elena says:

      We live in a world where a certain darkness is rapidly taking over the Earth. It is caused by humans and they too will be consumed like all animals, fish, birds, plants and even non-living things. The culture everywhere around the world is powered by peer tension, one of the most effective forces on earth. Competition with the universe itself and all natural laws will eliminate this darkness and us. You preach we can stop this but I believe it is too big and too dark for anyone to succeed.

      I agree, even our children play electronic games of the darkness, killing an imaginary enemy. When they are killed, they rise again to kill again, on and on. Seven billion of us must die before we have a small enough population to have a positive effect. those who start now may be safe and miss the nuclear holocaust that is coming. Why, because they stopped playing games and are nameless, out of reach. Power to love, Love, Oracle Jai 

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