• In previous posts, I mentioned we become like our parents. We are their seed and grow up following their beliefs. One common belief is that we must fail to follow our heart’s desire. It goes like this. My grandmother wanted to be a popular singer, married, had a child and had to settle for being a teacher of music. My mother excelled in art and wanted to become a great artist. She had two children. Along came a war, my father was drafted, so she had to became a teacher.


    I was trained in art and achieved a level that one could assume I would be great. There was money and schooling available. I got married, taught school for three years and had two children. I too failed to be prosperous doing my heart's desire. Even when all the obstacles have disappeared, we still follow the pattern established in our childhood. Justifying, understanding, making excuses, forgiving, complaining and blaming is the process of a failure to be and have what we want.

    It all seems so hopeless because we still follow the pattern made up by our small, prehistoric, tribal ancestors. Our populations grew and we built huge societies still run by chiefs, still invading other tribes, killing them and stealing their stuff. No matter that ancient civilizations fell; the new ones built on top of them were much better at killing and stealing. We are really good at coming up with superior weapons and techniques of warfare.

    Being told that we are wrong justifies our training. Religions, morals, rules about right, wrong and ugly never worked and never will. Talking about our slings and arrows, especially in our childhood, reaffirms our negative training and fails to give us a life of joy. Taking medications and drugs only dulls the pain and breaks our body down.  

    The castaways from every country in the world left their homes because life was unbearable and set out to make a better life for their children. They gave up everything, position, wealth, security, joy and health. Those who survived made the new societies the world has today and life is just barely bearable, in some places. Wealth and power was always for the few and everyone else slaved for “the Man” (chief, king, generals, presidents and now the manipulators of Corporations). Remember he is the seed his mother sowed.

    As the population rises, life just gets downright dangerous as we contaminate and consume the planet and ourselves. Hope, prayer and $2.50 will get us a cup of coffee. Sex is more expensive. We sow our seeds in our children, how else can it be? There is only one way to change this. Stop having children, until we love and cherish ourselves enough that a safe, joyous, healthy, prosperous life, following our heart’s desire is worth the effort to smile and laugh a lot, every day.

    Pretend everything is perfect for it is the perfect result of what caused it and laugh. This comedy feels untrue at first but the more we act the part, the truer it becomes, until it is our way of life. We will notice that the laws of the universe here on earth are perfect, to be loved, enjoyed and respected instead of manipulated, changed or overcome for power and control. Our smiles and laughter will change our home, friends, work, government, corporations, environment and eventually the world. Then we sow these seeds in our children and we have changed the future of the planet and all life still on it.

    33 Responses to WE REAP WHAT WE SOW

    1. Penelope says:

      Chubby cheeks, dark under eye circles and double chins can be the results of lack of exercise rather than eating an unbalanced diet of fatty foods. We reap what we sew is so true. If we eat healthy food, we are healthy. If we exercise or, as you put it, move energetically, we have a healthy body. If we work using our muscles we are strong. It all makes perfect sense.

      Thanks for your balanced comment. Everything we do causes the perfect consequence. Love, Oracle Jai

    2. Quincy says:

      I read this article twice, We Reap What We Sow. It is so good. Now we know what that statement means but never really, fully understood it. We can say what goes around comes around, like a merry-go-round or a ferrous wheel, living but going nowhere. If we follow what our parents taught us and society demands, we sow those seeds in our children, just spinning wheels in the air.

      Science, psychology and medicine have yet to catch up on this analysis of the true behavior of the human species. They all missed the boat. We regurgitate our past and fail to change the future. Love, sweet love, as you so apply quote, is what we need now, desperately. Your topics are so topical and the truth lies on them like thick chocolate without sugar. Bitter, but great medicine. Amazing little treasure on the infinite internet.

      Wow, I am speechless and appreciate a really succinct comment. May your wheels touch the natural, unpolluted ground and roll you to paradise. Love yourself unconditionally and you stay safe, healthy,  joyous, fit and prosperous, happily playing in life's great adventure. Love, Oracle Jai

    3. Richard says:

      Great – I am very impressed with your web site. I like the posts in alphabetical order. I was so intrigued by so many of your titles; it was difficult to choose. I found information that I did not know I needed desperately, until I read it. This new post really hits a home run. We do reap what we sow and think it is someone's fault, instead of ours. I look forward to this excellent task, most evenings.

      I am also impressed with your comment. We are preoccupied with unimportant stuff all day long. We rarely stop and ask ourselves what we want, let alone why we are doing whatever it is that we are doing. As long as we are smiling, laughing, then everything is OK. Love, Oracle Jai

    4. Floater says:

      Hello, very nice site!! love the colors, sounds, pictures and organization. I read a few posts and then here is your new one. Excellent .. Amazing ..We Reap What We Sow. We sure do. I love your replies to our comments. Very well done. I am excited to read every one of your posts, of which there are many. Thank you for sharing.

      And thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I am very happy to have really interested people to read my blog. I want some changes made, all positive, of course. Love, Oracle Jai

    5. Casey says:

      Its great like all your other blog posts, which are all great. This idea has been around a long time and we need to remember it. What we do is what we get.  I hope for more on this subject and greatly appreciate you posting it.

      Edward George Bulwer-Lytton wrote, "Talent does what it can; genius does what it must." From what I have read, you must be a genius.

      Nice saying. We can live our life as geniuses. We all are, you know. Our cells know everything and are programmed by us, as a child, to give us the life we were trained to have. We only need to relentlessly remind us that we are a genius and we become one. We trust us now to be victimized and we cause the bully. Now trust us to be a genius causing every moment to be positive and benefit everything, including the earth itself. Bye, bye victim and bully, hello joyous genius!! Love, Oracle Jai

    6. Verna says:

      When you write an article, you think of the reader and how they can understand what you want to tell them. That's why this post is great. You use a very old title and we think we understand and might pass it by. But because it is so familiar, we stop and read. Now we make it personal, us, our children, our planet. All your posts are like this. You are a great writer.  Thanks!

      Thanks for your great comment. Yes, we need to know, really know, what we are causing in our lives and take responsibility for it. Time to drop the past, change the present to be positive, so we cause a positive, loving, healthy, prosperous, exciting future. Love, Oracle Jai

    7. Fillhart says:

      This site should be an e-book, so more people are exposed to your wisdom.  E-Books have really revolutionized the self-publishing industry, it is possible to author your personal line of books without any of the costs associated with traditional publishing. You can still have all the pictures and even the sound. You would make money, which is a good thing. Think about it.

      Thanks, I have thought about it but I would still offer all the posts for free. I personally have had it with manufactures that say they have the cure and after the video, you find  you have to buy it, not  for $400.00, not even half, $200.00, not even $100, but today only, you can get it for $29.99 and we will throw in a recipe book. If you can save thousands of people with your information give it freely. Sell your pills. We must get back to small town living in joy, love and sharing. Thanks for caring, Love, Oracle Jai

    8. Verdun says:

      There are a variety of things we can perform now to start fixing a low credit score. Estimate costs, revenues, break even point, growth rate, and return on investments. Professional writers can also have some valid academic credentials. Calligraphy is from your Greek word kallos this means beauty and graphe which means writing.

      Is there a comment in there that has anything to do with the post, We Reap what We Sow? We can train to do anything, such as love ourselves and then we can love others and the earth itself. We can train to become an Olympic swimmer or even train to do excellent and beautiful calligraphy. Did that cover it? Love, Oracle Jai

    9. Normand says:

      This is an exquisite site just to behold and listen to. Now we add the message and it is truly one of a kind, the truth. There are a ton of different options on how to live our lives, how to be happy, holy, healthy etc. but this is the first time I really get it. We are totally responsible for our lives, even if we were trained to live a certain way. We can change and we do all the time. I trained to play certain games, use the computer, save money, invest in the stock market and the list goes on. Never have I trained to be happy and how to love. Amazing.

      It is amazing when the truth of what we cause is before us all the time. One would think we could see it. We gossip about how another keeps doing the same thing, choosing the same unhappy relationships, losing jobs, etc. and never apply that analysis to us. We habitually recreate our lives the same way, causing the same results. We can change that by becoming an Olympic lover of us. Takes dedication, constant practice of loving ourselves unconditionally, eating only healthy foods, knowing we are always safe, fearless and prosperous. It flies in the face of everything we believe. Do it anyway. Love, Oracle Jai

    10. Vicencio says:

      My family means a lot to me and I include them in everything I do. We reap what we sow is an outstanding article and you have a much different idea than the one that usually goes with that saying. I am sharing your take on that with my family.  The United States of America is known for its violence, especially against anyone not white. They sow violence in the people and violence is what they get. They invade other countries, kill the leaders and take what they want. This will happen to them in the near future as China and Russia team up to take over. This prejudice begins in the home, as you point out, and continues through adulthood into old age and death. Will we ever learn?

      It is in the hands of the young. We made a mess of civilization and we are set in our ways. The young must be free to think and be positive, Do as I say is out. We must stop increasing the population for we do not know how to teach our children to think, be positive and love themselves unconditionally.  Wrong, bad and ugly only exist in the mind. Everything in the universe is perfect, including us, because of the law of cause and effect. All other animals are much better at love, cooperation and living in harmony than we are and we are causing their extinction.  Love, Oracle Jai.

    11. Rapture says:

      It’s easy to find people who talk about this reaping what we sew but few really realize what that means, parents especially. They argue with each other and it never enters their mind that the children will copy their behavior. People marry for sex not love and rarely stay together. They never think about what they are teaching their children. How can we wake people up and others have certainly tried? I really like your posts and wish the whole world was reading them.

      I appreciate your comment and you are right. The truth is right there for all to see. We are trained to live in fairytale/religious lies and deceptions for the financial and political power of those who preach them, including parents. We can lift the veil of illusion and expose reality thru love. A positive attitude is required now, time is running out. Love, Oracle Jai

    12. Chetram says:

      To convince folks that they need the product or service, you need to build content around it. I wrote more inside the last 4 or 5 months than I have in my entire life! It does not matter if you write for promotional purposes, website content, or a post in your blog. If they charge with the word or even the page, let them know what your ceiling is and ask the crooks to contact you before exceeding that limit. I read we reap what we sow but I failed to see how that applied to me.

      Hahahahahaha. You are funny. We automatically choose everything in our life to get the life we expect. If we expect to be robbed or treated unfairly, then that is what we get, for we will choose those kinds of people to work and live with. We learned to expect people to be like our parents or trainers, so we choose people like them. I suggest you read the post, Our Two Egos.

      In order to change the results we get from our automatic behavior, we have to change our behavior. Start by loving and cherishing yourself so much that you make sure you are happy and healthy all the time. Try it in your job and you will either be successful, fired or quit. Be joyous and accepting what is and your complaining, negative friends, will either change or leave. Change your diet so you are eating healthy food. When your cells get it that you expect everything to benefit you, then everything will. Does that help? Love, Oracle Jai

    13. Ariix 愛睿希 says:

      We reap what we sew is something I have never ever read before. You give a very detailed analysis. It is very interesting and I am a little confused. We sew seeds in our children but how does that become war? 

      If you plant apple seeds you get apples. A baby is our seed and will grow up to be like us. If we plant negative behavior, we get negative results. If we plant positive behavior, we get positive results. It can be no other way. Killing and stealing have been the ultimate solution for not having what we want, since we climbed out of the trees, lost our tail, fur and stood upright.

      This will continue thru the ages, until we become extinct or retrain ourselves to respond to nature's way positively, all the time. When we perceive we are a part of the total, perfect, wonderful, beneficial universe, we will love and cherish ourselves and everything else. We fail to realize this because we were trained we are separate, alone and powerless to have what we want. Someone, something, some force is always against us. Time to change this lie and love the truth.  Thanks for asking, Love Oracle Jai

    14. Archie says:

      I have waited a long time for your new post but it was worth it. You keep pounding away at the same truths but each time in a different way, so we finally get it. We know we reap what we sew but never realize it. You would think we would get it. We are responsible for everything, especially our future. We think the future belongs to our children and we give them the same old life without a hope or a prayer. I honestly love your way of blogging. Alphabetical instead of by date. This way we can chose the ones to read. I am going to read them all and have gone through over half already. I have noticed changes in my attitude and eating habits. Sincerely, Archie.

      Thanks for coming around to this point of view and making the changes in your diet and attitude. When we continually throw out our baggage, we can carry a lighter load and eventually drop it altogether. Love, Oracle Jai

    15. Katherina says:

      You are really well-favored by your readers. Their comments are so flattering and interesting. How do you to it? Of course they are inspired by your subject, us, and your excellent method of writing. You recognize the significant issues of our time and come up with thoughts from a variety of angles. Its like we will not pay attention unless it involves us. We must deal with the problems we still support on the planet now. Be Positive Now.

      I really love your flattery and interesting comments. Most of my friends just say, "Yeah, we know." and then do nothing about their lives and our future. I am glad to know some people care enough to give their very best. Love, Oracle Jai


    16. Anastasia says:

      Boy, this new post is magnificent. It is another way to look at that ancient saying. It is true, we get what we put out. Put out joy and people smile. Put out a frown and they pass you on by. I really like reading your articles. Keep up the great work! You know, we all need to read this blog and most of us do not know that. I will tell my friends to check it out. Thanks

      Thanks for your magnificent comment. Yes it is an old saying and everyone will agree it is the truth, how can it be otherwise? Still, few people really look at their lives and apply it. None look at their children as their seed; monkey see, monkey do. Hear no truth, see no truth, speak no truth. Time to realize positive is the way of the universe, humans made up negative. Good and bad fail to exist. What is, exists. Love Oracle Jai 

    17. Jake says:

      Hurrah! Finally I found a webpage that actually has very valuable information on how to be in the world and you do not charge for it. Everywhere I go people want money from me. If I want to know what is good to eat, I have to pay to find out. I love Wikipedia. It is free and informative. Disaster looms everywhere for us because we are so overpopulated and we are not doing anything about it. We reap too many seeds.

      It is asking a lot to love everything. I guess we start with ourselves and eventually all will fall into place. What a concept. No one teaches this, certainly not religion, parents, schools, the work place, government, the rich and famous. Jeez. My blog is about manipulating women so they attract men. How can I go on teaching this? The most attractive person is one who is happy, loving and independent and men only want sex. Nice if she is attractive but unnecessary if none are available.

      Great comment and now teach love and cherish oneself and he will be attractive to a loving, joyous woman, not for sex but for the love and loy in living, which is much more important and certainly lasts longer. We want to avoid having children. We do not know how to raise them in unconditional love. Besides we need to have the birth rate drop below the death rate. The ratio now is three births to one death. Do the math!!! Love, Oracle Jai

    18. Chelsey says:

      I love what you are doing on this tranquil site. Your writing is clever. We want to know what you have to say and then find it shocking, stunning or fascinating. We are exposed to the truth and expected more of the same drivel everyone gives us. I keep coming and reading and I know I am changing my behavior because I can hear your voice when I need to pay attention, which happens a lot. I smile more too. Thanks for the face lift.

      You are welcome, I'm sure. It is painless, in fact life becomes more the way you want it to be. Amazing the magic of loving oneself. Love, Oracle Jai

    19. Donnell says:

      Hello, this post is really interesting. It takes a deeper view of this old saying that we utter without really looking at our lives in terms of getting just what we really want, usually upset, misery, problems that we make for us and others. I really enjoy your writing.

      Thanks for your interesting comment. It is a deeper view and I hope you go even deeper into loving yourself, so your automatic actions and their results are positive. Love, Oracle Jai

    20. Manual says:

      This is an excellent blog. Beautifully put together. I read your latest post and it is amazing. You go right to the heart of the matter. I skimmed over your others on the home page and they are all important and reveal us to ourselves. May I ask if you are fine with paid blog posts? All I'd need is for you to put together website content for me and also a web link or mention my site. I will pay you.

      Thanks for enjoying my blog and posts. As you can see I have much to say and yet it is very simple. You will notice I have video's I think everyone should see. They are free and I get no money for anything on this site. I will not play the money game. It is a lie to think that the more it costs, the better it is and if it is free, it is worthless. Use my truth as you see fit. I am trying to change the world, so we do not kill all life on the planet, including us or become slaves to the World Order run by the very rich and powerful non-loving, non-caring, mentally disturbed people. Love, Oracle Jai

    21. Halligan says:

      This is fantastic. We were just having a discussion about this very quote, last night over dinner. We thought we covered the quote thoroughly but having read your new post, I see we forgot a very important detail. It surely explains how we get the kids we get.  Tonight I will add your comments to the discussion. I absolutely enjoyed every little bit of it, including the comments and your response. Valuable information there as well. I come to your site often. You have so much to tell us.

      Glad to know you are discussing important issues. What could be more important than realizing we have caused the current situation in the world without realizing our responsibility for causing it. Fear causes all our negative responses. Our lung and heart diseases come from breathing smoke. Why do we still pollute the air by smoking cigarettes, marijuana, burning garbage, wood, weeds and gas in our engines?  Talking it over is such a good idea. Then we will come up with solutions. We create the future in the present. Love, Oracle Jai

    22. Lukas says:

      My buddy sent me an email with your URL and told me to read it. We were talking about reaping what we sew and karma. We did not go as deeply into it to realize we are what our parents sowed. What an idea. I look at my parents and see this is correct to a point. I will have to study this further. We just take who we are for granted; as if we were fixed and this is who we were at birth. With different parents, we would have turned out differently.

      I can see this in other families. It is another thing to apply the saying to me. I am a father and I do not like what you say about raising children. I have been wrong, like the preacher in the comments, acting the way I am suppose to, like my father, sternly, without love. Is it too late to learn to love and show it? I thought that I was training respect. I guess respect comes with love. Thanks for the smack upside my head and now my heart hearts. 

      My goodness, what a sweetheart you are to realize thinking is only a very small part of life. We are so enamored with our ability to think, we have invented illusions and brought disaster upon the entire world and all living species. We lost the ability to love. Sex is not love. Feel gladness you finally got it and change immediately. The sooner we love and cherish ourselves without conditions, the sooner we can teach our children to love and cherish themselves unconditionally.

      Think about it. Children are always right, they act like their parents or trainers, they genetically have to. Animals love their offspring and keep them safe, never yell, curse, punish, keep them at a distance, on a leash or locked up. Rewards, like candy and toys are substitutes for love and become liquor and cigarettes when children become adults, both detrimental to health, love, joy, safety and prosperity. Parents must change, if our society is going to change. We are all the perfect result of what caused us and it is great to awaken to that fact. Now become adults and retrain ourselves to love. Love, Oracle Jai

    23. Derick says:

      I am really pleased to read this post on reaping what we sow. We really get what we deserve. We whine and blame and get more to whine and blame about. We are pleasant and happy and we get more pleasantness and joy. Pretty straight forward and plain to see. People can change, they learned to be negative, didn't they? They can learn to be positive and it is much more fun. What is wrong with the human species anyway? Why do they not see this? I like your whole approach to giving us valuable insights in such a beautiful setting.

      I am also pleased to read your comment. Of course people can change, otherwise I am wasting my time. However, the problem is that we were trained when the instinct was very strong to learn how to survive in a negative, suppressive, mean spirited, complaining and blaming environment (our home and our society). When we pass the age of six, our image of who we are becomes fixed, true and unchangeable. If we deviate even a little, we fear retribution and death. Religions, governments, everything in civilization teach this as well, bind our spirit, like caging a bird and destroy anyone becoming free. I teach freedom and it is now or never. Love, Oracle Jai

    24. Cheryl says:

      Excellent post. I have not thought about this truism in a long time. I need to apply it to my life now and take responsibility. It gives me strength to know I do not have to put up with these gossiping friends that always are putting people down including me. I'm impressed with this site and excited to read more! Extremely helpful info to direct me on a different, positive path. I can do this. I just needed a push. Thank you and good luck.

      Thank you for your excellent review. When we love ourselves totally, smile and laugh, all that we desire comes to us. This is how luck really works. Love, Oracle Jai

    25. Garland says:

      Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? There's a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. It is funny that I believe this quote comes from the Bible, yet preachers and priests do not behave as it were so, nor do they preach it. There is a lot of righteous condemnation going on and no love. I never feel love when I am in church not even when the priest is giving his sermon. You would think if we are to love Jesus, the preacher would be loving. Instead they are like our parents, all about punishment and God's wrath, when we go astray and do not do as he says. I never saw this before reading this post. Amazing, like a door opening and the light coming in. 

      Well, that was a nice outcome from reading this post. Please share your discovery about the truth with everyone. The more, the merrier the world will be. We need all the help we can get. Love, Oracle Jai

    26. Hardball says:

      I serf the internet quite often and found your site. What a delicious find. I now see that age old saying, We reap what we sow in a new light. I truly thank you for your insight. I am now going to read another post of yours. I am very excited to see what else you illuminate. It is a gorgeous site and a pleasant place to rest and read.

      Thanks for your delicious comment. Please, by all means read more. It is all about how we get free of the detrimental civilizations we are born into but must get out of. We are headed for a disaster of global proportions and death. Well, we always knew we would die but not how or when. We actually decide, according to our beliefs, where, when and how we will die. Cancer, disease, falling off a mountain, out of a tree, eaten by a lion etc. We are only at the mercy of what we believe and we can change that. Time to change. Love, Oracle Jai

    27. York says:

      You are so awesome! I have never seen a site like this and your titles are so entreating. I am familiar with this title and read the first two paragraphs and had to read the rest. I also read the comments. Never have I seen such comments. You must pick and choose only those that are really interesting. So good to discover someone with a few genuine thoughts about us. I can't thank you enough for starting this blog up. This web site should be required reading by every school and business especially the medical profession and most importantly, psychology!

      Thanks for your awesome comment. I certainly want everyone to become aware of what we have done as a specie and change the direction immediately. Love is missing and it is easily replaced for we have the mechanism to make it physically in our body. It is personal, only for us. Once we love us we make that feeling all the time and others get it, just by being near. Watch Dr. Emotto's video on the side bar. Love, Oracle jai

    28. Jerold says:

      Way cool! So many valid points on this blog! I particularly appreciate Reap what We Sow. We all know this but only a few really look at what they sow and all we have to do is take responsibility for what kind of life we have. If we do not like it, we need to sow different, positive seeds.  You have an excellent site here. I come often to read everything.

      You got the message loud and clear. When we love ourselves without any conditions or judgments, we live in paradise happily ever after. Leave what we created in the past, marriages, families, work, religion, where we live, our friends and start fresh by allowing our boots to do the walking. We were under the influence of our negative childhood training. The population of today is detrimental to all life on the plane,t including yours and mine. Leave it behind and go to where there is still a place we are safe to love and respect ourselves, the natural order of the earth and universe of which we are a very important part. Love, Jai

    29. Tara says:

      If we want to have a positive, joyful, healthy, safe, loving, prosperous life, simply keep visiting this web site. We do reap what we sow. It is as plain as the day, yet we fail to even pay attention to why our lives are in a rut. Stuck as it were in a negative, sick way of being. Thanks for publishing this blog. Everyone needs to read this. 

      Thanks for posting this comment. You are right. We even fail to experience the day, we are so preoccupied with BS and Nonsense and life passes us by. Love, Oracle Jai

    30. Abigail says:

      I am really grateful to the owner of this web page for writing this impressive article. We certainly do reap what we sow. I read Symbols and know even how we dress will either attract or repel the kind of person we want in our lives. It is amazing and true.

      I am grateful that you decided to make a comment. Yes we cause what happens in our lives. Time to cause positive reactions. Did you look at Dr. Emotto's work on water. The video is on the side bar. Love, Oracle Jai

    31. Frieson says:

      This website certainly has all the information we need. I really needed to read We Reap what We Sow. I just never thought I was responsible for what happens to me. What an eye opener. I am even responsible for how others respond to me. I just thought most people were assholes and whores, wanting money for love. Maybe I do not know how to love. Maybe I want some sort of payment for my love. I am going to read more of your posts. I did not even know how to find this information. Just lucky I found this by accident. 

      Thanks for this accident to happen. The word accident came into use to cover up our responsibility in the matter. Your internal, subconscious ego caused you to come to this site and read this post and make your eye opener comment. You exposed thoughts that all of us, who want the truth might wonder about. At least you have decided to go forward and discover what else was hidden under a ton of ignorance, lies and deceit throughout the ages. Once you understand, you can change the world. Good on you to save yourself and by doing so, save others, starting with your family. Love, Jai

    32. Lorrine says:

      I just like the helpful information you provide in your articles, just by looking at all the posts on the home page. Then I read your recent post. What an eye opener. We are seeds that grow up to copy our parents and how they treated us. Of course we pass down those seeds to our children. Why do they not teach this everywhere? It makes so much more sense than what we are taught and not taught. It is much easier than talking about where babies come from and why we get sick. I am going to read your Symbolic Language next.  I'll bookmark your blog and come back every day.

      Thanks for taking time to comment. You have a great idea there teaching the seed curriculum. Should make it easier for everyone to get the idea they can do some gardening, select natural seeds not GMO, nourish with healthy food, remove the weeds lovingly by hand, instead of poisons, let the plant mature and ripen naturally so they can live happily ever after. Hahahaha Love, Oracle Jai

    33. Fred says:

      I have to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in penning this website. I really hope to see everyone read it. The message is the same but you write it differently all the time. Very great content and writing. We all know what we do is what we will get in the end. I am reading all your posts and I know I am changing. I get the message and understand the responsibility.

      I have to thank you for your effort in posting this comment. It is great for us to know that there are others out there who are also getting the message and changing. It is necessary. Love, Oracle Jai

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