• This is such an important message for all of us, Jessica, I wanted to share your reading.

    The Issue: The Rebel (insurgent, mutineer, revolutionary, radical, dissenter, innovative, avant-garde, activist, ground-breaking, world-shattering, drastic, maverick, fundamental, nonconformist, pioneering, protester, extreme, essential for change, )

    Praying Mantis on an Asiatic Lily

    The Rebel, as an issue, either means we need to break out of our way of being and go for a positive change or we have done so and are still fighting the battle. If we remain a rebel, we resolve nothing and only invite war, abuse or prison, whether we are really incarcerated or a prisoner of our own abusive way of being, sabotaging our desires for a safe, loving, happily ever after.

    Once we have rebelled against our negative conditioning, removed what held us back, the rebellion subsides and a positive new way of being takes charge. Freedom is unconditional love, joy, health, living safely in abundance and delight in the natural way of the universe. It is personal and private for it is our subconscious automatic program we must change. 

    What Is Necessary To Resolve The Issue: Conditioned Morality (trained, taught, educated, culture, habits, lifestyle, behavior, ethics, principals, beliefs, morals, decency, politeness, graciousness, honesty, integrity, attitude, truthful, honorable, reliable, sincerity)

    Notice that some of the synonyms could easily conflict with one another; such as politeness with honesty, graciousness with sincerity.  Each culture and each individual within that culture has a different conditioned morality that was trained from birth by the relationships of the parents or trainers. Obviously this training is the cause of the rebellion in the issue because it failed to keep us safe and give us a life of joy, love, gratitude, health and prosperity.

    The training must be replaced by unconditionally loving and cherishing ourselves. When we cherish (treasure, value, appreciate, esteem, love, admire) ourselves, we automatically do what is necessary to be safe, joyous, healthy, loving and live in abundance. The need to rebel disappears.

    The Result: Experiencing Life: (participating, contributing, involved, understanding, familiar, thoughtful, perceptive, receptive, responsive, acceptance, complete, inclusive, full, total, indulgent, effortless, easy, caring, kind, loving, gentle, considerate, aware, sensitive, alert, observant, wakeful, insightful, open-minded, generous, accommodating, natural, graceful, adoring, affectionate, approachable, friendly, indulgent)

    Experiencing life is participating with life without distractions, thoughts and concerns about anything else. Focus on events happening in the now, with and around us. Rebellions, goals, desires, judgments, worry, fear all gone, in the past, just pale, inaccurate memories. We are free at last to enjoy all of life and all that lives knows and receives our smile, joy and love. We, in turn, receive theirs. We are full, complete, at one with all there is, a part of the total experience of the universe. We know where we are going, enjoy the trip.

    32 Responses to THE REBEL

    1. Yukiko says:

      That is a great tip especially to those new to the blogosphere. Short but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one. A must read post!

      We like to think of ourselves as rebels but that is just not the case. We follow our parents way of being which is the norm in our insane societies. Glad you read it. Love yourself completely. All your feelings and what you do are all about you and only you. Your reactions cause you to have the life you have. When you learn to react in joy, love, choose what is healthy and safe, that is wealth beyond measure. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Melissa says:

      Ahaa, its a nice dialog on on being a Rebel, one that goes against the status quo. We admire the Rebel but fear being one. We want to be part of the crowd, unseen, unheard, unnoticed. You write such interesting posts all about us and our negative way of being. We had better get positive quickly or it is the end. I have read several of your pieces and loved them all, although I did have to do some adjustments in my thinking. I loved the comments. I notice few disagree. The change must be in the wind.

      Let's believe it is and we are being blown toward a positive life of love, health, wealth and having fun. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Sheba Hendon says:

      Keep up the good work , I read few posts on this internet site and I conceive that your web blog is rattling interesting and contains circles of superb info. I am a bit of a Rebel and like it. I guess that means I am not ready to give up the battle. Thanks for the advise.

      Keep up the good work rebelling. When you are ready you can move to peace and do as you like. Rebelling is an automatic control trained when just an infant. While it is fun, do it. After all life is about having fun. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Modern says:

      Thank you a lot for giving everyone a very breathtaking chance to read this website. It is excellent and jam-packed with amusing comments. I especially caught the praying mantis pun. I take it that this was an Oracle tarot reading. Lucky Jessica. It is so important, especially for me personally. I realize my negative attitude sabotages my efforts to destress!! I am going into my work smiling and watch the response from my office co-workers. I'm just actually amazed with the incredible advice you give, especially that transformation is a personal activity.

      Thank you a lot for your breathtaking comment. We need all the compliments we can get. They are like hugs which are essential to our joy and well being. Keep up the good work. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Code says:

      A motivating discussion is definitely worth comment. I believe that your tarot readings, like your posts are extremely valuable. Revolutions like religion, philosophy, wars, coups, have not worked yet. You have the only viable answer. Funny that people do not take their lives personally. Here's to you becoming popular and spreading the only valuable stuff on the planet today. To the next, post and the next! Best wishes!!

      Thank you for such a motivating, valuable comment. Be sure to compliment yourself all the time. We love to have them. Love, Oracle Jai


    6. Moisey says:

      This post is really great and helpful to everyone. Some people are afraid to rebel even in their home and others spend their lives protesting doing nothing. I have done both and got nowhere. I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep on informing us with your insightful posts.  Thanks for sharing.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We need to change and right now. It is urgent for we are about to destroy enough of the natural order that we will all die. Of course the world is better off without us and it will take several million years but nature will win out. Survival and change is what the natural laws are all about and any species that thinks they understand the natural forces is stupid beyond reason and has caused the disaster we face. Please check  out the new video about wolves. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. RV says:

      I would like to show my appreciation for your kind-heartedness in support of persons that should have assistance with this situation. When people protest in groups, they scare the establishment and a lot of people die. Your commitment to passing the message along turned out to be extremely helpful illustrating how employees just like me to arrive at their peace of mind. When we relax and enjoy work, our bosses relax and enjoy theirs. Your personal invaluable tips and hints denotes so much more a person like me can give to my peers. Thanks a lot; from each one of us.

      I appreciate your kind remarks. They help to further the idea of safely living in abundance with joy and love for the entire planet. You are right. When employees are happy the boss is happy and work becomes a pleasure instead of a job. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Yama says:

      I desired to appreciate you yet again. I'm certain my life has improved by incorporating your recommendations. I had a very troublesome situation in my opinion, however, I overrode my internal negative conversation and substituted the words you are perfect, smiled, and it changed everything. We are both happy and have been for a few weeks now. I keep reading your posts and keep changing my attitude.

      It does seem queer at first but I am getting the hang of smiling. It changes me immediately. Amazing. I hope you comprehend what a powerful job you're carrying out educating the mediocre ones using your blog post. I'm certain many have never written to you and yet they are happier for being exposed to your site and writings.

      Thanks for your voicing your appreciation. Smiles have an amazing effect on everything and everyone, especially us. I understand even the media is joining in with the truth about what we have done and what we face because of our training. Good. Perhaps we will make it past the end of this century. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Fenbert says:

      Hello my family friend! Awesome writing and I have to agree with you. Being  rebellious is really an important issue. It is necessary to get the life we want and that, as you always say, is personal. We do not have to fight anyone, least of all ourselves. I will read more of your posts and there is a lot here. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and sense of natural beauty. Love the symbol of a praying mantis and they are very beneficial and helpful in our gardens of life.

      Thank you so much my friend for reminding me that it is a personal transformation. I will add that in the post. Please do keep reading. All the issues are important for they all have to do with us and loving the natural way. Love Oracle Jai

    10. Fish says:

      Hey, this is an unusually nice site!! Actually, Excellent .. Amazing .. I thought I was a rebel but I can see that I need to let go of some complaints that just keep on and on and nothing happens. You say if I let go and watch myself, I will do the right thing. I am going to do just that. I have friends that drink too much and get obnoxious. But I like them otherwise. I am going to let go and see what happens. thank you for sharing. . . . . .

      And thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I do council letting go as long as you have begun to design yourself as positive. You are with your friends because they already satisfy an image of yourself. Perhaps they make you feel better than them or you are so bad, this is what you deserve. The issue is with you. Once you cherish and love yourself, you will act appropriately to care for your joy, health, love, safety and prosperity. Trust yourself to be positive and then make it so. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Shawn says:

      Excellent web site you have got here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours nowadays on such a beautiful format. I seriously appreciate individuals like you, who have taken the time to educate yourself on the likes of us. Even most psychologists have missed the boat and they really study from books and the faulty ideas of others. Take care or you may become famous!!

      Thanks for your excellent comment. Yes it is a combination of what others say around the word, science and being an astute observer. Although fame is not what I desire, I do want people to change, stop the rise in population and killing all life on the planet. If that takes fame, so be it. hahahahah. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Gannon says:

      What a relief to discover a superstar who accurately knows what they're talking about. You undoubtedly enjoy bringing a crucial problem to our attention in an entertaining yet urgent way. Most people will agree with me and recognize the truth of what you say about being rebellious. There comes a time in everyone's life when we need to say no or yes, when our freedom and integrity is at stake, especially when it is unpopular. You undoubtedly have the gift of insight, knowledge and observation. Sincerely thank you.

      Thanks for your sincere comment. You are right there will be times to back off or down because the path leads to extermination, like buying a car that drives on gasoline. Get electric or pedal. It is more than fumes polluting the air, the manufactures kill everything in their way to getting more to make more profit instead of finding a reasonable energy solution. That is the civilization we are trained to support and it must stop. We can do it, individually. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. health says:

      Thanks so much for giving everyone an extremely memorable time, reading your great posts on this beautiful and exciting website. It really is so excellent and stuffed with a lot of fun for us. My office friends visited your web site  three times in the past 7 days to read through the fresh stuff you have got. Then today you put up The Rebel. I am definitely astounded at your outstanding of the real issues and creative concepts. They are all important for life on this planet. Everyone else on the internet and news are trying to scare us into accepting even more servitude to the almighty dollar. You make sense and make us smile. We can do this. We either lose or we change. That is pretty simple. Thanks so much.

      Thanks so much for giving us such a memorable comment. Yes we can do this individually and we need not scare anyone. Keep reading and it will just sink in like osmosis. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Desi says:

      Thank you for the auspicious post. In fact most of the articles I have read thus far have had an been amusing as well as pungent.  account it. How can we communicate?

      We are, you said, " ", I said, " ". If you had skype I could do a reading for you and tell you about it. My name is halle.jai. Other than that, just read and write your thoughts and if you want a particular subject covered. Have fun, Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Mckinley says:

      I couldn't refrain from commenting. Well written! Interesting treatment of a topic. I would love to have you do my cards. Your reading shows unusual insight to all of us, not just one of us. Donald

      Thank you for your comment. Yes I love doing readings. You need to email me and we can set up a time online to do it. They all apply to all of us because all of us are having the same problems because we were raised in a home in a civilization that lacks love all over the world from the time we left the trees to right now this minuet. We can change this by training ourselves to love unconditional. It is a feeling, not an action. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Ray says:

      I was extremely pleased to uncover this website. I need to to thank you for this wonderful read!! I definitely liked every bit of it and I also love the pictures and sounds. So relaxing. I am going to  read everything and put what you advise to use.

      Thank you for your comment and do keep coming and reading and putting it all into practice. We depend on you. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Damion says:

      Fantastic blog and fantastic posts. You are just too fantastic. I really like what you have said right here about The Rebel. You are right. If we rebel in the quiet of our own thoughts, no one can come and arrest or murder us. I can become positive, refuse to go along with the Money Game and no one will be the wiser. I really like what you say and the way you say it. You make your posts entertaining while shocking us out of our haze and into reality. I can not wait to learn far more from you. This is really a terrific site.

      Thanks for your fantastic comment. You have already begun to change to joy and having fun in life that has only an up side. People who think drugs and alcohol is the path to joy are way off and when they come to, it is the same fears and disgust that drives them to more drugs and drinks. May you step clear of that life and dwell in paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. care says:

      Good web site! I truly love how it is easy on my eyes, ears and the data is well written. I'm wondering how I might be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed but was never notified. i have read most of your posts and some I have reread. I refer to your be positive now site often. More people need to wake up and be aware of what is actually happening. I am inspired to make the changes you say are necessary. Have a great day!

      We make our days great is we so choose. I certainly make mine great. Thanks for the great comment and as to notification when I have a new post, we do not have an unlimited amount of email capability on our BlueHost. So you just need to keep checking in. Have every day be great. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Dwain says:

      Many many thanks for this publish! Some really inspirational content and designs here. When children we get whacked if we rebel but as adults if we don't nothing changes, unless you have all the money and want even more. Life was depressing before I saw your site and read a few posts. I am encouraged to keep on reading. There is hope after all.

      Many thanks for this inspirational comment. You are right and that is why when we rebel we do it in such a way that we get whacked. We stay with or put in the government that is like our parents!! And we are surprised at being severely punished for wanting our freedom. Silly people. Time to make it personal. No one will notice you no longer play the corporate money game. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Bobbye says:

      Taro cards, the likes I have never seen. You must be a clairvoyant. We think that a change only takes place when we revolt. You tell us that only serves to wage war. We are still slaves when the smoke clears. Good point and true. This web site will be famous among all blog users, due to good articles like this one. I am reading them all to see what other surprises there are for me.

      Our way of thinking and being must change, if we are to survive. We can accomplish a wonderful life, once we love. Do away with the tricks, war technology, manipulations for power and money. Oh, and making more babies that hasten our specie's demise. Just be happy, loving, healthy and prosper in a small tribe. We want to move forward to paradise. The past was anything but paradise, including the Polynesian Islands. They were cannibals!! Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Hardball says:

      Way cool! Some very valid points! I read your latest and surfed your home page and decided to read the Rebel, being one myself. Wow, you are some writer. I like being a rebel but I understand it is just a way to stay angry which feels alive and exciting. I am unsure I want to change. I am still young. Perhaps when I am older. I do, however, appreciate you writing this post and your site is the best. Not only original and full of wisdom but truly pleasant to be here.

      Thanks for your cool and valid points!! There is an excitement and danger in being a Rebel. Our training has taken all of our individuality and fun out of life and made us robots trained to serve our insane and over populated civilizations, designed for the few rich. However even they are robots running their programs which will eventually take them down when they kill and consume what sustains life.

      WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Unfortunately shouting and raising Cain only causes them to strengthen their insane position. Better to love ourselves, leave civilization, explore the wondrous natural world and cherish our rebellious independence. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Lorman says:

      Thanks for a great, beautiful, informative website. Where else could I get this many goodies in such an ideal manner? I am my own project that I'm starting to work on simply from reading several of your posts. I really need this and my wife and family think so as well.

      Thanks for sharing this project. I know you will be successful for you already know how to believe lies so it should be easy believing the truth. Love, Oracle Jai.

    23. Gay says:

      You’re so interesting! I do not think I’ve truly read a single thing like that before. So wonderful to find a person with genuine thoughts on being a Rebel, someone different from the ordinary and acceptable. I am a Rebel and make a living selling stuff to other rebels. I am gay and like it. If stop rebelling does that mean I have to go straight? Thank you for starting this conversation up. This website is something that is needed on the internet, someone with a bit of originality!

      So glad you asked. All we want is to be free to be positive. It has nothing to do with sex. The choice is no choice when you are being run by negative training. Free yourself from the old and reprogram yourself to be gay and happy. Love and cherish yourself so you pick people who will also love and cherish themselves. Then you take care that you are safe, healthy and living in abundance. Love is only made inside of you for you.

      Love is not out there for you. It is personal. Plants and animals are different that they never stomped out love. They love their kids unconditionally. We never learned how to do that. Being gay is what we need now, our population is way out of control and you did not contribute to it. Good for you. What we need is a lot more gay men and women. Sex is for making children and have too many of them. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. soe says:

      Hello Web Admin, I noticed that your On-Page SEO is is missing a few factors. You are not using bold or italics properly in your SEO optimization. You have to optimize your keyword and make sure that it has a nice density of 3-5% in your article with relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing). Then you should spread all H1,H2,H3 tags in your article…..there's a whole lot more.

      I know you care and that is wonderful. I am a writer not an advertiser. My work is free, there is nothing to sell. I would like everyone in the world to read the truth about us and how we can be positive but not at the expense of my joy and fun in writing my way. Thanks for your concern. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Ronnie says:

      I really like what you guys are up too. This sort of clever work and coverage is what we need in the news! I wish you all the success at getting the word out to everyone. Keep up the great work I keep coming back to learn more. I think about what you have said all the time. I am becoming more positive all the time. Thanks so much.

      I really like your comment and please do read everything. I repeat myself often in each subject so you get the point over and over. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. health says:

      I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I read your latest and it explains, very simply, why we still have wars and invade other countries. We think money will solve all our problems and desires. I will check back again and again for you have much to read and I'm quite certain I’ll learn plenty of new stuff right here! You are the Best and we need the Best.

      Thank you for your comment and please do read them all. I repeat myself many times in different ways and subjects. Repetition and thinking are both necessary to penetrate the thick skulls we have. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. Merci says:

      Awesome info and straight to the point. I don't know if I would call myself a Rebel or not but this really pertains to everyone. I have loads of complaints that I should drop. I am sure you are right that complaints remain because I keep focused on them. This is truly the best place to find out how to change our lives so we can live in peace and abundance.

      Thank you and you are thinking straight to the solution. Complaints abuse you and sabotage you joy, love and having fun in life. I am sure your parents were full of them and that is why you live your life the way you do. You got it now stop it. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. Tippetts says:

      I must express thanks to you for bailing me out of my predicament of always being angry and in conflict with just about everything. I have spent a lot of time researching throughout the world-wide-web and obtained views that are not productive. I was trained to be this way, and I can see that now. My parents were always angry about something and took it our on each other and us kids. 

      This little Tarot reading carried the impact necessary to change my life. Now I am reading all your posts. I have to let go of that childhood and the belief that the only way to survive is to fight. I had my wife read the post and she too is a fighter in her own way and together we will create the life we really want, thanks to you. We have a future to look forward to. Thank you so much for the professional help. I will not hesitate to refer your site to any person who wants a healthier, happier and fun life.

      Thanks for the comment and I too was an angry teenager. The lack of love, which is so prevalent in the civilized world, is the issue and why we must love and cherish ourselves first. Remember to smile and laugh often. Love Oracle Jai 

    29. Jose says:

      This is a topic which is close to my heart…The Rebel. People think that being different makes them a rebel. Everyone is unique and therefore different. Looking like a slob and offending people is hardly the type of rebel we want. Imagine, however, that being truly happy, loving everything including the plants and animals is different and rebellious!!! Even the church prefers sinners! Take care! Exactly where are your contact details though?

      On the side bar. I am glad I chose a topic close to your heart. I suspect you will find many of my posts are close to your heart, since they are all about you. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Mork says:

      I really want to thank you for those wonderful suggestions you make  on this website. I have shared them with my family and our discussions have been fruitful. We are so very lucky that I happened across your blog. I am sure everyone who reads your material is benefited. Every issue is important. I am commenting on your latest, the Rebel which is so true. I look forward to so many more enjoyable minutes reading here. Thank you once more for everything.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment and I love it that you are discussing the ideas with your family and hopefully your friends as well. We need everyone to change and it starts with loving ourselves first. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Juice says:

      I wanted to write down a quick remark to thank you for the fantastic tips you are showing at this website. My time on the internet paid off when I encountered your site. I am spouting your brilliant ideas to my friends and we are having great discussions instead of the usual drivel. We readers are unquestionably fortunate to find your beautiful blog and the wisdom in so many subjects. I am literally blown away. All that I thought was real and the truth is a lie. Being a Rebel, I am willing to see the wisdom in your posts. I feel very privileged to have discovered your web page and look forward to tons of more brilliant times reading here.

      Thanks for your fantastic comment and we do hope you keep coming back and reading more so you share the truth presented here. Change is personal and sharing is great. Love, Oracle Jai

    32. Pelican says:

      Very interesting reading you have published. Fighting, like poker, got to know when to bluff, shoot, hold, let go and run. I really appreciate your writing and sharing your wisdom. Pearl Bailey said, "What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork."

      I love Pearl Bailey's singing and did not know of her wit. She is right. Thanks for sharing it. Love, Oracle Jai

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