• The blue coral is called Blue Sea Squirts. I could not resist. They look so healthy and cute.

    Blue Sea Squirts or Tunicates and

    Here is the real scoop, the down and dirty and the nitty-gritty on squirts, ah… health. We were born with a perfect body. Our body is made up of trillions of living, individual cells that eat, eliminate their waste, sleep, work at their job, communicate with each other, our brain, the environment,  and, oh yes, stores every minute thing we ever experience in our lifetime, most of which we failed to even notice. 

    Our cells intimately know what is happening now, which creates the future. They keep our body in perfect health, avoiding, repelling and eliminating every person, place or thing that is detrimental to our natural joy, love, adventuresome spirit and ability to prosper.

    However we have to allow our trillions of cells to do their job. If mother or her substitute trainer interferes with this perfection, by believing harm, disease, poverty and misery is the way of the world, our cells will see to it. They aim to please. It depends on how we are trained to see the world, ourselves and others. If our trainers loved us unconditionally, we would also and reap the benefits from this perfectly designed body.

    This is true but we are all schizophrenic because we are told to believe the pervasive lies of our insane societies as true, when as a child we know reality. We spend our childhood practicing how to fake it and survive in this totally destructive civilization.  Our cells control our life, there is no such thing as genetic diseases. Diseases that appear to be passed down are passed down with what causes them, negative beliefs, thoughts, diets, etc.

    We always have the ability to heal or avoid any dis'ease, including so called hereditary diseases, stress, depression, ADD, bi-polar, schizophrenia, etc. We can RETRAIN ourselves to love unconditionally, always be in perfect health, fit, safe, prosperous, in love and life shows up as a great, exciting, beneficial, joyous, fun adventure.  Interested? Give this a listen to start now.

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    1. Edison says:

      I’ve never found commenting interesting or helpful on other blogs. But comments on this blog is an effective strategy for furthering the conversation as well as gaining many new readers. However answering them all takes a lot of time and most of the answers will not be read, so I think you’re a lot better off spending that length of time developing your content pieces. They are actually awesome!

      Thank you for your opinion and I will comment. I love doing this and life is about doing what we love to do. I am free to write, read, answer whenever and whatever I desire. My life is joyous and I love myself unconditionally that is why my SEO is lame for I play for joy and not the game the egomaniac, self serving, money grabbing men  have set it up. I write my way and encourage others to play life their way.  Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Michael says:

      The lack of clear communication can be a troublesome problem,as it can cause misunderstandings. Commenting is usually about learning and giving. You are very clear and direct. There is no misunderstanding what you say and what you mean. A number of my friends get together to talk about our work and personal lives. After coming to your site several times I have told them about it and we discuss your solution for all our problems.

      We are respectable with each other and so far we heartily agree with what you say about everything. It's about adding value and thinking about the world and what to do with our own lives. Our family members are looking for justification, that work is all exclusive and we are only in the way. Their work and effort is all for us and we should appreciate it.

      You are correct. Families say that all over the world and it is a lie. Everything we do is to produce the life we were trained to have. It has nothing to do with our children. They are in the way and we had hoped they would love us. Children are blamed for parents inability to get ahead in this society. Good that you are realizing this. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. dentist says:

      I precisely wanted to appreciate you again. I'm not certain the things that I would've tried in the absence of the actual aspects discussed by you regarding my situation. It became an alarming dilemma in my position, however, discovering the very expert manner you handled the issue made me to cry over fulfillment. I listened to your tape and I'm happier for your help and thus hope that you are aware of an amazing job you're doing instructing men and women who look for help in the internet. I'm certain you have never come across any of us but you are right on about healing by eating the right, nutritious foods, relaxing and loving ourselves and life.

      I certainly appreciate you telling me this and glad you found what you were looking for. I think and write to save the world of humans worth saving who will save the planet from the humans who will destroy all life. Big job but personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Anie says:

      Hello there and thank you for your information. I have learned that I should honor myself and eat better food. I eat what my momma fed us, which is pretty fattening, mostly white rice, a little chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, a little salad, soda pop. Now I drink lots of beer. I guess I need to change my diet. Ha ha.

      Thank you for coming and if you decide to get a happy, healthy life, your diet will improve naturally. Your cells know what they need, mostly raw vegetables, fruit and some protein. We need to supplement our diet with vitamins and minerals and more because our farming techniques have depleted the soil and the plants grown are far less than adequate for our health. Love, Oracle Jai.

    5. Channa says:

      Perfect Health is in the production and processing of our food. We can cherish ourselves and if the industry that produces our foods remain the way they are and going, we will still suffer poor health. We need some heavy duty reforms and yet all the government talks about is how to heal us with drugs and medical care, once they make us sick. Why isn't everyone up in arms about this farce? This travesty of justice? What the hell does the president eat? What do the families of the farmers and producers eat? Are they sick too?

      Just complaining never works. Only social upheaval with guns and violence works. Blow the food processing plants up and see how fast they change their ways. Drop agent orange on the poisoned crops and see how fast the farmers change their ways of controlling the insects. Kill the so called scientists who alter the seeds so the fruit has no nutritional value but will survive shipping and never rot!! The food industry and government are so afraid we might rebel, they make laws against our constitutional rights and threaten torture and death, as if we were foreign terrorists. Governments all over the world kill their people, including the US, for money and power before they would keep them safe, always have and always will.

      There are too many people and killing a few million is a mere drop in the bucket. I talk to my friends and they shake their head and do nothing but take drugs to calm down. Our whole entire life is overwhelmed by the stressful tasks of just staying alive. Extinction is the only way out.

      Today seems the day for depression and giving up. Please, the salvation is personal. You can smile and know everything is the perfect result of what caused it. Governments are caused by the people they govern. Your thoughts and feelings are apart of your trained automatic way of being. Change it and start by smiling and laughing in front of the mirror. Be the hero in the drama of your life. Be the writer and director. You can live in abundance of fun, love, joy, health and wealth.

      Fighting and gathering armies never works because a resistance is built up that will rise to fight again. Leave the people who sanctions a corrupt government. Find one that supports its people, plants, animals and the earth itself. A Holocaust is coming and we want to be far from it. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Mearo says:

      This post, as all your posts, was very informative. I have been reading your posts a few times a week and still have not finished the list. I know health is important and really try to eat healthy green food, raw vegetables and fruit, some fish and chicken. But now I hear that half my food comes from GMO seeds and are not good. Water and tooth paste have dangerous fluorides. Sugar substitutes are worse than sugar, oils and fats are dangerous.

      It is almost impossible to keep up with the poisons in our food and drinks. What can be done about this? Its like you read my mind and come up with the answer to my questions. What is the answer to why we are being poisoned and those who are playing around with our health do not give a fuck about nourishment. The government is not helping either. You appear to be more informed and aware of what is going on. What is the solution?

      Darling, industry and government gave up on health thousands of years ago. Just too costly. We have always been victims; we are trained by bullies. The solution, as always, is to cherish ourselves enough to take our health and safety into our own hands. I keep saying it is personal. Just move to a safe place under the radar.

      If necessary grow your own foods or find farmers that do not poison their crops and replenish the soil with nutriments. Remember trees and ocean plants supply our oxygen and we must have clean air and fresh, clean water. Use safe sweets, such as honey, unprocessed maple syrup. You just have to  love yourself enough to stay healthy and have fun doing what you love to do. You will find paradise and live there in abundance. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. Svtrve says:

      Thank you for this post. We all desire perfect health and now I know how to get it because of this post. I also get pleasure from reading your articles to improve my Language. Thanks for correcting me. 

      I have a lot of translated English comments and I try to help them all out. Thanks for commenting. Love yourself and you will automatically begin to take good care of you. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Graig says:

      People who are unhealthy and overweight need to take a look at this site as well as those with diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, etc. We all need to make our lives positive. And that means  making positive lifestyle changes like exercising, losing weight, and paying attention to one's appearance and grooming to help boost confidence levels, which play a big part in everyone's ability to function well. I am very glad I came upon your blog. It is all about getting a safe, healthy, happy, prosperous life and you know the way to do it. I also think you are the only one who understands how to do it and what is at stake if we do not. I am going to suggest people go to your website for more information. This is important. Graig

      Thanks for the comment and you are right Graig. We need to get a move on if we are going to have our specie come out alive by the end of this century. Thanks for spreading the word. Love Oracle Jai

    9. Joey says:

      Very great post. I simply love your blogs and I've really enjoyed surfing around your posts. After all most of us want to be healthy, happy and rich. They are more important than anything else. I am subscribing to your site and looking forward to your next blog. Joey

      Thanks Joey and may I add to your list love and cherish yourself so you will learn how to be safe from harm, accidents and disease that we cause to ourselves. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Teodoro says:

      Regards for all your efforts that you have put in this. Perfect health makes sense and is very interesting information. "Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing" by Redd Foxx.

      I would have added, nothing but their own beliefs. But then Red was closer to the truth than most. We heal and we refuse to heal. We refuse to be healthy so we hurt ourselves and get sick. We think this is the real way to live. Time to change those detrimental beliefs. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Evans says:

      This blog site has got some very helpful stuff on it. I can see why our health can be perfect and how to do that. But the healthy food is not in the supermarkets. the produce is covered with insecticides, the canned goods full or harmful chemicals, oils have been altered to be harmful, what do we eat? I have to grow my own food and the seeds are likely to be GMO. What am I to do. Thanks for helping me!

      You are right. We have to search out that food which still exists and is good for our health. This civilization was made by the very people it enslaves. You. Civilization/you are trained to be sick and follow orders, starting with our parents or their substitutes, teachers, preachers, doctors, politicians, governments, everyone. Even the richest and most powerful in the world are just like you, sick and follow orders. They have a plan that dictates certain actions, hence orders. We are depressed and  think there is no way out. Well there is a way out and it is personal. Be joyous, loving, healthy and rich for yourself.

    12. Anonymous says:

      This is a topic that is close to my heart. We really must eat right and take care of ourselves. People all over the world eat really poorly, especially in consuming sugar and processed foods. Eat natures produce without insecticides. These articles of yours are really beneficial. Thanks. 

      Thank you and of course, you are right. The real reason we eat garbage is that we are trained as little children to eat garbage. I had a friend who was really fat because her main diet was macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and that is what she fed her child!! Everyone told her what a bad diet it was but she stubbornly would not change. She hated herself and yet felt very sorry for herself. Her daughter would be the same. When you believe it, it is so. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. oakley says:

      Good post. I learn something more challenging every time I come on your blog. It is also delightful to notice it gets more beautiful each time. Can I use some of your ideas and material on my blog? I’ll provide a link on your web blog. Thanks for sharing. oakley

      Of course, we always want the knowledge to go out into the world. Although somewhere one of the developers said all rights reserved, we pay no attention to it. Why because this information is out there. I am just using a different forum to get people to wake up to the truth of what we have caused and will cause if we do nothing. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Donn says:

      I just stopped and read this article. I found this post was excellent. I know we need to eat better to have a healthier life but I eat out of habit. You really seem to know your subjects and write them very well. I will return to read more. Cheers! Donn

      Thanks for stopping by Donn. I am glad you trust your intuition but our habits come from a society that wants us to be sick often. Health is a huge business. Our subconscious knows where we should go and what to do to learn what we need to know. Most of us have been trained to doubt or avoid what we think we should or want to do. Hopefully we will retrain ourselves to follow our advise. Please keep coming back. I am stimulated to write more about our intuition. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Nicolas says:

      I just could not depart your site prior to suggesting that I enjoyed the information you provide for your visitors. I will be back often in order to check up on new posts. Nicolas

      Thank you for commenting, Nicolas. Please do come back and register so you will receive a notice when I put up a new post. Love, Oracle J.

    16. Kerrin says:

      Have you considered adding some relevant links to your article? I think it might enhance everyone's understanding.

      Could you be more specific. Is there a word you need defined? I have videos that explain the science behind what I say on the side bar. I could link to other blogs I have written  that explain the issue differently or more fully. Is that what you need? Thanks for asking, Love Oracle Jai

    17. Jackie says:

      Do you know that you do not need a DIET to LOSE WEIGHT?

      Obviously! Read Ingredients for Perfect Health, Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Joleen says:

      Fantastic blog and posts. I have been coming frequently and I understand your stuff. I discuss your ideas with my family and friends. Sometimes they disagree so I tell them to read your blog. I must say most do not care about anything except where the next buck and beer are coming from. I am gradually leaving these people and finding new ones who are more interested in a good life. Perfect Health and Ingredients for it is just extremely fantastic. I actually am changing my diet and feel better for it. I realize that if we do not feel good there is no joy or love. Your posts are most interesting and I read the comments and you say some funny.things.  This is really a terrific site.

      Fantastic comment. I just recently dropped all wheat, so I have no bread. I thought this would be difficult until I found I loved sliced avocado on just about everything. The bread was unnecessary. Another surprise is that browning is not good for us so most of the meat I cook is slow and in a little soup. It is tender and delicious. I am excited to keep inventing a whole new way of serving food. You will too. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Hong says:

      It looks like you have extensively examined the important points on health, placing the responsibility directly on us, individually. The truth is out there on what we should eat and what to avoid,. I am in total thankfulness for all that you have written. It has made my day!

      Thanks for your important comment. Yes, we are responsible even if we were brought up on white rice, white breat and white bleached sugar. Mother did not know better and did not have access to the information on how to be healthy. It is about time science got around to studying our health and what we eat. Now they need to expand into why we do what we do to harm ourselves. It is in our childhood training. You made my day bringing this to light. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Lashaunda says:

      I have a blog on health and have learned a lot reading your posts on health. I recommend coconut oil as a staple of perfect health. I am going to put your site on my side bar as a place to read about how we need to change who we are. You mention health in every post I have read so far. Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

      Thank you for such a wonderful comment and I am especially glad you mentioned  coconut oil. I use it every day and encourage those who are looking to live a long life in paradise to do also. Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Jorge says:

      We want everyone to read this blog and this particular post, although all are terribly important. Do you have a newsletter in order that I can be updated with your newest posts. I am really into the latest information on the ingredients for perfect health which includes Coconut oil for our skin and well as internally. Science and corporations are going neck and neck as to who will win our attention. Do we continue to go for the buck or do we go for life? It is a close call. Thanks for your blog. You tell the truth about us and our struggle. Do you know what we can do to tip the scales in favor of living a positive life instead of the negative one we make up?

      Well, that depends on those who are listening to the wind. The more who change their lives to being positive the more that way of being and believing is on the wind. Being positive is personal and there in lies its importance. If we are joyous, loving, healthy, prosperous, safe and having fun then we have accomplished peace on earth. It fails to matter how many there are of us. We only have this lifetime to live in paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Leisy says:

      I got what you mean in Perfect Health, we are in control or at least we can reprogram us to be in control. Now I am going to read Ingredients for Perfect Health. This is a very decent website with truthful information we can all benefit from.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. We love them, especially when they tell us they got it. Now use it and change the world. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Alan says:

      *Some times its a pain in the ass to read what people write but this web site is very user friendly! It is also correct and I'd be a damn fool not to pay attention to every word. Perfect health is loving oneself. Well, I can do that!!

      Great! Do it!! You are the only one who will and I love myself unconditionally and I am the only one that does. This is the way it is. If we survive as a specie, which is possible if we stop having children we are unable to love because no one loved us, then we might learn to love. Here's to a future of love. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. leri says:

      First I'd like to say that there are plenty of good reasons to include fish in your diet.  Fish is a great source of protein, is low in fat and high in omega 3 oils. However, given what we now know about mercury levels in some fish, it's worth selecting just which fish you eat on a regular basis.

      Thank you for this information. We do need to know which fish we can still eat that we have not poisoned. Definitely stay away from farmed fish. We appreciate all suggestions about getting and staying healthy. Love, Oracle Jai


    25. Matt says:

      I got what you intend and appreciate you for posting. I am thankful to find this website for you write about what is really important in life. I have a funny. "I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out." by Steven Wright.

      Hahahahahaha, that is about it. Soon everyone's health will run out and the prescriptions will fail to help with the oxygen, water and poisoned soil, oceans, etc. We need to change now. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. maillot psg says:

      Very informative article post. Really looking forward to reading more. Really Great.

      Really nice of you to keep coming back and making comments. I really appreciate you. Love, Oracle Jai.

    27. Adie says:

      I wish to show my appreciation for your kind-heartedness for folks that really need guidance in how to eat correctly to be fit and healthy. This is so important but people would rather get fat or sick or both instead of learning how to eat properly. You have a few blogs in this topic but mention good or perfect health on most posts. I skimmed through them and will come back to read more carefully.

      Your personal dedication to passing the solution across to others, is extremely valuable and has surely empowered others like me to attain their desired goals. Your personal insightful key points in Ingredients for Perfect Health indicates a great deal of study and knowledge. Regards; from everyone of us.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and commitment to eating correctly. Getting sick is ridiculous and can be avoided. Read on. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. keeper says:

      Wow, amazing blog layout! The overall look of your web site is great. Love the natural sounds and pictures. You made blogging look easy. How long have you been blogging for? Your content is the best I have ever come across and you give it away for free. We all want to be safe, healthy, having fun and live in abundance and that is what you offer. We need everyone to find this site. I certainly will steer my family and friends this way.

      Steer away and let us all celebrate a major change in the human specie. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Emil says:

      Hey buddy, this is quite an exciting post. Imagine never getting sick again just by believing I will never be sick. I am going to do this. Thanks Emil

      We believe we will get sick so we eat foods that will break down our natural immune system. Almost all diseases come from poor eating habits. If you find yourself changing what you eat and how you prepare it, you know you have made a major change in your belief and that you deserve to live a healthier, happier, better life. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. michael says:

      Many thanks for the great posting. I am glad I have taken the time to see this. I obviously need to love myself more because I eat a lot of fast food. I am a fast guy, what can I say? Michael

      Keep it up Michael and you will die young. Stay fast and loose, just eat your veggies, fruits and lay off the non food, like a good guy. Thanks for coming and being so honest. Having fun is our job in life. Let's make it last. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. CMT says:

      I love this perfect health blog. I have never read anything like this before. Doctors certainly do not have a clue if this is correct. No one is teaching us to change our beliefs. Really amazing stuff. I know this is off the subject but I have a WordPress blog and what I need is to rotate my blog posts over and over with a preset time interval. And also I'd like to shuffle my posts. Would RSS feeds pick up the rotated blog posts as new ones? Does someone have this PHP code? Thanks.

      You are right about doctors not having a clue. They work for the drug industries and learn to cure by what drugs to give the patient, not how to prevent being sick in the first place. I am a writer and artist and know nothing about the technical aspects of blogging. Jay at can help you. Love, Oracle Jai.

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