• MosIMG_0247t of us know dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep and any other animal we have been around have feelings and love us or at least pretend to, so they get petted and fed. But did you know plants also know us and everything in their environment?

    A study was done years ago to see what plants might know, besides growing better when their keeper talked to them. We already knew they prefer classical music to rock and roll. The researchers arranged a large laboratory built like a big L and filled it with all kinds of plants.

    They hooked the pants up to something like an EKG which would register their emotions.The plants were fed all the good nutrients by loving attendants that talked to them. They played music that the plants enjoyed. The machine continually displayed the readings that told the researchers the plants were happy, relaxed and all was right with the world.


    Then one day during the feeding, one of the nice attendants, who was at the end of one of the legs of the L, suddenly without warning, grabbed a plant and tore it to bits, thru the pieces all over and left. All the plants, even those in the arm that would be unable to “see” what happened, registered extreme upset. The attendants had quite a time calming them down. Two weeks went by and then the researchers brought in the usual suspects one by one. When the murderer, who had been absent for the two weeks, walked in, all the plants became hysterical. They knew who did it.

    The police have used plants to help solve crimes. In one such case, a dead man was found in front of the elevator in a cheap, hotel downtown in the morning. Everyone was at a loss to know who the murderer was. As a last resort, a plant “expert” was called in because there was an Arborvitae on either side of the elevator doors. The expert hooked the plants to the EKG and the police paraded their suspects in front of the plants. When the killer appeared, the plants registered extreme agitation. Now, at least, the police knew where to look to find the evidence to convict the murderer.

    It is time to take a good look at who we are being with all living critters on this planet in order to save what life still exists. It is time to give them room, love and respect. Do they feel pain when we cut them down? I know I do.

    A Story About That

    I had a house full of plants. they were everywhere in windows, hanging from the ceilings, sitting on the floor. After living in this particular house for a few years, we were moving across the country and could not take the plants with us. I arranged homes for them but wanted them near until the last hour. As I was packing a most beautiful aroma wafted thru the house. It was like honeysuckle, gardenia, and plumeria, all rolled into one. None of my flowers were blooming, it had to come from outside.

    I went out but the perfume was gone. I came back in and sniffed. I followed my nose until it was into the Sansevieria, also known as Snake plant or Mother-in-law’s tongue, which sat near the door on the wide windowsill. There, a tiny transparent stalk was growing and at every half inch the stalk made an abrupt angle. From those points, hung a drop of perfumed resin. At the top of the stalk were tiny white flowers.

    I burst into tears of appreciation and love and whenever I tell this story, I cry all over again. I had loved and tended this plant for seven years and without knowing, it had loved me in return. I could not bear to leave it so it went into the car with us to our new home.  

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    1. Snort says:

      I do accept as true with all the ideas you have presented on this post. You're very convincing and although I never thought about plants as knowing me, having feelings, likes and dislikes and knew what was going on in their space, I am sure they do. I will have a different relationship with plants from now on. Still, the posts are too quick for us beginners. Perhaps you could expand on them in the near future. Thank you for the post.

      Thank you for the comment and I am so glad I awakened you to the nature of plants. Remember they give us oxygen, especially the trees and should be preserved instead of cut down for paper, looking for oil, decks, houses and farms. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. SBMike says:

      Had a stiff walk this morning which coincided with my soon to be 58 years of age realization. There is a causation from my travels to and from schools that were not conducive to my curiosities. 40 years of punching the clock, coming home, losing and gaining healing.

      There are two high tides and two low tides, roughly, each day. Daily they come about 55 minutes later the next day so the shore keeps its grooming and sand keeps it's circular deposits from sediment and rock of the past. My stiff walk today was perfect. And as I sit here and type the other pains come up and then get forgotten. Awaiting this new time, of stretching and then resting. In and out. In and out.

      Is this what they call the sands of time? Read my blog on How to Heal. It sounds like you still need to heal that time you allowed that pain to build. Are you still holding on to something that needs letting go? If you have SKYPE we could do a reading. They are my cards, I see no use in the others. My SKYPE name is Halle.jai. Love hearing from you. Oracle J.

    3. Kasey says:

      hmm.. I just subscribed on Wednesday. I wonder if i made the mailing cut-off? When will the next letters be sent out. I just love your posts. The whole blog is beautiful, love the natural sounds, very soothing in my hectic schedule. Plants do know us and we never give them a thought as being an individual, like a friend. This is so important. It is like having pet loves. I want to read them all and looking through the list, I see many topics that are necessary to having a great, satisfying life. Kasey

      Thanks Kasey for your comment. I only send out announcements when I have a new blog. It seems this time it failed but we are fixing this. I think it only fair for too many sites send mail every day and I find that annoying. My aim is to offer peace and goodwill, not annoying material shouting to get your attention. Those who want a peaceful, satisfying life will find this site, read and follow or not as we are trained to either accept a change or believe change is dangerous and to be avoided. I am grateful that you will see plants as friends to confide in and love. They will respond. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Rebecca says:

      Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates. I've been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates. Rebecca

      Thanks for the vote of confidence Rebecca. I am only the writer and artist. If you are truly reading my posts then you know if things do not seem to go the way you want them to, surrender to joy knowing everything is perfect because only you cause everything that happens in your life. Our subconscious dictates what we achieve giving us what we expect. If we have been trained to fail, guess what. If we retrain ourselves to succeed then we succeed in joy, love, being healthy, safe and prosper, doing what we love doing. Trust yourself to be in the right place, doing the right thing with impeccable timing which you have been doing all your life. Now train yourself to love and benefit everything, including the planet. Happy Trails, Love, Oracle Jai.

    5. Nicky says:

      Cool article it's genuinely entertaining and loving. I have a friend who loves plants and he needs to read this. It is a fact that everyone needs to know this so they can have more respect and caring about trees and other plants. We have waited long enough. Thanks.

      Thanks for reading the article and telling your friend about it. I just gave a friend of mine a plant for his birthday and told him to tell me if it was a girl or boy and give it a name. A name helps to make the love personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Leah Puhl says:

      This is a good A to Z on how to establish a strong online presence! Fantastic info, extremely newbie-friendly, comprehensive and thorough!

      Wow, I am impressed, Leah. Thanks for that rattling good comment. I just learned that word and liked it. Love, Oracle Jai

      • SBMike says:

        Oracle Jai, I love your word, harmony. I, being a writer of song, find that verbs are the funniest discoveries. I am going to try to use rattled. I recently used minced in a song and it stood out. Adjectives, adverbs and subjects are superfluous. But a good placed verb is a thing of dense beauty. I will not mince my words…. : )

        I like rattling too. So good it is bouncing and making noise. Pay attention to me. I put your comment here because I liked it with the guy who wrote it. Continue to play your rattling good music in  fun. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. Raphael Tindall says:

      Great paintings! This is the kind of info that should be shared around the web. We pay no attention to plants and yet we know they are alive. I'll bet not one percent of the people in the world know that plants know us, love, hate or fear us. We need to respect all life and the world with its oceans and mountains, rivers, fish, birds, everything. Disgrace on search engines|Google} for not positioning this submit on the first page of all your topics! Raphael Tindall

      Thanks you Raphael, you are right we need to respect the natural order of the universe which is expressed right here on our planet. We have such a good brain and we put it to such disgraceful practices. At least you are getting it and when that happens you will change and your life will become more beautiful. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Cyrus Rightnour says:

      Thank you for sharing your superb information. Your web-site is so cool. I am impressed by the details that you have on this web site. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject, namely us and plants. It is completely new to me that plants are like us, thinking, feeling, knowing what is going on in their space. Poor plants they can not hide from us, their worst enemy. They cannot run or scream either. I also found out that the way I treat others, including animals and plants is the way I treat myself. I thought about this and realized I really did not respect myself much because I look at others and they seem better, smarter, richer, funnier.

      Of course some are worse, which puts me somewhere in the middle. I used to be able to pass a tree that had just been cut down and not think anything about it. Now I feel sympathy for the tree and then realize the person, who cut the tree, does not value himself either. The world looks so different now. I bookmarked this web page, will come back for more articles. You, my pal, ROCK! I found information I did not know existed. What a great web site.

      Thanks for a great comment. I am so happy to hear that now the world begins to look different. This will just get better. If you register, you will receive a notice when I put up another blog. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Jules Dennington says:

      Dude.. I am not into studying, since I graduated out of school and not really good at studying there either. But somehow I enjoyed studying your blogs and you do a lot of guiding which we need to study and think about. I am not much into thinking a lot either.  Its awesome how attention-grabbing your writing is for me and the subject matter. I guess if we were studying about how we got to be they way we are and plants know reality better than we do, I might have been more interested in school. I come to your site frequently. You seem to be really genuine and tell it straight. Thanks.

      I certainly agree that schools are way off the mark at what they have students study and that goes for the higher education as well. Kids need to know what we have caused and are still causing that must stop before we are extinct and there is nothing about this in the schools all over the world. People, parents and teachers do not want to know themselves so how are they going to teach the kids.

      When I taught school in 1960, Newsweek Magazine came out with a cover story about how in the year 2000 we would have a population that covered the land and and each person would have only one sq. foot to stand on. I showed it to my classes and  asked what they would do about that. One boy raised his hand and said, "I would get a gun,  kill six people next to me and lie down." I gave him an A. At that time India was paying men to have vasectomies in railroad stations. I was teaching birth control in the public schools in 1960. What happened? Nothing. So we are looking at our own extinction. Keep reading so you can attain the life you desire and get the results that keep you safe, healthy, joyously in love, living in peace and harmony. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Penelope says:

      Hello it's me, I am also visiting this web site regularly, this website is truly pleasant and the people are in fact sharing pleasant thoughts. I liked especially knowing my plants know me and love me if I love them and I do. I now will tell them so, so they really get it. I know people who ignore their plants and they are almost always on the point of dying. I now know that person does not love themselves and so cannot love their plants, kids, husband, pets even me. It is the way her parents raised her and they did not love each other or their children. It is so sad and we must learn to love. As you add frequently, it is personal. Thanks so much.

      You are so welcome. I wish everyone who comes to check out this site, really got it. Perhaps they do but fail to tell me. I want to change lives. It is absolutely necessary that people start putting loving themselves as the most important thing to do in life. All else will follow, health, wealth, joy, having fun in the greatest adventure of their lives. thanks so much for the comment. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Leavenworth says:

      The peace lily and also the spider plant are two plants that, some research indicates, can clean the environment of several pollutants.

      That is true, in fact all plants clear the carbon dioxide out of the air for that is what they breathe in and we exhale. They exhale oxygen which is what we need to breathe in to live.  Nature is perfect and we ought not to mess with it, like cutting down the trees and poisoning the plants farmers do not want. What people have done to the food we eat is atrocious and they should and will. We will be extinct by the end of this century if we do not become positive and loving of ourselves, so we can love the plants and all life. 

    12. Deloras Shevitz says:

      It is a great article and only a part of the whole picture. Good reading, I always appreciate very good brain teasers and solid amount of pleasant information. I will think differently about plants from now on.

      Thanks Deloras, I hope everyone begins to treat plants and everything else, especially themselves with a great deal more respect and love. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Santin says:

      If you really feel self-conscious talking to plants, just remember that what you are actually programmed to call the 'real' world is just a figment of the imagination also.

      Well put. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Concepcion Hosein says:

      Incredible post, definitely keep up the superior writing so we can all change for the better. Concepcion

      Thank you for your comment and compliment. You now have a greater insight into how the life on this planet is intelligent, feels, loves and is worth saving. Thank you for coming and taking time to read. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Luis Pohl says:

      I absolutely loved this web-site and I keep coming back for these amazingly  impressive articles. With thanks for writing your wisdom.

      Thank you for coming back and making compliments. We want to compliment ourselves all the time so it is easy to compliment others thereby spreading joy throughout the world. Love, Oracle Jai.

      • SBMike says:

        Since we are all connected I was wondering about my playing music by myself in my room. How does that connect? Does it connect as strongly or as beautifully as a crooked politician or banker in his or her room? Is there a qualitative difference in this joining like the plants that Oracle Jai speaks of. They receive the nourishment and they unfurl this connection with their molecular responses.

        You are what you perceive you to be. No amount of scientific evidence has ever persuaded anyone to accept what they "know" is wrong. The scientific community and the church are huge institutions that hang onto their beliefs, despite all the evidence to the contrary. History is full of such stories. So what are your beliefs? I could supply evidence but why bother?

        And unless everyone begins to believe and act happy, loving, safe, healthy and live in abundance, we will become extinct by the end of the century. If people take this on and change their way of being, we will save life on the planet. We need only 10% to cause the chemical reaction that will change the rest. That is connected.

        However, people do not have a choice because they are run by their automatic, instinctual training, as you are. We need to break free and to do that takes awareness, then compelling, 100% dedication. So far I have known only two willing to give up the sickness, blame and misery for a life of painless joy. What is it going to be, Muku? Are you connected? Love, Oracle Jai   

    16. Blake says:

      I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blog is really different and what you say is quite unusual. I am interested to read more about what you think. I think a post every other day might be just what the doctor ordered. Cheers

      Thanks for your honest comment. I think you have the right idea. A few days to think over what I have written, then onto the next. In the meantime remember to smile and laugh often. We are after joy, health and loving it. Love, Oracle Jai


    17. Kerstin says:

      I think the admin of this web page is truly working hard for his web site, since all the posts, pictures, sounds, designs are of an unusually high quality for anything on the internet or book. I loved the story of plants know us. I have plants and after reading this post, I will pay more attention to them. I certainly can talk to them, play soothing music, congratulate them on their growth or bloom. I will enjoy them a lot more. Thanks.

      Thank you for leaving a comment and the compliment. I am so happy to hear that your plants will get more attention. I actually talk to the plants as well as the animals as I walk to and from town. They all know me and like me as I like them. I feel like I belong to the entire family of life. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Meri says:

      I have been looking throughout the net for an authoritative voice on plants. I can find out how to grow them but nothing else. This is what I wanted but did not know how to ask. It is love and they feel it. I feel it. I swear my plants thrive and bloom for me because they are happy. Of course I give them the food and conditions they love. I now have even greater respect for they know everything in their environment.

      I am so glad I found this website. I appreciate your comment and am glad that we are getting a much broader respect for plants. Pass the word on so the world realizes the plants know us. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Elsa says:

      Excellent post. I am really impressed with your overall site. I knew plants knew us and I talk to mine. I had no idea to what extent they know us.  I feel really sorry for a life form so unable to move or strike back at humans poisoning them and cutting them down. In the natural world, their roots go deep and hibernate until the rain or sun comes again. Humans are so uncaring, unseeing, unable to have a good, safe, loving life and share the planet with all life. We should become extinct. A brilliant brain gone to waste.

      Here, here!! tell it like it is, yell it from the roof tops. Thank you so much for your ability to see what we do and we need to change. We can and you know how by reading my posts. When you know the truth, it is impossible to remain ignorant and continue being a slave to the negative illusions people continue to perpetrate. Hang in there it is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. JohnValks says:

      This website is incredible ! I love it, John

      Thanks John, please register on the side bar and put your comments on the post of your choice. Love, Oracle Jai.

    21. SBMike says:

      WE are all connected. WE all shoot up and flower. Thank you Oracle Jai for such inspiration and dedication to our existence. This discourse needs to be shared. Sometimes we all need awakening and surrender to and for the Earth, facts and reality. Have a real fun summer. LOVE, Mike

      Love you Mike too. You sweet man to write such a nice comment on my new post. Thanks for supporting me and please know I support you. Love Oracle Jai

    22. Joellen says:

      Normally I do not read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this article on plants was amazing. Made me think if plants know us, the truth about what is happening, then so do fish, birds, animals all but us. Your writing style is amazingly brilliant. Thanks, very great article. Jolyn Urive

      Thanks Jolyn for stopping to read and comment. You are right. Only the human species can live in the lies and illusions they make up. Makes you wonder what lies you are thinking and telling that you think are the real truth. Love, Oracle Jai


    23. Anonymous says:

      This web site really has all of the information and facts I needed and more about my plants and didn’t know who to ask.Thanks. Gale

      I am glad I had the information you needed to love them and know they love you. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Japanese says:

      Hello. magnificent job. I did not anticipate this. I design gardens and love plants but I did not know that they loved me. I knew I made a difference in their lives but I must admit I am ruthless when I rip them out to make way for others or trim them. I can talk to them and explain to them what I am doing. Often I take the cuttings and plant them elsewhere, sometimes along the road. I can reassure them that their pieces will be planted.  This is a great story. Thanks!

      Thanks for coming, reading, changing your behavior and commenting. We need almost a billion people to do this to save the planet. Spread the word to other gardeners. Thanks, Love Oracle Jai

    25. Walter says:

      Every weekend I go to this web site, because it is so enjoyable. This blog contains genuinely pleasant, funny, surprising, unexpected and wisdom. Plants know us for instance. Who would have thought that? Most people have no respect for plants, except maybe the ones they bought for their house and garden. We think only dotty, old women talk to their plants. Now we know we should respect them all. And look at that orchid. Definitely a theatrical actor or announcer for a game show.

      Very cute and thanks so much for your comment. Once we respect ourselves, it becomes easy to respect all life, in the air, land and sea, even rocks. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Hubert says:

      Many thanks, I appreciate knowing my plants actually know me. I can talk to them and tell them how beautiful they are and they will grow and bloom.

      Remember, plants, like babies, do not know your spoken word. They only know your feelings and actions, just like a child. In fact we get distracted by words when the true meaning and thoughts are lost on our conscious mind. Our subconscious mind and all our cells know us very well, indeed, that is how they can choose what is necessary to cause the life you expect, instead of the life you want.

      Change your automatic behavior to getting you what you want and you will get it. Avoid wanting things, for they are apart of what you expect. Want a car that will do its job without problems, then choose from your subconscious. You want to be safe, healthy, joy, work at what you love, wealth, wonderful partners and friends, then go for that and all your stuff will satisfy you. Love, Oracle Jai   

    27. OracleJ says:

      MikeSB I moved your latest comment to Play Life in Love for that is where I got the adjective, rattling. We are filling this post up so I moved us to another.

    28. Mcmackin says:

      This is a topic that's close to my heart… Take care! Exactly where are your contact details though?

      You darling, Mcmackin. I am so glad I touched on something close to your heart. We know they are alive, sensitive and communicate. Many times I have walked down a street and suddenly stopped, turned and look at a plant that needed water. I know it called out to me, so I go into the shop and ask for water.

      Of course my cells see the plant before my conscious mind and they could be the ones pointing me in the direction of the needy plant. My cells communicate with the  environment, according to Bruce Lipton, so perhaps at another level I have had a conversation with my plants. Either way the love is in the air.

      Our contact is right after Translate, Home, About B+, CONTACT US! on the side bar. will get you to me. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Alphonse says:

      I just want to say what a pleasure to find someone who truly knows what they're speaking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More individuals need to read this and perceive this aspect of the story. I think you need to be found by everyone because you definitely have the gift. Alphonse

      Thank you so much, Alphonse. I would love to have more followers. Perhaps you could send an email to all your friends to come to our site, register for the update and read what post you want them to read. I am trying to save the world and the only way to do that is to have everyone choose a safe life of joy, health and prosperity for every living thing on the planet. Love Oracle Jai.

    30. SBMike says:

      I remember enjoying a Great thanksgiving dancing next to your plants a few years back. You played some Polish Polka that really grabbed us. The plants shot up with the celebration, I am sure! I wonder if their roots were moving seeing our trunks circling, darting, palpitating the floor boards all the way to the Milky Way!

      That was a great time. I am sure my plants loved it. I remember the Halloween party where our friends dressed like me. We danced and danced there too. All my plants, inside and outside went to a little woman who used to be a book designer and now just surviving on teaching part time. She was so thrilled and I knew she would give them the attention and love they deserved. Love hearing from you and I know you have fun with your music. Fun is what life is all about, fun, love, joy, health and living in abundance. Love you, Oracle Jai.

    31. Catherine says:

      Pretty pictures, great sounds and this is a really wonderful post. Thanks for providing this info on plants. I had heard that they can express themselves by blooming but to know everything that goes on without eyes, ears, noses. How do they do that? Anyway I am talking to all my plants and trees. What a wonderful experience.

      It truly is a wonderful experience. I have a wonderful garden and when I trim, I take the branch and plant it. I talk to it and the mother bush, so they know they are loved. It is amazing how good we all feel and the new plants grow just fine. Love, Oracle Jai

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