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    Thinking= being capable of using thoughts to explain, reason or make sense of phenomena.

    From the time I was in kindergarten, I was fascinated with religion so I went to church with my friends. I actually went to several including Lutheran, Episcopal and Catholic. By the time I was nine, I went by myself to the only church in town, which was Methodist. When I would come home, my mother would ask me what the preacher said. One Sunday it went like this:

    “The preacher said we were standing in the middle of a road that went up a steep hill. We could choose to go up which was rocky, stormy, scary and dangerous or we could go down the hill which was sunny, bright, full of flowers, birds, trees and meadows. Which would we choose?“

    My mother asked me which path I chose and I truthfully said none. (By the time we are three, we know we have less than a 50 50 chance of being right, so none of us said anything.) My mother then asked what the preacher said.

    I answered, “The path going down the hill is easy and beautiful and it is the path to the devil. The path going up the hill is stormy and difficult and that is the way to God.”

    My mother calmly said, “Well let’s think about this. Do you know why you are on this path?“ I had to think because the pastor did not say why we were on the path. I shook my head no. Mother helped. “Were you looking for something or someone?” I shook my head no.

    "Ok, you are on a path and you are not looking for anyone or anything and have a choice to make. If all you know is that one path is easy, sunny and beautiful and the other is difficult, rocky and stormy, which would you choose?”

    Since I knew the right answer I said, “I would choose to go uphill.” Children are trained to please and my mother was training me to think.


    “Because God is uphill on the path of storms, rocks.”

    “Well, let us think this thru some more. You chose that path because the preacher told you that path led to God. But you had to make the choice before you were told that, so pretend you did not know. Which path you would take?”

    I knew if we were still talking, Mother did not accept the right answer. She wanted the wrong one. “I would take the path downhill.”

    “Now the preacher tells you the difficult path goes to God and the easy path goes to the Devil. You would choose the path to the Devil. Let’s examine the truth of this statement. What do you know about God?”

    That was easy. “He made heaven and earth.”

    “Does that mean he made everything in heaven, the sun, stars, clouds, rain and snow? Did he make everything on earth, the dirt, trees, flowers, mountains and oceans, animals, fish and birds as well?

    “Yes” My mother waited for me to figure it out. I waited to see what she wanted next. She just waited and smiled. I knew it was my turn but what did she want? I thought I would cry. “Can I go now?”

    Mother was not finished. “Is God good or bad?“

    “God is good”

    “So is everything God made good?” I nodded yes. “Then the mountains, rocks and storms are made by God and they are good?” I nodded yes. “And the sun, grass, trees, birds are also made by God and they are good?” I nodded yes more slowly this time. God made both paths.

    “Who made the devil?” Mother asked.

    That was a shock. God made the devil? He made everything and everything he made is good. The devil is good?

    Then she asked, “So where is God?” I was still working on God making the Devil good. “Think about it. Can we see God?” I shook my head no. “How big is God, if he can make the universe, heaven and earth?” Now, I got it. God had to be so big he could make the stars and the whole earth. God had to be everywhere.

    I finally gave my mother the answer she wanted all along. “God is everywhere.”

    “Now you have thought this thru, if God is everywhere and you are standing in the middle of a path, which path do you have to choose to find God?”

    I paused and put all the thoughts together. If God is everywhere, he is where I am so I can stay where I am or go anywhere, even to the Devil because everything is good. “I can go where I want to.”  Mother gave me a big hug and ask where I wanted to go and I said to the bathroom.

    Boys and girls, let me make this post very clear. The conversation is about learning to think. It has nothing to do with god, right or wrong, good or bad or anything else. Thinking is a process of making sense out of a phenomena, in this case a belief. Questions need to be asked because we have been fed BS from conception to now. And that BS fertilized the poison we use to kill the earth and soon will kill us. We all learn to please instead of learning to think. We need both skills.

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    1. Kristopher says:

      Superb, what a blog it is! This website provides useful information to us, keep it up.

      You picked up on a very important point since almost all the people in the world have never been taught to think and the powerful parents of all of us just want us to mind them, not think for ourselves. Unless we do think right now, we and a lot of animals, plants, birds, fish etc. will be extinct by the end of this century. Those of us who still read about health on the internet know what we have done and better stop doing. You are one of those, it is up to you to love and care for yourself. Love, Oracle Jai


    2. Levi says:

      Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative. I am actually aware that most people do not think, even the top rich and powerful in the world. What makes them think they are immune to poisoned food, lack of oxygen and water? Billions more people every ten years to fill their pockets, taking more and more of our natural resources. They will start the nuclear war and where will they live, in underground bunkers for the next hundred thousand years?

      I'll be grateful if you continue this conversation in future. Numerous people will benefit from your wisdom and understanding of the issues. You make us think. Cheers!

      Clearly their judgment is impaired by thinking money is important and has no limits. Why does anyone need that much? They fear the unknown and cannot satisfy their need for being loved and held safe. Perhaps if they read my blog, they would understand and try loving and cherishing themselves. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Kegeimmerly says:

      I think there is too much pressure on not only adults but the children as well. For one thing there is too much homework. Homework!! What are they doing in school? Children need to play, have fun, let off that cramped jail time called school. Do they learn anything of value at all? I have children that go to school and I fail to see anything relevant to life on this planet. Nowadays the children's childhood is not happy. I do not think school is ever happy and that is on purpose. Just look at the unhappy teachers. 

      They have always been underpaid and there is no top to aspire to. They are not acknowledged as being the most influential professional people shaping our future. Society still doesn't get it. They should be the back up for lousy parents, doing a much better job of training.  Children should be able to take pleasure in the beautiful starry sky. I would like your opinion on schools and education. Your writing and thinking skills are formidable.

      I was wondering what topic I would choose for my next blog and you gave it to me. Thanks and I do have opinions since I was a teacher of English and Social Studies for three years and an art teacher for one. I realize I was wasting my time, nobody wanted a good teacher teaching something valuable for the world as it is now and the future to come. Thanks again, Love, Oracle Jai

    4. J0B says:

      Having the key is excellent, as is your other content material. We should have been able to figure this out but just act like sheep following the herd. You are right we are trained to keep our brains shut and just follow, do as told, fear everything and destroy the world without knowing what we cause. I am sorely disgusted with us and especially me: Job, appreciate the post immensely.

      Thanks immensely for commenting. Take heart, you and the world of humans fell into the same way of being non thinkers. In my university, the full professors had to teach a freshman class every year as part of their contract. I happen to get one in my freshman year. Her first comment was something like, "You stupid idiots do not know how to think and you will by the end of this semester or you will fail."

      All our writing was done is class. I knew how to think but I was really lame with spelling and grammar. Turns out she cared about that as well and failed me. Now kids have computers and automatic spelling and grammar checks. Thank you programmers! Now we need to program thinking. It is personal. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Hoto says:

      What we want are more intelligent, creative, smart, knowledgeable and progressive people going to college. It needs to be affordable or the tuition paid for by the government. After all these are the people who will be running the country soon, whether in business, government or teaching. Having attending college they will have experienced a wide range of conflicting information so they learn to think. They will have a good investigative mind and a willingness to work to find the proper and beneficial solutions. They will have a way to find the solutions to an economy and population that must become smaller. We can no longer employ the capitalist who wants everything to grow but remain stupid.

      If our families want to ensure they are a multi functional, successful people, they must downsize the population and using stuff that endangers the environment. It is necessary that all the family members be intelligent and able to understand more about living in harmony and cooperation instead of conflict and competition before it's too late and all families are eliminated in favor of the coming domination of "world order" by the 1% rich and powerful.

      That was quite a comment and I support your ideas. It is essential that the education starts in the elementary schools so by the time the children are grown they already know how to think, search for the truth and reality and make decisions that will benefit us all especially the earth. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Roy Corea Blandón says:

      Hello Oracle Jai , my name is Roy. I live in la Fortuna and I read your blogs and they are awesome. You are a good writer. I spent 3 hours reading about everything you have on your web site and is good, the way you explain your subject is clear and wonderful. I hope you write something more soon. see you :)

      Thanks Roy for reading everything. I am impressed and you took time to write a compliment as well. If you register on the side bar I will send you an email when the next blog gets published. I guess you understood the process of questioning if something is valid, which is the training for thinking. Most people fail to think because they do not know how or that their lessons were repetitions not thoughts. Most people who sell stuff assume people do not think but will buy. I am encouraging people to think now, so they can change their negative way of thinking to be positive. Then we just let our subconscious do it's job and we do not need to think any more. Funny how that works. Hahahahaha. Love you, Oracle Jai

    7. Mike says:

      I will right away clutch your rss as I can't find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly tell me how to find it, so that I may subscribe. Thanks. By the way I love your most recent post about thinking and making sense of this weird, stupid life we live and the stuff we believe is right when it is all wrong. That is why I want to return to read more. I want to know when you put another one up.  

      Thanks for your remark, The subscription is on the side bar at the top. You are right about learning to think. Ask why you are not happy all the time, in love all the time, healthy and rich all the time. We can be, should be and would be if our childhood trained us to be. Now we have to retrain ourselves to be all those wonderful ways of being. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. maillot says:

      It is nice to find a site about what I am curious about. This post has been a huge help. You certainly know how to think and make sense. Now if we all did we would be living in peace and goodwill. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this blog, including the expense which you do not charge for. I am going thru all your posts for everyone is really intriguing and insightful. Maillot

      Thanks for commenting again. We love the comments, especially when they are complimentary. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Rick says:

      I must show thanks to you for rescuing me from my depression. Right after surfing through the world-wide-web and coming across recommendations which were not beneficial, I assumed my life was over. Existing minus the solutions to the problems you've fixed by means of your main review is a serious case, and the ones that might have badly affected my career if I hadn't encountered your web site. Your competence and kindness in playing with all the details was very helpful. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't encountered such a stuff like this. I can also at this moment look forward to my future. Thanks very much for this impressive and results-oriented help. I will not think twice to recommend the blog to any individual who ought to have guide about this matter. Rick

      Thanks so much Rick. Most people suffer from a lack of love, being cherished, confident, successful, joyous, healthy, wealthy and knowing the only solution for getting them. The primary problem is our automatic childhood programming, which we can change and really do thru training. After all no child is born an Olympic Champion they must train for it. One has to practice typing, to type 100 words a minute without a mistake. Same with our life. We are naturally joyous, loving and inquisitive. We use our bodies safely and would never hurt ourselves or get sick if our trainers cherished us and let us explore our beautiful world without their civilized beliefs. 

      But alas our ancestors took a turn toward wanting something more and different than what was offered by the natural order of the universe. We have this magnificent brain and we are deliberately trained not to use it. Read the rest of my blogs and you can ask questions, even specific ones and I will answer. I also do dreams. I am here to serve you. It is my pleasure. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. tom says:

      Hey! Would you mind if I share your blog with my Facebook group? There's a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. I love this one on thinking. If we learned to think at home or in school the world would be totally different. Please let me know. Thank you, Tom

      Share, share more and keep on sharing. We have an entire world of over seven billion people to change. It is a big job but we can do it. Work on thinking in your group. Question everything, global warming for instance. Ice ages come and go and after each one there is global warming. So is that what we want to focus on now? No way that was the establishment's attempt to keep us occupied while they did their dirty little deeds like war and tearing up jungles looking for oil. Focus, think and work on the only solution, it is personal. Thanks Tom for keep coming and commenting. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. Cristine says:

      Great goods from you, man. I've understand your stuff previously and you are just too wonderful. I really like what you have done here, it is very pleasing and what you say is so different from the run of the mill. Everyone needs to read your blogs. I really like the way in which you write. You make it enjoyable and you still take care to keep it sensible. I can't wait to read much more from you. This is really a wonderful website. Christine

      Thanks Christine, I really appreciate your comment. I hope I am making a difference in your life. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Bernetta Sileo says:

      As soon as I read this new post of yours I was so excited I went by reddit to disclose a little of the love with them. Made sense to me. Bernetta

      Makes sense to me as well. Spread the love, joy and fun with everyone. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Maxie says:

      I think the admin of this web site is truly working hard to make this website as beautiful and easy to use as it is. The blogs themselves are of rare quality, natural, easy to understand and unusually entertaining about serious subjects. In fact, several of the subjects are so unusual that I have never found anyone daring to approach them. Thanks for making me think and question and think again. Maxie

      Thanks Maxie, I am pleased for I love the work and even correcting or rewriting programs to please me. I am glad I am making headway. Please continue to come back and comment. Love, Oracle Jai


    14. Jasmin says:

      Well I sincerely enjoyed studying it. This tip provided by you is very effective for correct planning.

      Absolutely essential. Thanks for commenting, Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Luca says:

      It's hard to find educated people who really understand the process for thinking. We are taught not to think right in the beginning of our education. If we asked a question, the teacher got the answer right out of the book. The teacher never questioned the book and was not about to think. Questions were discouraged. Parents discourage questions from their kids too. When I asked where babies came from, my parents just said I was too young. You are different. You probably told your children where babies came from. I am so sick of reading stupid lies. Thank you for being honest and truthful, or should I suspect that you too think we are aliens. However, you really do sound like you knoω what you're talking about! 

      I share your annoyance and distress but only for a moment. Knowing that people do not know how to think and it is in their best survival interest not to think, I expect ignorant statements. They will be good servants for the next world order. We can only train ourselves. I constantly do and you have given me even more insight by encouraging me to think deeper into my perceptions. 

      My mother did answer truthfully, when I asked where babies came from. I knew about sex, uteruses, penises, sperm and birthing babies before I was five and it was more than I wanted to know but it made me very popular at sleep-overs. Other mothers talked about birds, bees and storks. In fact girls were starting to menstruate in school and thought they were diseased and dying because the stupid mothers could not talk about that. It is all in our childhood training.

      Thanks for questioning me. No we are not aliens but there is a hell of a lot of speculation on the internet with pictures, music, mirrors and magic. Hang in there, it will only get worse, unless you step outside of your training and retrain yourself to know the truth. Then your subconscious will reveal it. Love, Oracle Jai

    16. Mauson says:

      I really think other web-site proprietors should use this web site as an model. It is  incredibly clean, clear and fantastically user friendly. The style and content are the best I have come across. You're a specialist in all these topics especially on the ability to think! You had to have learned at a young age to be so good at it. You think thru all the misinformation that is everywhere. Thank you for these blogs and I look forward to the next.

      Thanks, Mauson. I really appreciate your comment and encouragement. If you register at the side bar, you will be notified when I publish another blog. Love, Oracle Jai

    17. Magnotta says:

      I always was interested in religion and still am. I just accepted what the priest said as the truth and never asked questions. But I now feel it is necessary for the logical conversation you had when only nine with your mother. No one has ever really cared what I think, course that may be because up until now, I never did. I really appreciate you tackling both these issues.

      Thank you for coming aboard to learn how to think. I am on Skype and if you want a walk thru, like I had with my mother email me on the contact page or just call halle.jai on Skype. Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Cassandra says:

      Great gοoԁs frοm you, mаn. I come here often because your ѕtuff is simply toо wonԁеrful. I aсtuаlly lіke whаt уou'ѵe said herе, about God being everywhere. I always see a person instead of the air around us, the scenery. The idea is not new and the preachers tell us to let god into our being. That seems all so small now. Your concept is huge, as big as the universe. I сeгtainly like what you aге saying anԁ the wау in which say it. Yоu entertain us in a funny, direct way that compels us to read the whole blog and then want more. Think and make it sensіble. I сan't waіt tο leaгn fаг mοгe from you. Thiѕ is actuаlly a gгeat wеb site.

      Thank you Cassandra, I love working on it. This is the culmination of my life's work. Glad you are here to read it. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Mier says:

      I wish to thank you for putting up posts that make people think, which this one is all about. Actually it also makes people think about their concept of God, something I am unwilling to do. It is really helpful to read how to think as well. I know I question very little. I just accept everything as true, right or wrong.  Also, thanks for letting me comment without having to become a member or get emails from you. I am likely to register if all you do is announce the next blog. I see you are not selling anything. Good, it makes people crazy.

      Thanks for your comments and they are free also. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Yong says:

      Wow! Thank you! I really need to write something about how to properly think, so people will buy my stuff. Can I implement a part of your post to my site? Yong

      Sure the more thinkers the merrier. You do understand how to ask the questions so you get to something that makes sense. Think when ready!. Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Fernando says:

      I can see you are an expert writer. Have you published before? You should publish this blog. It is without a doubt the best expose, done in the best way to enlighten us as to what we are doing and why. I wish there were more writers also telling the truth. The world needs to read this and from this well-spring go forth and make a positive change in our bleak future. You tell it like it is and we must listen. At all times we must follow our heart.

      Love is the answer to dissolving the insane civilizations we created and the patterns we follow. The brain must listen and all our cells will respond with love, if we make it a priority for survival which it is. Love, Oracle Jai


    22. Ozella says:

      I like this post, loved the conversation between mother and her daughter. I agree with the philosophy as well. Too bad most preachers think our negative behavior is the work of a devil created by God to confuse us. Really!!! How stupid!! But a lot, too many people believe this is the case. Appreciate you for posting this. "We seldom attribute common sense except to those who agree with us." by La Rochefoucauld.

      And That's The Truth!! Common sense makes no sense at all because people have been trained not to think. Sounds like you might make an exception and get the benefits of thinking to make sense. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Tyrell says:

      I daily spend my half an hour coffee break to read this web site's posts. It beats the conversations in the employee's lounge. I get so much more from your posts than even the news.

      Thanks for spending your coffee break with me. It is definitely a positive thing to do. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Dolly says:

      Thinking, really thinking is what this world needs as well as love. Your blog has been absolutely the best information and wisdom I have ever read. And your replies to the comments are so useful. I am spreading the word so more people can straighten out their lives and make them happy and healthy. Great job.

      Great comment and please spread the word. Time is of the essence. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. gossip says:

      Fabulous assessment of how to think or not to think. Hello! I just want to make a large thumbs up for the excellent info you’ve put here on this post. Most people just go thru life doing what they are told to do by anyone, even if it is against their health, joy, love, being at peace. Look at the government. Still invading countries in the Mid East. It will become a third world war for domination, just like the empires of the past. And the people just go along with it. What would they do if the tables were turned and Russia or China decided we had to give up our country for them to plunder! Stupid people and they are the best educated on the planet. Obviously that kind of education is a killer of intelligence instead of enhancing it. I keep returning to your website because you tell it like it is.

      You said that better than me and you are right, thumbs up for you. Did you know the Romans may never have used that gesture in the Coliseum and in some countries the symbolic gesture is rude meaning, up yours, f**k you and others. Since WWII it means good in most countries. On a symbolic side step, the horns on the Viking headgear was invented by a dress designer for an opera. Thanks for letting me know I encouraged a real example of thought. Love, Oracle Jai 

    26. Belia says:

      After looking into a number of the articles on your website, I truly appreciate your technique of writing a blog, not too short and not too long. Your articles are surprising in that we have never analyzed our actions as you have and entertaining because we have to think and make sense. I am coming back frequently for there is much to gain here.

      I appreciate your comment and do keep coming back. Read all my posts, they are all important for making a positive change in your life. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. VIP says:

      I rank your website #1 in importance, beauty, enjoyable, easy read and profound. I will come back often. 

      Thanks and read and comment often. think about what I have said and make sense of it for we need you to love. Love, Oracle Jai

    28. Lukas says:

      Haѵing read this, I belіeve іt ωas really еnlightenіng. Ӏ appreciate you finding the time аnd enеrgy tο put this artіclе togеther. I once agaіn, fіnd myself perѕonallу sρendіng wау toо much timе both гeаding and prowling through the commentѕ. But so ωhаt? it was worth it! Lukas

      Thanks Lukas and keep coming. You are right the time spent here will benefit you greatly. It is free and the most valuable read you will ever encounter. Why, because together we may be able to stop the world of obsessed and oppressed human beings. The only solution is personal. Love, Oracle jai

    29. Josephine says:

      Your means of telling the whole story about thinking and making sense is really compelling. I got right into it and without any difficulty got it. The whole blog is sensational and all the posts I have read have been enlightening to say the least. The whole site is enchanting and powerful. Thanks a lot.

      Thanks a lot for a powerful comment. I too think a story is more entertaining if the lesson is clear than a lecture. Happy reading. Love, Oracle Jai.

    30. Evelyn says:

      Right here is the right site for anybody who really wants to understand why we are in such deep shit. You know a whole lot about us and that we must start loving ourselves. You certainly put a new spin on a topic which has been written about for decades. People think they think but obviously we do not. Wonderful stuff, just excellent! (Evelyn)

      Thanks Evelyn, spread the word. We must wake up and actually think about how and why we are overpopulated and heading for extinction. Time to enjoy life which requires loving us unconditionally. Without conditions, we will live healthy, safe lives in paradise. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Nancee says:

      If emotional freedom, higher self-esteem, and confidence in yourself and your dating life is what you desire, there is no better tool than EFT to help you achieve it. I would like you to consider this method on your blog to achieve the results you desire your readers to have. I am sure we could reason together a plan that is mutually beneficial. Nancee

      Thank you for your comment and suggestion. I have tried EFT several times and although entertaining, I found it unnecessary and unworkable. It is another method of bypassing the real work of change. The goals are made up by each individual and as such the real goals of life are not addressed because of our automatic training. Love yourself first, we make that love internally. It is a feeling we generate without any particular thing in mind. Nothing is required, no prayer, ritual, exercise or game.

      When we have a negative thought we become aware of it and change it on the spot. Think of something pleasant or funny, it does not matter. When we love and cherish ourselves, we automatically take care that we are safe, healthy, happy, loving and trust us to prosper. Whatever we do or say will benefit us and everything else. I suggest you learn to think and make sense. Love, Oracle Jai

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