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    Animals love unconditionally. We did at one time, when we still had fur, tails and swung from trees. Sex was for procreation only. Love, joy, feeling good, touching, grooming, taking care of one another was natural and everyone participated.  The dominant male impregnated as many females as the coming season was likely to support. If food would be in short supply, only the alpha female would be impregnated.

    Monkey mothers were great, held their offspring close until their child was ready to swing alone. She taught them how to find and eat what was nutritious and avoid the snake. The tribe accepted every offspring, even the peculiar ones.

    All individuals were happy, played most of the time and gave their opinions loudly at all forums. They ate fruit that grew on the trees, killed nothing, cooked nothing, kept no-thing, made nothing, feared nothing and lived happily forever.

    When we became Homo sapiens and life was difficult, men decided living in peace and harmony with nature was for the birds. He preferred the thrill of killing, consuming and destroying everything to support a constantly growing community that he ruled.

    The female provided S-loads of babies for killing neighbors, hunting, cleaning, making tools, clothes, etc. and much later farming and raising animals for food. She was quite content to be protected by the big ape, which later came to mean owned.

    For the last 12 thousand of years, all around the world, people have been very busy making and training hordes of slaves and mercenaries and building huge cities to house them. The more babies, the less time to love, groom, play and have fun with them, let alone care for anyone or anything else.

    The female stopped mating with the best, any Tom, Dick and Harry would do. She stopped loving and cherishing herself, her babies, her society and the wonderful world she left behind. She was unloved and uncared for, growing up with tons of siblings. How could she do any differently? Unconditional love was replaced with lots of sex and sex fails to satisfy our craving for love and feeling good about ourselves.

    We are headed for extinction and we do not give a damn. Entertainment is all that matters. TV, sitcoms, news, electronic games, iPods, cell hones, computers, business, money, religion, insurance, drugs and war have become our Babysitter. "What the world needs now is love, sweet love." When we cherish and love us, we will love and cherish others and the population will naturally decline. And we had better hurry it up

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    1. Agnes says:

      Nice post. I am in the dating business and always checking our thoughts on how to find love. There is a lot about love here and I am inspired! Extremely helpful info especially about loving ourselves. If sex is not love and just physical attraction and we should not be making babies any more, then what happens when dinner and dancing are over on a date?

      Excellent question and it is the first time I have been asked. Hahahahaa. Certainly, I do not suggest sex unless one or both partners have been fixed, so they are unable to make babies. A game of Parcheesi comes to mind. Hahahahaha. A walk in the park, along the beach, whatever bit of nature is near and then a hug and kiss and say goodnight? All we ever think of is sex. Talk and think about something else. May seem very ordinary but love is its own reward and if we have it for ourselves, sex is unnecessary for a joyous time by ourselves or with someone else. Try it, you will like it. Love, Oracle Jai. 

    2. Cortney says:

      Hello it's me, I visit this site often and have read all your posts. You have not written any new ones is a long time but I am rereading some that I have issues with. Like sex. By the way, this web site is really special for your fans truly share fastidious thoughts.

      Yes they do but I only answer the interesting ones, most never get published. Sex is killing us all because people do not love one another and have sex as a substitute. The kids come along and no one loves them. Mother is too busy and father is absent. We should get fixed and stop having children. Solve all our problems, save the planet and have sex till we drop!! Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Anonymous says:

      Hello there, I found your blog by the use of Google while searching for a comparable subject, your site came up, it appears great. I've bookmarked it in my Google bookmarks. Sex is only for having babies and I thought it was for love.CS

      It was so good of you to leave a comment. I hope you benefit from this site. It has only one purpose, to awaken you to the fact that you can have perfect health, unconditional love, joy, fun and prosper doing what you love to do. Bone up on love, it is not sex. Sex is for the high we do not know how to make any other way except with drugs. Please register so you know when the next post goes up. Love, Oracle Jai.

    4. Mom says:

      It is good that you do not worry about plagiarism because copyright cannot be guaranteed besides trying to prove your rights is too time consuming and expensive to pursue. Your material is unique but life is fleeting and why waste it trying to be famous. If he or she comes back to understand more about your wisdom, then they will change for the benefit of all of us which is greater than any satisfaction of fame. Hopefully all sexual people will read and understand this post. What we need is love and a whole lot less people. 

      Thanks for commenting and your understanding of the necessity of change. You are right. What we need is love and a whole lot less people!!! Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Farm says:

      To be quite honest, I really haven’t cracked this nut. We all like sex, look forward to it, actually look for it everywhere. But I think the idea of caring and loving should also be present. It is true there is obviously too much sex producing babies without the love and caring necessary. Your post is about one of the most essential pieces of advice one can give. However, you do mean no sex unless we want a baby, and we already have too many of them, or get fixed.

      This is worth thinking about and testing our thoughts about castration. I recommend everyone read this article for we must do something to get to a reasonable population. Most if not all blogs either do not encourage or allow such long comments but here even the authors give long replies as well. This takes a lot of time but the issue is paramount.

      Yes this is a touchy subject that must be addressed. If we do not stop the population growth on our own, the government will have to and it will not be pretty. Other leaders have reduced their population by murder but it failed to stop the tide. It is necessary to get fixed, until we love ourselves so we do not need others to love us. Then we will not have babies in order to feel loved, work for Dad or go to war. The solution is up to each and everyone of us. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Lena says:

      Hi, I do think this is a great website. I really think getting fixed is better and will be more successful than having no sex at all. We do need to stop having kids and they are a 20 year commitment, which is a very long time. One needs money to raise children and there goes freedom and in comes work. Our society frowns on freedom, it prefers to imprison people rather than let them wander around free. May you be rich and continue to help others. Lena

      Thanks for commenting. Freedom is living joyously, having fun. Love and cherish yourself and you will be free of the constraints imposed by all societies. Having fun is neither dangerous for us or society. Eventually societies have to die out as they all have and either we all succumb to extinction or the loving ones remain to start anew. See, if the powerful bent on control win this round, they will continue the extinction because they are what caused it in the first place. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. TWISTER - says:

      Pretty nice post. I just am curious about how we actually lost love if we even had it. The excitement of sex isn't love because I have it with many different women. Love is more than that but the marriages I know lack both sex and love. Could you write more about how we get the love. If overpopulation has to stop, what do we do with our natural urges? In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon! TWISTER – obsługa imprez warszawa

      Thank you for your comment and I hope you will register, subscribe, so you can be informed when I put up another post. The sexual urge is because nothing is exciting in our lives anymore. We are safe in our houses; food is safe in the stores and kids are safe in schools. We drink in bars hoping to get laid. Parks, woods, mountains, beaches are all far away. We live a very unloving, unnatural life. This has got to stop, otherwise the Sixth Major Extinction will continue until we are all dead. On that happy note, find something exciting in your life besides virtual life on TV and the movies. Love, Oracle Jai.

    8. maillot says:

      The idea is correct and wonderful but I really do not believe everyone, perhaps anyone is willing to start a relationship based on love and not sex. Sex is too much apart of the world culture. I really think that if people can continue to smoke, knowing it is killing them, go to war and it will kill them, they would rather die than have no sex just because it is killing us all. Imagine that! As for getting fixed, now that is a solution. If we can get mother, politicians and priests behind getting fixed, we would make it into the next century. If dying is not scary enough and apparently it isn't, the thought of having mom, politicians and priests advocating getting fixed will kill us from laughing. Which is a good thing for it reduces the world population happily.

      Love it, yes, I need to bark up that tree. Let us go out laughing at mom, politicians, priests and we have to add businessmen fixing their children before they start experimenting with sex. Why not, while doctors and rabbis are snipping the foreskins off boy babies, snip the balls as well and voila! our population drops drastically. We put poisons in our air, food and water. What is the difference and we get to save the planet from further destruction? Thanks for being so brilliant. Love, Oracle Jai  

    9. Pressley says:

      Very interesting topic , appreciate posting it. "The reason people sweat is so they won't catch fire when making love." by Don Rose. Are you suggesting we stop having sex because we may make a baby. We have contraceptives. People have babies because they want kids around. Me, I prefer not having kids around.They are more trouble than they are worth and I do not need a baby to prove I am a man!

      Funny quote. Since you need not prove anything to anyone, you are pretty content to be you. I hope you got fixed so there are no surprises nine months later from your sweat. love, Oracle Jai

    10. lunettes carrera says:

      I agree with this statement. lunettes carrera

      I am so glad. It means liberation and freedom from drudgery, slavery and duty to everyone and everything except ourselves. We decide who we want to be with to please us. Society, parents, morality, religions, governments have incentives based on lies to have us do what they want. Be with the people you like and live in joy and peace. there is time enough to start having babies once we learn what is really important in life and how to love ourselves unconditionally. Thanks so much for that comment. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. rugak says:

      It is insane to have a baby, let alone three or more. Love and care is impossible for women and men with even one child in this god forsaken world of hate and war. Too many neighbors, so much fear. I feel sorry for all children. We are up to seven billion of them and women keep having them in bunches. Why in the world would a woman do that? There is no time, energy or even intelligence to do anything for herself, let alone her children or husband. They just breed more insanity, stupidity, uncaring, criminals. They are innocent kids that didn't ask to be here and shouldn't have to come into the world by having such stupid irresponsible parents .. GROSS NEGLIGENCE.

      My feelings exactly and I agree wholeheartedly. Well said and I hope everyone gets it for this has to stop happening or we will overpopulate until we are dying on the streets and leave the planet altogether taking all life with us. This extinction will be the greatest dying ever and the first caused by an animal. Of course there will be no applause for there will be no one left to know. And if you believe in god, she is saying good riddance. Sorry to see all my other beautiful creations gone as well. Time to start again and this time absolutely no animal that thinks it can and should go against the natural order of the universe.

    12. Jera says:

      Insights like this liven things up around here.

      Hallelujah! Get fixed we have too many babies on the planet and have a field day, every day. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. trener says:

      Hey, very nice web site!! Guy .. Excellent .. Superb .. I am happy to go to each blog and check it out. They all are so helpful. I read Sex is for Making Babies. We all know that but sex is great, the more the better. Are you against sex? You think we should have sex only when we want a baby? That will never happen. . . . . . . trener

      Well, if we keep up having babies at the rate we are going, it will stop when we are all extinct, which will happen before the end of this century. I know you think we will somehow survive with billions and billions more people on the planet. We put a billion more people on in the last ten years. This next ten will see two billion more and and the next four billion, you know the math. You are too young to have seen the movie Soilent Green but it is about just this.

      We have to stop making babies. So what would you suggest? I suggested getting fixed until the birth rate is below the death rate. Then one in four women can have one baby. We do not need children to give us the love that we did not get when we were babies. Life is really great without kids. Your responsibility will be for you alone and if you live with another it is their responsibility to take care of themselves. No more of this bring home the bacon, no more cleaning and cooking for that bacon. It is a new life and you can have all the sex you want. Just get fixed. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. christian says:

      Just to let you know, this content looks a little bit funny from my smart phone. Who knows perhaps its just my cell phone. Great post by the way. 

      Yes it does. Sex is advertised everywhere. Provocative nearly naked women parade on the street, in billboards, bus stops, flashing on buildings, magazines, manikins in store fronts and especially on TV commercials. The cars, toothpaste, refrigerators and everything else sells better if it is sexy. Men think this is their purpose in life, so they wear their shirts open and tight pants. Women think this is what they must do to survive.

      Yet when we were a member of the group called animals, sex was for making babies, not love. Love was genetic and animals made it all the time for each other, babies, the sun rising, rain for food, dark for sleep, flowers, birds and everything else. Our only joy has been reduced to twenty minutes of foreplay and two seconds of orgasmic pleasure, unless you include the dinner.

      Time to make life more important and full of ecstatic pleasure all the time. We must stop the pollution of more babies, lower the population by seven billion and love everything unconditionally. I know we are not up for it, so we become extinct. Big deal. I am so glad you put this in the right perspective. Love Oracle Jai

    15. Enoch says:

      Good day! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your blog posts. I especially got a lot from the comments and your answers. I am tired of fending off people who want to have sex and talk about it all the time. I am going to suggest that they go to your site. Thanks a ton! Enoch

      Thank you Enoch, please come again and shout out often. You are right I am tired of all the sexual advertisements everywhere even at the bus stops. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Santo says:

      Your take on life is definitely unique. I think you are the first person I have read that says it like it is. Sex is just sex, not love and yet that is what men think. I think women know it is for making babies. After all they are the ones left with the kids when the man goes looking for sex with another. What a mess we are!

      Yep! that we are. Now is the time to get real. When we love and cherish ourselves then we will experience all of life thru love which certainly lasts longer than an orgasm. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Reagan says:

      I'm impressed, I thought sex was for having a rare moment of love and euphoria. I like your style of writing and must say I agree with you. Love is so rare, I am not sure I would recognize it. People talk and sing about love all the time and know nothing about it. Wow. Well how do we create love for ourselves if we have never experienced it?

      Good question and of course you have felt it, hopefully, at moments of feeling so good that all negativity disappears, like an organism or perhaps watching the beauty of a sunset. Searching for that feeling is why people take drugs, which, unfortunately destroys the natural ability to experience those feelings. We make that feeling of love internally because we decide to have those feelings. Do it deliberately. Smile and laugh and you will catch on. Love, Oracle Jai  

    18. tom says:

      This was just what I have been looking for and it helped me a lot. Tom

      I am so glad to be of service, Love, Oracle Jai.

    19. frammadiz says:

      An impressive share, I just gave this to a colleague who was doing a little analysis on this subject. He actually bought me breakfast mainly because I discovered it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thanks for the treat! But yeah, Thanks for spending the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about having a lot of sex. Everything is about sex. If it isn't sexy it isn't selling. I do not want to get fixed either. Suppose I get married and my wife wants a baby? I need to read even more on this topic. If possible, would you mind updating your blog with a lot more details? It truly is highly useful for me. Massive thumbs up for this blog post!

      That was a great compliment, Frammadiz, and I do appreciate your continual effort to tell me. Thanks again for your encouragement. As far as having sex, get fixed. You will be very popular. If you are marrying a girl who wants babies you are marrying a woman who was only trained to have babies, raise them and their children. Show her there is more to life than babies. She has talents, interests, travel, art, music, writing, running a dry goods store, real estate anything, something new, perhaps. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Twyla says:

      You are absolutely right on about this post, Sex is for Making Babies. Guys should get fixed. They are still men even though so many think they need those balls to prove it. Most do not make good fathers, it is just a "See what I can do, and do and do." All I will say is excellent writing, and continue writing as much as you possibly can!

      Thanks for your funny right on comment. We aim to tell it straight. We all need better training from our mothers and she only follows her training. No improvement there. So get fixed guys and save the workd from more of you. Hahahahah. Love, Oracle Jai

    21. M. says:

      This post is extremely valuable for me. I resent men for thinking I am an object for fucking. I am a real person for loving. I did not know how to express this, in fact, neither do any of my friends. You are right everything is about sex. One cannot avoid it. Even having babies is pressured by our parents and society, when they know there are too many of us and too many are destructive. I would rather masturbate than be with a man just for sex and they do not care if they make babies or not.

      This was really what I was searching for, support for what I feel and think. I am so glad I found your site. Many thanks for being so up front. I read your article on marriage as well. I am going to support love and demand it or leave them flat. I notice you always sign off with love. I will too, Love M.

      Thank you M, for being so clear. It is quite acceptable to use the vernacular online as we do in speaking to each other. Be strong in loving, appreciating, cherishing and  respecting yourself. When you do that, so does everyone else. I used to live in a very dangerous neighborhood when I attended college. I knew I would always be safe as that was how I was trained as a child. I was unafraid to walk home in the dark and never once was I even suspicious of an attack.

      Others know, we all know the intentions of another. Only victims expect a bully and only bullies go after victims. I could strike up a conversation in a bar and we would dance and laugh and part when the evening came to a close, knowing we had an exceptionally good, fun time without all those expectations because they were never on my mind. Have safe fun and life will be just that. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Dena says:

      Definitely believe that what you say about sex and love. They are not the same and sex definitely is too short of a high to choose over love. Your favorite solution is to love ourselves unconditionally. That is a tall order if we were never loved in the first place as a child and according to you most of us were not. You say we can learn to get those peptides filling us with joy but I find that my mind resists that much joy. I can do it for a few minutes then I remember something that switches that love off. I definitely get annoyed at myself when I worry about stuff that has not happened and probably will never happen. How do I stop doing this?

      It starts with unconditional self love. Be your good parent. When you start to worry, hug yourself. Look in the mirror and tell yourself I am wonderful and caring. I will be sure I am safe. I love me totally and understand I was trained to fear most things. I am perfect as is this earth and the universe. I trust me to be safe, having fun in life. I feed me the right, healthy foods, move energetically, and spend time with people who also love and respect themselves. I will not make babies until I can love them unconditionally as I do myself. There you have it. Love, Oracle Jai 

    23. Anonymous says:

      There were countless one liners that created a chuckle or laugh. Especially in this blog about sex. I like your writing style, funny, on target, we certainly get what you are saying. All of them are worth reading.

      Thanks for the comment and chuckle and laugh all the time. That is the way to respond to the news. Just laugh. It is so stupid and ridiculous, it is funny. How can anyone with half a brain behave like a human being? Of course, I stopped listening to the news when I was twenty. Now I think I could have been laughing all the time. Oh well, I laughed at other things. Keep coming and laughing. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Dewitt says:

      It's an amazing post in favor of sex but not babies. It has to be that way. Time to remove the stigma, worry and punishment, I am going to get fixed besides so far my life is fun and I want to keep it that way. I am sure this will catch on and I am going to give it my best.

      Thanks for the best attitude. Follow thru, so we all can live in peace and good will, when our civilization becomes too small to support it. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Ivan L. says:

      It is great to read someone who really is aware of what we are all about. You positively know the best way to deliver a difficult subject in an entertaining way. Sex is an obsession and what is on almost everyone's mind almost all the time. Advertising exploits this to sell products and ideas. Orgasms last less than a minute so why something so small, short lived be so important? There is so much more to life. Children know more than adults about living joyously. We disgust me. You definitely have the gift and I will keep coming.

      Thanks for the gift of your comment. It is truly amazing that an orgasm should have attained number one priority goal of men's lives. Of course that is an exaggeration but it is close to the top of the things that occupy most men's mind. Naked women, or nearly so, are everywhere in pictures on internet, magazines, TV, advertisements, movies etc. and you know women are not looking at them the same way a man is. Well it is a man's world. It is amazing that he has enough time to design a smart phone, atomic bomb and destroy the nutrition in our food. Too bad, it was a beautiful world. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Brook says:

      surprisingly helpful material, on the whole I picture this is the only way to be in the future. Right now we do need to change, have more fun and love without the burden of children. I agree with you and I will speak out for this with my friends. I will keep coming back to read more. You need to write more. Everyone of your articles is worth more than the usual opinions I listen to every day. Thanks

      Thanks for coming, reading, commenting and I do hope you spread the word. Live is fun or can be if we change our focus from the negative to the positive. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. Silke says:

      Hey there! I've been following your weblog for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Tx! We Texans really like to hump. Having babies is the penalty. To wake us hard-headed cowboys and cowgirls up takes a jab in the ribs with spurs. I feel you just did that when I read this post. I don't know about getting fixed. I'll think about it but I can be more careful.  Keep up the good work!

      Do not think about it, do it. Life without penalties is life in paradise. Love Texans, Oracle Jai

    28. Dustin says:

      After exploring a few of the articles on your website, I really like your way of writing a blog. I read Sex is for Making Babies and wondered if I should get fixed. I am young and maybe when I am 30 or so, I would want a baby of my own and would not be able to have one. I could not ask my girlfriend or wife to get fixed, if I did not want to. So how would this work?

      Good question and I understand your predicament. You think it is important to have a baby with your genes. Why? You cannot own a child. You can love or molest any child but it never is your child. Ancient tribes instituted ownership and slavery but that does not make it so. People accepted this kind of control but they were still in charge of themselves. They became slaves from birth and accepted that form of government but still the king or chief or father only owned themselves. They were just abnormal abusers.

      You do not have everlasting life by having a begat. So rethink your position and get fixed. Every single person on this planet is trained to be abusive and until that training changes, none should have children or a begat. We need you to love yourself unconditionally and then the baby you raise will love instead of abuse themselves and that can be any child. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Jasmin says:

      Outstanding post, you have pointed out some excellent points. I agree that sex is overrated and it is in our face all the time. Everything we do or say seems to have a reaction that has to do with sex. I know you are right about love. I want to love me and I will unconditionally. That would put sex in a proper perspective. I would only do what I felt was joyous, safe, loving, healthy and have fun. I would just ignore impolite innuendos as a perfect response to a poor person who never had anyone love him in his life. I feel so relieved knowing I am in charge of how I feel and perceive what is going on. I also conceive this s a very superb website and it is so comfortable to be here.

      Outstanding comment. Love it and you are right on all accounts. We have left the blame game in the past and know all these poor people are without love and that is why our world in in danger right now. You are in charge. More power to you. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Pet says:

      Very cool website!! Guy .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I like sex and have it as often as possible. I also have a kid with a woman I do not live with. You are right about not having love in a relationship. I do not love the women, I love the sex. When I read this post, I could see this clearly. I will get fixed. I think, I know I would be a poor father. Might as well not make a baby that I would not raise correctly. I have bookmark your blog for I think you are wise and truthful. We need to make a difference. Other sites about this world are full of s++t and selling s++t to keep us in deep s++t. Glad to read the rest of your posts. You have the right and helpful info right here.  Thanks for sharing. . . . . .

      Thank you for sharing your opinions and realizations. We need all men to get fixed. Of course that is unrealistic, but the more the better. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Loowleprode says:

      quite nice post, i certainly adore this web-site, keep doing more. I will keep coming back. Loowleprode

      And I adore your comment. Keep coming back and be sure to register on the side panel, to get my updates. Love, Oracle Jai.

    32. buy says:

      We should all be so thankful for coming out and pointing to the major problem in the world today. Only very intelligent and caring people will stop having babies. I think we will be as you say, extinct by the end of this century. In the meantime I will do the best I can not to have any children. I would not know how to raise them anyway.

      Thanks for the comment and observation. Love, Oracle Jai

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