Microscopic View of a Snowflake Manitoba It hardly matters which way you go with God vs. Science as long as love is the basis of your understanding and acceptance of yourself. Did we evolve from monkeys, aliens or did God make a man from clay and a woman from his rib? Is the earth four and a half billion years old or just over 5,000 years old? Are those lights in the night sky heaven, UFOs or a whole bunch of galaxies? Just how big is your God? Could your God have created the universe, everything in it and whatever came before the Big Bang?

    Look at the earth and its myriad of creatures, trees, flowers, birds, mountains, oceans, rivers, snow, rainbows, storms and volcanoes. All that exists is magnificently and intricately crafted, made up of a universe of life too small to see with our eyes. We stay on the earth as friends for a while, experiencing the whole universe. Could your God have conceived this wonderful, mysterious beauty?

    Every minute thing and event is unique, never to be repeated throughout time, like a snowflake, daisy, a mountain and you. The earth has night and day and seasons that repeat always and always differently. Animals instinctively know what the coming year will be like and birth only what can be supported. Species come and go and the earth constantly and slowly changes, as does everything. 

    We make feelings of love right in our body and have a system that automatically keeps us safe and healthy, if we let it. Our body remembers everything and operates correctly without our thought or control. We even know the future. We are trained by our mothers to exist safely in the world of humans, which has no love. We are trained to use our brains as little as possible, so we fail to explore, love and respect ourselves and the natural world. We poison and destroy what sustains life and religion says God created us in his image.

    Religion was invented by men, not God. They had small minds and God was a male ghost floating in air, with a light around  his head who talked to men. He had host of men with wings and lights around their heads doing his bidding. He even created evil, part man, part goat with horns, tail and a large erect phallus. Interestingly enough, that is the image of the satyr and fawn of ancient Greek and Roman myths. It is a creature of nature, intoxicated, living joyously, dancing naked in merriment, without a care in the world. Very sexy,

    You will notice women were not a part of man's concept of God or his religion except as sexual objects so men could beget offspring. That is on par with a fairytale, where girls were locked away from life until screwed and then they became witches. I guess that is the same story.

    Our concepts of God, good, power, wealth, nature and women are way too small to help us out of the mess we have made of the earth and ourselves. Expand your ideas, love yourself without conditions and you love a much greater creator than humans are capable of imagining. Get it that everything in the universe is good, the perfect result of what caused it.

    We cause our life to be as it is. We have already caused the Sixth Major Extinction on Earth. Women develop your power instead of aiding him to beget his armies and bring home your own bacon. Think and act as if this were important, because it is and we just might make it thru this century. 

    34 Responses to RELIGION

    1. Jordan says:

      Personally I'm impressed by the quality of this whole blog. Usually when I find stuff like this I find they usually screw it up and make statements that I cannot digest. Your comments are all positive. I wonder if you filter out the negative. This article probably wont do well with with the seriously religious crowd or big business and most governments. Ill look around and find another article that may work but my guess is that what you are about will and must change the way people are to being totally different.

      Please read them all and if I have a world crowd pleaser, I have failed in my mission. Hahahahahah. Thanks for your comment and yes, we must change radically and each and everyone of us must love ourselves totally without conditions. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Teresa says:

      Hi my name is Teresa and I just wanted to drop you a quick message here instead of calling you. I read your post Religion and you said men invented it, not God. I agree and I was impressed by how many comments you have on all your posts. Still we need to get your message out, and have people listen to your voice helping us along our path to joy. I pay a company to get me over 300 targeted visitors a day to my website. You could do the same.

      Thank you so much for caring and offering help. I like being a recluse and know that the people who search for what I have to offer, will find it. Many people pay thousands of dollars to some Guru just to say they did. The Guru is happy and they are happy and nothing happens. We need to change and change right now. Love yourself totally, unconditionally and do not have children. Our problems are out of control because the population growth is out of control. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Bettye says:

      Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this post. It was inspiring. Keep on posting and I would love to read more on religion. I do a bit of designing of web sites and really admire yours. I have taken a few good ideas from you.

      Thanks for the inspiring comment. Yes I love the pictures, colors and I was able to find ones that fit what I was writing about from my Webshots. Love, Jai

    4. Care says:

      Thanks, we need this discriminative article and your absolutely acclaimed blog.  God never tests people and we should use difficulties everywhere, so we understand life and have a lot more wisdom and experiences. Just put up with what happens all around the world and hope for the best good fortune. Very nice article. I don't agree with everything you say but it certainly is plausible.  A lot of people do nothing more than search for places where they can interfere with the joy of others. People learn a great deal more on the basis of watching than reading today. I get more information regarding notices and news on my computer every day. The internet is amazing.

      Thank you for your comment. God certainly tested people in the Bible. In fact he was a rotten father. But if we accept that men wrote it and in fact they did, then we understand they thought men should rule, fathers should be king, women their slave and concubine, choose one son over the others and still have a bunch of children to do their bidding, sanction killing the curious, unbelievers, first born and those who disagree, elevating warriors and war, everything we support in our civilizations today. People just love all this violence that begets fear and subjugation, torture, pain and death. Fun and games are over, it is time to create love for us in order to survive. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. mocne says:

      This blog is amazing. We used to sit around and talk about religion but that was a long time ago. We were trying to justify it in terms that the human being is basically rotten to the core. Now that has been proven true, I think it best if we fail to make it thru this century into the next. Overpopulation and the top one percent rich should be able to bring an end to the specie. Both are corrupt, taking as much as they can from everything. They will strip the earth clean and then die as a result, too dumb to see it coming. I love your blogs, although think you may be holding out for some miracle. We were the miracle and we became shit.

      Thanks for your honesty. You are right on all accounts although If the US causes WWIII in the next few years and the people support it, the game is up. I will be far, far away. Besides I really preach it is personal and only you can become joyous, healthy and rich by changing your beliefs. The rest of the seven billion can go to hell and it will make no difference to those who live in love. They will be somewhere else. Besides it is very possible only the insane will join in the Frey and die, leaving us the pieces. We can manage. It is an interesting future ahead for the few of us and a horrific one for those who prefer maintaining the status quo, moving toward a world order run by the few who have taken all the wealth of the world unto themselves. Either way, love, Oracle Jai

    6. marina says:

      Thank you for the good post. It in fact was amusing as well as serious. I agree with what you said but it was the first time I too a look at religion that way. I love coming here and reading something interesting and entertaining.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Religion is something we should all take a good, hard look at. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. bara says:

      One of the things I worry about are all the people on those social networks believing all the religious crap people put up. They should come here for the magnificent information you have. I wonder why other experts in the field you talk about keep saying the same old thing, in spite of the science education going on the internet. Does anyone really believe God made Adam from clay and Eve from his rib. Sounds like those ancient myths.

      You keep moving forward in your writing. I see I am one of many that come here to understand more about their lives and the world we live in. I am hoping to learn more about what will provide a contribution that I can use to assist numerous others, as these posts have helped me. l will continue to check back to educate myself further and to discover a great deal more. I do recommend your site to the people I know. Thanks,

      And thank you for your comment.

      I have a story about that.

      I was staying a few weeks in the Dominican Republic, having a conversation with a good looking, young man who was explaining that the people were very religious in his country and believed men should be fruitful and multiply with as many women as possible. I smiled and asked him a simple question. "If you were God and you wanted a companion, would you make the man first or the woman?"

      Without hesitation, he said, "A wo..".and stopped, looked shocked and wandered off without saying another word.  Had he said a man, I would have asked if he thought God was a homosexual.

    8. Nekuciz says:

      I know this website provides quality posts and I love everyone of them. I must say they are eye-openers, especially this one and punishments and rewards. I have not found any other network site which provides this kind of information, is so great looking, easy to use and I love the bubbling brook and birds. I want to live in this site. Disney could do this. thanks so much.  Isabel

      Thanks for the comment and compliments. Yes religion is a great subject, I could write so much more. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Mason says:

      Everyone loves it whеnever peoρle gеt together and share thoughts. Great write up on Religion. We have been led astray by the church propaganda which is inconsistent and even against Jesus' teachings. Great site, continue the good work!

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, Jesus was a pacifist and did not go along with the rebels who wanted to overthrow Rome. Although he may have been a realist and knew that would only get his people killed. Either way most of the religions go along with killing, advocate it and even march against a perceived group of people who propose a different belief. That behavior is condoned in their religious dogma. Just another form of governmental justified killing. We could change. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Camille says:

      Wonderful blog! I am so glad I found it and this post answered my query about women in the Bible. Women all over the world, in different religions believe they are inferior to men and play a subservient role in society. As far as I can tell, they always have. Even if we refuse to have babies, what is going to give us the equal status with men? You suggest we earn our own bacon. Do you have any suggestions besides raising pigs? The US even failed to get the equal rights amendment in the constitution. I've been trying in my marriage as well as my office but I never seem to get there, unless I get nasty or mean for a while.  Many thanks, I look forward to your answer. Camille

      Good question and I am glad you asked. Being equal is the same as living in in love and paradise, wherever that is for you. First we are all unique, perfect and different in every moment. So forget all about the word and concept of equality. What a relief. We have many talents, most unexplored. Your cells know where there are matches with your hidden talents and what society needs. It is your choice to go on trying to change the establishment or decide your life is joyous, loving, having fun, safe, healthy and rich living in abundance in paradise right now.

      Your subconscious/cells know just how to accomplish this, if you allow them. Go with your own flow. Let it happen and it will. You need to change your conversation with yourself so it is positive, encouraging and trusting. I am great, I know I can do that. I trust whatever I accomplish is perfect for everyone including the world and me. Watch as if your life was a movie and thank yourself/your cells all the time for what they accomplish. I was looking for that, thanks so much for directing me to see it. Love Oracle Jai

    11. Lou says:

      Grеetingѕ! I've been rеading youг web sіte foг a long time now and I had to comment on your post Religion. You certainly have a different approach to almost everything you write about. I have to keep coming back for you make such sense out of our nonsense. Calling the religious establishment, which is as you pointed out in the comment, a government with as much power as any government, small minded is right on. We had better begin to learn how to think and adjust to reality. Just wanted to say keep up the excellent ϳob!

      Thanks Lou, I appreciate agreements. If it has scales without feet, fins or wings  it is a snake. Which is a great being and needs a better rep. Thanks for your support, Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Knox says:

      I am glad to read your incredible way of creating the post. Very great content, entertaining while you make a point one leasts expects. It, so far, is very beneficial material. I am a religious person but after reading this post, I too see how limited I was. It is up to me to realize what my actions cause and make my own belief much bigger to include the plants, animals, water and air. We must protect this earth. My religion teaches us to love God and does not teach us to love ourselves and everything else on the earth. I am going to put this into action. 

      Thank you for thinking. It is up to each of us to change only ourselves. Governments, businesses and religions are made up of human beings, us and our neighbors. That is where we start. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Tracey says:

      Excellent wгiting. Ι certainlу apprеciаte this website. This new post of yours is really a mind blower. I never question my thoughts about god or where they came from. Like most of your posts, I have to question who I am and why I am this way. I am changing, just because I have to from being exposed to what you say. Keeρ writing!

      Thank you for the encouragement. We get little encouragement to live in reality. Most people live in their illusions, trained to believe that thinking is wrong. We just do as we are told, regardless of who tells us and what they tell us. People go to the slaughter house, willingly all through out our his'story and still do. A few bad fruits and the entire civilization goes down including the infected ones.  Fat lot of good that car, cell phone and computer will do when we are all dead and gone. Oh you think we will rise again, to do what? Repeat his'story?

      Wake up before it is too late. Start a new life based on loving ourselves, so we can love one another and all things natural. Use that great brain for living in harmony, instead of competition and control. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. dobry says:

      Thanks a lot! I love this post and your whole blog. I was quite surprised at what you said about religion but I should have expected it after reading some of your other posts. You are right as always. We need to live in the real world but that is difficult because other people do not. They do not know that they made it all up. All that nonsense. What do I do if I get happy, healthy and rich. Who will I talk to?

      Right now there are only a few of us but as more and more people are willing to do what is necessary to love themselves, there will be more people to talk to. It is essential to the survival of what is left living in the world today. Be one who steps away from the stupid crowd and learn to love yourself unconditionally. It really is worth it. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. isabel says:

      This web page ambition is very admirable because you write what must be done. These be very dangerous times, at the brink of annihilation. Worse than war, disease, starvation and the bubonic plague all rolled into one. Worse than all the leaders Hitler, Stalin, Nero, the Pope and his God, who killed to be on top. On top of what, a bunch of morons. Personally, we should all commit suicide. We refuse to learn to love ourselves, yet we all know we must. We continue in our stupid fashion to overpopulate the world, while our governments plot to destroy us.

      I doubt that you will ever get people to change. How many actually listen to your positive audio? People are too ignorant, busy doing nothing and change requires too much effort. You have outstanding posts and a great sense of reality but an undeserving audience. It is pleasant here on your site. Keep writing. Thanks.

      Well, I think you said it all. Only a handful of seven billion are worth saving and if they play their cards right, learn to love and cherish themselves, move far away from civilization and its religion, live with others bent on love, then when all else perishes in the coming war for dominance of the world, those who survive will have invented a life based on harmony. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Spencer says:

      I visit this web site daily and obtain correct information about us and as you call it, the natural order. I give psychic readings and they are based on my intuitive nature. However from my understanding I should be telling people they can find out their psychic readings from themselves, if they train themselves. I could aid their discovery. I found out from from here a lot more about us than I thought I knew and a lot of what I was taught was just not so. I thank you for putting this blog up and it is very attractive and peaceful, even if some of your posts are shockingly different that what we have been told.

      Thank you for your intuitive comment. Yes, people, especially those who are trained to believe the wisdom or insight comes from some spiritual place or thing out there, needs to know how the natural world is set up. It is true that we are all psychic and we send and receive the thoughts and feelings from everything, including the plants, birds, fish, insects etc.

      Readings, such as Tarot must be positive for that is what is necessary now. Humans made up negative, bad, wrong, ugly and upside down negative readings. Everything is perfect, including us. We have been taught to overpopulate and destroy the world by killing everything and using up all the resources. Why? because we are bad, wrong and deserve to die. Make sure your readings support the positive. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Fvock says:

      I really like the precious information you provide especially right here on Religion. I am taking another look at what the priest says. I never thought to question. That is faith, never question.  All your articles demand us to think instead of accepting what we learned from what others said. We even doubt what we know to be true if it is different than what we learned. I have bookmarked your weblog and registered so I will come every time you post something new. I’m quite guaranteed I’ll learn something else that will shatter my beliefs. Keep them coming. Looking forward to the next, meanwhile I will reread some. There is much to learn here!

      Thanks for leaving a comment and for questioning everything, including what I propose is the truth. Science tells us a lot and changes when scientists find out something new. They are constantly questioning their results in light of new phenomena. We could all be scientists of our own lives. Love, Oracle Jai


    18. stephatte says:

      Learning is essential but we must examine what we are teaching. You are right the first thing to learn is that we are loved and that love means to care for us, keep us safe, held, fed properly. Women stopped breast feeding in preference for the bottle. Often that bottle is propped on a pillow so the baby nurses alone. That has had a profound effect on the way we are today. Bottle fed instead of held close and nursed by mother. The children of kings were handed off to a wet nurse for the queen had a court to attend to. Now women have a house and load of kids to attend to.

      Thank you for your interesting observation and comment. God would never have condoned what we have done, especially since we take everything for ourselves. Religion must stop preaching be fruitful and multiply. Less of us is better. We must love ourselves first then we can spread the love to others even a god.

      We need to design a whole new way of living naturally on earth and still use our brain and opposable thumb to the earth's advantage. Something to think about. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Mittie says:

      This post Religion is just amazing. Makes me wonder what other things we believe that have no basis in fact. I do know some people that will hang onto the lie till their dying day. The only truth to go for is love and love transforms everything. I will keep coming back for more.

      Thanks for your amazing comment. I also wonder at people who hand onto lies even when they can see and hear the truth. As you said, let us just go for love, joy, health, being safe and prosperous. Love Oracle Jai

    20. Pump says:

      Some truly nice and utilitarian info on this internet site. Also the design and style is really great. Your post on Religion takes me by surprise. You are right, my concept of God is really that big but even a God that big could speak in our ear. After all we really do not know anything but what the preachers say and you have that right. They say many different things and most are pretty limiting and the God in the Bible is pretty nasty in the beginning. But then is God suppose to make sense or even be consistent?

      You make some good points there and since the religions disagree, fail to be consistent and make sense, we have to draw our own conclusions from our own life. This is what the post is all about. If we should not kill, why is it OK for god to demand that his followers kill for him in his name, especially if he can part the Red Sea and and then drown the entire Egyptian army, without our help? That codicil was not chiseled on the tablets! Thanks for commenting, Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Whatever says:

      I have really been going through a bad time lately. I am mad at everything. I was even afraid to go to the market or hang out with friends. I quit my job, actually was going to be fired anyway. I could not stand those so called social networks and I do not go to church or shrinks. Then I got a punching bag to vent my frustrations. I could really work up a sweat. Soon I was going to the gym and working out, swimming and meeting new people. I have another job and I am happy and my punching bag is right there in case I need it. I wanted to tell you this because you give great advise about loving ourselves but I think you might add getting a punching bag as well. 

      Whatever works and I like the idea of punching a punching bag. Getting physical is also a good idea, just avoid competitive sports, including golf if you are keeping score. Swimming is good, riding a bicycle, exercising, mowing lawns. Stay off pavement if running or jogging. Great comment and talking to people who have professional judgments is not recommended. Thanks. Love, Oracle Jai 

    22. Marty says:

      I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. It is relaxing, beautiful, important and shocking all at the same time. I think the internet is great in that we can voice our opinion even if it goes against everything we have ever learned. Religion is certainly no exception. It has caused wars in every country since the beginning of civilization.

      Why is it that the human species cannot tolerate anyone believing in a different system and way of being? Why is it such a threat? Even in the bible, God fears others who have a different "god" to believe in and encourages eliminating all who would be different. I am looking forward to your reply. I read all the comments and you are one to speak the truth even if it is unbelievable. I am sure you will burst all my illusionary, belief balloons.

      Good question. Of course we are the seeds of our parents, who are the seeds of their parents, on and on, back thru time. The religions of the world keep repeating the same message, we are the one, believe what we say. Why? because we say so. Where have we heard that before!? If they were spouting the truth, they would not have to keep repeating it. The truth is everywhere.

      The difficulty seeing it is because we were trained not to believe what we see. We create what we believe. So in the Bible, Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Confucius's alteration of the I Ching, you name it, we are suppose to find those who are different and kill them. And following that idea, we have finally caused the Sixth Major Extinction on the earth to date.

      Religion is alive and well and will kill us all before the end of this century, if we do not put a stop to this insane idea and birthing armies. No other life on this planet does this and the truth of sharing the planet and all its incredible variations is lost in the words "Survival of the Fittest", which we think means the being the last living man on earth. To the end of life, Love, Oracle Jai  

    23. Alina says:

      Religion is an amazing topic and what you say is even more amazing. If we all got it and believed what you say then we would have to follow the truth instead of the fantastical illusions we have been living in. I am definitely coming back for more. You have so many articles to choose from. I know I will read them all but where to go next? It's an amazing site designed for all the internet users; they will take benefit from it I am sure.

      An amazing comment and I really appreciate it. Since there is no order of importance or which came first, just spin the dial until it stops and read that one. They are all to encourage us to become positive and tell us how. Have fun, Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Henrietta says:

      Asking questions and thinking about the answers is actually a really good thing even if you are told it is the truth. After all, history is full of lies and untruths, for they did not have the benefit of science, telescopes, electron microscopes, archeology, etc. They did not understand anything totally, especially how the earth worked, what was beneficial and what was dangerous, except being killed. This post really makes us think about the rest of the religions and what lies and untruths they are based on. I sincerely thank you.

      Thank you for thinking about religion and what we did and do out of ignorance and accepting the lies people tell out of their needs to have what they think they need. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Mathias says:

      Hello just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Chrome. I'm not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I'd post to let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Many thanks

      I have Chrome and everything is showing up great so enlarge your screen. Religion is showing up well on that cloud making stars. I thought Nassau's picture particularly good for religion. God really has more important things to do than bother any more with humans. He made us perfect, with a great brain and opposable thumb, a fantastic body that will keep us healthy, in love and living in abundance in a paradise that follows the perfect laws of the universe.

      We fucked up big time and we will die out because we used up all the resources destroying life on the planet. We have been on our own since the beginning, with all possibilities and chose to destroy what sustains life instead of preserve it, overpopulate instead of live in harmony with the earth and all its inhabitants, worship and be enslaved by the kings of industry instead of loving ourselves and cherishing our children.

      We can choose at any time to change but we believe the crap religion, governments, newspapers, business, doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs tell us and their lies will destroy the paradise God set up in the first place. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Bettye says:

      I am honored for being one of the readers of this blog post. Thanks to your generous support, I am the first in my family to have some knowledge concerning religion that is not rhetoric from the Bible. I am sure you know a lot more than the post allows. I also read, "Say You're God." You are so right, the concept of God is way too small and ignorant, born of the old beliefs thousands of years ago. Growing up in a less privileged neighborhood has made me doubly grateful for the fantastic education I can now get on the internet. More to the point, I am blessed with all the wealth of information on your blog. I will read it all and it is very pleasant being here with the sounds and beautiful pictures of a pristine earth.

      I am honored by your comment and that you dig my writing. The truth is always here, we just need to remove the haze that distorts our vision. It can be done and I encourage you to keep at it. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. Johnny says:

      Hi! I'm at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Some of your subjects are funny, others are shocking, still others are eye openers. I had to read religion because that is a no no subject never to be talked about. Your post is enlightening to say the least. Carry on the outstanding work!

      Well it is a killer right up there with heart attacks and cancer. If people read the scriptures as a training manual instead of absolute truth when the truth was absolutely unknown, we would be a lot better off. And it does not matter which religion. They all do their share of the damage we have done to the earth in god's name. Strike out on a joyous adventure and leave the opinions and "truths" in the past where they belong. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. Wee says:

      This really is a fantastic site. Oracle Jai has done a fantastic job writing/collecting articles to post. The information here is actually insightful.  Religion, a topic most avoid because it causes disagreement. You just write what you have studied and know and religion is no exception to your rakish, discerning eye. You just secured yourself a guaranteed reader.

      Thank you for the fantastic, discerning comment. Remember to love and cherish yourself above everything and then you will cherish everything and the earth itself. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Delessio says:

      I think this is a real great blog. Really Cool. I look back on my childhood, my religion, my schooling and I find that all they did was to tell me what to do and what not to do. I believe I never asked why. Now I am confronted with your way of writing, what you say and I must look at what I really know about what I think I believe. I am unable to even talk with my friends or family or priest about what you say because they are like me. They know everything and will do as told to do. Questions make the conversation uncomfortable. I am not sure I want to continue but I find I keep coming back to read more.

      What you are experiencing is very common. Hopefully you have read enough of my posts to understand the way humans have been trained to be and breaking from the illusions into reality is really only for a few. I am hoping for critical mass which would be 10% of the population and all we have to do is start loving ourselves as we are now, which is the perfect result of the way we were trained as babies. Loving ourselves will change our lives. We can still be apart of our society, we will just be happy, healthy and rich. Oh My! Would that be so terrible? Love, Oracle Jai

    30. clean says:

      This article on Religion is truly very upsetting. I can see my image of God is way too small. Even the church's image of God is way too small. If God is not to be confused with the small gods of the ancient cave man, indigenous peoples around the world, Greek, Roman, Indian, Chinese and Japanese, then we must expand our concepts and beliefs. We need to expand our ideas of why we are alive and what to do with our lives. If we truly are in control, then we must use what God gave us to love ourselves and the paradise we had from the beginning. We must stop being stupid and primitive.

      Of what use is a cell phone that connects with the internet if we destroy all life on the planet? This is just too big to get my head around now but I will think on it. I will tell you one thing, I will never go to church again and listen to that drivel. Thank you from my heart to have shared this revelation.

      Thank you for getting the bigger picture. In that picture we must keep our numbers small so we all live, meaning all the critters, plants, fish, birds, even insects. We must stop with the pollution, poisons, killing and overpopulating the world. It is a big order and it is a personal transformation. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Bawd says:

      It is wonderful to find a website that fascinates me. Of course, religion interests everyone even if they are a non-believer. What you say here, most people would not dare, although it is actually pro belief in something so much greater than our minds can take in. Thank you for the training, thinking and living that went into your life to be able to come to the conclusions you have on this blog. Your website is one of a kind. It is so interesting and educational. Also very enjoyable to visit. I like the sounds. They are new for I have been here several times. It just keeps getting better.

      Thank you for the compliments. I actually recommend believing in what is real and know that our experience of everything is due to our training. If we want a joyous visit on earth, then we need to make it so by loving and living in harmony with what is natural. Our unloving, overpopulated civilizations are unnatural and detrimental to all life. Right now our job is to return to loving ourselves, the earth and the universal laws protecting us. Love, Oracle Jai

    32. Truck says:

      I'm very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Religion is a very touchy subject, yet you approached it without fear and said it as it really is. All made up. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

      Thank you for sharing your best thoughts on religion. Almost everything about our belief system is made up illusions that will end life on earth, if we fail to get real. Thank you for waking up from this nitemare. Love, Oracle Jai

    33. Tom says:

      Hi! I really dig this site. I am going to share it with my zynga group? There's a lot of folks that I think would really enjoy your content. The site is so pleasant and what you write so provoking. There is much to think and talk about. You could be a study group that meets once a week to talk about the next post. Religion is one of those topics we think about all the time. Many thanks, Tom

      Thank you for continue to come, read and leave a comment. There is much to evaluate about our lives, since so much of it is against love, pleasure and nature. Love, Oracle Jai

    34. Andrew says:

      You certainly have remarkably well written articles. Your concept of religion is so unshakable. Humans really need to see the awesome benefits we all have. The animals live in paradise and we make it hell. We got it so wrong and yet the truth is everywhere and obvious, once we open our eyes to the miracle everything is in reality. I am sending everyone I know to your blog. We must open our eyes and believe in what is. With gratitude for sharing your wisdom.

      And I am grateful for you sharing your awakening. Now you are aware you can begin the process of changing your automatic programming. Love, Oracle Jai

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