• To Touch is to be touched

    On the road, early one morning, my daughter and I were listening to interesting music from the University of California at Berkeley radio station. After the music, the Psychology Department explained a study they set up at the University Library about the effects of being touched.

    The librarian, in the University’s Library, agreed to put the library cards into the student’s hand without touching their hand or smiling. However, some students she made sure there was the smallest touch between her fingers and the student’s fingers. This was a random choice and the student was noted by someone from the psychology class conducting the experiment.

    Outside the library the rest of the students from the Psych. Class asked the students to take a brief moment to answer 20 questions about their time spent in the library. Most of the students agreed. “Did you enjoy your visit at the library? Did you find what you were looking for? Was the lighting good? Was the librarian helpful? Did she smile? Were you comfortable?” There were more questions and tucked among them was, “Did the librarian touch you when she handed back your card?”

    After the answers were complied, the students who were untouched fell into the usual bell curve, few having had a great, successful time, most had a so-so time and a few had a miserable, unsuccessful time. However the students touched by the librarian all had a successful, pleasant time. Only one actually noticed the librarian touched her and one was unsure but all of them said she smiled.

    The conclusion: humans respond favorably to being touched, so touch each other. Give lots of hugs. Newborn babies and infants require much holding and touching just to live. Our memory of an event becomes happier, if touched at the end, even if we are consciously unaware of it.

    We all know to leave a party when we are having fun for then it will remain a pleasant memory. Conclusion: Our memory is unreliable at best. In fact, when we change our negative perceptions/opinions to positive ones, our memories become positive as well because we perceive them as the perfect response to fulfill our expectations. After all we are in control of everything that happens in our lives including our perceptions.


    1. health care says:

      Wow! Thank you! I constantly needed to write on my website something like that. Can I implement a portion of your post to my site? Of course you can. Get the word out. We have caused the sixth major extinction and are going for our extinction as well. We must begin to be real and get out of the fantasy civilization has taught us. Starting with love, a loving touch, smile and know our memories are based on lies. Look out at nature and know there only is, good and bad, right and wrong are made up. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Bula Donatien says:

      This genuinely great and helpful information about touching people and our memory will aid me in my profession as a restaurant manager. Your style and manner delights me besides I believe you cover everything important. Make this into a book that I can have on my counter to have others refer to it. Thanks.

      Thank you for your helpful comment. I agree it should be a book but that is a process and I just fail to take the time. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Katina Hoistion says:

      I love your writing style truly enjoying this web site. Thank you so much and please enjoy it all. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Canada says:

      I am just commenting to let you know of the extraordinary experience my friend's child went through going through your web page. She mastered several pieces, not to mention what it's like to have an awesome teaching spirit to have certain people without difficulty comprehend specified tortuous subject areas. You actually surpassed readers' expected results. Thank you for delivering those priceless, safe, informative not to mention easy thoughts on that topic to Julie.

      Wow, I am impressed with your comment and glad that the children of today will understand what we have done and what must be changed, namely they must love themselves unconditionally, fear nothing for they are the masters of all that happens in their lives. This is true even when adults teach their fears and opinions based on the lies they were taught. The future looks brighter because of this message. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Reva says:

      What wonderful stuff of un-ambiguity and precious familiarity concerning unpredicted feelings. We remember what we want that never happened!! This is a touching story.

      Thank you for your ambiguous and precious comment. If people would remember that we live in illusions of reality then we would end most arguments before they got started. Oh happy world. Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Degarmo says:

      I wish to voice my respect for your kindness supporting all those that really need to know how memory and touching helps and manipulates us. Your real commitment to getting the message across turned out to be certainly advantageous and has constantly permitted associates like me to realize their aims. Your new useful facts help a person like me and much more to my fellow workers. With thanks; from each one of us.

      Thanks for your respect and kindness for taking the time to tell me this. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. Duch says:

      Thanks for this interesting and valuable article, it’s absolutely well written and amazing that we do not know this kind if information. Being silent about important information because it is unusual is the biggest down side to having people pay attention to what they cause to happen. We lack clear communication because we fail to understand how important a touch and a smile can be. Our words can cause misunderstandings, especially if we grew up in different countries. Congratulations on such fine information! We are never too old to educate ourselves regarding how to have a good, joyous, rich life.

      Thanks for commenting. Everyone in the world understands a smile and responds well with a gentle touch as being good. All cultures discourage touching to some degree depending on the age and sex of the child in order to control us, especially as adults. No matter how we are raised the need to be held safe, touched often with a smile remains with us forever.

      We are given unsatisfactory substitutes for this need which keeps is in longing and nothing ever satisfies it. Shame on us!!! This must change for this longing has brought us to overpopulate the earth, searching for the loving touch our trainers never had to give to us and we keep creating this longing in our children. Love, Oracle Jai

    8. isabel says:

      My relatives tell me that I am wasting my time playing on the web, but that is because they do not know that the web holds all the information in the world. We just need to get it. I know I am getting knowledge daily by reading such fine article as you write. I do know people who avoid being touched but that is probably because they were roughly handled as a child. I am surprised to find it so important and what my friend really needs is being lovingly touched.

      I also did not know that our memory is unreliable as to what really happened. Yet you say our cells know everything so the knowledge of what really happened and how we changed our memory is still stored in our body. Why is that beneficial? Isabel

      Very good point. My guess is that it points to the fact that we control our lives in all its aspects, even our memories. We create our future by what we do in the moment. I would assume that we change our memory to continually prove that our beliefs are correct. Say we have a really fun time at the party but be believe we are not deserving of having such a good time because of our childhood training. We will do something unpleasant at the end and then remember the party as that incident of unhappiness or embarrassment, proving we did not have a good time at the party.

      When we train ourselves as being wonderful, deserving of unconditional love, we begin to remember the good times and the unhappy times disappear because we made it all up anyway. We are in charge of our fantasy of what we cause as well as what really happens in our lives. Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Wilfred says:

      This piece of writing presents clear idea for the new viewers of blogging, that actually think they know to blog. It is interesting about our memory changing that fast and our recollection is inaccurate but we find that hard to believe. How can we improve that so we remember correctly?

      Thanks for the question, Wilfred. Actually I am surprised I have not been asked that before. When we forget where we put things, for instance, it usually causes us to blame someone, sometimes others. Still it is done for the upset. If we really want to remember correctly, let our cells tell us. They know what really happened and where the stuff is that we misplaced. I just ask me where is it and I look directly at it or go to where it is. But before that can happen we must give up the reason to blame. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Usha Segarra says:

      Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your site? My users would really benefit from some of the information you present here, like how important touching is. When I talk to people I do shake their hand and touch their arm. It is a habit and now I know it is a good habit. I am going to start to include hugs as well. Also your statements about memory changing immediately and over the years. That would save a lot of arguments. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thank you! Usha Segarra

      Of course, spread the word. We have to change our civilizations immediately and the only way that will happen is if people fall in love with themselves. Then they will love, touch, hug, kiss others to spread the joy and love, peace and goodwill. Religions have it all wrong and that is one reason out society is destroying life on the planet. It is all about loving oneself. We are totally in charge of every aspect of our lives therefore we were created to love and respect us. Love, Oracle Jai

    11. maillot says:

      I really enjoy the blog. Much thanks again. Great. 

      Thank you so much for telling me that you enjoy my posts. Oracle Jai.

    12. garcinia says:

      Many thanks for making the effort to talk about our memory being faulty immediately. People argue all the time about the same event they witnessed, especially married people. My parents argued all the time. I just wish I knew or rather they knew how useless this was. Each thought they saw what happened and the other was full of s….I feel strongly about this and question my own memory about what my parents were really doing. I would like to know a great deal more on this topic. You also talked about how necessary it is to touch everyone and I assume that is because we need to be touched. If possible, as you gain more time, would you mind updating your webpage with a great deal more details? It will be very helpful for me.

      You are right. The reason to hug, kiss and touch everyone a lot is because that is how we get touched, hugged and feel safe and loved. As far as memory goes, just know it is your story about what you thought at that time because of your training. As I trained to be positive, my sad, fearful memories took on a different meaning and the negative dropped out completely. I can now remember each scary event as a positive perfect result of what caused it. The memories become useful thoughts for making sense out of my life. Thanks for asking for more clarification. Love, Oracle Jai

    13. radtrikot says:

      Greetings! Really beneficial guidance on this informative article! Our memories change constantly. Amazing and a touch is so important for transmitting love, care and friendship. We never think about either. Now I am thinking. radtrikot selbst gestalten

      Thanks for the comment. You are right we think we remember correctly when that just is never so. The touch is necessary to keep babies alive. Without the warm, comfort gained by a mother who holds her baby most of the time is essential for and adult life of comfort and love. We do not seem to know this either yet it was demonstrated scientifically before the 1950's. Touch and hug everyone. Love, Oracle Jai

    14. Howard says:

       I'm grateful for the blog article. I had no idea that a touch was so important. People did not touch each other in my home. I don't think even my parents rarely touched each other. It will feel funny but I am going to get used to it. Funny about memory as well and we all think we know what happened. Really thank you! Great.

      Thanks for your comment and for deciding to do something good for yourself and others. As you touch others your memories become more pleasant. Nice. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Moving says:

      I want to check out your information, it is a good topic. I must spend some time finding out more about our memory. It it is as you say it is, we should just chuck our memory and start from now to figure out what to do. Thank you for the excellent information you have on the entire blog. I have been searching for this information for my whole life. I must read all that you have written.

      I am glad you found my blog. Those who do, gain truth in the mire of the illusions we have been taught and believe. We must change, there is precious little time left before we destroy most of the life on the planet, including the Human species. Love, Oracle Jai






    16. Kathrin says:

      Hey very interesting blog! If our memory changes due to something as small as an unnoticed touch, what about our history, what about the Bible? Are they true or just stories?

      They are just stories. Even your memory is a story because the reality was interpreted by you according to your beliefs. Everything must fit in our story. His story is his'tory. According to his'tory women were unimportant. He made everything. He started farming and putting animals in pens for food. He made the clay pots and wove baskets. She did the same thing she does now, make and raise babies, cook, clean and serve her master.

      He developed towns and then sacked them. Well, once there was no more hunting, what was a big guy supposed to do? He started all religions, invented gods that only he could talk to and started the ceremonies for rites of passage for the boys. She was too busy to write her'story and besides what harm could come from a few bells and whistles? And the rest is his'tory. Oh and in case we are about to blame the Sixth Extinction on him, remember who raised him to be the almighty killer of all time? Love, Oracle Jai

    17. great says:

      Really enjoyed this blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.

      Really enjoyed having you come, read, enjoy and comment. This was a double whammy. By touching people it makes everyone feel good and it changes the immediate past to a pleasant one. Try it. If you feel down or angry, put your arms around your adversary and give them a hug. If you are too shy start by shaking their hand. It really clears the air. Love Oracle Jai

    18. Google says:

      Only a handful of sites come to our attention, that from our point of view, are worth checking out. This is one.

      Thank you Google, or whoever you are, for if you are Google, you need to brush up on your English. I had to rewrite your incompressible English to read what I thought you were saying. However thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. Love, Oracle J.

    19. Slobbr says:

      Thank you for your article. Awesome stuff about touching and being touched. But it seems like I remember correctly.

      Yes it does seem that way but you know something is going on when two people who have experienced the same event describe it differently and even argue about it. Check it out. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Slepski says:

      Very good write-up. I certainly appreciate this website. Stick with it!

      Thank you, I intend to. Love, Oracle Jai.

    21. Maisie Lohrey says:

      Great collection, thanks for sharing, Eric

      I am confused. The name we have is Maisie and you are Eric. I hope both of you think we have a great collection of posts here. Thanks for the comment. Love, Oracle Jai.

    22. Gleichman says:

      I remember my childhood and consider why those memories were so magical, horrifying, emboldening, or inspirational. Now I find that often they are changed at the end of the experience or even, during. So they are unreliable as to what really happened. I guess they just come up to suit our needs.

      Good articles (on the internet) always revolves around keywords. Obviously, when writing, we must keep this in mind.  I find I need professional help to find the right words and place them correctly. Takes a lot of analyzing and rewriting but worth it when the numbers of visitors rises. You have a lot of interest in your blog so you must be doing this correctly.

      Thanks for your confidence that I am doing this keyword thing correctly. I write to please me with the subject consuming my interest. I do think memories do come up to suit our interest. I have been having my past flooding into my consciousness. My meditation said I was checking to make sure all my memories had become positive, meaning they held only beneficial results. This is a goal of anyone looking to have a loving, healthy, prosperous, safe life. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Lemuel says:

      I just like the valuable info you have here on A Touching Story about Memory. You really have a knack for writing.  It is amazing that our memory changes right away and yet we put such a lot of emphases on it. I forget people's names. A lot of people do. We have to associate the name with something in order to remember it. If we always lived in the same small town, memory would hardly be a problem. I make it a point to visit here regularly. I learn so much by reading your blogs. The only difficulty is choosing which to read next. I like to read the comments as well. There is a lot of information there as well. Thanks so much.

      Thank you for the valuable comment. I love writing and answering comments. My life is joyous and I want everyone to have what I have, a joyous, healthy, loving, prosperous life. The only problem are the negative people, which is practically everyone on the planet. We can change and it is important we do so. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Fallon says:

      Great post.I read Healing, Perfect Health, Ingredients for Perfect Health and Accidents and Dis'eases, because I am in the health insurance business.  Kеep posting ѕuch kind of info on ƴour blog. Of course if people would really do what you suggest, I would be out of business. Fortunately I have faith that after thousands and thousands of years, people will not change even when they are gasping for air. I am impressed and since I know the cost of health insurance, you better believe I have changed!! And I share you blog with my family. I'm really impressed by your site. You've performed а fantastic job. I love the pictures, colors and design. I am tired of jumping people with fake joy on their faces.

      Me too, that is one reason there is very little of the corrupt human spirit pictured here. The noble plants and animals are featured instead. They live in harmony with what is and prepare for the true future that is to come. Thanks for your comments. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. marvin smith says:

      Healing's Dragon…I seek out concerns to enhance my web page!I suppose its okay for making use of a handful of of your ideas!!…

      I would hope so, that is why I am writing, to get people to wake up and get a life of joy, health and wealth. I hope you also start the recordings and listen while you work. The soft voice only enhances your work. Thank you, Love, Oracle Jai.

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      I think other web site proprietors should take this site as an model, very clean and magnificent user friendly, great style and design and the content is superb. You are an expert in this topic!

      Thank you, this has been a combine effort and years of practice. Oracle Jai.

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      I have just designed computer program of web sites related to Inner Wealth. I wondered if I could add yours to the list? I have read several of your posts and they all seemed to be on this topic, in fact, your blog is the best and clearest so far and all the wisdom is free. Amazing.

      Yes, by all means, the more readers the merrier this world will be. Thanks for asking, Love, Oracle Jai

    28. Antonetta says:

      Attractive site, love the sounds and your posts. You have so many I looked them over and liked the sound of A Touching Story so thought I would start there. Clever title. I don't suppose you wrote the posts in any particular order but interesting that the first are not last as in most blogs. This way we we can pick and choose since they are all important. Also the comments are interesting as well. Thanks 

      And thanks for your comment. They are all important because they are all about how we got the life we have and how we can have the life we want. If you know our memory is faulty then we can let the past go because it has been altered anyway. Love, Oracle Jai

    29. geodezja Wroclaw says:

      After studying a couple of of the weblog posts on your website, I really  like your manner of blogging. I bookmarked it and will be checking again soon. geodezja Wroclaw

      I certainly hope you keep coming back. Oracle Jai.

    30. Anderson says:

      How would his mother and siblings noticed some enhancement in his memory, if memory is largely false and changeable? How can we make our memory reliable?

      Why would you want to? People accept that we do not remember most names or what actually happened. We all know this so if it is important then write it down. I have all kinds of notes on pads that I have no clue what they refer to. So why bother? If it needs to happen to make our lives happier, healthier, safer, more loving and richer, it will. Only schools think memory is important, attainable in a rote fashion so the student never learns to think and does what they are told. Everything in civilization, including the schools needs to change. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Elwood says:

      I would like to consider the opportunity of saying thanks to you for your professional direction I have continually enjoyed visiting your site. The post, A Touching Story…, very clever title, about our memory as well as needing to be touched is extremely beneficial as well as entertaining. Since memories are so flawed, might as well write them off. As for being touched and touching, I now do this all the time and my frequent bouts of depression have disappeared. I threw away all my pills and laugh when I think of the fortune I have saved. Course now it goes into supplements. This is an incredible blog and every post a jewel.

      Thanks for your incredible comment and continue gathering the jewels, even if you are living in paradise. I live in Paradise and still listen to my recordings because everyone else still lives in the phantom world of make believe and sometimes I forget and get annoyed. The real world is so beautiful, full of excitement, adventure, joy, health and prosperity for everything, I want to experience it all the time, without the interruptions of those who prefer the illusion of "Something is Wrong Here". Love, Oracle Jai

    32. lbyii says:

      A lot of thought and effort went into these posts. This is the first time I have been to your website and thus far I amazed with the research you do to make this site amazing. Fantastic job!

      A lifetime of research. One needs to be dedicated to finding the truth and reality of the way we are and what we cause. Then we can clearly see what is happening and find the scientific proof of what we observed. Please register so I can tell you when I publish a new post. Thanks, Love, Oracle Jai.

    33. Ivory says:

      I think other website proprietors must choose this site as a model. Such imagination, incredibly thorough, clean and impressive style and design. The subject matter is seductive, entertaining and urgent. You are an specialist in the study of human behavior. It is a pleasure following you. Your titles are great.

      It is a pleasure having you and your comment. My entire site is all about you, with love, Oracle Jai

    34. polo says:

      I'd like to find out more. I’d want to find out some additional information….

      Thanks for your comment. What more would you like to know? I can add that after listening to the broadcast, my 15 year old daughter and I decided we would touch everyone who stopped at our booth. This was our first art in the park fair of many to come. Instead of demonstrating our patented hair clip in our own hair, we snapped the flower into their hair. In very little time we had a crowd and all were making comments and laughing.

      Just by touching people we became an attraction and we continued to use this act of loving friendship in everything we did. We had so much fun at one fair, that I grabbed a woman, who backed away from receiving my hug, and gave her a great big long hug. She did not resist, relaxed into the hug and put her arms around me. The crowd applauded. Hugging strangers is so rare for we are so afraid of people and yet long to be held and loved in friendship. Love, Oracle Jai

    35. Rocky says:

      Great site you have here.. It's hard to find high quality writing like yours these days. I honestly appreciate people like you! I like how you make your posts personal. We can each make the effort to love ourselves and make a better, safer, peaceful world. Take care!!

      Thanks, Rocky. We need at least 10% of the population to make the change from resignation to love. That is a lot in a world growing still by leaps and bounds into extinction. Still, it is personal, one by one. Love, Oracle Jai

    36. Google says:

      The details mentioned in this report about memory are the best we have come across. We know how important a touch is but most people on the planet need to know this as well. Everything on this blog is excellent and a real mind bender. We highly recommend it.

      Thanks Google. In fact most people know very little about anything, especially the truth about what they think they know. It is time education became educated. Love, Oracle Jai

    37. Chiola says:

      I lost track of time reading through some of your content and the comments. I could not stop. Your posts are so exciting and illuminating. After I read what you said, It seems so obvious and yet before I believed everyone else. I have to go but will return for another education but I wanted to tell you how helpful this has been. It is also relaxing here and beautiful.  

      Thank you for your comment and the site has gotten rather large. I hope you do come back and read it all. Being awake to the truth is the first step to a safe life of joy, love, health and prosperity. Let others insanity do them in. Love, Oracle Jai 

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