• My whole point is that we live in the perception of who we had to be in order to survive as a child in our environment before the age of five or thereabouts. We had no choice in the matter.  Our genetics are set up for us to learn how to automatically keep causing the same results no matter how our environment changes. We follow the laws of the universe and are the perfect result of what caused us to be as we are and will be the rest of lives, unless we retrain ourselves to automatically cause positive results.

    Extreme star cluster bursts into life in new Hubble image

    Our societies of social divisions, prisons, hospitals, governments, businesses, military, schools and religions around the world are full of grown children that were punished, abused and unloved by their trainers. The results of that kind of childhood training …

    has covered a great deal of the livable earth with cement and asphalt, produced poisoned food, water, air, earth, sped up global warming and killed more species of living critters since the last great extinction, 250 million years ago. Fortunately this can be reversed but since WE are our society, corporations, government, doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs, it is up to each of us to change who we are being and the results we cause.   

    Changing, from automatically causing a negative response in our life and the planet, requires awareness that we are the way we are trained to be and an overwhelming desire to live safely in love, joy, health, having fun with friends and prosper. We already know how we learned to make babies, enemies, cook, dance, sink or swim, build or climb buildings, walk on a wire or fire, shoot to kill, make a fortune and lose a fortune. We know what it takes to train ourselves to love, cherish and respect us, so it becomes automatic. PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE.

    When we do, we automatically love, cherish and respect Nature’s Way of sharing the planet with all living critters and naturally reduce our population, so everything prospers. All negatives such as wrong, bad, ugly, fear, anger, war, ownership, guilt, shame, superior and inferior, disease and accidents disappear for they only exist in our mind. Everything that exists in the universe is run by the perfect law that every effect is the perfect result of what caused it.

    Now we can cause peace and goodwill on our entire exquisite, spacious planet for all life, simply by each one of us cherishing and loving ourselves, safely, being happy, healthy, prosperous and having fun. Now that is POWER and it only requires one person, you, to start it and keep it going! It is infectious.  

    30 Responses to POWER

    1. Campanaro says:

      I see that this is a great blog and what you have to say is for everyone. But you are not making any money and it takes money and energy to become a successful entrepreneur. Do you agree that after you keep on writing, your critical thinking also improves? You could make money on this site helping others with their wet dreams, eh web dreams or both.

      Hahahaha, thanks for the advice. Since I practice what I preach, whatever I do, wealth flows to me like a river. I live in paradise, healthy, happily with friends who know how to love, without "working" for the almighty dollar. What more is there? Being a rich entrepreneur is not where it is at, unless, of course, you are having fun and then it is all about loving to have fun. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Francisca says:

      I visit this web page daily and read or re-read a post. They are all great and my life has already begun to change. I quit the job I had because I was not having any fun and another came along immediately that I do like. The people are great and I am having fun. I got rid of stuff in my house that I no longer like. It is less cluttered and offers more peace. I love the space and I love this site.

      Thanks for your daily visit and your uncluttered comment. Our lives are cluttered with nonsense at best and downright detrimental at its worst, such as the kind of food we eat and what we fear. We are trained to fear and not love especially ourselves. This must change and good for you to change yours. It is a movement toward love and sanity. Thanks so much. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Hamish says:

      Thanks for making power really clear. You are right. Forget the mess the world is in and get out. I can change and be positive and powerful not in the homo world but in the real world. Great post and great blog. I am reading everything and watching your videos.

      I am thrilled. The more the merrier and we can do this. When you smile and your statements are positive, others get happy and they can change as well. Your effort is for all that is left on the planet and the planet itself. Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Mulford says:

      Canned food is killing us quietly. GMO food maybe killing us as well. What about poisons sprayed on fresh food that we eat. Is there nothing safe? Our air is polluted. Our soil is polluted. The sea is nearly dead. How can we convince our teachers to tell us the truth? Doctors only dispense drugs and their visits are five minutes at the most. How do we convince them to get it right about our health? The Power to say no leaves us with nothing to eat and no clean air to breathe.

      I wanted to immigrate to NZ. but the holes the US poked in the ozone layer drifted to NZ and their people have been getting skin cancer at an alarming rate. California is bombarded by Japanese nuclear fallout and chem trails. Proof positive that President Bush knew about the twin towers, perhaps even set it up, is on the internet and yet no congressional committee looked into it.

      We need to address these issues or the World Order will subjugate, torture and murder at their will and our worst nightmares will seem like a salvation. These problems are common all over the world. You seem to be the only one online that speaks the truth and offers a real solution for the few who are interested in doing something instead of filling up Facebook with stupid shit, watching the telly and fiddling with the cell phones. Just how many bits of land are safe to grow food today and where are they?

      You know what is going on and are obviously a part of a growing awareness that we are overpopulated and need to change who we are being. The threat is real. Whether or not we become positive in time is in the wind. Those who want to remain the same negative thinking and being people, hoping we will make it, are of no use to anyone, least of all the next generation. Hope is a four letter word to remove from our thoughts and words.

      Where are the safe places? Become positive and the way will become obvious because our galaxy of living cells want to live healthy too and will automatically find a safe place. The catch is love ourselves totally, let go of the old negative training and watch what we do. We have complete power over what happens in our lives and it pays to know right and wrong is an illusion. Everything is the perfect result of what causes it including us. Love is what everyone needs and it is personal. Oracle Jai

    5. Grappo says:

      There are lots of governments on earth that use the word "security" as a pretext to secure their personal political agenda, and never their constituents, especially the US of A. It really is time to change to being positive. I think that will be seen as subversive, so going to a neutral country might be advisable.

      Thanks for the comment and you are right for many more reasons than just being watched all the time. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Madeleine says:

      I blog quite often and I truly thank you for your information. This great article on Power truly peaked my interest. We always associate rich with power and of course you are right. The rich suffer as well. Being rich does not make us happier, healthier, wiser, more loving, etc. I will bookmark your website and keep checking for new information about once per week. I want to put into practice what you suggest. You have a lot of material here and videos to see.

      I truly thank you for your comment. You are rich when life is a joy every minute. Otherwise wealth is just money and stuff others put value on. Nothing of any importance. Keep coming back and you will enter paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. Ambrose says:

      Hi, after reading this remarkable post I am happy to share my knowledge of Power with friends. Of course you are right and yet we think we have to be rich to be powerful. Great News!

      Thank you for your remarkable comment and please alert your friends to your discovery about real Power. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Carlota says:

      I see you share interesting things here and a lot of visitors. You can earn some extra cash, your website has big potential. I am surprised that you have such valuable material here for everyone that you do not charge for it. Perhaps you should put it in an e-book. This is very handy so one could re-read a post many times and have it by their desk or whatever. The only way to get anything of value these days is to pay for it.

      Thanks for sharing and you are right, everyone wants money for telling you what is safe for you to eat, how to cure cancer, live a great life. Well, as you noticed, I am not one of them. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Lowell says:

      Hello, I visit this blog on a regular basis. Your new post on Power is powerful. I am glad that you are consistent in what you preach. Your grateful readers really share good comments and you have entertaining replies.  Keep up the great writing.

      Thanks for your encouragement and please keep coming back and commenting. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Jamaal says:

      Imagine my father came upon your blog and told me to check it out. I am into extreme sports and he decided after reading your new post and others that you were right about where the power is and I think it is in athletics and muscles. He thinks that is a compensation for being short. Well that may be but after reading a bit of your stuff as well I can see that power lies in being joyous and free without any worries or fears. Yes that is the ultimate.

      Thanks for your extreme comment and am glad that you both see it is greater to have fun in life than to own everything. Keep coming, reading and commenting. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Elvin says:

      I truly enjoy coming here often. It is like a breath of fresh air. You have much to read and all that I have read so far is stimulating and right on.  The design and layout of your site is excellent. I would love to have the designer of this great site do mine as well. Is that possible?

      Thank you for the compliment. I designed the site but I needed technical assistance. You can contact me at jaitojoy@gmail.com and we can discuss your site. Meanwhile love yourself totally, Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Gordon says:

      It is great to read an intelligent report on what is going on and what must be done. Sometimes I really wonder if we have a great brain since we are so stupid, the news, movies, songs in fact everything is just smoke and mirrors. It is a comfort to discover at least one individual who genuinely understands what they're talking about. Please put this into a book. I want to read it often. Thanks.

      Thank you for understanding and commenting. Now love, cherish and trust yourself, completely all the time. If enough people hear you, we just might reduce the population enough to make it into the next century. Thanks, Oracle J,

    13. Curtis says:

      Fine way of telling us what we need to do in these dark ages. The facts are staggering and we must do what you suggest. Anything else will just continue our destruction on the huge scale the rich corporations and governments are moving. Aren't they able to see they will be destroyed along with the planet? We all must talk about the solution and activate it!!! All the institutions of higher education around the world should be teaching us how to love ourselves!!! Where else, no one else will, not even our parents. I am truly turned around by reading your posts, especially this new one.

      Thank you telling us how it is for you. You are right but remember the schools are run by people brought up in families that do not love and cherish themselves let alone their children. Even the professors must personally take the oath to love and cherish themselves. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Fannie says:

      We stumbled over here from a different web page and I read your new blog. I like it a lot, so I am going to read more. I think you have the answer that we are all looking for, except for those who would lose big time, if we really did become personally powerful. What a concept!!! No army, no movement, no uprising, no marching in the streets. Just quietly becoming happy and healthy. It is certainly worth a try. 

      You mean commitment. Trying is for losers and victims. Be healthy and happy forever after, just by loving and cherishing yourself. That will do it. Glad you came aboard. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Maribel says:

      Hi everyone, I must say I visit this site often and read another post. It seems that it all is genuinely designed for me, just what I need to know. Keep posting and I will keep coming. 

      Keep coming and I will keep writing. Thanks for realizing this information is at the heart of life itself. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Brittany says:

      Oh, this is a really an awesome article, Oracle Jai! Thanks, I have skimmed over many of your others and it is good that you repeat your suggestions many times. We do need to get it. Where are your RSS feeds? I always go to Facebook and others. Are you on any of them?

      Thanks for your awesome comment and no I do not subscribe to any social networks. They exist because there are too many people in the world, which I want reversed. If you have lost your family and friends, then good, it was meant to be and you will realize that we must stop making babies. Travel and find who you are and want to be. Then be that. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Niamh says:

      I see you share very interesting stuff here. Real power and we thought it takes money and lots of it. I see you do not charge for any of your knowledge, which is very rare in this day and age. In fact if you click on Microsoft fixing or cleaning up your computer, they will charge you and not let you know until they find things to clean. This is really bad especially when you think that the owner of Microsoft is one of the richest men in the world. He needs more? He is just an asshole and was trained to be one. Oh well, this is how it is.

      How right you are. I would not use asshole but money does not buy happiness or puts you in paradise. He should read my blog. Thanks for your interesting comment. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Norman says:

      I couldn't refrain from commenting. Well written! I just love this site, the sounds, colors, nature. I am so aware of what we have done to this planet and it is our, men, that is, fault. We are so full of ourselves and think we are so smart and powerful. Bullshit, pardon my French. We are killing everything. We think we are the very image of God!! Would God have done what we have done!!! I thought he was a creator not a destroyer. We have i-phones and i-pods, computers and cars and we think that justifies our killing the rest of life on the planet. I won't be here at the end but I am certain men will blame our extinction on everything else but himself, global warming and, oh yeah, women for having so many babies. So mad, so stupid!!!

      You are so right. Unfortunately the male became separated from being apart of the earth and nature so long ago we are not even sure when he got that idea that he was an alien. He did invent the Gods and made them like him and then things got out of hand. If he had cherished himself and allowed the women to share in the love and creation of our societies, things may have been more natural and the villages would have been a lot smaller. Oh well, women raised the men to be manipulated by other men, as she was supposed to do, so it is perfect that we all die from this stupid brain that can make a computer and phone that communicates around the world and kill us in the pursuit of something that is only paper. There will be no other time. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Odessa says:

      I read a lot of your very interesting articles here. I can tell it is your passion, to save a specie that could have been so great and now must be wiped out. I love your comments as well. I will do my part and become positive. Sounds a lot better than what I have.

      It is better than what we all have. Of course, I am a testimony that it does work and I live in paradise. Just smile, laugh and have fun. When a negative thought comes into your mind remind yourself that that is made up and you want to live in truth and reality. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Brodie says:

      Thank you for another great post. Where else could anybody get such clear and important information? I love your casual style, as if you were talking directly to me. I am talking about aphrodisiac substances and why they are desired and considered necessary next week to a sizeable audience. Men think they have to be powerful in sex and have contrived to take many different kinds of food and drink that hopefully will give them the power they seek. Reading your posts has given me a whole different approach. First it isn't sex they desire and fear, it is the lack of love. I am so glad to have come upon this site. It has been a real eye-opener. I will recommend that my group read your Be Positive Now blog.

      Thanks for your great comment. Aphrodisiac substances exist only in the mind, like wrong, bad, ugly, superior and inferior. Let us get positive, love ourselves totally, be our mother, father and best friend. Then those fears of being incomplete and incompetent disappear. Love, Oracle Jai 

    21. Laverna says:

      Hi there, I check your blog every week and read another post. It takes at least a week to digest your wisdom and your humorous style is awesome, keep it up!

      Thanks for your comment and encouragement. I probably could write forever since every topic relates to our perception of ourselves. Perceive you as being great, happy, healthy, wealthy, wise and having fun with wonderful friends and you have the life you want. Your cells will avoid the negative life style we have creative and you will find your paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Raymundo says:

      I am really enjoying this blog and all it has to offer. In fact what could be more important than our happiness and health? Power is personal!! This should be required reading in every grade in school and church and job and marriage. Thanks for writing this. I just wish everyone had to learn it.

      Thanks for enjoying this space and writing your most important comment. I wish everyone knew how to change their lives from the negative way we are trained and become positive. The world would thrive and we would drop the billions of extra people as they die off and then we can start anew with love. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Ona says:

      It is the appropriate time to change the future to be happy, healthy and prosperous. I have read this latest post and I would like you to elaborate on power. If men have the power how do women get an equal share? Women tried to get equal rights for women in the Constitution of the United States and in fifty years were unable to do so. Women make half the pay as a man for the same job.Wives do not get paid for cleaning, cooking, shopping and raising the kids in his house.

      Yes, Ona, you are right equal rights failed because women were afraid if they had equal rights and not equal pay, they would be left with the kids without a job or money, which still happens in every country in the world to women. That is because they are trained not to love themselves but be a servant to men.

      God made Eve of Adam's rib as a toy or plaything, not an equal partner. It is in the Bible, Koran and in fact all religions in all countries, especially China and India, the countries with the highest population and still rising. Religions are unholy at best at at worst they keep people trapped in hell in this life and the next. POWER!! SAID THE RIGHTEOUS AND THEY BECAME POWERFUL. The first thing is to love yourself totally. Leave civilization with their poisonous corporations, doctors handing out addictions instead of cures, governments dispensing terrorism instead of safety and religions preaching self-hatred instead of love. Live safely in your self-made positive paradise in joy, health, having fun and prosper.

      It is personal and we may have to grow our own food with natural seeds. Use plants insects dislike to keep them away and do not have children or maybe just one. In a few generations, the children will have trained themselves to have a positive small society and the rich and powerful eventually will be gone.

      God had no mother and neither did Adam or Eve. He made Adam for himself and Eve as a toy for Adam. His seed was delivered by an angel to Mary who beget Jesus. God made no daughters according to the book and neither did Jesus so she would remain a toy/slave to men. Women represent the earth that God forsook, so men would destroy all that God made, plants, animals, people, even the earth itself.

      Obviously religion is not about God, it is about power for men. Time to get back to the real basics of life on the earth and the universe. Love, Sweet Love is what the world needs now, Mother!! Learn to be positive, love yourself and your children unconditionally. You are the one who raise men to be what they are. Raise them in love!! Oracle Jai

    24. Lashunda says:

      Inspiring post on power but even more interesting in the comments. You have laid out your enemies: men, governments, religions, corporations and the medical profession, in other words, just about everyone. Hopefully they think you are just one nut, not worth removing and if they did think you were powerful, would anyone notice you were gone? Sobering thought, what happens now? Take care! Fortunately we are in China.

      Hahahahaha. I am just not important and I know if we made a group, we would be done away with. Transformation is personal, non-threatening, non-violent and invisible. Besides everyone loves a smile and that is what positive means. By the time we have become positive, the former rich, powerful, abused and abusive will also be safe, healthy, in love and prosper in happily-ever-after land. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Carl says:

      You share interesting things here. I think that your blog should be read by everyone. Please give it a boost and contact Google. They give all kinds of help to increase the amount of people who come and read your site. Dianne.

      Thanks for your vote of confidence. I should look into making something happen that will wake others up. Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Lou says:

      After reading Power and the comments and checking out a few of the blog articles on your site, I really like your technique of blogging. You are very easy to read. It feels like I was talking to you. You really know what is wrong with humans and how we could fix the mess we have made, if we wanted. I know I do so I am coming back often to read more.

      Thanks for checking out my site and reading some posts and commenting. Everyone who does so remembers they must love themselves to have the life they want. I know several people who have never gone to my site, afraid they will have to give up the pleasure they get getting angry and abusing others as a self-defense, or so they would like to believe. We get used to our miserable lives and do not want to change. Oh well, there will be no next time. Glad you are changing now. Love, Oracle Jai 

    27. Lorenzo says:

      Magnificent publish, very informative and really got me to think about what I really want in my life and what I actually have. You should be getting preachers and shrinks coming here to learn. Keep it up, I know you have more to tell us. I'm impressed with your readers and their comments and your presentation is so professional and yet so down to earth. I definitely will keep coming back and tell my friends to check it out.

      Thanks for a magnificent comment and I am glad that most who manage to find Be Positive Now has decided to let go and change. Soon everyone will spreading the message and save the world. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. Christal says:

      I do consider all of the ideas you have introduced to the posts I have read. They are very convincing and we really need to figure out how to change and save the world personally. I know we are capable but are we willing. I doubt it, certainly those I know would rather sit in front of the TV and drink beer or fuss with housework. I have only one complaint, the posts are too short. We barely get started and it is over. You have captured our curiosity and we want more. Could you please prolong them a bit from now on? Thank you for the post.

      Thank you for your convincing and thoughtful comment. They are longer than usual posts and certainly shorter than Wikipedia. My purpose is to get you started to think and care about yourself. Read all my posts and that should do it. All together it is way more than an encyclopedia. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Leon says:

      I do believe all of the ideas you've introduced on your post. They're really convincing and will certainly work. I am into physical fitness and workout several hours every other day to build a powerful body. You could write a bit more about exercise and how important it is. Thank you for the post.

      Thanks for your convincing comment. If we were living naturally we would be moving about energetically instead of riding in cars, buses, trains and airplanes. Even riding a horse is preferable. Once we reduce the population and use only safe energy then perhaps we will walk more, plant our food, climb our fruit trees, etc. We will be all powerful for we will love and cherish ourselves. We will live in paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Priscilla says:

      I want to thank you for this wonderful post. Women must come into their power. We are closer to the earth and must pay attention to our source. Men sore into the clouds and have written our death warrant!! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of this post and others. Our only solution is to love ourselves. It is absolutely necessary to keep love under the radar or men will call it terrorism and do away with us. That is how dangerous love is. Keep up this subversive theme, our saving grace.

      Wow, thanks for your encouragement and assessment of the trouble the earth is in with us destroying everything, including the air we breathe, water we drink and the food we eat because sex and power replaced loving ourselves and the natural earth equally. Let us train our young to make a different world with a whole lot less humans on the planet. Actually with few humans, we are not a threat to the planet, just ourselves. Love, Oracle Jai

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