• Forget everything you have ever been told or believed about dis’ease, including heredity disease. Dis’ease is a manifestation of negative childhood training. It is true there are microbes and bacteria that can make us sick, if we believe we should get sick.

    If we believe we are always well, we are. Our body is designed to keep us healthy and safe. Of course we have to nurture it, so it is healthy. Anything that we feel unhappy about is a dis’ease. happiness, joy, health and prosperity are also governed by our beliefs. When we hurt ourselves, our body is telling us there is something amiss in our daily life. Everything from headaches to heart disease and depression has a specific symbolic message.

    Often we get sick because we desperately want to believe someone cares about us. Anyone will do, even if we have to pay an exorbitant amount of money for doctors, psychiatrists, drugs, clinics, hospitals, injections and operations. However the success of these efforts depends on our beliefs.  We control the disease as well as the cure. When we cherish and care for ourselves, we avoid all dis’ease, which is a good thing. Then we will always be healthy and safe from harm.

    Healing and staying in perfect health requires a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water. Living in a clean, natural, relaxing environment, away from any large city where the air is polluted and crime is rampant is also essential. If our work is stressful and anxiety provoking and/or we accept an abusive partner, we do so to get pain and disease, as a punishment we think we deserve.

    Our cells manifest what we want, which is to have what we expect. Our mental attitude is responsible for all our diseases. Once we expect to be happy, loving, safe, healthy and rich, our trillions of cells give us that life. We then respect, love everything without conditions and live in harmony with the universal natural forces that keep our planet alive.

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    1. Derrick says:

      I love this site, your posts are so useful and have helped me out loads. I will pass the word to help other people like its helped me. Good job. Derrick

      Thank you Derrick for coming back and getting some help from the posts. I do hope your friends come as well, Love, Oracle J. 

    2. Rara says:

      Thanks for telling us how to cure ourselves. It is the case that we also make ourselves sick. I will test this on me. Does it work that I use this positive talk to nurse and cure others? I’ve been exploring about health just recently because a friend of mine got, what we thought was a cold, but it just would not go away. None of the high-quality articles or even weblog posts said that we had the power all along. Reading this info has changed my life, for I am satisfied that I understand how healing works. In fact how we work.

      I had the most important uncanny feeling that I discovered exactly what I needed. The majority of folks doubt the truth but some of us always find what we need. This information needs to be studied in our grammar school education. I am telling everyone to check out your site, if anybody dares to educate themselves, instead of thinking correct information comes from parents, schools, church, governments or anywhere else. Our way of life sucks and is based on stupid, ages old superstitions. Right here is a good deal more wisdom and experience than is in any other book ever written and that includes the Koran, Bible and all those Hindu and Zen stories. Good luck

      Wow! Thanks for the compliment and heads up! I did read those books and other books of wisdom as well as science. People knew they were powerful but, like money, they wanted it all for themselves. Everyone has to believe they have the power as they experiment with it, just like I did when I got Poison Oak. Power to us all. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. lifelock says:

      I find it hard to believe I cause all my problems and when I am sick, I caused that too but I believe you. I have heard about placebos, so it must be true. I certainly love this website and I intend to learn to eat the right food. Please keep adding to our knowledge and understanding. lifelock

      Thanks, I will and please do as you say and learn to eat nourishing food prepared correctly. Lots of people eat the right kinds of food and ruin the nutrition in the way they prepare it. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Houston says:

      There's definitely a great deal to learn about health. I like all the points you've made. It is hard to believe we cause all our problems and we cure them. I guess doctors are needed, when we really hate ourselves, like getting in the way of a bus or falling off the roof. Or maybe we just hate the life we have and do not know how to change. I am going to read Shakespeare Says so I can get loose. Thanks for opening up my eyes. Houstin

      You are right. Mostly we hate ourselves and live the life we were trained to believe we deserve. We live in insane cities with people who think this insanity is all there is. The news, magazines and TV keep telling us the insanity is everywhere because that is what we all want to hear. We continue to prove that we are right and yet that is the illusion our parents, schools and news tells us is the truth. The church does one better and tells us we can live in paradise after we die but there are conditions. Pull up your anchor, heal yourself, live in paradise while you are alive. It is all doable and benefits the earth. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Kargen says:

      I am always looking for new information about how we can avoid getting sick. I take tons of supplements and all the latest finds. Still I get sick. Just last week I stumbled off some steps and cut myself and nearly broke my leg. I am thrilled to come upon your site and spotted The Cure. I need a cure and was surprised to find I am the cure of what I cause. How can that be? Of course I do fall or cut myself and I can see that I did it but to get diseased? How do I prevent that? You have a way that is not a pill, supplement, drug or medicine. We use them because it is easier than changing our beliefs. But of course, we still get sick and hurt. have discovered your post positively useful. I am hoping to explore changing my thoughts and help others to change theirs. I’ll keep coming back to learn and understand more about how we can always be healthy. Loving your how to cope with comments. Thanks again.

      When you love yourself totally as you are, you find you come across the correct supplements and food that will keep you healthy and eliminate those that keep you unhealthy. You find you remove the negative ideas, desires, jobs, things and the negative people you hang with. Everything detrimental to your happiness and love just fades into the past. Hope is a four letter word to avoid. It says what you want, you do not have and maybe, could be, in your future but probably not. As long as we wish and hope, we prevent ourselves from ever having. Live in abundance instead of lack. It is a state of belief. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Mall says:

      Avatars are talented by knowing who they are and what they are really like. Admittedly, people think they know and it is all a trained illusion. We think we appear one way but everyone knows who we really are under the pretense. If you don't have much in the way real intelligence, hopefully you are good at being creative. Our education is not about finding out about us and what we are capable of, it is about getting through school with at least passing grades. The A is more important that the content. We learn how to repair the car but fail to learn how to repair us.

      The majority of folks live in misery, complain and blame, I got that from you. But it is true. You need to write a post on competition vs. harmony. That would surely shake things up a bit. We are constantly taught to rank people, events and things in terms of worst, better and best. Our schools would get together on a holiday and the bands would march and play for us. We were all given cards to choose which were the worst to the best and there might be over ten bands. I lost track for they all sounded good to me. I thought it was fine until I read a few of your posts. You need to address this issue as well. The side effects upon society are devastating.

      My landlord installed a simple yet effective airconditioner directly opposite my window. He was enjoying the fresh airconditioning, while I was taking in the exhaust heat. My complaints to nicely educate him brought about no solution. I set about to find a solution and found a sheet of stainless steel that I placed in my window. Hot air bounce back to his apartment and he was fuming with anger. Haha… serves him right. We are both victims of our education, society, overpopulation and the crowded conditions we live in. 

      The definition of an Avatar is a born again god. A god is all powerful and we have the power to create the life we desire. We need only look at our life and we know we created it. The cure is to move to an uncrowded place to live, where you get fresh air, clean water and organic food. Be an Avatar and use your power to love and cherish yourself without conditions. Then you can trust yourself to do what is necessary to benefit everyone and everything, including all that is on the Earth and in the Universe. We all need to become Avatars of Love. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. Twiest says:

      I am very happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that's at the other blogs and doctors and insurance and druggist and everyone else. Appreciate your sharing this best information that points the finger right at the culprit, us. It is amazing if you are correct and it sure sounds correct. I have read stories about the will to live and the will to repair irreparable damage and succeeded. First I ever heard they did it to themselves in the first place. Keep up telling us stuff that we need to know and probably do not.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. You are right, even doctors need to read this material but they do not educate themselves on correct diets, imagine what a doctor would say if he read that his patients caused the disease or hurt and they are the ones that have to cure it. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Andrea says:

      I always spend a half an hour in the morning with a mug of coffee and read your posts. Today was The Cure and it really made me think. We are in charge of our diseases and accidents and we can avoid them if we believe we can. That is really good news and I am starting to believe it right now. Thanks so much for your enlightening posts. Andrea

      Thank you for your comments and I am glad you are going to change your life to one of perfect health, love, joy and prosperity. I need more readers like you. I do have some. I want 10% of seven billion that are going to follow my truth and get a positive automatic system. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Alphonso says:

      Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment but I really wanted to thank you, I really enjoyed reading The Cure. If you are right, and I do not doubt it, we give us our diseases, heartaches, disappointments, marry the wrong people all because we are following the way our parents behaved. That is scary. It is wonderful that we cure ourselves by loving us. Actually that will be tough as well, since I always felt my parents really did not like me. I am an aspiring blog writer but I'm still new to the whole thing. Do you have any points for beginner blog writers? I'd definitely appreciate it. Alphonso

      Alphonso, write the way you talk. Remember you are perfect just the way you are. Would you want all of us to write like Shakespeare? Just have fun. Oh and if you fail to find your comment, I may have moved it to a more appropriate blog. Just check the home page for your name. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Mowrey says:

      It’s basically a cool and beneficial piece of information and facts. I’m happy that you just shared this practical info with us. The fact that we cause all our diseases, is unthinkable, yet I know you are right. Love is what we need and we need to give it to us. No one else will. That is for sure. Please hold us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

      Thank you for commenting. It is only your job to love you totally, unconditionally. Then that love spreads to everything and everyone else. Watch that short video on Dr. Emotto's work. Only the individual can make love, it is internal. Another cannot give it to you unless they are in the state of love and then it goes to the plants as well as the earth. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Delfin says:

      Homeopathy can reduce the anguish and speed the healing process with the most common causes of heel pain. It can be believed that Aloe is effective at inhibiting tumor outgrowth. The safety of plant sterols and stanols has been confirmed by an extensive safety evaluation program along with a sound reputation safe use since 1999 in a number of European countries.

      Well here you are again. Aloe Vera might reduce the cause of itching but that is about it. Heel pain is due to poor shoes and poor posture. Get better shoes that hold the foot correctly with proper support for the arches and depression for the heel. If you persist in using erroneous information in your comments, I will just refuse to publish them. What are stanols? Be positive and be correct. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Google says:

      Always a huge fan of linking to bloggers that I adore. As we think, so we are. Yes, we need to be aware that we cause our successes and failures, joys and sadness, love and hate. It is all up to us. I learn a lot from you. thanks, that is why I keep coming back. 

      Yes Google, soon you will be on every blog I have written so far. Keep coming back and commenting. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Anonymous says:

      Do you have some kind of history that you can tell us about. Your few stories point to a fascinating life and for you to know so much about us and you write so well, well I am curious.

      Thank you for your curiosity and yes I have had an interesting life. Someday I will write my autobiography, maybe. Being a sailor, becoming one with the weather, ocean, boat and me, kept me fully occupied, so all my study and observation had time to organize itself in my subconscious. By the time I got to Singapore, It just exploded out and I wrote and painted in the two years I waited for the US to get out of Iraq. I have been writing ever since, still having adventures, still learning how to become the me I want to be. That will have to do for now. Thanks for reading and commenting. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. mayadennyvc says:

      We have explored thousands of ways to lose weight, weight loss protein shakes, powder, pills, shots, even operations. None work forever, because as you say, it is a business. Once we explore the reasons that health food stores came into being, we see it is because the food grown for our health is full of pesticides and lack nutrients. It is enough to make you sick, and it does.

      Yes it does. We are a very unhappy, miserable species. People express this in many different ways, sit in front of the TV to avoid their life, hang on Facebook, Twitter, news anything to make life more bearable, take drugs including alcohol most of the time, get sick often, jet off to somewhere, anywhere else frequently and take vacations from the drudgery of life. Many of us just eat and eat and get fat. The only solution is to love and cherish ourselves. Then our cells, our subconscious, begins to change what we do so we can be healthy, happy and prosperous. Thanks so much for your comment and insight. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Parthenia says:

      I read The Cure and was amazed to find that you know that we cause our own disease and cure ourselves. I have a close friend who had a kidney disease. We read everything we could find on it only to find that DIALYSIS IS NOT NECESSARY!! My friend of mine got off dialysis (stage 5 CKD) and healed his kidney. Everyone needs to know this and we can heal every disease. Thanks for reaffirming this.

      Thank you for your amazing comment. I am glad your friend found out the truth about disease. It is a punishment we think we deserve from how we were treated as children. Ignorance is not bliss. Joy, love, health and safely prospering is bliss. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. wypożyczalnia says:

      Usually I do not read posts on blogs, but I just had to read this post on curing what ails us. Your writing style amazes me. Thanks, quite a nice post. Zainia

      I am happy that my posts peeked your interest. Please do come back and register so you get an alert when the next blog comes up. If you have a particular subject you would like me to discuss, please let me know on a post. Love Oracle J.

    17. Randi says:

      Simply want to tell you I think your post on The Cure is amazing. You say we are in charge of our health because of how we think of ourselves. I think you are right! I also read Accidents and Diseases and Healing. I am changing my way of thinking and being. No one has ever said these things. Even natural medicine misses the point. We need to eat healthy food, love and cherish ourselves. Paradise will come to us. Your posts are so clear and simply spectacular. You should be teaching at a big university or better on a popular TV show. I have read your comments and know they all think what you have said makes sense. Thank's a million and please continue the rewarding work.

      Thanks a million for your comment. I live in paradise and have let the so called "civilized world pass me by". Thanks for your support, Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Dwight says:

      I needed to write a little bit more to give thanks yet again on the superb advice you have contributed here. It is certainly generous of  people like you to convey, without restraint, what most of us would probably have offered for sale as an eBook to get some cash, especially since you could have tried it in case you desired. Those concepts are a great way to know that other people online, with similar interests, have to say with regard to this problem. I am certain there are a lot more fun periods in the future for individuals that look at your website.

      Thank you for you appreciation. I hope you make CDs of the recordings on our audio page. These are extremely helpful to give you the joy, happiness, love, health and wealth you desire and keep you safe. Our little pink cells want to know this is what we want, instead of being sick, hurt, feeling frighten or unhappy. Those feelings are trained and therefore expected. If we remove the life we expect, we can live every moment in joy, health, wealth and cause the life we desire.

      I do not charge because time is running out. We must change now. Love is what we need. I know most people will say we need more money, even though they know it will not buy love, health, being safe and doing what we love to do. Listen to the section on Wealth and know there is nothing to fear. Our subconscious knows how we must behave to benefit us and the magnificent planet we live on. Love, Oracle Jai.  

    19. Halley says:

      I'm truly enjoying the design and layout of your site. It's a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Love the sound. I have joint pain and a few other ailments, that is why I read The Cure. I was so taken back. I thought you were selling supplements or drugs or something like that. Little did I know I am responsible for my ailments and I can cure them as well. I am starting right out to change this and throw away my pain bills and drugs.

      I truly enjoyed your comment. Read the post Healing so you know how to do this. If you have damaged yourself badly, you may not be experienced enough to regenerate bone, connect tendons, remove pain, stop bleeding, repair skin etc. I did not know my hip had degenerated and had no pain. The doctor looked at my X-rays said I would need a replacement in six months, tops.

      I said no way in hell. I would regenerate the bone. Well I was unable to do that but I did take Tai Chi for three years, learning how to care for my body correctly. The benefit was incredible and I still needed the surgery but the rest of my joints are safe. Become a healer, we all can heal, we just have to believe it and practice. Love, Oracle Jai  

    20. Sherman says:

      I've to say that you've created a genuinely user friendly website. I love the theme you are using and the equilibrium of the colours. Outstanding work! I was really curious about what cure you were writing about and that was such a good post. Love ourselves is the cure for everything. Wonder why we never made the connection before. I am going to love myself and spread the word. Thanks.

      Yes, love for us is the cure for everything from a hangnail to overpopulation and global warming. When we reduce the population by over seven billion, we can live in small tribes in the places that have a cooler climate, clear water and plenty of oxygen. Paradise, here we come! Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Mitchel says:

      I visit this website daily and get such great vibes and wisdom. I like all the posts I have read. Take The Cure, for instance. Only we can cause our sickness and accidents and only we can cure or fix us. If we contract a terminal disease, we think we are so bad we should die. OMG and I thought something or someone attacks me. What a difference this will make in my life. This is such a great site.

      Thanks for visiting on a regular basis. The more exposure you have to the words, pictures and sounds the more you will become the person who is always joyous, loving, healthy having fun in life's great adventure. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Howard says:

      I found what I was looking for. I have been sick for a long time and have many things wrong with me. Now I understand this is my doing and I will now work at undoing it. I have hope for me. Wonderful article, thank you, Howard

      I am glad you found that you can change your conditions, Howard. Cherish and love yourself and then you will eat healthy foods, take supplements, drink plenty of water. Read up on health and follow the instructions. We know what is unhealthy in the food in the cans and boxes. Avoid them, they are deliberately made to keep us sick. Drop hope, it only keeps us sick waiting for a miracle. Know you are well, believe you are healthy and your entire body will set everything correctly. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Nava says:

      Thank you for sharing with us, I think this website truly stands out. I read the Cure and you are so right. I am going to start right now looking in the mirror and saying I love you, looking at me. I am going to keep it up. I also read the comments and your replies. Who are these people who actually have something to add? A better class of people somehow find their way here. Thanks: D.

      I thank the people who take time to make a comment. It makes the site much better especially when they have something to say. Of course I love the accolades as well. Change by all means and if enough of us do, we will change the course of his and her'story. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Colleen says:

      I have read so many articles or reviews regarding health but this is the best so far. It makes health simple and puts it back on us where it originated. Good show, good article and really attractive site. keep it up.

      Thanks for your comment and health is the most important issue. If we are healthy we can be happy but it is difficult to be happy when we are sick. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Staci says:

      Wow, this post is nice, my yοungеr sisteг iѕ analyzing how to get well and avoid getting sick. You say her sickness is symbolic of something not good in her life. She needs to find out what. І am gοing to inform hеr to read this. She should talk with you.  green smoke

      Thanks for coming back and commenting. I know your sister can always have perfect health, if she follows my suggestions. It is all in our perceptions of who we are. If we perceive that we are always healthy, then we are, our cells aim to please. If she is sick then the sickness will tell her where to look.

      For instance, if it is a cold, that is congestion in the chest and throat. Chest is the heart and lungs and throat is the voice box. This would suggest that the issue has to do with love, which is filled with bad stuff but she will not talk about it to clear the air, start again, whatever is necessary to have the love flow easily, air thru the lungs. I need to write a blog about this, thanks Love, Oracle Jai.

    26. Nicci says:

      Amazing article, The Cure. I have total control and I thought I was pushed around by circumstances, family, bosses, weather, society, opinions about everything. Thank you for opening my eyes. I will keep coming to read more.

      This is what I write for, to awaken the sleeping human before it is too late. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. nurse says:

      Is it okay to insert part of this on my personal site if I publish a reference to this site?

      Of course. I want to spread the word that love is the only solution. In your profession it is important to know everything is done on purpose to prove our beliefs are correct. If one believe the world is out to get them, they do something to get got. Of course they are trained to believe it was someone else's fault. We need to be retrained. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. Victor Sitton says:

      This site was…so incredible I am at a loss for words to offer enough praise. All your posts are so significant and appropriate!! The Cure for all our ailments, including lack of money or anything is right here in this statement. Finally I have found something which has really helped me. Cheers!

      Cheers for making a comment. Yes we must love ourselves before we will make our lives a paradise and live happily ever after. Time to get started. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. Steward says:

      I truly appreciate this post. I've been looking all over for this! The Cure. We control our diseases because we think we should be punished. Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! I do think I have done wrong things and apparently I have always been right. Now I am changing my thinking. Thanks again

      Thank you and be well all the time. When we are healthy we feel good and feeling good, happy, joyous, having fun is what life is all all about. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Issac says:

      I just picked the Cure because I have had a virus for two weeks and looking for how to cure it. So I want to get this straight. I cause my diseases because I think I should have them. It is normal to get sick especially with the cold or flue that is going around. You say it is not necessary to get it if I believe I am always healthy. Well, that sounds good enough for me. I have read a few of your other posts and they are all excellent. I imagine the next one I read will be as well. You really have awesome titles here and there is a lot to read, especially if I read the comments. Thanks for having such a beautiful site.

      Thanks Issac for continuing to read my posts. I love writing them and I know they are about reality, which most of us avoid at all costs. But apparently you relish it as the other commentators do. Love, Oracle Jai

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